Ok but what if Ransom doesn’t really want to be a doctor.  His family and culture put a lot of pressure on their kids to be doctors and get prestigious jobs, and he wanted his parents to be proud of him so he went into pre-med.

What if he was having a post-game panic attack over molecular biology when a scout from the Maple Leafs asked him if he had a minute to talk.  And the thought of just not going to med school, of just ending his education in two months and not having to study for a test ever again, made him feel so relieved he found Holster afterwards and cried for five minutes.

“I don’t ever want to stop playing hockey,” he says to Holster, who… honestly, was kind of looking forward to not having morning practice for the first time since he was four.

What if Justin Oluransi made his parents the loudest, proudest cheering section in Toronto, screaming with love for their son the NHL player.


Molly Hooper can’t sing.

Sherlock Holmes is an excellent musician with near-perfect pitch and he is therefore very aware that Molly Elizabeth Alison Hooper. Cannot. Sing.

She can’t. She simply hasn’t the capacity.

If a single note were to find its way inside Molly’s head it would die from loneliness and neglect, post haste, probably taking some much-needed brain cells with it-

Molly Hooper is no songbird and she knows it.

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I asked cribbagematch to tell me to write something tiny while I’m deliriously sleep-deprived and she said “Derek helping Stiles with something boring” so this is that. IN THE FUTURE.

“That’s not the right way to stain a deck,” Derek says, and Stiles almost upends the entire paint tray.

Fucking—” Stiles grabs his chest dramatically. “It’s painting slabs of wood, thank you, Rembrandt, I think I can manage!”

“You think wrong.” Derek climbs the stairs and surprises Stiles by getting down to his level and sitting on the step. He’s wearing basketball shorts. Stiles tries not to stare at his knees. “So. You’re all home for the summer?”

“Yup.” Stiles focuses on the patch of uneven deck that won’t cover no matter how many times he goes over it with the roller. His heart is galloping, which Derek can probably hear. Ugh, gross. “The whole band’s back together. Even the prodigal son, I guess.” He nudges one of Derek’s (naked!) knees with the butt of a paint brush. “Welcome back, Zayn.”

“That means I’m the hot one, right?” Derek says, deadpan. Stiles sputters and throws a spare drop cloth into his face—which just makes him laugh, of all the horrifying things.

Derek’s already tan, even though summer just barely started, and Stiles can’t tear his eyes away from the fine, friendly wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. He looks… soft, like all his edges are rubbed smooth. Jesus christ on a honey graham cracker.

“What is up with you?” Stiles gestures at him with the roller, fighting a hysterical laugh of his own. “You look so… did you go on an Eat Pray Love tour while you were gone? Did you find Enlightenment?”

“I missed—this place, I think.” Derek ducks his head, fiddles a little bit with the edges of the long grass that’s growing next to the stairs. “It’s been a long time since I felt like that. Like I’d rather be here.”

“Well.” Stiles clears his throat, but it still aches. “We actually, kind of, would rather you be here, also.”

“Yeah?” Derek nudges his arm, more gently than he ever has. “You need someone to keep you from screwing up this deck?”

“Oh fuck you!” Stiles yelps, stupidly exhilarated. He throws his roller at Derek, rolling his eyes when he snatches it cleanly out of the air. “Take over, then, if you’re such a freaking deck prodigy. I’ll make some lemonade.”

“Yeah, okay,” Derek says. He crosses his arms at the hem of his tank top and peels it off in a smooth stretch, sighing when the sun hits his skin. “Put strawberries in mine, will you? And maybe tell me about college while I fix that corner you tried to destroy.”

“You’ll get strawberries when you finish the banisters,” Stiles sniffs, before bolting to the kitchen to stuff two handfulls of of ice cubes down the front of his shirt.

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Hello, I'm looking for a fic where clarke is a social worker and Bellamy has an orphanage of sorts, and Bellamy's says something like these are all my kids? Thank you for your help!!

I think you’re looking for I wanna raise you to be like her!

jshtmblr said: any angsty but happy ending modern Bellarke thats good? thanks!

Here are some: 

You can also check out this AO3 search!

Anonymous said: Hey, are there any future fics? Like they have sorted everything out and have their own village like thing going?

Take a look at this rec post and also our futurefic tag

toomuchdamage said: Bellarke fics where the ark never comes down // separate camps? 

Try these: 

Date Blindness by Cheryl Dyson

Rating: M

Chapters: 3 / Word Count: 25k

Genres: General

Description: Harry thought he was perfectly happy until Hermione decided to set him up on a blind date. Mature adult content eventually.

Review: Oh my god. This fic is amazing. It’s so much more than what the description says, so much more than just a blind date fic. It tears with your emotions because it’s one of those “Harry and Draco both know they have feelings but are too stupid to admit it to each other fics” but that’s what makes it SO GOOD when they end up getting together. And it gets bonus points for being very well-developed, having good grammar, and a Hermione-Pansy friendship (which I hadn’t known I needed until now.)

Steve/Tony Fic Recs: Breaking Up + Getting Back Together

I’ve been really into post break up AUs lately (see this and this), so I thought I’d put together a reclist of Steve/Tony break up and getting back together fics. ANGST AND HAPPY ENDINGS HERE, PEOPLE :) 

Note: I’ve left CA:CW/post-CA:CW fics off this list.

Comment and leave kudos! 


