No fucking filter necessary. This is my amazing and beautiful and freaking awesome wife. This picturw was taken at 445AM 5/5/15. She has made me prouder than proud.
Today my wife went through MEPs. Today my wife made the cut. My wife did it. MY WIFE. She is MY future Sailor.
I am beyond words.
Baby, Im so proud of you.
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Let's Clear something up.

I posted the FMF picture and of course some people jumped up to 1 denote the fact that their branch is a better branch and 2nd that in his company they have dumb corpsman. 

This is the thing, IM not saying that Sailors are better. Nor am I stating that the Marine Corp is better than Navy. That being said, a Sailor who has chosen to work with Marines for the sake of saving your ass has earn the right to call himself tougher than most Sailors. and DEFINITELY smarter than any Marine. Why? because aside from having to learn all the combat and pretty much think like a marine, he/she still has to be able to save your life and get you out alive. 

At the end of the day, we are all serving the same purpose. Protecting our country.

Be proud of the Branch you chose because you chose it. Don’t bash on other Branches, especially the ones that are giving you rides across the seas.