Before I start this little spiel, I need you all to know: I’m not hating on people who don’t vaccinate their kids, and while I know for a fact BASED ON facts that vaccines don’t cause autism or other “defects”, I’m all for continuing research to make them even better and safer.

But you know what really, really scares me about the anti-vax movement? As a future Public Health Professional, the thing that scares me most about this is the fact that our cultural mindset has become so CHILL about vaccine-preventable/”childhood” diseases that there is even room for such a movement. Let me explain.

Do y’all know what an R0 is? The R-naught, as it is called, is the basic reproduction rate of a disease. It tells you how many new infections can come from one existing infection. For example, an R-naught of 3 (R3) means that, on average, one sick person will infect three other people. Every disease has an R-naught, some greater and some lesser.

Do you remember when everyone was freaking out about Ebola? Everyone was terrified of catching it, because it’s SOOOOO contagious and deadly, right? Ebola has an R-naught of 2. That’s it. R2. One person with Ebola, on average, will get 2 more people sick. And we were freaking out about that.

Well guess what? Measles is the most contagious disease known to mankind, and it has an R-naught of 18. 18. One person with measles will give it to 18 new people, and those people will give it to 18 new people EACH, and so on. That’s what happened with the Disneyland outbreak; it’s so ridiculously contagious that just ONE sick child was enough to start an epidemic.

And yet very few people are as scared of measles as they are of Ebola. Why is that? One reason could be the nature of the disease, sure; Ebola is terrifying in its progression and symptoms. But I would suggest that a major reason is that measles has been so well-contained by vaccination that people no longer fear it. It’s not a part of every-day life anymore; this disease is no big deal because nobody gets it, because so many people are vaccinated against it. Let’s put this another way.

What are the diseases that scare everyone the most: Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and SARS are pretty high on the list of terror diseases. But let’s look at the R0s, shall we: Ebola-R2. HIV/AIDS-R5. SARS-R5. 

Now let’s look at diseases that people are voluntarily rejecting vaccinations against: Measles, Pertussis, and Diphtheria are the major ones. Their R0s? Measles-R18. Pertussis-R17. Diptheria-R7.

Everyone focuses on the former set of diseases– rightly so, I suppose– because they’re more dangerous at the present time. What makes them more dangerous? Not their R0; it’s the fact that there is no viable treatment, and NO VACCINE. Seriously, that’s why the medical community is worried about them. There’s no way to treat or PREVENT their spread biologically. Well guess what? There’s no viable treatment for Measles or Pertussis, and only limited treatment options for Diphtheria. That’s why the medical community doesn’t focus on them as much, because we can prevent them at the biological level, safely and effectively.

But now that the Anti-Vax movement has taken hold so firmly, the medical community is now being forced to once more worry about diseases it had almost eradicated. And not only that, it’s endangering herd immunity for the people who can’t receive their own vaccines due to compromised immune systems. I’m allergic to eggs, so I can’t receive the flu shot, but I’m also asthmatic so I can’t get the inhaled vaccine. I rely entirely on the people I associate with to keep me safe from the flu by getting their yearly shot. This made public school a living nightmare, because almost NOBODY got their shot. They caught it, and while it didn’t affect them TOO terribly because they were generally healthy, when I caught it, it was very dangerous because of my asthma. And then there’s that time when I caught the flu, and then right after because of my weakened immune system, I caught Whooping Cough from someone who hadn’t been vaccinated. I HAD been vaccinated, but my body was so fatigued from the flu that it couldn’t keep up with immune demands. And so I caught it.

Have you ever had Pertussis (whooping cough)? It’s hard enough on someone with full lung capacity; it can break ribs, it makes you cough so hard. You cough until there is literally no air in your lungs, and you have to inhale so forcefully it makes the “whooping” sound that gives it the name. It’s painful beyond belief, and it can last for weeks. Some people will survive it. But add that to asthma, or to a young child, or to an elderly person, and you are looking at either permanent damage or death, no exceptions. When I had it, I was about 6 years old, and asthmatic; I spent 81 hours awake because the coughing was so violent I physically couldn’t sleep. I tore abdominal muscles. I vomited during coughing fits and aspirated the vomit. I was actively dying. The doctors could barely suppress the cough enough for me to breathe at all. My inhaler wasn’t helping, none of the cough syrups or breathing treatments were helping; I was getting pneumonia on top of the virus. It was Hell. I was LUCKY that I didn’t die.

Who would wish that on their child? Nobody, I hope. And if you KNEW you could keep your child from ever experiencing that, wouldn’t you do whatever it took to ensure their safety?

Or would you look at the safeguard and say, “Nah. I’ll take my chances with my child’s life.”?

That is what the anti-vax movement is doing. Perhaps not purposefully, but that’s the end result. These aren’t just names on syringes designed to make a child cry; the diseases are real, and real threats to health and life, and the vaccines are how you prevent them. Yet we are so far removed from the impact and effects of these diseases BECAUSE of the peace brought to us BY vaccines that people now feel no qualm about refusing vaccines.

That’s what scares me about the anti-vax movement; people have become so complacent that they no longer worry about these very real, very deadly diseases. They’d rather risk their child’s life than get a shot? The side effects of vaccines are unproven (nonexistent), but the efficacy of vaccines are very much proven.

When the pertussis vaccine first came out, people jumped on it right away. They were so grateful to have it, and for a while everything was smooth sailing, and whooping cough was on the decline. Then, in the 70s, some groups started claiming the pertussis vaccine was causing brain injury in young children. Less than 50 in 15 million cases were reported, but it was enough to scare people away from the vaccine. And children began dying again. It was later discovered that it was NOT the vaccine, but the result of infantile epilepsy, that caused the brain damage. People began once more vaccinating their children, but not before hundreds if not thousands had died.

And that’s what’s happening now. A falsified claim scared just enough people that time-tested, lab-tested, fully-proven, totally safe vaccines are being rejected, and we’re already starting to pay with lives. And I’m scared it’s going to get worse. People don’t really grasp the full import of these diseases and the necessity of the vaccines until they have experienced the disease. I’m scared that it’s going to come down to new epidemics before people will realize the mistake of not vaccinating.

Right now we’re still in the semi-safe zone. Enough of the population is immunized that we could probably keep most pandemics of these diseases at bay. But if this movement keeps gaining momentum, there might come a day when measles and pertussis could once again destroy thousands of people yearly. Imagine if some terrorist group weaponized Ebola and used it against this country; so many people would die, because we have no vaccine for it, no way to prevent it. That is what could happen with diseases like mumps, rubella, measles, pertussis, Diphtheria, and polio. Except it wouldn’t be terrorists using a disease as a weapon; it would be some kid in your child’s class, or your neighbor across the street, or the guy who delivers the mail to your office. That’s how life used to be, and if someone from the pre-vaccine era could see us now, they’d weep for joy at the idea that we can prevent these horrific diseases; and then they’d weep in sorrow at the idea that people are voluntarily turning down that safeguard.