Catching Lightning in a Bottle by sabrecmc (@sabrecmc): College student Tony meets janitor Steve at MIT and they fall blissfully in love, until Howard happens and things fall apart. One divorce paperwork snafu courtesy of the ever-helpful Jarvis, and ten years later, Tony has to get re-divorced from Steve. This does not go as he imagines. Or, the Sweet Home Alabama AU that no one–well, okay, a few of you–asked for.

Holding Out for a Hero by Wordsplat (@wordsplat): When Tony was a prince and Steve was his manservant, they were young and reckless and hopelessly in love. But an attack on Tony’s life convinces Steve that he can’t protect Tony, so he leaves in the dead of night to train until he can. Ten years later, Steve returns to the kingdom a strong and able knight, but his king is both furious and broken-hearted.

Almost-Breakups Suck ficlet by Wordsplat (@wordsplat): “He felt the words like a physical blow to his chest—aching and deep and so, so cold.”

(Just Like) Starting Over by georgygirl (@georgygirl-247): Seven years ago, Steve broke up with Tony because he thought it was the Right Thing to Do™ for both of them. But he never asked Tony.And now it’s seven years later, and Tony has decided to very publicly remind Steve of a promise he made to him once upon a time. Or, Steve and Tony dated in college, broke up, and now Tony wants Steve back again.

Our House by georgygirl (@georgygirl-247): No matter how long they’ve been together, Steve and Tony will always be a couple of self-sacrificing idiots willing to make themselves miserable so long as they think the other is happy. Or: Steve and Tony decide to sell their house and part ways forever because each thinks it’s what the other wants.

if we ever meet again by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle): "It’s been two months,“ Steve says, voice low. "Rhodey- Colonel. It’s been two months.”

Full Disclosure Not Required (but Appreciated) by Potrix: The one where Steve knows more than he lets on, Tony knows less than he pretends, Clint has a big mouth, Bucky is a little shit, and everyone learns why keeping secrets never ends well. Almost never, anyway. 

Noble Metals by Veldeia (@veldeia​): Living together with the Avengers, in a relationship with Steve, Tony’s as happy as he’s ever been—until it turns out he’s dying of palladium poisoning. Unwilling to tell anyone, he replaces himself with a Life Model Decoy and breaks up with Steve, so he can hide and focus on fixing his arc reactor before it’s too late.

Steve can’t decide if Tony is acting strangely or if that’s just his denial speaking. Tony Mark II struggles to figure out the best course of action, stuck handling issues he was never programmed to deal with. And Tony isn’t sure he can ever get Steve back, even if he survives.

Modern Love by fictionforlife, Neverever (@captainneverever): Tony drifts into a relationship with Steve after a one night stand. He thinks that Steve is modern and well adjusted to the 21st century but finds that Steve is old-fashioned in unexpected ways.

Captain Coffee by Neverever (@captainneverever): Steve is content managing his own coffee shop and life is full with friends and neighbors. But an owner of big coffee chain pressures him to sell and someone from his past reappears. And now Steve needs to fight a bully, an ex, and himself to get his happy ending.

Tony’s Place by Neverever (@captainneverever​): Tony has the hottest nightclub in Madripoor, until his lost love Steve Rogers, a man he knew as artist in Paris, walks in and changes everything. (Noir Casablanca AU)

to dream of the stars by gottalovev (@gottalovev): Fifteen years after a summer romance at Space Academy that left them brokenhearted, Steve and Tony meet again as astronaut candidates.

And Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Now by kaceywithak: Like all good stories, it starts with a phone call that changes everything. Or, that time where Bucky Barnes of all people finally got Tony to come home and Steve may be a decade older but he hasn’t changed a bit.

Something Death Can Touch by thatdamneddame: Tony nearly dies in the field on a Saturday. Steve breaks up with Tony the Wednesday after he’s released from hospital.

Screaming and Screaming (but I just can’t hear you) by AngeNoir (@outercorner): Two years. Two years, of trying to get Tony to spend more time with him, of trying to subtly let Tony know he wanted their relationship to be more public, of trying to get Tony to let him in. No more. Steve was done.

Blackout by MemoryDragon (@memorydragon): The power is out. 

Getting back together ficlet by brandnewfashion: “You can’t mean that.”


Hypotenuse by derryderrydown: Steve breaks up with Tony because he’s in love with Iron Man. That’s when things start to get complicated.

Better This Time by nightwalker (@onemuseleft): It had been been two years without Tony at his side and his back, two years nursing a resentment and an anger that had refused to fade. It was time to move on, and Steve didn’t want to do it alone.

Seasons of Love by Missy_dee811 (@viudanegraaa): Seasons change, people don’t. Maybe Mr. Right isn’t Mr. Right Now.

Blowing Soap Bubbles at the South Pole by Jay Tryfanstone: Forty-eight hours: a graphic novel. 616 universe, futurefic, AU from the end of Stark Disassembled.

We’ve Been On This Path Before by vassalady: Years ago, Steve and Tony were the it couple over all the magazines. Now, Steve lives with his four-year-old son, Ian, in a shabby apartment. It’s not perfect, but life is good. Then, Tony shows up at their door and asks for Steve to come back.

Steve isn’t sure that getting back together with Tony is the right thing. There’s so much history between them, and he has Ian to think of. But Tony could provide opportunities for Ian that Steve can’t. And, underneath it all, he still loves Tony even after all these years. It will take time and a lot of work to find the life he wants for him and his son. However, secrets both old and new may prove a threat that will cost them dearly.

