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Do you think the haircut pic is Louis' favourite perhaps and that is why he made that subtle follow? I mean yeah, it's a great pic of Harry, his smile is so reminiscent of the teenage boy Louis fell in love with whilst the hair cut marks an important step in Harry's life, part of him growing into his own man even more. The next chapter. And Louis is supportive of it all. Past, present, future.

Yes that is exactly why I think he used that specific photographer, because he inspired the picture of Harry’s haircut, and it couldn’t have been easy for Harry to go through. He loved his hair (from what we could tell), and no matter how secure you are with yourself, haircuts are never easy. And I don’t doubt that Louis picked a very specific person to follow. Louis Tomlinson is SBB to his deepest core.

her future… her past

yup, I changed princess luna younger design.

why? because i didn’t like her season 1 design. yeah I said it. sorry not sorry. :P


A question often debated in geek circles is: Who is Marvel’s Wonder Woman? This question seemed more relevant back before our current mega-blockbuster superhero movie franchise era, before the Marvel/Disney merger — when DC characters had been household names for decades, but Marvel characters had never really blown up on the big screen, or really anywhere outside of comics. It seemed like there was one missing element: Marvel didn’t have Godlike, traditionally archetypal characters that average viewers could get into, even if comics weren’t their thing. Like, a Wonder Woman.

Geeks could debate this at length, but it seems like Marvel is actually giving us an official answer to the question: Captain Marvel
A bit on the nose, but hey, you can’t really argue with being on-brand! Carol Danvers, formerly Mz.Marvel, will be Marvel’s first female headliner on the big screen. Only about two years behind actual DC Wonder Woman headlining in her own film, so not bad there, Marvel. Captain Marvel is a tough-but-big-hearted blonde with a military background who gets cosmic superpowers and wears a big iconic lightning bolt to represent how dynamic she is, even though she doesn’t have lightning powers, and OH MY GOD I’M SORRY CAROL DANVERS FANS, BUT MARVEL’S WONDER WOMAN IS STORM. THAT IS THE CORRECT ANSWER. SERIOUSLY.  JESUS.

Commanding. Noble. Gentle. Storm wields ancient wisdom, sexual agency, and goddamn bolts of lightning.

But by looking at the movies, you wouldn’t know it. In the movie-verse, Storm seems destined to forever be shown… differently. I don’t want to throw shade at Halle Berry - she’s lovely and her sense of humor about being miscast as Storm makes me like her more. But, the fact remains, she was really terribly miscast. And I think Alexandra Shipp plays a fine teen Storm. But…  The Storm that deserves to be on screen is a grown woman.

A big, powerful, black woman.

Which, of course, is terrifying to many people.  

The rights to decide how Storm is depicted on-screen were sold to Fox back when Marvel was an independent company, struggling to stay afloat. Clearly, Fox saw tremendous value in the portfolio of properties they bought. Wolverine was destined to become a huge presence in the franchise. Professor X and Magneto would become more popular than ever, as the movies portrayed them with tremendous depth. Characters like Mystique and Quicksilver became breakout hits, carrying more of the X-Men’s story than they ever did in the comics. And yet, Storm, who defines the X-Men for many fans – whose presence set the X-Men apart from all other comics – has been little more than a vague supporting character for, now, 5 films. Someone at the top made the decision that the powerful, bold black woman we knew in the comics had no place in this new version of the X-Men.

We’ve got a long, miserable history of devaluing black people. Of denying or obscuring their importance. I don’t want to say the Republican candidate’s name. You know, the loud one with the weird hair? He spent 8 years promoting “birthirism”, relentlessly trying to spread the idea that our first black president doesn’t deserve to be where he is; insinuating that because of where he could have been born, this popular, successful president was somehow illegitimate.

It’s obvious that some folks are struck with a reactionary terror by the idea of black power. Or female power. Any celebration of non-male-white empowerment is treated like a transgression. A challenge.

Fox News predicts thousands to show up at NFL headquarters in protest of Beyonce’s half-time performance: http://bit.ly/2cMMKwc

Three people show up to protest: http://bit.ly/2cDu1oo

Would depicting Storm as a character of goddess-like stature and power have been anathema to Fox?

To a fan/consumer like myself, Fox is perplexing. They can produce films and shows that show progressive values and bring strong black characters to the front. Meanwhile, Fox News has produced some of the most insidiously racist media of our time. Should we be surprised that given the chance to depict one of the most powerful, popular black women in pop culture, they chose to make her more Fox-News-friendly?

In the comics of the 80s, Storm was zapped by a ray that de-powered her. No more flying. No more lightning. The situation only served to make her more badass. She went on to lead the X-Men for years before getting her powers back. She was the embodiment of personal power. The X-films could have had their own Wonder Woman - a game-changing, iconic character that would blow audiences away. Sadly, movie-Storm got de-powered as well. Just in a different way. 

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Speed Song Ch.6

Only two words can explain the first half of the car ride: awkwardly tense, until…

“So… at least now I know why you wanted me to call you Quicksilver.” I can’t help but chuckle at her comment.

“Yeah, how are you? I mean it’s been three years.” Three years of wondering what her name is.

“I’ve been all right. How have you been?”

“Good… ” Good, that’s all you can think of to say, really?