It’s true, vaccines aren’t always 100% effective; I was immunized, but still got Whooping Cough (lowered immune function, if you recall). But you know who didn’t get it? My baby sister. My big sister. My cousins. My mother and father. My classmates, the other kids at my doctor’s office. The nurses at the hospital. The pharmacy workers. Their children. The kids my mom taught at school. All those people were safe because of vaccines. And you know what else? When I was in India, I was exposed to polio. Didn’t get it. Know why? I was vaccinated. I was exposed to chicken pox in 5th grade. One unvaccinated kid got it, and the other 4 kids in our class who weren’t vaccinated got it. But you know who didn’t? The rest of us who WERE vaccinated.

Vaccination may not be perfect, and the only way we will improve them is by continuing research. But the fact remains that as they are now, vaccines cause no lasting side effects (injection site pain goes away), and are extremely effective at preventing dangerous, painful, debilitating, often deadly diseases. Let’s keep researching, yes, but in the mean time, PLEASE vaccinate. It’s not worth your life, or your child’s, or anyone else’s. Vaccines save lives, not destroy them.

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tw for mentions of alcohol as a coping mechanism, as well as super brief blink-and-you-miss-it mentions of riko, drugs and self-harm

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“That sweater is new,” Kevin comments as he seats himself in the beanbag next to Andrew’s, passing over a mug of coffee as he does so. It’s a small, meaningless comment - the kind of small talk they both collectively despise - but it’s something, and since the death of Riko, Kevin’s found that there are not really any other threads connecting the two of them. Silence has panned out between them for weeks. He tells himself he’s irritated by it because it’s bad for the team’s dynamics - a rapport with your teammates is essential for a successful team. He won’t admit that Andrew is probably the closest thing to a friend Kevin has around here, except for maybe Neil.

He doesn’t expect his comment to be dignified with a response; he knows Andrew well enough to know to expect perhaps a nod of acknowledgement, or a stony look his way, questioning and judging his observation. Nevertheless, the silence makes him ever-so-slightly self-conscious, so as his eyes catch the way the sleeves fall over Andrew’s hands, he tacks on a lousy “–and too big for you.”

Andrew Minyard has always been best at defying expectations.

“It’s not mine,” he responds coolly, devoid of emotion or even acknowledgment, eyes still trained on the contents of his mug as he mutters, as though talking to no one.

It’s an easy enough admittance, casual and shameless, yet it still manages to leave Kevin embarrassingly taken aback. He knows, realistically, that he probably has the best insight into the relationship between Andrew and Neil than any other outsider, however he’s still never quite got it. The logical part of his brain tells him it shouldn’t work - two people both so shattered and fiery, like shards of broken glass, in such close proximity can only end in further shattering, as far as he’s aware. And flames. It’s concerning, something with so much power, with so many sparks - just one wrong move could become a savage wildfire that burns his team down to nothing more than ashes. It’s risky and dangerous and stupid and he hates it, is terrified of it, but this admittance that comes so easily changes something in him.

Because something about the idea of Andrew Minyard curled into a beanbag with a cup of coffee and his boyfriend ’s (and isn’t that in itself another unexpected and ever-so-slightly strange thing to wrap his head around) sweater on feels less like untamed sparks and more like a candle light. And that’s much more soothing than terrifying, even if it is still a little strange to him.  

Perhaps trying to understand this would be a good idea, he concludes. So he asks “When did all this start for you anyway?” waving a hand conspiratorially to punctuate the question. And this time he’s almost convinced he’ll be ignored, or delivered a vague, meaningless answer as a result of the unspecific question, but the furrow of Andrew’s brow as he lifts his gaze up to Kevin’s tells him otherwise. It’s a strange, uncharted territory.


“You liked him before then,” Kevin suddenly finds himself accusing before he can stop himself, still processing this new information, whilst considering every sign he could remember, the most poignant being the way Andrew did things for nobody but Neil. Could only have his arm twisted by Neil. Had always drifted towards Neil, had never raised a knife to Neil, had always been straight with admittances to Neil; Neil, Neil, Neil was the exception to every rule of the Andrew Minyard handbook, the one Kevin had studied meticulously and still never found a loophole in. He finds himself itching to know more.

“I hate him.” Andrew deadpans, a reflex at this point, and if Kevin was anyone else, he’d have furrowed his brow, wrinkled up his nose, frowned and found himself reprimanding Andrew, but he’s not anyone else, so he smirks instead, because he thinks he’s finally starting to understand how Andrew works, and this kind of understanding is as scintillating as it is spine-chilling, like watching a horror film, driving past a car crash or finding a spider in your room - the kind of fear that keeps you captivated, unable to tear your eyes away from it even when you know it’s awful, and you shouldn’t, and if this is what Andrew feels around Neil, no wonder he hates him. Andrew has never enjoyed feeling, as far as Kevin knows, and something so intense and contradictory, something that can’t be calculated and analysed can only be devastating.

The words “I know,” feel foreign and awkward on his tongue, his body tense as they slip out and it all multiplies when Andrew’s blank stare shifts from the mug he warms his hands on to Kevin’s face. “Why him?” he eggs on, trying to coax something out of Andrew, whether it be more answers and information, something to help him understand, or just a reaction, something to put the world back in order and dissolve the itchy curiosity and mere residue of fear that has settled on his skin.

Andrew ignores it entirely. “You’ve reached your daily quota of questions you can ask me for free.” He pauses, as though considering something for a moment, before finally deciding against whatever it is and dismissing Kevin with a curt “You can go now.”

Kevin goes.

The next time Kevin sees Andrew, it’s because he’s paused the exy game on his laptop and emerged from his room for the first time in hours after smelling something divine. He is greeted with the sight of an unholy amount of Indian food scattered across the table, and isn’t sure whether he wants to kiss Andrew (if he was not in a relationship, if Andrew was not in a relationship, if either of them were in any way attracted to each other and if he had a death wish - none of which are even remotely true) or kill him, because really , this is not how future professional athletes should eat, but he can hear Jean’s voice in his head telling him to relax, to loosen the tight leash of control he has over his life in order for total success, thus he reluctantly picks up the spare fork left on the side and a tub of something orange, before sitting on the other end of

the sofa to Andrew.

“Nicky and Aaron will be here soon,” Andrew states at the exact same time that Kevin asks “Where’s Neil?”, changing his course of action to start Kevin down instead.

There’s a handful of new mottled bruises adorning his face from who knows where, and a nasty looking cut beneath his eye that he’s certain Aaron will fuss over later, much to Andrew’s dismay, and for a moment he considers asking if he’s okay,  before swiftly realising what a stupid idea that is and dismissing it completely as Andrew opens his mouth again.

“I’m not his keeper.”

“I know.” Again. Andrew sighs.

“Did I or did I not tell you that you have asked as many free questions as you are permitted to today?” This time, as Andrew snaps, Kevin hears it.

“Free?” he asks around a mouthful of rice, swallowing hastily before he continues. “So if I give you something, I can ask more?”