(If anyone wants a themed rec list, hit me up in my inbox!)

anonymous asked:

Can you do a futurefic where Jughead was forced to move to Toledo or somehow he and Betty got separated as teens and years later, when Betty is a doctor, she gets Jughead as a patient and they reconnect?? Thank you!!

I kind of did my own rendition! Give it a read maybe you’ll like it.

The air still smelt the same, the street signs hadn’t moved, and the familiar flickering red “Pops” sign still lit up the tiny town of Riverdale. no matter how many years had gone by since Jughead left Riverdale, it would always be his home, his safe place.

He was older now, 25 and successful, he was a New York Times Best Selling author and he was living in Chicago, it was everything he had talked about when he was sixteen years, his dreams had come true, he’d proved this town wrong just like she had said he would. She always knew what she was talking about and she never gave up on him. Thoughts of shiny green eyes, long honey blonde ponytails and soft pink sweaters raced through his mind as he stepped through the doors of Riverdale General Hospital.

Betty Cooper had been the great love of his life, she was was beautiful and kind and everything good about his world. He remembered the day he left vividly, the feel of her scarred palms still warm on his cheeks, tear drops dripping from her eyes, a shakey smile followed by the words that haunted him daily
“You’re gonna do great things Jughead Jones. Follow your heart.”

He should have stayed, should have held her in his arms and found a way to stay. He wanted too more than anything, but he couldn’t, this was his family, she understood. It had been 8 years since their last kiss at that airport terminal, 8 years since he boarded a plane to Toledo with his father and never looked back, started over. Left behind the love of his life.

Looking up at the door in front of him he brought his knuckles up and knocked, poking his head in when the distinctly feminine voice told him to come in.

“Is it safe?” He teased, eyeing his very pregnant sister, sitting up in her hospital bed

“No promises” Eric, her husband, said with a goofy smile, looking down adoringly at Jelly Bean.

Jughead stepped into the hospital room and moved to stand beside Jelly bean and grabbing her hand

“So today’s the day huh?” Jughead grinned, his hand coming over to gently pat her belly.

Jelly bean huffed
“It better be. You hear me little baby? Your uncle Jughead came all the way down from Chicago for this so you better get out of there as soon as possible.” She spoke towards her stomach.

Eric gave Jughead a firm handshake and smiled
“Thanks for coming brother, your Mom and dad are on their way, I’m not sure I can do this on my own.”

“Oh you can’t do this?! I’m sorry but..” jellybean began, her rant being cut off by a knock on the door.

“That must be my doctor, I haven’t met her yet. My original baby doctor came down with pneumonia so I have a new one delivering the baby. Come in!” The dark haired Jones girl yelled through the closed door.

What happened next was something from a movie.

Simple white sneakers came first, followed by scrubs covered in a long white coat, curly blonde hair spilling onto a clipboard as a woman doctor read through a file, a soft and gentle smile on her face, Jellybean gasped audibly as Jughead stared at the name tag resting on her coat, a sticker of a teddy bear holding a red balloon placed beside it, the name tag read

“Dr. Elizabeth Cooper”

“Jessica Capra , due date: today!, how exciting, and just on time!” Betty was still reading through the clipboard, eventually she looked up and stopped in place, her sneakers squeaked and her eyes went wide.

“Jughead?” She whispered.

Jughead couldn’t speak, he opened his mouth but nothing came out, he was in shock. She was standing in front of him, the one person that he thought about every single day, the one thought that helped him through his toughest times, and damn did she look good.

Something inside Betty snapped back to reality and she drew her attention to the very pregnant woman who was now her patient.

“Little JellyBean Jones, I didn’t know! Especially with the name change. I’m so happy for you! And I can promise you, you and this little baby are in good hands, your delivery is gonna be smooth as butter.” She grinned at the married pair in front of her, examining Jellybean with the stethoscope.

Jellybean began rambling again
“Oh Betty! I am so glad it’s you! I was a wreck when they told me Dr.Daniels wouldn’t be able to be here, but now you’re here and I love you! And you’re gonna deliver my baby… and … and..” suddenly she was sobbing and Eric moved quickly to stand beside her rubbing her shoulders and shoving Betty back slightly and into Jugheads arms who caught her before she fell.

The two stood together in shock, the dark haired boys arms wrapped around the blondes waist as they stared deep into each other’s eyes, 8 years of Questions, of wanting, of love mirrored in the others eyes.

“I’m so sorry, it’s the hormones. I swear” jelly bean sniffled from the bed, tearing Betty away from Jughead

“Of course, now you’ve still got a bit to go with the dilation, so I’m gonna leave you for a bit, I’ll be back soon to check your cervix. It’s baby day my friends” Dr.Cooper grinned excitedly causing the entire room to laugh.

“Thank god” Eric breathed as Jellybean clutched his hand tearfully.

Betty exited the room, nodding with her head towards the door, indicating Jughead follow, he did of course, he always would.

Once they were in the hallway Betty was in his arms, her body molding perfectly into his as he buried his face into her neck, inhaling her distinctly Betty scent, strawberries and peaches, his hands wandered over her back and sides, there were new delicious curves all over body, his fingers eventually found themselves laced in her hair as her own hands cupped his neck her cheek pressing against his.

“Jughead Jones I missed you.” The beautiful blonde whispered in his ear.

He squeezed her tightly

“You have no idea Betty Cooper”

When they pulled away a few seconds later, Jughead eyed her up and down

“A doctor huh?” He raised a brow, a playful smirk on his face.

