So this past weekend I fell down a rabbit hole

A digital rabbit hole. I feel the need to say so because my friend legit thought I fell down an *actual* rabbit hole. You know who you are ;P

I fell down a digital rabbit hole of octopus tattoos. Don’t even get me started. I’m getting myself started because I really want to know what other people think of the awesome tattoos I found. I really want a hella colourful octopus on my thigh. It won’t be for a few more years, but I’m just so damn excited!!!!!

Beware, this post might be long for the pictures I’ll be putting, along with why I like each one, because I wanna record and share that. Here we go!

I started with just googling octopus tattoos, then I changed it to colourful octopus tattoos. Because my first two tattoos will be black ink, I’ll want this octopus to have SO MUCH COLOUR!!!

I love the texture and colours in this one, it really looks like an octopus’s skin! I love the way the ink seeps out around the tentacles, makes it look like fresh paint!

LOOK AT IT ITS AN OCTOPUS BUT ITS ALSO SPACE! SPACE SPACE! SPACE SPACE SPACE! SPACE! Okay sorry, but this is hella cool. You’ll see galaxy is possibly a common theme here.

I also really love octopi and watercolour, its just gorgeous and really gives a feel of fluidity to the octopus, and it acts like water behind him! I love the subtle details in the simple black linework, I love the sketch-like look of it, its really a work of art. The only change I’d only want would be to have less pink.

I adore this one because of the purple and blues and he just looks adorable!!!

THIS GUY. Look at him! I love the starry galaxy behind the octopus, more than the galaxy being IN the octopus like the picture a bit higher. I’m not sure if I’d go with orange, its a really nice colour, but I’m not sure if it’s for me.

NOW I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE!!! I love the colour scheme, I love the geometric shapes hidden in the octopus, I love the EYES. I love the specks of orange, the transitions for the other colours. Its wonderful!

These are the pictures I have saved on my phone, but trust me I found many many more!

There are aspects I want from each picture here but somethings can’t mix: like I can’t have a watercolour one and have it be realistic. I know I want this to be very colourful, I believe the octopus deserves to be so colourful, given that it can change colours! Some octopi can even change TEXTURE! They are just fascinating creatures.

So, I love the texture effect of the first one, I love the galaxy/space of the second, I love the watercolour effect of the third and fourth, I love the bright colours and the space behind him of the fifth, and I love just about everything about the sixth!!

Basically, I am so excited for the future. I don’t even have my first tattoo, though I hope to get it this summer, and I already have plans for three more (so four total).

I put a lot of time and effort into the research for tattoos. I know so much more now than I did a few years ago. I have been sitting on the inspiration for what will be my first tattoo for nearly two full years. I will be repeating a similar process for any other tattoos, so it will involve a lot of waiting. But oh boy will my excitement for tattoos never die. I love them, I’ve wanted one for so long. Hope this was somewhat interesting for anyone to read. Have a great day!

Ok, so I have an obsession with drawing myself lately. And I’m not gonna stop. 

I was having a “what would I look like if I drew myself after I got all of the tattoos that I want” moment, and this is where we are. 

I was going to get a forearm piece but then I saw this rihanna music video and I saw her wrist tattoo and I was all like “I need that, like not that exactly but similar” 

And here we are. 


So I decided that I should update you after my post about being upset. I’m sorry if I worried any of you guys or brought you down. I felt like I should explain what it was that happened and get my thoughts out. 

So here’s what happened. 

I was talking to someone close to me (I won’t say who) about the tattoo I’m thinking of getting. I was discouraged because of the Septiceye Sam, as I will apparently regret it in the future. I explained why it means so much to me, and why it will always have a special place in my heart, but still it didn’t convince them. I was still told that it was a stupid idea, and that I was stupid for even considering it.

But it went beyond that. They couldn’t understand why Jack is my hero. They seemed to find it strange that someone I didn’t know meant so much to me. They think that others might too and even put some people off me. For example, they believe that any future boyfriend might be threatened by it. But you know what, anyone who really loved me wouldn’t see it like that, would take the time to understand and would love me regardless of what tattoos I didn’t or didn’t have.

I tried so hard to explain it, though, because I desperately wanted them to understand. Because Jack has honestly done so much for me. And I want them to be happy about that. But no matter how hard I tried, they weren’t convinced and things escalated.

And it caused us to fall out. I hate falling out with people, I hate fighting, so that’s what made me so upset. 

But do you know what? 

You know what cheered me up in the end? 


So this just convinced me even more that I want that particular tattoo. So they achieved the opposite of what they wanted, because I now I want it even more than when they spoke to me. 

I’m not gonna let someone else’s opinion, no matter how close to me they are, change my mind about what I want to do! At the end of the day, I’m an adult, and it’s my body. But not only that, it’s been thought through. I would understand if it was something not very meaningful, something I hadn’t really put a lot of thought into… but that’s not the case. Whether they understand it or not, it means a lot to me. 

So nothing will stop me getting it. 

And hopefully one day I will be able to show @therealjacksepticeye in person, to show just how much he - and the community - means to me and how much of a positive impact he, and you guys, have had on my life.