Kakyoin ranking


A cool and relatable teen. Can look a little weird sometimes with Araki’s inconsistent art style, but very expressive, and nice colors. I dig the pink hair. 4/5

Manga - Debut

No. 0/5


Too wrinkly. Does not look 17 at all. Also what the fuck is that haircut? Too much detail but not shaped right. Bad. Also not as expressive, but he is still a good boy. 2/5


Who is this man. This is not Kakyoin. Too big, and the black hair is not a good look for him. He’s nice, and certainly expressive, but I’m judging Kakyoins here and this guy is just… not Kak. Also his earrings scare me? 2/5

All Star Battle

Alright, I guess. Not bad, but not especially exciting either. Hair color is a little too dark. 3/5

Eyes of Heaven

Holy FUCK this man is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. No weird face lines, colors are nice and pleasing to look at, actually looks his age, generally looks like a goddamn fucking model. 5/5 he’s too beautiful for me

Diamond Records

A low-poly boy. Seems we’ve gone back to the obnoxious face lines, but at least they’re more subdued this time. Noodle could use more volume tho. 4/5

Heritage for the Future


Heritage for the Future - New Kakyoin

No. Scary. This is not my boy. Please bring back the real Kakyoin. I’m very afraid of New Kakyoin. Hierophant Green looks like he’s going to kill me. I Do Not Like New Kakyoin please put him back. 0/5

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure SNES RPG

Weird… just… Looks weird from every angle. I mean I know it’s SNES sprites, but seriously, it could have been better. I really don’t know what they were trying to do with the shading on his face. 1/5


Too bishie. When I said he needs to look more his age, this isn’t what I meant. His head is shaped like a fucking dorito. Still though, he looks nice, at least. 3/5

Eleven ominous signs

1. You come home to find a single drop of gravy leaking through your letterbox and your key will not fit
2. Cats come up to you with sorrow in their big green eyes
3. You have had more than one wrong-number phone call from the Vatican basement, from those payphones near the statues, and there is some kind of grinding noise in the background but it is hard to hear over the Spanish-accented clarifications of the woman on the other end
4. You begin to receive vague but apologetic letters with postmarks from the near future
5. The pipes knock at night in something that is almost Morse Code, save for the addition of a mid-length, rattly noise like the coughing of a rat
6. You notice a door that you have never seen before and that is curiously hard to forget
7. A senior librarian comes to your door to absolve you, without asking, of a number of library fines relating to highly unusual books that you have never, to your knowledge, checked out
8. Whenever you turn round there is a blackbird flying away
9. There is a ringing phone in the gutter down the road, and a large man in sunglasses who is trying to pretend that it is not there
10. You cannot remember if you have ever been in a hailstorm, and neither can anyone you ask
11. There was a will from a relative you never really knew about, in a part of the world you’d never heard of, and it bequeathed you a box that cannot be opened and, once opened, cannot be closed

1. Desiigner-Timmy Turner

2. Gucci Mane-Guwop Home ft. Young Thug

3. Peewee Longway-Pocket Watchin ft. Gucci Mane

4. Lil Durk-Hated On Me ft. Future

5. Gucci Mane-Pussy Print ft. Kanye West

6. French Montana-Two Times

7. Troy Ave-Chuck Norris

8. Schoolboy Q-Dope Dealer ft. E-40

9. French Montana-No Shopping ft. Drake

10. Gucci Mane-Lockjaw (Remix)

11. Gucci Mane-No Sleep

12. Lil Yachty-Dipset ft. Offset

13. Gucci Mane-Waybach

14. Dae Dae-What U Mean (Remix) ft. Lil Yachty

15. 21 Savage & Metro Boomin-Savage Mode

16. Rich The Kid-Plug Callin (Remix) ft. Desiigner & Famous Dex

17. Young Dro-Drippin Sauce

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My muse has randomly developed a psychic power.

Send me “Psychic” for me to randomly generate one from the list below.

Bonus: My muse has no idea how to control their new powers and is freaking out!

1. Telekinesis: Ability to move objects with your mind

2. Telepathy: Ability to read (and potentially manipulate) other’s minds

3. Clairvoyance: Ability to view different locations/times

4. Foresight: Ability to see into the future

5. Teleportation: Ability to instantly travel anywhere

6. Levitation: Ability to float and move through the air

7. Pyrokinesis: Ability to create and control fire

8. Electrokinesis: Ability to create and control electricity

1. Love yourself even if you think it’s hard
2. Surround yourself with nice people that really love you
3. Be who you are and never let someone change who you are
4. Study for school just because it’s for your future
5. don’t stress yourself too much; everyone makes faults
6. Do what makes you happy and not what others want you to do
7. Eat healthy and drink a lot of water not because you want to be thin or something like that but to live healthy and fit
8. Spend at least 10 minutes a day outside to breathe fresh air
9. Sleep a lot because it makes you feel better
10. Take chances and don’t be afraid to try something new
11. Read more books instead of being on the internet all the time
12. Don’t let problems bring you down; let them help you to become stronger
13. Laugh a lot because it makes you happy
14. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable not what society wants you to wear
15. Enjoy every minute of your life
—  me to myself

1. Writers put Night Nurse into the Daredevil script

2. Writers are forced to change her name at the last minute, told she can just be a random nurse but can’t be Night Nurse because they want to use Night Nurse in the movies

3. Rachel McAdams will play Christine Palmer in Doctor Strange, Night Nurse from the comics

4. Feige says they’re not calling her Night Nurse right now but who knows in the future

5. Headlines say WON’T BE NIGHT NURSE because clickbait

The fact is Claire was changed because Marvel wanted to save Night Nurse for the movies. They named a new character after Night Nurse and put her in Doctor Strange and are now saying she’s not Night Nurse (yet). So now we have two people very clearly being Night Nurse but neither are Night Nurse. We could have had one. They could have cast Rosario in this movie this entire time, but didn’t for reasons they’ve now backed out of. It’s a mess and honestly just makes the whole thing worse. Way to drop the ball.

Who is the most popular artist in every state?

Pandora has released a new graphic (above) revealing the most popular artists in every state based on plays through their digital radio service. Unsurprisingly, Billboard champion Drake has laid claim over the majority of the United States. What may surprise some however, is the fact Taylor Swift only claims two states, which is three less than rapper Kevin Gates and two less than Eminem (who hasn’t released a record in over two years). 

These artists are not the only ones getting a lot of play in these states. Here’s a full rundown of the top 10 biggest artists in all 50 states:

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From May 9th to May 15th, I’ll be hosting Trafalgar Law Week 2016

*insert witty caption about how much law is never going to get out of this alliance*

All types of submissions will be accepted: fanart, fic, graphics, fan mixes, and anything you’d like to throw at me.  The only rule I’ve got is that this is your original work.  If you’re inspired by anyone then please credit them.

Tag your posts with #lawweek2016 for it to be featured here.

5/9 - day 1: past // future

5/10 - day 2: heart pirates

5/11 - day 3: will of D.

5/12 - day 4: profession

5/13 - day 5: relationships

5/14 - day 6: corazon

5/15 - day 7: free day

@myladyday​ made this just for this event!  Check her out and show some love for such an awesome banner!

woot woot, let’s get it on!!

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recap of some really sad/bad routines and such that happened this year:

Rockstar Beatles Worlds Day1

t&s obsession nca 

fame super seniors worlds and nca

shooting stars getting silver

sot ioc5 worlds finals (first performance) 

cosmic rays nca day 2

brandon sr. black worlds day 2

starlites future5

It’s finally here! 

I spent too long looking at his face to focus on the edit oops

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