“It was a long road but I made it. I’m a baby doctor.” She laughed, he had always known she would do great things, and she always loved children “anyway who am I to talk, look at you you’re an accomplished author, not that I had any doubts.” She beamed as they made their way to the cafeteria.

They ate lunch together, reminiscing about everything and filling each other in, all too soon Betty’s pager beeped and she had to go.

“I’ll see you in Jelly beans room?” She smiled questioningly.

“You bet.. bets” he grinned.

She fluttered her eyelashes dramatically and winked before racing off to a patient.

Jesus Christ he was in some kind of trouble for sure.

pleasantboat  asked:

hmm i think because of you talking about longfics in yoi fandom you should share a list of your favourites that you think are under-appreciated 👀👀👀 (all fics are great i will eventually consume them all)

in no particular order but organised by theme, i present to you a top 10 of some must-read yoi multichaptered fics in progress! consider this a primer. if you, too, want to read some good WIPs (and i’m limiting myself to WIPs here because they need more love!), then this is where to start. all of these fics have under 500 kudos at time of posting. btw, some of these authors have multiple WIPs and other yoi fics on ao3, but i’ve limited myself to one fic per author. make sure to check out their other stuff!

if you like AU stories with great scope…

  • the fall of this empire will be loud by elesssar is set in the late cold war and takes a look at what a relationship might be like between yuuri, raised in america, and viktor, firmly ensconced behind the iron curtain. i love the attention to detail in this fic. it’s so firmly grounded in its sense of time and place and the research that’s gone into making it accurate has the added bonus of making it wonderfully rich. there’s a great cast of supporting characters, and yuuri’s POV in particular is a real delight to read, in character and multifaceted.
  • i wanna take you to the stars, and then i’ll leave you alone by coyoten is a sci-fi au of the space opera variety, where yuuri and viktor are exes, thrown back together by circumstance. in space. this fic is descriptive writing goals. there is so much effort put into worldbuilding and every new setting—many of which are other planets created entirely for this universe—is vivid and unique. i love the dark sense of humour in this, too; the narrative voice is refreshingly forward but still expertly manages to tell you as much as you need and no more.
  • Lampadairs Sous la Pluie by xuantime is set in an exquisitely worldbuilt alternate universe where there are, well, alternate universes. yuuri works for an organisation in charge of keeping these universes in order—without giving too much away, mysterious things start happening, and viktor is right at the centre of it. this fic has so many levels of intrigue: political, intrinsic to the world, and character-based. it masterfully manages to keep all these threads going at once. and i love how each character in the large cast has a very distinctive voice and gets their own time to shine.
  • kiss and cry in the corners of my castle by unexpectedtrash is a crossover with the potterverse which uses characters from both canons to tell a politically charged and compelling story. i love this because it really doesn’t shy away from the harsher sides of the potterverse, especially given that it’s set during order of the phoenix. hufflepuff yuri makes for a great POV character, and all of the characterisation is pretty spectacular. much attention has been paid to backstories and worldbuilding, and the use of the setting is imbued in every aspect of the writing, making this an incredibly natural-feeling crossover.

if you like fresh takes on the canonverse…

  • are the stars out tonight by deathbycoldopen is a canon divergence au based on the events of the infamous banquet. it starts from the premise that phichit accompanied yuuri to the GPF that year, and goes from there into a funny and at times very touching story of yuuri making viktor’s acquaintance. i really enjoy the way this is written, well-paced and giving equal weight to its most important events. the focus is on humourous shenanigans but the characters and their relationships with each other are just as fun to immerse yourself in. plus, there is wonderful accompanying art by the author!
  • Before It Burns Me Numb by ilarual is an exceedingly clever cross between a missing scene and a pre-canon story, starting with a coda to episode 10 and the huge shifts in viktor and yuuri’s relationship, and then focusing on a certain aspect of it before then which i don’t want to give away because the twist is so good. i adore the characterisation of viktor in this fic; as a story that focuses on him and his inner life, it’s pitch-perfect. the writing style is fantastic too, and super engaging, the kind of chapters you can absolutely devour, and then read over and again.
  • The nostalgic feeling of the familiar by myoue is a canon divergence au and a fake dating fic of the “pretending to be engaged” variety. the set-up is that, at the banquet, yuuri asks viktor to come to hasetsu for this reason. viktor… forgets the reason. this leads to a lot of confusion and tentative overtures but it’s never played for laughs, rather used as an opportunity to delve into a very nuanced relationship study. i love the writing style; it seamlessly transitions between physical action and internal monologue, which creates a quite otherworldly feeling and which i find utterly engaging.