It’s a rhetorical question, but Andrew grants him a small nod anyway. “Neil and I have - had - a thing.” Kevin agonisingly anticipates his next words as Andrew scoops up another mouthful of food. Static silence stretches out between them until he swallows again. “Truth for truth. For everything you ask me, I ask you something.”


“It’s my turn.” His gaze shoots skywards, face contorting in mock-thought. “Why are you so interested?”


He rolls his eyes. “Do I have to spell it out?” is punctuated with a sigh. “Me and Neil.”

“I don’t understand it,” is all Kevin replies, because, really, he’s not all too sure.

“Understand what?”

“Any of it. It’s a lot to process.” Andrew nods as Kevin finishes, despite the answer being indisputably lame.

“It’s your turn.”

“Why him?” falls out of Kevin’s mouth again like a reflex. He watches as Andrew’s blank expression twitches and his eyes shut for a second in something akin to stoicism.

“He’s interesting.” Kevin knows how much that means from a perpetually bored man.

“He’s kind of messed up,” he replies hesitantly, though there’s really no “kind of,” - there’s not doubt that Neil’s messed up - and he isn’t sure whether his words are a challenge or a disagreement.

There’s something almost wistful in Andrew’s eyes. “Exactly.”

Kevin gets that, too. The reason things have always worked with Thea, even when others told him, told both of them , that they shouldn’t, is because she always got it. She knew what it was like to be a Raven, she knew the complicated relationship he had with Riko and the Moriyamas, she never judged, never told him his reactions were gratuitous or invalid, she just understood .

Understanding, true understanding, is unparalleled in rarity, and perhaps the most coveted trait of all.

“Why alcohol?” interrupts Kevin from his thoughts, and it takes him a moment longer than it should to process that it’s Andrew’s turn again.

“What?” Kevin asks, wrinkling up his face.

“You could have any coping mechanism you wanted: drugs, self-harm, running yourself to the bone, food addiction, therapy, adult colouring books…” he lists off, his eyes infinitesimally lighter than usual, and Kevin resists the urge to roll his eyes, because of course the only person who can amuse Andrew Minyard is Andrew Minyard. “Why alcohol?” he repeats.

“It’s the only thing that can make me forget.”

“There are drugs that could do that much easier,” Andrew replies, but there are lines in his forehead as he tacks on “probably.”

“After Seth and Aaron,” Kevin responds cautiously, “and you – cracker dust is the worst I swore I’d ever do. And that–” he pauses again, mind casting him back to nights at Eden, panic attacks in toilet stalls and the burn in his throat that leaves his brain null and void of all things Evermore. “–It’s not enough on its own.”

“It’s weak. And unhealthy.”

“I know.” He replies, and there’s something cold and cumbersome building up at the pit of his stomach as the topic is stretched out like an elastic band, millimetres away from snapping or closing back in on itself, so he tries his hardest not to trip over words as they stumble out of his mouth. “It’s my turn again. How does it work - you and him - after everything? Your past. How do you–”

“No.” Andrew cuts him off, fists clenching tighter around the cutlery in his hands. “You don’t get to ask that. Something else.”

Kevin doesn’t say sorry, but his face does, even if there’s something about pulling a reaction out of Andrew that sets his nerves on fire. “What are you scared of?”

Andrew blinks at him once, empty composure regained. “Heights.”

Kevin’s face wrinkles up. How can a man who has spent so long mocking Kevin for his fears of the Moriyamas, of the Ravens, of death , be afraid of something so trivial, something that is a fear of death, in a way, in itself. “I thought you said you weren’t afraid of death.”

“I’m not.” Andrew replies, a hint of a sneer on his face as he adds “And I hate that word.”

“Afraid?” Kevin asks, shrugging when Andrew nods. “If you’re not afraid of death, what is it about heights that you’re scared of?”

“Falling.” Andrew replies hollowly, and Kevin’s about to ask more, about to ask about how he can go to a rooftop so often with Neil - does Neil know? - when the conversation is interrupted by the sound of a key in the lock, and the two boys shift around just in time to watch a drenched Neil, looking like he’s just taken a fully-clothed shower, stumble through the door, flanked by Dan and Allison, both also varying levels of waterlogged.

As the girls immediately make their way over to the excess of food lying on the table, eyes wide and begging Andrew and Kevin to let them have some, Neil slides effortlessly into the space between them and turns to Andrew, who tentatively reaches out towards him and ruffles a hand through his hair, watching as Neil slides his soiled jacket off and finally wiping his now wet hand on Neil’s shirt to dry it.

The sides of Neil’s mouth twitch and Kevin battles with the urge to turn away, to leave.

“There’s enough food there to feed a small army,” Neil mutters, low enough that the words were really meant only for Andrew, and softer than Kevin’s ever heard. It’s more than slightly disconcerting.

“You’re a small army,” Andrew retorts, only Neil must be hearing something else completely in that, because next thing he knows, Neil’s turned around to face the girls who are still fawning over the makeshift banquet.

“Invite the rest of the team and you can help yourselves,” he states, watching with eyes showing something reminiscent of fondness as Allison immediately pulls her phone out and Dan digs through their drawers for extra cutlery.

Neil turns back to Andrew, the ghost of a smile hanging from his mouth fading after a second, face wrinkling up.

“Isn’t that sweater mine?”

Kevin’s mind may say “Disgusting,” but he can feel the sides of his mouth quirk upwards as he finds Andrew’s face encrusted with crumbs of fear like he’s tumbling, freefalling, into an abyss.


Become a Better Sim Parent with The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack!

Gather around for a family meeting. We have some big things to discuss about the household. Why is that? Well, today we’re thrilled to show off The Sims™ 4 Parenthood Game Pack*, which releases globally for PC and Mac via Origin on May 30, 2017.

This is very exciting for us as its been a major community request, which is more, and deeper family focused game play. With toddlers finally in Simmer homes everywhere, we knew this was the perfect time to take a look at your Sim’s home to see which stories you haven’t yet told.

The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack adds a few significant features that will change daily life. Your Sim’s offspring will be more ill-behaved than ever, with rebellious teenagers and toddlers who chomp down on their siblings. But don’t worry! The new Parenting Skill gives the adults in the room a way to set these problems upright.

And it doesn’t stop there! Parenting has long term consequences, which leads us to the new Character Values Traits. If your Sims take the time to teach their children good manners, like setting the table, and trying to not burp, swear, or fart, they can grow up with new Traits that will positively affect their lives forever. Or, if they don’t do these things, well, there are Traits with consequences of another stripe…

It isn’t all serious life-changing decisions though. Children will bring home new school projects to work on after class with parents and siblings as well. These create permanent, hilarious objects, like erupting volcanoes and backyard rockets. Future medical professionals can practice their stethescoping skills on teddy bears. Plus, new clothing styles and the perfect household items to really make the home look like, well, the home of your story.

The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack is the perfect addition to your Sim’s home that will help you tell new stories that really get to the heart of your Sims. It’s hilarious, serious, touching, and silly, all in one home shaped box. Be sure to check out The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack on PC and Mac via Origin on May 30, 2017.

