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Following some conversations it became clear that you awesome people were interesting in how to create LARP characters. While each game has its own rules for characters, my process of designing one is always the same. Here I take you through my process and hopefully give you some ideas for your next character too.

i had a dream there was a new rp trend where people had to send in code words everytime they went to reply to, send asks to or follow somebody… but the thing was the code was never displayed publicly, it was given in IMs and it couldve been anything and it could be changed without notice… could be numbers, words, a fucking limrick??. and this one dude i followed in the dream, i couldnt remember his rhyme code and he unfollowed and called a hit on me irl. i predict this is the future of roleplaying. instead of callouts we just kill each other

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“Hmm? Oh, have you never seen these before?” She asked, her voice light and almost distant. “They’re called ‘spectrespecs’, come from my father’s magazine. They help you to see wrackspruts,” She replaced the spectacles over her eyes. “Why, your head is full of them!” Taking the specs off her face, she extended them out to the other.

“Care for a try?”

((Luna Lovegood, future roleplay))


De’bayle Reunion: Return of Astrelle | Part I

Log Date:  3/8/17

OOC Note: The text in these logs are strictly for the readers enjoyment. Anyone using the knowledge displayed within this text without the participants knowledge risks the potential of blacklisting from future communication and roleplay. Please do not meta-game!

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Sitting within the office, we all worked in a comfortable silence. Armont, working on paper work, and I assisting Hestia with her homework. The day was normal, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing outstanding, but it was peaceful and I was happy. This sort of peace I had longed for for many turns. I figured there was nothing more that could make my day better than where it stood…

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The concept of the world ending has been mused upon since the very beginning of man-kinds ability to think. Men and woman have been predicting a time, a place, a rhyme and a reason for when everything will end. All of them seek the sense of control for when their entire existence will end …what they fail to understand, is that nothing can change the clock counting down above their heads…

The year is 2059, and the timer has started its final stages. A battle waged since the beginning of time will finally decide the ultimate outcome of the human race and all the inhabitants of the world;its fate rests in the hands of twenty five souls from all different parts of the globe. They have been gathered to the same location of New York City, where they live out their own individual lives, unaware of their significance in the cosmic scheme, as the forces of dark and light battle for their very souls.

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"This is a battle song, brothers and sisters. Time to go to war."

The 22nd century is a heavenly time to be alive. Issues such as racism, hatred and oppression do not exist any longer; the times are shaped by happiness, equality and joy for humanity. In the last ten years, Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, has become one of the biggest cities in the world. Ever since the first robots opened their eyes, immigrants from all over the world came to settle down, drawn to Africa by the promises of money, luxury and peace. The robot industry has become the most promising, leading dozens of factories and companies to move to Lagos, thus making the city boom with life. For most of the humans living there, Lagos has become a paradise.

For the robots, however, it is hell. They are seen as inferior and treated as such, described as heartless machines made to serve humanity without any rights - The law, media and population against them in their struggle for equality. But after years of being oppressed, they begin to fight. It is time for a change in both the mentality of the humans, and the law.

Metalandskinrp is a new bio roleplay set in Lagos, Nigeria. We offer a cast of diverse characters regarding gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity, and provide a space for OCs. Our roleplay has a huge global scale with characters from all over the world, and focuses on character development and the social issues of 2114.

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Ethan (middle name) Mahealani x 42 Personal Trainer x FC: Charlie Carver


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Bullet points

  • Ethan will never admit it to anyone but meeting Danny was the best thing that happened to him. He was once an unforgiving werewolf and now he’s a doting husband and father. He loves Danny more than anything and is glad the other male give him another chance with their relationship after he hid the truth from him back in high school.
  • Ethan keeps his body in shape and doesn’t hold back on turning on full moons as he doesn’t want to become a weak werewolf. He might not take part in the lot of the action anymore but being a wolf is part of his life and always will be.
  • Ever since Aiden bounced out of town, Ethan has felt like there’s a hole in his heart. Before Danny, it was him and Aiden against the world and now that they aren’t connected anymore, Ethan often worries about his brother.
  • Ethan is the biological father to both of their sons, Andrew and Dustin. He has more free time than Danny with his own work schedule and tries to be the best parent he can even if he didn’t really have any of his own besides the little influence Deucalion had over him as a teen.


Spouse: Danny Mahealani
Children: Kennedy, Andrew and Dustin


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