if you like well-crafted character-driven stories…

  • Without fear, without metaphor by reginar is a post-canon story about yuuri and viktor trying to find the words to express their relationship and feelings for one another. the story draws on themes of speaking english as a second language from the author’s own experiences, and uses miscommunication tropes in clever and unique ways to create a sombre mood. apart from the wonderfully rich writing style, what i love about this fic is how deeply and fearlessly it probes into both yuuri and viktor’s characters. don’t let the angst put you off, there are humourous moments too, and anyway it’s emotionally powerful and so worth it.
  • The Long Way Round by sixpences is another story that deals with heavy themes, a futurefic following viktor and yuuri on a scenic train trip from saint petersburg to hasetsu in the wake of makkachin’s death. again, i want to emphasise: do not let the angst put you off. the writing here is sad and evocative, the emotional world mingling beautifully with the physical world in their common trajectories as journey storylines, and some truly excellent descriptive writing and real world detail on display. i love the mood of this story. it’s the kind of writing that feels like there’s care put into every word, and all the themes being explored with such depth make it a really cathartic read.
  • no one is lost by Iambic is a modern fantasy au but i’m including it in this part of my list because the driving force behind it is the relationship, and the choice to use viktor’s POV for a story that closely follows their canon story arc shines yuuri’s character in a fascinating light. in this story, yuuri’s body literally makes music when he moves, and the writing is infused with a real sonority. this is the kind of worldbuilding where the details are never presented to you, but are painted implicitly by beautiful writing, and it’s done very skilfully. there’s a real sense that the language and setting are linked in this fic, and i love the overall atmosphere of it.
A Week of Somewhat Forced but Not Completely Unpleasant Dinner Dates with Harry Potter by QueenofThyme

Rating: M

Chapters: 8 / Word Count: 13k

Genres: angst, general

Triggers for: eating disorders

Description: The only thing stopping Draco Malfoy from being forced into hospital is a condition from his doctor to have dinner with someone every night. And one night he’s desperate enough to call Harry Potter. And Harry Potter says yes.

Review: This fic is rather short but deals with the issue of eating disorders pretty well. The ending is very cute and the plot is satisfying, but I wish it was longer.

anonymous asked:

i miss your writing! what do jon and abby remember or know about donna smoak?


I was little when Bubbe died, and I admit I don’t remember her very well. For a long time, nobody ever talked about her casually, because they didn’t want to blindside Mom. 

Nowadays when he’s had some wine, Dad likes to explain how he really solidified his status as best son-in-law in the history of matrimony. He’ll tip his chin at Mom and say, kind of accusatory, “She wanted to elope.”

Mom will point out, “We had a horrible few months right before the wedding,” which I think refers to one of the crime lords who tried to kill off all their competitors and unleash hell. Couldn’t tell you which. “After all that, neither of us had the energy for a big elaborate party.”

“No, we didn’t,” Dad admits. “But I took your mother’s hands and looked in her eyes and told her, ‘As long as I’m married to you at the end of it, I don’t care how it happens.’”

Mom always gives this a little eye roll.

“And she looked relieved for about a second, until I said, ‘But your mother has been planning this wedding for months, and we are going to give her the dress and the chuppah and the whole damn thing.’”

Mom shakes her head. “Or we’d never hear the end of it until the day we died.”

Dad sits back in his chair and smiles. “Donna loved me.”

“Yeah,” Mom grumbles. “If we divorced, she was keeping you.”

halfthealphabet  asked:

11. Annabeth to Percy please

thingsyou said when you were drunk

The second morning she wakes up in Las Vegas, there is an unusual weight on Annabeth’s left hand.

It’s the first thing she notices – aside from the wicked headache pounding away at her skull, courtesy of one of the worst hangovers of her life, that is. She nearly pokes her eye out with it when she reaches up to rub sleep and crusty mascara out of her eyes, and when she pulls her hand back to glare at the offending weight, it sparkles like a diamond in the morning light.

No, it’s sparkling because it is a diamond. A diamond ring, actually.

Weird, Annabeth thinks, her brain fighting to put all the pieces of this puzzle together through the groggy haze of her hangover. It almost looks like a…

Realization hits her like a freight train and Annabeth bolts upright in bed with a strangled gasp. Her head spins at the sudden movement, but the nauseated lurch of her stomach everything to do with the piece of jewelry on the fourth finger of her left hand.

The ring is glittery and gaudy and everything Annabeth’s worst nightmares are made of; it looks like diamond encrusted fly’s eye, so cumbersome and ridiculous that it will undoubtedly get caught in her hair, on her clothes, and maybe even in the door. It is not a ring she’d left her hotel room wearing last night.

It is, unmistakably, a wedding ring.

Di immortales,” Annabeth swears, staring at the ring in shock. What on earth had she done last night?

Keep reading

Music List

(Fave) = My fave

I Put it into Genres, at the bottom i have albums i suggest. Meaning all songs on the album i suggest. I combined Rap and Trap into just Trap. This is a lot of music i know. This isn’t even half of the music on my playlist. I have all my music On spotify. I hope this gives you guys some new music!


Next - Lil Pump

Fuck Ugly God - Ugly God

Rake It Up - Yo Gotti

$ave Dat Money - Lil Dicky

Open Interlude - Bryson Tiller

Privacy - Chris Brown

DEVASTATED - Joey Bada$$

Deuces Remix - Chris Brown

I See You - Chris Brown

Off White - Global Dan

Young Dumb & Broke - Khalid

Fuck It Up - Nebu Kiniza

Gyalchester - Drake

Love Sosa - Chief Keef

Ain’t Bout it - Cuban Doll

Audi - Smokepurpp

Ranson - A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

Flex Like Ouu - Lil Pump

How That Make You Feel - Smokepurpp

Pull Up Wit Ah Stick - SahBabii

R.I.C.O -Meek Mill

Woosha - Jeremih

The Motto - Drake

6 Rings - Smokepurpp

Some Way - NAV

Magnolia - Playboi Carti

Patty Cake - Kodak Black (MY FAVE)