Can You Keep Up?

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader [feat: Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok]
Genre: DanceAU, fluff, slight smut. 
kWriters April Prompt: Performance Arts!AU
Word Count: 7k

“I’ve never danced with someone like you before. You drive me crazy.” 

Getting into your dream dance studio was the least of your worries once you finally got accepted in. Your new worry was wether or not you’ll be able to make it through the dance competition event the studio was hosting, not only because you’re nervous that you’ll screw up, it being your first event for the studio, but also because you just so happen to be attracted to your new dance partner.

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Spotlight: The Tattoos (and other body works) of Special Collections

On Friday I reblogged and responded to former UWM Special Collections staff member Amelia Klem Osterud’s defense of those who sport visible tattoos in the professional workplace (she is pictured at top). Amelia worked for me first as a graduate student assistant, and then as my full-time office manager for several years. After earning her MLIS, she became the Head of Access Services and Archives and later the Interim Library Director at Carroll University for another several years. She is currently a Branch Manager for the Milwaukee Public Library and is the author of the very popular book The Tattooed Lady: A History, now in its second edition. Amelia is a highly accomplished scholar and library administrator, and a consummate professional. Yet, for some reason, she still has to deal with the issue of being taken seriously because of her tattoos. She writes: “How do we change this? … . We continue to be professionals, we continue to not let our tattoos define who we are. We continue to do what we need to do, and also get tattoos.”

My own current staff take this call to action very seriously. Most are adorned with quite visible tattoos and piercings, and they all accomplish their work just as if –  wouldn’t you know – they didn’t have tattoos. I present some of them here from top to bottom:

Cameron, Art History graduate student and SC fieldworker
      Tattoos on upper arm and both forearms

Alice, full-time SC Library Services Assistant (holds an MA and MFA in Creative Writing)
      Crow tattoo on lower forearm (she also wears a lovely silver nose ring)

Alex, SC undergraduate assistant
      Color tattoo on forearm

Kalani, Information Studies graduate student and SC intern
      Tooth tattoo on upper arm, nose ring, and ear plugs (also variously colored hair)

Elizabeth, Information Studies graduate student and SC intern
      White Rose tattoo on upper arm

These represent the next generation of professional leaders. They all have very visible tattoos. Probably long past time we got used to it.


Speak Now, Part 2 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1

Imagine: You return to Riverdale to confess your feelings for your high school best friend, Jughead Jones, only to find out that he’s engaged.

“You’re… you’re what?” You asked, your face twisting in hurt and confusion.

“Engaged,” Jughead repeated. “I’m going to be married.”

In that moment, you swear you could hear your heart shatter.

“To who?” You said, so soft it could have been a whisper.

“Betty Cooper,” Jughead said with a fond smile. “Remember her? We went to high school together.”

“Yeah,” you mumbled. “I remember her.”

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HOW TO: Be a Theatre Student


The most common negative quality in Theatre Students is a lack of appreciation. There are so many individuals in this world who feel forced into career paths that have nothing to do with their true passion. We are so lucky to be allowed to follow such a unique dream, and to bring joy to so many audiences. Remember even when completing difficult assessments, or doing back to back late nights, we are working towards something bigger. Being appreciative and passionate is an inspiring quality. Embody this. 


We are extremely lucky in my course to be taught by a group of working Professionals, not Lecturers. Although you will spend every day with them, remember they are Professionals who deserve respect. They will be your most valuable resource. Do not waste their time. Ask questions. Drink in all that you can. They will know you better than you know yourself. Theatre Professionals in the Industry do not have time to stop mid-show and explain their decision making. Working with such people is an amazing privilege. Use it. 


As well as observing the Tutors methods, also observe the other students around you. Before screaming about how much potential you have, take time to watch other students succeed and fail. Take from their methods the aspects you want to incorporate into your own practice. Never ignore the potential of those sitting next to you to have incredible ideas. 


Theatre School will immerse you in an environment of external opportunities. My school offers a variety of non-assessed events that we can volunteer to work on. We are also able to be hired as Venue Technicians for weekend work. I would highly recommend using these as platforms to practice your craft and keep you fresh. This will make you a known face around campus, and give you extra experience your peers may not have. It’s easy to get stuck in the classroom. Remember you are here for live art! 


Every day we are surrounded by current and future industry professionals. Although you should feel safe to make mistakes, know that the way you act now is being constantly monitored and will be remembered. Try to handle stressful situations with grace, and always have an air of professionalism about you. People in theatre are good judges of character. Think quickly, and be respectful.


You are completing a Stage Management course. A Stage Manager’s first job is to be a time keeper… So meet your goddamn deadlines. Seriously. There is nothing that makes Tutors cringe more than seeing Students getting extension after extension when they are training to be a professional organiser. Your ability to stay on top of work, even that unrelated to productions, is being judged as part of your work ethic. Although sometimes it is overwhelming, remember this time of your life will end and you DO have the ability to complete the work in good time. Write the essay. Read the play. It will get you one step closer to theatre.  


Although Theatre School can sometimes be a competitive atmosphere, it is important to remember that teaching others actually teaches you. I do my best learning when I have to explain concepts or procedures to someone who doesn’t understand them. Although sometimes you want to keep your knowledge close to your chest, be generous with your learning. It will consolidate the knowledge in your mind, and doing favours for others does not go unnoticed.


You also need to find your own moral ground on when to stop pulling friends across the line. As with any Degree, at the end of the day you need to all individually be capable enough to walk into a theatre and create a Prompt Copy, or set up a console. Don’t do all the work for people who aren’t interested in learning for themselves. Sometimes it takes a blown system or poor grade or yelling Director to wake a Student up. Ensure your work is always  high quality, but it is not your responsibility to manage any other work load. Do not get walked all over. This education is yours.


Use this time to Stock Up! Create useful templates and file them nicely for you to use once you’re in the Industry. Buy a Stage Management Kit, and begin slowly stocking up throughout your time at University. Invest in the Tools you deem most useful. Buy the Stage Management book you keep reading from the Library. Collect the elements you want to be a part of your professional practice. This is the perfect time to gather resources. Do not waste it.


The best advice I received at the commencement of my First Year was to not give up your personal life for a 9.00AM-6.00PM Monday to Friday course. I was ready to give everything away. I moved out of home to be closer to the city, worked through my weekends, and over the year stopped caring about my friends, family and other interests (including this blog!). Let me tell you, this does not get you ahead in your career. It left me lonely, and vulnerable to toxic relationships that I didn’t need. You need a well balanced life and support system to be good at your job. You need to be healthy and happy to inspire passion in those working for you. My best work of the year was during my November production, once I had realised this the hard way. Make an effort with your friends, stay with your family, have other hobbies that make you happy. Don’t throw your life away just because you got an acceptance letter. If this career is going to sustain your whole life, it needs to fit into your whole life. Theatre is not the only beautiful thing in this world. Just look around. You might surprise yourself. 

Best of luck to the 2017 First Years in all the kickass Theatre Courses around the world. I’m here for every single one of you! 

