Drawing my Scorpio tattoos. This is the first one that I have a lot of erasing and shading to do still. I’m drawing a sun as well with another Scorpion on it but the opposite of the moon Scorpion. The sun Scorpion will be on the other side and upside down instead of up right. These will go on my feet :) it’s kind of a long and personal story as to why I have a sun and moon for it, but I thought it was a nice touch to have the scorpions on them and its fits cause my moon and sun sign is Scorpio.i don’t know. I fucken tried aha

gonna see about getting this done either tomorrow or saturday. basic design for the tattoo. if it’s not obvious what it means good, if it is then even better. 


punk draco! :)

i really admire artofpan’s  coloring style thats why when i found out she made a tutorial for the way she colors, i just had to draw something (please check out her art too i love her shes so nice and great bye). and then i met a loser named atlas and joined the harryhurtsme network and they kinda inspired me to draw this uwu so!! this is dedicated to the whole network and to one of my fav artist i guess? ^o^ dracos tattoos under the cut!

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