Congratulations - Post Malone

XO TOUR Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert

I’m So Groovy - Future

Freak Hoe - Future

Sick Talk - Future

Incredible - Future

Feds did a Sweep - Future

Xanny Fmaily - Future

Diamonds Dancing - Drake

Mask Off - Future

DNA. - Kendrick Lamar

LOYALTY - Kendrick Lamar

Bounce Back - Big Sean

Broke Boi - PlayBoi Carti

Tumblr Girls - G-Easy

Moves - Big Sean

Trippy - Lil Wayne

Tunnel Vision - Kodak Black

Look At Me! - Xxxtentacion

Yamborghini High - A$AP Mob

Water - Ugly God

Don’t - Bryson Tiller

Party - Chris Brown

G.O.A.T. - Eric Bellinger

Rolex - Ayo & Teo

THat Part - ScHoolboy Q

Reverse Nation - The Execs

2 Phones -Kevin Gates

Thats a Check - Slim K (I prefer Future’s version)

L$D - A$AP Rocky

Let Em’ Know - Bryson Tiller

Money Longer - Lil Uzi Vert

There He Go - Kodak Black

Booty Wurk - T-Pain

Make That Sh*t Work - T-Pain

Mercy - Kanye West

Caroline - Amine

Bad and Boujee - Migos

Lolly - Maejor Ali

Love Me - Lil Wayne

F**kin’ Problems - A$AP Rocky

Don’t Know What to Call it - Kevin Gates (FAVE)

Really Really - Kevin Gates

Controlla - Drake

Till I Die - Machine Gun Kelly

Juke Jam - Chance The Rapper

Pop Style - Drake

Broccoli - DRAM

Big Rings - Drake

Post To Be - Omarion

0 To 100 - Drake

Wicked - Future

Bad B*tch - French Montana

Addicted To My Ex - M City JR

Back To Sleep REMIX - Chris Brown

Dance (A$$) REMIX - Big Sean

Sorry Not Sorry - Bryson TIller

Birthday Sex -Jeremih

I Don’t Fuck With You - Big Sean

Anidote - Travis Scott

Only - Nicki Minaj

Feeling Myself - Nicki Minaj

Jumpman - Drake

HeadBand - B.o.B

Satelites - Kevin Gates

( POP )

Ride With Us - Bobby Grant

Porn Star - August Alsina

GDFR - Flo Rida

Time of Our Lives - Pitbull

Out My Mind - Kalin and Myles


One Dance - Drake

My House - Flo Rida

Needed Me - Rihanna

Mine - Beyonce

Turn Me On - David Guetta

Automatic - Nicki Minaj

Bitch Better Have my Money - Rihanna

Right Now - Rihanna

23 - Mike WILL Made-It

Hey Mama - David Guetta

How Deep is Your Love - Calvin Harris

Slow Motion - Trey Songz

Confident - Justin Bieber

East Side - Nebu Kinsia

Timber - Pitbull

Now and Later - Sage The Gemini

Get Ugly - Jason Derulo

Pony - Ginuwine

How We Livin - Jack and Jack

Groove - Jack and Jack

Acquainted - The Weekend

All For Love - Madison Beer (Don’t come at me for this plz)

You Don’t Own Me - Grace

Aye Ma - Sammy Wilk

Signs - Sammy Wilk

Castle - Halsey

Sucker For Pain - Lil Wayne

Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus

Cold Water - Justin Bieber

Ex’s and Oh’s - Elle King

Let Me Love You - Justin Bieber

This Town - Niall Horan

That’s What I Like - Bruno Mars

Or Nah - Ty Dolla $ign (I prefer SOMO’s version)

Stay - Zedd

Bad Bitch - Bebe Rexha

Believer - Imagine Dragons

Swalla - Jason Derulo

Fake Love - Drake ( idk if that’s on here already)

I Dont Wanna Live Forever - Zayn (Fave)

Freaky - Trisha Paytas (MY ACTUAL QUEEN)

Despacito - Justin Bieber

Wild Thoughts - DJ Khaled


H.O.L.Y -Florida Georgia Line (Fave)

What Was I Thinkin’ - Dierks Bentley

Bottoms Up - Brantley Gilbert

Im Comin’ Over - Chris Young

Cop Car - Keith Urban

Hicktown - Jason Aldean

She’s Got A Way With Words - Blake Shelton

The Road And The Radio - Kenny Chesney

Summertime - Kenny Chesney

Highway Vagabond - Miranda Lambert

Mr. Mom - Lonestar

DONE. - The Band Perry

Stay - Florida Georgia Line

Blue Aint Your Color - Keith Urban

Who’s Your Daddy - Toby Keith

Fancy - Reba McEntire

That’s My Kinda of Night - Luke Bryan

Hard To Love - Lee Brice

Play It Again - Luke Bryan

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk - Trace Adkins

Boot Scootin’ Boogie - Brooks and Dunn (I preffer George Strait’s)