Ella X

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The phandom seems a little dead recently and it's upsetting. People aren't getting as excited or bothered as they used to be and are leaving. The whole "soft and neat" thing didn't really get as much recognition as "pro tip" and "don't cry craft" did and it's all very sad...why do you think that is?

hmmm i’m inclined to disagree w this actually. to respond to your example specifically, i am hopeful that “soft and neat” didn’t catch on because the fandom finally realized that spamming a random catch phrase from a dnp video in the comment sections of other videos is actually pretty rude and a little bit obnoxious. don’t think it has any bearing on the fervor of the fandom more generally. overall i suppose it’s been a bit quiet the last few days because dnp are back home and therefore have been sharing less interesting stuff on social media and haven’t posted a gaming vid or collab in like a week (which in itself should be a testament to how much 2017 has involved them ramping up their commitment to youtube if just a week without a gaming vid but two phil videos and two live shows feels like too little content). but i would definitely say that in my nearly two years of following them and this fandom i genuinely believe the last 6-7 months have been the most exciting and engaging time to be in this community or at least to be in the position of caring about dnp and their lives. so much has shifted, i feel that their content has been more entertaining than ever, they’ve lowered their boundaries with us in substantive ways which gives us more to talk about, they’ve been consistent with live shows, and, maybe most importantly, they are visibly happier than possibly ever. i’ll hands down take this era with videos every few days, family vacays, cute candid pics, worldwide travel, a gentler dan constantly discussing his same gender attraction and rejecting gender roles, a more relaxed phil flirting with dan and also talking about boys from time to time, and all of the potential and uncertainty of their professional futures over the past two years (which were very characterized by their focus on the tour and book and movies and resulted in videos maybe once every couple of weeks with stiffer behavior) any day. and i think a lot of people feel the same. i feel like every little thing they’ve done has produced so much discussion, every selfie has yielded incredible art, every story they share generates lots of fic, and everything is generally so positive!! people seem so happy to see them happy and that feels like the dominant tone and emotion amongst the community right now and i think it’s amazing :)

What caused VFD’s schism?

How staggering to believe people such as Count Olaf or Jacques Snicket once belonged to the very same organization! Surely it would take an immensely traumatic event, a dramatically expanded argument to lead likewise individuals on such different paths. On one side, a cohort of thieves, murderers and arsonists, determined on stealing fortunes. On the other side, a secretive alliance of researchers and experts evading persecution. Did they ever have anything in common?

“It’s complicated and confusing,” Olivia explained. “They say that long ago it was simple and quiet, but that might be a legend. There was a schism in V.F.D., a great big fight between many of the members, and since then it’s been hard for me to know what to do.
[The Carnivorous Carnival, Chapter Seven]

There is something quite absurd about this conflict. Actually, Kit and Dewey believe the Schism happened when they were about four years old, which means that most of the adults of "A Series of Unfortunate Events” are probably too young to remember it anyway. The origins of the Schism are so obscure they border on mythology: children follow their elders’ instructions without questions, and with each generation, more and more knowledge is lost. Does anyone actually understand what the Schism involves at this point?

Let’s try to move beyond the fog of war and carefully analyze the strategic dynamics of VFD before and after the Schism. Only then will we propose a frightening theory on the reasons which led to this great divide… after the cut.

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what were your thoughts on 117 do you think our ship sank permanently? I mean I expected Pin to reject her and not giving her any "wait till you graduated" hopes, but still a part of me just died. Pin is really one hell of a good complex character, a insight chapter would do wonders haha.

Thank you so much @lov-lymj for reaching out to me about my thoughts! I agree that a chapter from Pin’s perspective would be the best thing ever (actually can we get a whole spin-off series of Kimi ni Todoke from his point of view? Please Shiina?). 

I’d been meaning to write out my thoughts on Chapter 117 for a while, but then I thought the moment had passed, so thank you for giving me a reason to get everything out. Unfortunately, you asked someone who LOVES to talk, so your answer is about 4 pages worth of word vomit and feelings.

Still, I hope you and any other ayapinners who are worried about our ship sinking will find some encouragement in my analysis. Obviously these are just my opinions and interpretations, and you are totally free to disagree.

Let me start off by saying I also felt like a little part of me died when I first read the chapter summary for 117, and based on what I was seeing in the Japanese forum I follow, a lot of people felt let down or disappointed with the outcome. Like you, I wasn’t expecting him to “accept” her feelings in this chapter. I thought he would probably reject her, but that we would be given at least a hug or some sort of real indication that they’d get together in the future. When I was reading the Japanese summaries and poring over people’s comments, there seemed to be very little hope.

But then I saw the chapter.

Our ship, far from sinking, has new wind in its sails.

The big event in Chapter 117 is Ayane’s confession, and Pin verbally, formally, rejects her. He says to her roughly what he said to Kurumi at the beginning of the manga, that she’s too young (paraphrasing), and deflects her attempts to draw out his true feelings. Ayane thinks to herself that she’s been utterly defeated, and resolves to make the best of things and move forward; while her eating the cough drop and resolution to become an adult that Pin will be proud of are preferable to seeing her broken and devastated, they do seem to give an impression that things are finished for ayapin.

If we only look at this course of events, it is easy to believe that we have witnessed the bittersweet end of a doomed pairing that, nevertheless, had lovely development.

But there’s a lot more to the chapter than Ayane’s confession. I would even go so far as to say this chapter invites us into Pin’s perspective for the first time, and that if we look closely at that, there’s so much going on under the surface of his rejection.

When Pin thinks she failed, he bends over backwards to comfort her however he can; he makes them coffee, he very gently places her mug in front of her (before carelessly slamming his own on the table), he prioritizes her feelings over his own health, he compliments her efforts and encourages her (using a variety of tactics), and he is visibly distressed when she starts crying (he even moves closer to her while she’s inconsolable).

Then when she tells him she passed the exam, he gets so riled up that he nearly tells her he was waiting for her all day. His reaction as he cuts himself off is very interesting – for some reason, he doesn’t want her to know that he was waiting for her. He almost gets carried away with his feelings, but pulls back at the last second; he then denies it with an immature expression. When he finally admits that he was waiting for her, he doesn’t just say, “Yes I waited a while” or “Yeah I waited a little, I guess” – he fervently declares that he was waiting for her the entire day. This poignant moment is filled with tension, and from the shading and his expression, it seems to be one in which he is releasing very pent-up feelings (kind of a confession in its own right).

The next moment is equally revealing. When she cries again, there are sparkles around her (in fact, there are sparkles around her almost every time she cries in this chapter) – and we seem to be seeing her from Pin’s perspective. He smiles at her affectionately (which she doesn’t see), but his face is partially obscured; the panel has an air of mystery, and is reminiscent of certain panels of his in other chapters (87, 93, 97, 112). I get the sense that something is hidden from us in moments like these. During the toast, her tearful smile really surprises him, and in the next panel he is at a loss for words; I don’t think it’s making too big a leap here to say that, if he hasn’t already (he totally has), this is the moment when he thinks, “She’s cute.” He frantically leaves the room to dry his hair, despite the fact that they were in the middle of celebrating…

(Aaah, nothing like a lot of hot air blowing in your face to deflate the sexual tension!)

When he comes back and notices the box, Ayane asks him if he knows what day it is. Pin, the guy who is always very conscious of Valentine’s Day / romantic holidays (and how popular he is), says, “It’s the day your results come out.” He has been so focused on Ayane Ayane’s exam result that he has entirely forgotten Valentine’s Day! That’s huge!

And during her confession…

He gives her an out. But she refuses to take it. Even knowing that she won’t be accepted, she is completely honest about her feelings.

His expression when she looks him in the eye and tells him she loves him is probably my favorite in the chapter, and maybe even the whole series. I honestly don’t know how Shiina got the lines so soft…He is completely blown away by her. Pin knows Ayane better than any other person in this series; he realized her feelings at Christmas, but he probably never expected her to admit them. He thinks very highly of her, but I think he believed she would always keep her feelings to herself, because that’s what she’s done with her emotions throughout the story. He isn’t allowed to return her feelings while he’s her teacher, so he tries to spare her any added embarrassment by discreetly letting her know that he already knows. So to see this girl he thought he knew so well bravely and defiantly confess to him, to witness her fighting for him despite her fear – there’s such a beautiful sense of wonder and surprise on his face.

And his answer is far from straightforward, despite his line about her being “10 years early” and “out of range”; even though he verbally rejects her, he eats every last chocolate in the box. Not just one out of pity, or two to appease her. The man who makes a point of complaining about how much he dislikes sweet things eats them all, and even says they taste good.

I believe that in eating all of the chocolate, he is actually accepting her feelings. He can’t return them at this moment (concern for her future, age gap, professionalism, all of the above, whatever it may be), but he can accept them in his heart. After eating the chocolate, there is a heavily shaded partial close-up of Pin’s face, and he doesn’t speak to her immediately. He seems to be considering something… If he didn’t have any feelings for her, I don’t think he would need such a long time to formulate a rejection. I don’t think he would keep her waiting in suspense that long for no reason. And he stares at her so intently. In these panels, I see an inner struggle – he wants to formally accept, but more than his own happiness, he wants her to be free to pursue her dreams without a guy (who will probably always live in Kitahoro) holding her back.

So he gives her a genuine smile and tries to reject her with as much levity as possible.

And if we were still in doubt that he’s holding something back, Shiina goes out of her way to give us another telling moment.

When Ayane asks Pin if he ever thought she was cute, he is initially surprised. Looking at her eager, hopeful expression, he seems somewhat wistful, and his face has that meaningful shadow. We know that he thought she was cute in this chapter (before he left to dry his hair), and there have been moments in other chapters when he might have; but he playfully taps her head and denies it with a smile. So what we can infer is, if he’s holding that back, what else is he hiding from her?

The praise he gives her as she’s leaving is also, to me, a sort of confession. We learn that he hasn’t forgotten about the time she gave him chocolate in Chapter 45 – the moment that has been of recurring importance to Ayane throughout the series has not only been remembered by Pin, but treasured. He tells her he was happy when she did that, and showers her with praise for her kindness and personal growth. To me, it sounds as if he’s telling her all the reasons he loves her without being able to use those words.

And that’s what I think this chapter confirms. Pin does love her, and has for a long time, whether he fully realizes it or not. And I think Shiina is telling us not to give up hope, even if the timing is not right at this particular moment.

Looking at the chapter from a narrative point of view, it makes no sense to show us so many reactions from Pin if this really is the end of the line. We see him worry and get flustered over her – what would be the point if this was it? In fact, if her only intention was to give Ayane a bittersweet first love, I don’t think she would have so carefully and gradually built up all of their moments together. Why show us any reactions from Pin at all? He’s technically a supporting character, their chapters are always in Ayane’s perspective – if she was planning for an ending where they can’t ever be together, why have so many scenes that illustrate their mutual closeness? She could have just had Ayane pining for him and shown us a kind but disinterested Pin. Their interactions do not resemble those of Chizu and Tohru early on in the series, where there is a large degree of distance on one side and a childhood crush on the other. Pin clearly cares for Ayane deeply, and time and time again we see his very personal investment in her aspirations and feelings.

As far as what will happen between them going forward, I’m really not sure.

I’ve strongly believed for a while that we will get a pretty heart-pounding interaction between them after graduation, and I’m still hoping for one (why not? lol). Again, thinking about things narratively, and keeping in mind that Shiina loves her ayapin foreshadowing: why have Ayane’s results come out on Valentine’s Day? Why have Ayane confess on Valentine’s Day? She’s given Pin chocolate on the last two, so it rounds things in her arc out nicely. But I think it’s more than that. If her confession happened any other day, there wouldn’t be a follow-up…but what if White Day happens to fall after the graduation ceremony? Pin is, at the very least, “obligated” to give her something in return for the Valentine’s chocolate he accepted…and if it’s after graduation…well, maybe they won’t date, but I’m hoping we get some sort of encouraging interaction since he’ll no longer be her teacher (maybe he’ll give her his number and tell her to keep in touch, or finally admit that he does think she’s cute). I really do believe we’re in for a surprise after graduation, and that some of the depressing “finality” in this chapter is to mislead us so that we’re really surprised later. I think Shiina is building us up for a sweet, unexpected pay-off down the road…

I also think the graduation photo album could have an impact on Pin at the ceremony – in Chapter 115 Chigusa mentions that she’s taking pictures for the album, and Shiina might be foreshadowing a slideshow or something. That picture of them having a great time together really affected Ayane, so maybe it could make Pin realize something too…

And if that doesn’t happen, I’m 95 percent sure we’ll see them either dating, married, or running into each other and connecting in a 10-years-later epilogue (even Pin’s rejection hints at this). I would love to see one of the first two options especially (because after waiting this long it would be great to see them finally together as a couple), but I could also see Shiina doing the classic “What?! It’s you, Yano?!” mix-up (slow-burn til the end, haha).

Having said all of that, I could be wrong. There’s a new chapter coming out this week that may render all of this analysis completely irrelevant, or we may find out in a few months that this chapter was indeed the end for them. But until Shiina is done with this wonderful series, I think we should keep our heads up, because anything could happen.

I personally believe she won’t disappoint us. Ayane and Pin are always featured with the other two couples on magazine and chapter covers (115 spotlighted the 3 couples a ton even in the chapter itself), and after 12 years of slowly and carefully building their relationship, I can’t imagine Shiina just throwing ayapin away at the end; if this were a one-shot manga or a story that had only 50 chapters, I would be a little more concerned. Plus, Ayane has been through so much and endured and grown – I think Shiina will give her a happy ending, ultimately, because she really, really deserves one. If the other two couples are still together in the final chapter, I think Ayane and Pin definitely have a future together.