I Told You So - Carrie Underwood

Drunk On a Plane - Dierks Bently

Big Green Tractor - Jason Aldean

Shes Country - Jason Aldean

Dirt Road Anthem - Jason Aldean

Burnin’ it Down - Jason Aldean

Roller Coaster - Luke Bryan

Country Girl - Luke Bryan

Truck Yeah - Tim McGraw

Boondocks - Little Big Town


Centerfold - The J. Gelis Band

She Keeps Me Up - Nickelback

Follow You Home - Nickelback

Praise By the Dashboard Light - Meatloaf

You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth - Meatloaf

Hotel California - Eagles

Take it to the Limit - Eagles

1985 - Bowling For Soup

Addicted - Saving Abel

Holiday/Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day

Rock or Bust - AC/DC

Porn Star Dancing - My Darkest Days

Only The Good Die Young - Billy Joel

What Do You DO For Money Honey - AC/DC

Rock and Roll aint Noise Pollution - AC/DC

Savin’ ME - Nickelback

Shakin Hands - Nickelback

Something In Yout Mouth - Nickelback

Burn it to the Ground - Nickelback

Animals - Nickelback


Any Eminem Album

Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande

Time Of Our Lives -Miley Cyrus

Purpose - Justin Bieber

Savage Mode - 21 Savage

Issa Album - 21 Savage


High Priced by Cheryl Dyson

Rating: M

Chapters: 1 / Word Count: 18k

Genres: angst, creature fic

Description:  I referred to this as My Stupid Veela Fic until I decided it was fairly good. Harry is a Veela, for a change, since I was tired of Draco!Veela stories.

Review: This fic ripped my heart up and put it back together. It plays with your emotions but not in an entirely bad way. It’s also well-written and gets bonus points for good grammar. I’d definitely recommend.

anonymous asked:

Now that Abby and Jonny are allooking grown up, do Felicity and Oliver miss being called "mommy" and "daddy" instead of mom and dad? Did Oliver have a moment of sadness when his kids became too old to call him "daddy" ? Your writing is excellent.


Of course I miss the tiny versions of my kids. Believe it or not, there was a time when big, tough Jonathan was a three foot high cuddlemonster who slept in our bed when it thundered. There was a time when my smartmouth girl would round her mouth into a perfect O if she caught you saying bad words. Like “stupid.”

There are definite upsides, now they’re big. Much more sophisticated conversation, for one thing.

But it’s been a long time since Mommy could swoop in like a superhero and make the world just and right. Yeah, I’d say I miss being that for them.


When we moved Abby into her dorm room, I gave her one last hug, and she said, “Bye, Daddy.”

There have absolutely been some moments that gave me pause, yes.

At First Sight - ItsNotEasyBeingQueen - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel

Kurt asks Blaine if he believes in love at first sight. Blaine’s answer surprises Kurt and changes his concept of love and romance. Set in NYC, post-finale.

anonymous asked:

favorite rilaya fics?? i need stuff to read!!

you have come to the right place my friend

crawl home to her by BerryliciousCheerio

vampire au, has killed me and brought me back a couple hundre times

tell my love to wreck it all by BerryliciousCheerio


more than just a dream by BerryliciousCheerio

i sort of requested this so i’m obligated to rec it but it’s really good it’s a robin hood au and????? perfection, the cutest thing ever

tips and tricks by emilyrambles

this is the cutest thing ever it’s just ,,,, girls in love

ms believer by khalasaar

listen to me, this the saddest rilaya series in existence, i don’t even care if you don’t cry when reading things you will cry with this it’s fuckingoiengeoigneoige, read the trigger warnings

diamonds are a girl’s best friend by khalasaar

i proofread this it’s super cute i’m in love with it

in two days by khalasaar

i keep reccing her stuff but d00d it’s amazing this is another series that i’ve fallen in love with

valentine: to you, from the square root of negative one by khalasaar

this is the smartest plot i’ve ever read, like hands-down the most thought out developed plot i have seen in my entire life, if you’re a math person you’d know what this is

love song to a generation by kwritten

this is by far and away my favorite futurefic, the dynamic between them is perfectly written and it’s just so nice and warm and maya is my daughter 

anonymous asked:

Hi beautiful and amazing human! Could you please give me some domestic!winchesters? :) Thank you!

Curtain!Wincest Fic Recs

hello nonnie, I think most of them are wincest but I put a few Gen there too, hope you like them!

Know the Water’s sweet but Blood is thicker by: Sijglind  There are two new guys in your apartment block. They’re hot. Maybe a bit old—over thirty, you guess—but they are the kind of men people always compare to fine wine, getting better with age and all that crap.

Rankle and Gall by smalltrolven AO3 right here Post Gadreel-reveal: after a month of not really finishing their unfinished arguments,  Sam and Dean finally do finish one, and get back on the same page so that they can deal with the Mark of Cain the Winchester Way -  together. An alternate take on Season 9 with Cain summoning, soul-bonding, Oz-sourced magical spell casting, much lasagna baking, and angsty reunion-type schmoop.

The Secrets You Keep by  runedgirl  Dean started nesting the second week they were at the bunker. Sam took a little bit longer.

I’ll Wait For You by: morganaDW  Sam’s hurt in ways that can’t be healed easily even by Death. Facing the risk of Sam remaining how he is, Dean struggles to heal his brother in the only way he knows how even if that means giving up his life as a hunter.

Reading Into The Past by  jasmineisland This picks up after Sacrifice, and now that S9 has premiered it’s AU. The trials are over, and, even though the gates of hell aren’t closed, for the first time Sam and Dean are truly on the same page. They have a real home in the batcave, and have formed a relationship that makes them both happy. But it’s been a long, hard road to get there full of secrets, miscommunication, and manipulation from both sides. When Charlie opens the door to their virtual life, meaning the rest of the books online and the small community that knows they are real, they are shocked by the way they were both truly played. It gives them an insight to each other that goes a long  way towards healing old hurts. They manage to clear the air, figure out just how bad and worse the options they had to choose from really were, and they find each other in a whole new way.