This was a very long way of saying to you and all ayapin shippers, “Please don’t be discouraged or give up hope!” I’m also anxious to see what will happen, but given the way their relationship was portrayed in this chapter, I’m inclined to believe that this is only the beginning for them. :) 

HP AU (Part 2)

(I’ll leave Aizawa’s not under the cut so you guys can see how it’s set up! Not everyone is in this, just class 1A but if you’d like the others I’d be happy to do them upon request!)

Aizawa Shouta:
Patronus – Ragdoll cat.
Blood Status – Half-blood.
Quidditch Position – None. It didn’t interest him but he did help out others who wanted to train, and thus he has some knowledge of each position.
Future Career – Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor (technically current career). It was a subject he was both knowledgeable about, being a former Auror, and taught with ease. He was big on not just attacking these dark spells, but on learning how to defend.

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Hi! I like your scenarios so much, they’re so descriptive and thorough and soulful, just wow, you’re doing such a great job! Thank you! Please keep on.) As for request I’s like to ask an imagine of Todoroki and his s/o’s relationship progress after graduating Yuuei?

Oh my god you are so kind thank you 😂

It makes me so happy to know people enjoy this aaaa you made my day❤

Thanks for requesting darling!

I’m not a %100 sure this is what you wanted…I hope it is tho XD This is…way too long….and it took me 10000 years… I’m sorry 😱


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Collateral Damage

On this post @hedgehog-goulash7 said 

Steve has the outlook of a professional leader of soldiers, a commander - he knows there are always “collateral damages” and his practical viewpoint is the necessity of accepting that unfortunate fact. It’s a pragmatic view, but it disposes with individual or personal accountability. But soldiers are “just following orders;” they don’t need to be personally accountable. If soldiers paused to think about valuing each and every human life, how would their “job” ever be done?

They then proceeded to talk about Tony’s more humanitarian view point, but I think this can be elaborated on. Because, in a way I disagree.

A professional leader of soldiers, is aware that there will be collateral damage. However, there is a system for looking at whether or not those collateral damages could have been avoided. And it is their job to work to minimize collateral damage during battles, but also to prepare and train in such a way as to minimize them in future battles. 

A professional leader dealing in collateral damage shouldn’t day “Shit happens., it’s not our fault. end of sentence.” They should say “Shit Happens sometimes, and it sucks. What can we do to make sure that it’s not this bad next time? Where can we improve? What went wrong here?” Sometimes the answer is there’s nothing we can do, or could have done. But the question needs to be asked. 

Steve doesn’t seem to ask that question. He tells Wanda it’s not her fault, these things happen. Maybe that was true, maybe there was no better course of action. Maybe her powers can’t stop an explosion. But isn’t it worth looking into to prevent further tragedies?

I would be far more comforted by efforts to improve, then I would be by the writing off of damages as a lost cause. 

Maybe Tony is too idealistic, maybe his goal of 0 civilian casualties is unattainable (It is.), but 0 casualties is what we should always strive for, and work towards. 


As you know I just got done with band camp. So my thoughts are just overflowing with it. So I present you headcanons, and these characters placed into scenarios that I experienced this year during camp. Including my almost fainting, which is almost word of word

Most of these things are things that actually were said and happened during this last week at camp (Bones is the bari-sax kid I have a crush on in case you are curious (It’s such a deep crush) All the shit bones says and does is what he does he’s also actually our equipment manager even though I gave Scotty that job)

I’ll also probably add more to this the more I think about it and the longer the year goes on.

- Christopher Pike is the long-suffering director that has to put up with these stupid kids.

-Jim Kirk is an international affairs student who is the head drum major. He was a trumpet before he auditioned. 

-Bones is a pre-med baritone sax. It’s understated but it supports the more soprano instruments with a steady bass.

-Spock need for exactness makes him a very wonderful and precise snare player.

-Scotty is a trombone, the easy going sort. But he is the equipment manager and must fight with the speakers and mics all the god damn time. That and making sure all the pit equipment to and fro safely. He’s always running back and forth.  let him rest. 

-Pavel is a Mellophone, pretty sweet, normal dude. Except for that booty short Monday tradition during band camp. But he does have the ass for it.

-Uhura is the section leader of the flute/piccolos. No one can touch her tone and articulation.  She’s also the music librarian. 

-Sulu is a clarinet. He’s chill and even headed. Probably the most normal. But he does get oddly competitive when it comes to section of the year stuff.

-Janice Rand is captain of the color guard and rules it with an iron fist with the choreographer. 

-Chapel isn’t actually in the band. But she was in high school so that’s why she hangs out with these losers.

I’m going to put the more in-depth HC under the cut so this isn’t too long….but it is long below the cut.

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In Your Footsteps: Part 1

This is in response to a request about Luke Alvez’s significant other having a stalker. I decided to do this one a little bit differently, so bare with me. I figured it would be more interesting to write his girlfriend as a non-BAU member. In this, they’ve been going out for around six months. So, they’re committed, but not overly serious. It’s such a great prompt, I’m probably going to make it into a multi-part piece. This is part one which is basically just a detailed introduction into the story. Let me know what you think - I hope you enjoy it!

You’d never dreamed that something like this could ever happen to you. You had everything…your dream job, a loving boyfriend and the perfect life. But, all that would change with one note and your life would become a living nightmare.

You sighed heavily as you unlocked the front door to your apartment. It had been an exhausting day at the hospital, the thought of collapsing onto your couch had dominated your mind all day.

You adored your job as a doctor, but being a resident was draining work. Long hours and hectic schedules were a constant source of stress. Although, it was worth it if you got to help others. It had always been your main aim in life to improves the lives of others. Medicine had been the perfect route for you to follow given your natural ability for science.

Your job required more than just logic and intelligence though, the aspect you enjoyed the most was meeting your patients. Learning about the intricacies of their day-to-day lives and listening to them voice their hopes and fears as you helped them overcome their personal challenges was the ultimate reward. That’s what made you climb out of bed at the break of dawn, what gave you the motivation to stagger home at 5am after a gruelling night shift - the patients and saving lives meant everything.

You’d also met your boyfriend through your job, a wonderful man who you’d spent the most incredible past six months with. He was an FBI agent, so he truly understood your chaotic work schedule. You both admired each other’s determination and dedication to helping others, it was a special bond you shared.

In all honesty, you hadn’t been planning on getting involved in a relationship. Your life was unpredictable, you wanted to fully commit to your professional future, not be preoccupied by personal issues. But, then Luke had entered your life.

He’d been accompanying a victim of one of the cases the BAU had been working on, shouting for help as he carried the young girl through the hospital doors. You’d immediately rushed to her aid and had assisted on the surgery that had saved her life. You’d been the one to inform her loved ones that she was going to be alright - another part of your job that was incredibly rewarding. Her family had been overjoyed and they thanked you profusely, before rushing to see her in the ICU.

You’d been surprised to see the FBI agent still sat in the waiting room, they often didn’t hang around due to their other duties and their desire to keep a professional distance from victims. You’d approached him to update him on her status, assuming he’d only stayed to collect a statement or to interview your patient.