The House Always Wins by selecasharp After the angels fall, the boys take some hard-won time away from the world so Sam can heal. Things at their new home aren’t as restful as they’d hoped, however, as old feelings between the brothers begin to resurge. As if that weren’t enough, it turns out that they’re not as alone in the bunker as they thought.

Of Ghosts and Men  by stardust_made (Gen/Sherlock-SPN Xover)  A year after Sherlock Holmes’s death John Watson returns to 221B Baker Street hoping to turn a new leaf. He finds that a stranger has come to town—while John was gone Sam Winchester moved in to the flat below. John’s interest is piqued, but he isn’t the only one curious in the household. Both men are trying to come to terms with their past, but as is often the case the past refuses to stay away. Sam and John are taken on a journey where adventures and revelations are going to put new and old relationships to test. (Gen fics are not my thing, I confess, I love wincest and the ponier the better, but this fic is made of awesome)

Wherever We’re Together That’s My Home by shannondoll It’s the small town gigs that keep them going - once a hunter always a hunter. Dean wants to do something special for Sammy, and a nice reclusive cabin in the Tennessee hills might be the perfect solution. A month of domestic bliss would do them well.

Clean Getaway by vicious-trade  It was cute for about a week. But it it’s been several months now and somehow Sam is still not getting it.

The College AU by Canon_Is_Relative, stardust_made Canon divergence post season two where Sam doesn’t die and Dean doesn’t make any deals, and their lives take on completely new turns. Sam goes back to college and Dean keeps hunting…but can they stay apart? A get-together story in a universe where the forces of Heaven and Hell left them alone.

Ignorance Would be Bliss by delanach Kevin knows more than he wants to about Sam and Dean, and he really wishes he didn’t.

Will You Settle For Love by verucasalt123 They’re out of the life. Pretty much. But regular jobs and friendly neighbors don’t negate the fact that the supernatural is still out there. This is a story about the choices and consequences that come along with retirement, and a test of how strong their relationship is when confronted with their past.

Lessons Learned by lyra_wing   It’s 2012. Six years later, and the hunt is over for Sam and Dean. But it’s just beginning for Michael, and he goes looking for the guys who helped him all those years ago.

He Who Fights With Monsters by bellajayd Dean leaves with Sam to go to Stanford. When John catches up with them years later things are very different.

Over The Hills, Far Away by askellington somewhere in the middle of season seven, this world careens towards the left. Dean looks at Sam and decides enough is enough. They need to settle down for a while, take a breath

Ways of Communication by  jiru_jiru_chan After a hunt gone awry Dean is left deaf and depressed, unable to cope with his situation. When he almost kills himself in an attempt to prove himself as a hunter Sam takes a drastic decision and they move to a secluded, out of the way town. Hoping to prove to Dean that he is more than his ability to hunt Sam tries all he can to let Dean help him, something that is not an easy task to accomplish.

Take My Hand and We’ll Make It by akintay post 8x23. It takes three days for the pain to stop and another four before Sam is strong enough to get out of bed. Dean is there to take care of him.

Loose Lips Sink All the Ships by miriad   They should have known that it’d happen, sooner or later. Two men, living together, small town. They were bound to get caught. Except, they hadn’t exactly lied. From the beginning, they had said they were brothers. The Brothers Winchester. It wasn’t Sam’s fault that everyone thought he meant “brothers” or Dean’s fault that everyone assumed it was just some kind of Brokeback Mountain thing

Never Be by rejeneration  Alternative WIAWSNB in which Dean is shocked to find himself living in domestic bliss with Sam (rather than Carmen)

Closing Time by 9091   The boys buy a bar and serve the hunter community. Futurefic, where they grow old together.

Brave New World

written by: @dropshipking | Brianna

prompt: ‘After Clarke is out of the COL, the delinquents are on their way to Arkadia. Clarke is exhausted and as she walks suddenly she collapses, but before she hits the ground Bellamy catches her and carries her back to their home.’ for anonymous

word count: 1101

It was just their luck that after everything, the Rover would be dead. Bellamy offered to lead a group to Arkadia to bring back a battery but Abby refused, wanting to get their people safely behind the walls as soon as possible. The Grounders weren’t actively seeking war against them, but there was enough tension that it was better if everyone went their separate ways as soon as possible. So they were walking, looking even worse than the group of people who came back from Mount Weather a month ago.

Bellamy walked in the middle of the group, unwilling to stray from Clarke’s side. It wasn’t that he thought she would leave, though the situation did stir up old feelings of loss and hurt from the last time they made a trip like this, and she left him standing at the gates. It was her pale complexion and the slight hitch in her step that betrayed her exhaustion. Octavia was at the front of the group, her sword held tightly in her hand, still stained with Pike’s blood. She frightened him. Bellamy never expected to even think those words, much less believe them.

“Clarke you should drink something,” Abby tried to encourage Clarke from the other side, holding out a canteen of water.

“I’m fine,” she said, pushing it away from her. “Other people need it more than me.”

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Choosing My Confessions by quietregulus

Rating: M

Chapters: 5 / Word Count: 38k

Genres: angst, hurt/comfort, AU

Triggers for: self-harm, mental health issues, PTSD, substance abuse

Description: After much deliberation and several unhealthy coping methods, Harry decides to go to a Muggle mental health support group. Who else would be there but Draco Malfoy?

Review: This fic is well-written, unique, and very interesting! The portrayal of mental illness is pretty on par, although not to the point where it’s overloaded with angst.