To your surprise, you’d found out he’d remained in the hospital to hear for himself that the young girl was stable. His concern had intrigued you - the operation had taken hours and he’d sat patiently waiting for all that time. The thing you remembered most about the day you’d met him was his smile. The bright smile that spread across his face as you told him the victim would make a full recovery, warmed your soul. His personal investment in the victim had touched you. Doctors, like law enforcement officials, were usually meant to remain emotionally detached from their work. But, you had always believed that to truly help others you had to connect with them. You admired all those who managed to emotionally invest themselves in their cases whilst still remaining professional. It said a lot about a person.

He’d introduced himself as Luke Alvez, SSA in training at the BAU. He’d laughed at your confused expression, taking the time to explain his role. Apparently, not many people knew much about the FBI’s behavioural analysis unit. He’d been ready to leave when you noticed the cut on his hand. You’d ignored his protests as you pulled him into an exam room, instructing him to silence his complaints - you ethically couldn’t allow a federal agent to leave the hospital injured.

He’d chuckled when you’d asked him how he sustained the injury, telling you that the unsub had came off a lot worse. He’d also laughed when he explained what an unsub was to you, giving you a quick crash-course on criminal behavioural analysis.

The smile had been wiped off his face as you prodded gently at his bruised knuckles. Even if he disguised his pain well, you knew when a patient was putting on a brave face. You’d rolled your eyes at his nonchalant behaviour as he rejected pain relief, informing him he’d soon regret that decision. He’d just grinned cheekily at you, causing your cheeks to flush as you preoccupied yourself with finding the suture kit.

But, you could’t avoid his gaze as you carefully wiped the sticky blood of his hand. His dark eyes had looked at you curiously as you gently cleaned his wound, prompting you to distract him with trivial conversation. He’d humoured you, but the teasing sparkle in his eyes made your heart flutter slightly.

You’d gotten your revenge later, smiling softly at his wincing as you dutifully stitched up his hand. When you playfully questioned his decision to refuse pain medication, he just shrugged his shoulders and chuckled.

You provided him with detailed instructions for aftercare, pulling on your white lab coat as you prepared to answer your bleeping pager. But, you were stopped in your tracks by his voice. He asked if he could take you out as a thank you for treating his hand. You’d been taken aback by his forwardness, but found yourself secretly pleased by his advances. He was sweet…different. You’d only just met him, but you already trusted him. He had a kind nature, not to mention an extremely handsome appearance. You found yourself smiling as you handed over your number. He flashed a dazzling grin at you as he promised to call you to organise a date, sneaking a backwards glance at you as he walked away.

It had gone from there really. Your first date had turned into many more. Undoubtedly, it was difficult to find time to spend with each other - you were both constantly busy with work. But, you’d found a way to make it work. In one sense, it was easier being with someone who understood your dedication to your job. It made a refreshing change from the harsh judgement some of your past boyfriends had cast on you for your ambition.

It had been six months since you’d started dating and the two of you had fallen quickly for each other. The memory of the first time you’d confessed your love for one another still made you smile. You’d shared some of the best moments of your life with Luke and you were looking forward to sharing many more in the future.

You yawned widely as you flung your bag to one side. You grinned as your eyes fell upon the Mail on the floor and you swooped down eagerly to collect it. You wandered over to your living room, sighing in relief as you fell back into the comfort of your soft leather couch.

Your vision blurred slightly as you flicked through the envelopes in your hand, your eyes becoming heavier and heavier with tiredness. You placed the two bills on the table beside you, deciding to deal with them tomorrow when you were more alert. You smirked to yourself as you quickly read the letter from your sister, laughing as you looked at the accompanying photographs of the two of you as children - she’d apparently found them in her attic during a cleanup.

You were so exhausted you nearly missed the last piece of mail. It was smaller than the others, almost slipping from your hands as you placed your sister’s letter to one side. You frowned in confusion as you glance down at the unfamiliar handwriting, your sister was the only person who contacted you with handwritten letters. Your curiosity was piqued as you tore the envelope open.  

You frowned in confusion as you examined the small note contained inside, taking in the careful scroll on it. ‘I look forward to seeing you again soon.’ You tossed it over in your hands attempting to determine who’d sent it. Had you met someone at a function recently? Or was it perhaps from one of the visiting doctors who’d attended the lecture last week? It was strange they hadn’t signed it though. You quickly shrugged it off, tossing the note away. Maybe they’d simply forgotten to insert the other part of their message.

You were pulled from your musings by the shrill ring of your mobile phone. You beamed happily as you saw Luke’s name on the screen.

“Hey you! How’s it going in Florida?”

Luke’s soft chuckle was music to your ears. You always missed him when he was away for long periods of time on a case - sometimes he didn’t even get the opportunity to call you.

“It’s going fine. We presented the profile today, so hopefully we’ll catch him soon.”

“I hope so, once you get home we’ll have to have a date night.”

“Yeah, I’ll make you my special lasagne.” You could hear the smile in Luke’s voice. It had become a favourite activity for the two of you to spend a rare evening in, accompanied by a homecooked meal and a bottle of wine. Just relaxing together, curled up on the sofa with your legs lazily entangled and your head resting on his strong chest as he gently ran his fingers through your hair.

“I’m already looking forward to it.” You smiled as you stifled a yawn, the exhaustion finally catching up with you.

You heard Luke chuckle down the phone. “You should be. I’ll let you get some sleep, you sound tired Y/N.”

“Thanks.” You told him appreciate of his perceptive nature, you adored talking to your boyfriend but you urgently needed sleep. “Night Luke, I love you.”

“I love you too. Sweet dreams Y/N.”

You smiled as you hung up the phone call, you didn’t think you’d ever tired of hearing those words fall from Luke’s lips. You stretched widely as you rose from the couch, grabbing the bills and your sisters’ letter so you could put them on your bedside table as a reminder for tomorrow. You switched off the light, before slipping off to your bedroom…the strange note left abandoned on the floor, completely forgotten about.

Dating Charles Xavier would include:

200 followers milestone! Thank you for 200 I am so very grateful, it’s 12:21 am in the UK so imma sleep and tomorrow I’ll do one for a Vikings character, feel free to request one! Or send a request for someone you would like to see in the future 🥀🖤

💕 being very professional in front of the students

💕 he doesn’t listen to your thoughts but when you’re sad he does so he knows what’s wrong

💕 being close with Hank and Raven

💕 the students call you mrs. Xavier to tease you

💕 only helping him when he really needs it because you know he is capable of doing things himself

💕 ^ but on a serious note, if you need something from the top shelf Hank is going to have to help you both get it

💕 very affectionate

💕 strict no touching rule in front of the students

💕 gets you small gifts

💕 if you’ve forgotten something or a meeting he’ll always remember and tell you

💕 you can talk about anything and everything

💕 always there for eachother through thick and thin

💕 sometimes (like Hank) he uses big words so you have to ask him to simplify the word

💕 he always asks for your advice

💕 going with him to recruit new mutants for the school

💕 best cuddler

💕 he’s just so sweet and nice