“All right I’ve had enough of this. How do you two know each other and who is she?” Wow Erik rude.

Fairy looks at me with a nervous expression and I give her a reassuring smile.

“My name’s (Y/n).”


“All right (Y/n), how do you know Peter?” Charles asks before Erik can be rude again.

“Um well, it’s sort of… weird?” She’s figeting with her fingers and I put my hand on hers, she lifts her head to look me in the eyes and I can tell that she’s scared.

“Believe me when I tell you everybody in this car is more than use to weird by now, you can tell them. They’ll believe you it’s ok (Y/n).” Logan says.

Who knew a seemingly rough around the edges guy like Logan could even attempt to be comforting?

“All right but, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She takes a deep breath, "I’ve know Quicksilver- err Peter since I was five but, this is the first time I’ve ever seen what he looks like-“

”-What do you mean this is the first time you’ve seen what he looks like?“ What’s with Erik and being rude?

"I was going to get to that, the reason is because we would only meet in dreams, now that I say it out loud I sound like I should be in a nut house, great.”

“… Dreams? Well that’s a new one, isn’t it? How exactly does it work, do you control it?” She turns to face Hank who’s asking the questions.

“Well that’s the thing Mr.-”

“McCoy, Dr. Hank McCoy, it’s nice to meet you (Y/n).”

“Nice to meet you too Dr.McCoy. Back to my abilities, I can control my abilities pretty well except for the whole dream thing,” She turns to face me again, “That’s why we’ve only talked once in the past three years.”

“Now I know why the last time we talked I was left with a cliff hanger.”

“Yeah, sorry about that I’m not sure what happend, it was like you were pulled away.” She’s looking at me with a cute apologetic smile.

“It’s ok, like you said you can’t control it.” I shrug my shoulders playing it cool, no way am I telling her that the real reason is because my Mom woke me up.

Awkward silence.

“So um, I hope this doesn’t seem rude but, who exactly are you guys and why were those guards trying to stop you?” That’s right she doesn’t know that she just helped a jail break, Logan chooses this moment to jump in.

“I’m Logan, Hank already told you his name but, the guy sitting in front of you is-”

“Erik and the man sitting next to him is Charles and,” She says turning to look at me with a shy smile, “You’re Peter.”

“How did you know mine and Charles’ names?" Erik asked and she turns to Erik.

"Your names were the first I heard when I first heard what was going on. Also you never answered my second question, what was going on?”

Charles and Hank look at each other like they’re trying to decide if they should tell Fairy the truth but, before they can decide Logan decides for them.

“We broke Erik out of jail.”

Her eyebrows raise, "… Jail like as in ‘you did something illegal and you’re going to jail’, jail?“

"Yeah that’s the one.” Wow Logan’s being really calm about this like it’s normal for him, I mean it’s normal for me so this is more exciting than anything else but, it’s just sort of suprising that he can be so calm about this.

“But that was the Pentagon,” Now she’s looking at Erik, “What did you do to land up in there?”

“They put him in there for killing the President.” Logan said.

Fairy pauses for a second then her gaze shifts from Logan to Erik and then stops on me, eyebrows raised and she mouths, 'Wow.’

“I know, right?” I mouth to her and the corner of her mouth twiches upwards.

“Well ok then.” She’s not screaming, that’s good, “So where exactly are we going?”

“We’re going to an airport where Logan, Hank, Erik and I are going to catch a flight and Peter and you will not be coming.” Apparently Charles can be rude too.

“Thanks by the way kid for stopping those guards.” Logan thanked her.

“Speaking of which; what exactly did you do, are you a telepath?” Hank asked.

“No I’m not, I can manipulate sound. What I did was I manipulated my voice to a frequency that’s more um… compelling? There’s probably a more scientific explanation for it.” Fairy explained.

“Sound wave manipulation that’s facinating. That’s how you could hear that something was happening back at the Pentagon wasn’t it?” Hank seems excited to find out how Fairy’s mutation works.

“Yes it is, I don’t know the full limit of my abilities but with the things I know how to do I have near full control.”

“We’re here.” Hank said with a hint of disappointment when we arrived at the airport.

Hank parked the car next to the plane and we all exited the vehicle, Logan stopping Fairy before she could get out of the car through my side telling her,

“We need to talk kid.”

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Just started reading Dogs of Future Past. Sorry if you already had this question. So Chara possessing Frisk's body now, is a reference to how you can't have a true Pacifist ending if you did a genocide run before?

Well, sort of. In this story Frisk never finished a genocide run, so Chara wouldn’t be showing up from that. More that just Chara has always been there, but was now able to take the wheel since Frisk is gone. 

Time isn’t precious at all, because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious indeed. The more you are focused on time—past and future—the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is. ET. #awakening

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This is the anon that asked about fire in relation to aspects, and I've been wondering whether I am a hero of Time or Breath. But as far as I know those two are almost nothing like each other, so I've hit a road block. I know that I am a Thief

Honestly, just study them!
Look up meanings of Breath and Time!

Basic idea though,

major themes of freedom, air, wind, breath, and flexibility. Minor themes of direction and change. 

major themes of past, present, future, doomed timelines. Minor themes of renewal, endings, and rhythm.

Which do you generally crave more?
Opportunity or conclusion?
Do you leap to the next thing or finish what you started?

God, terrible explanation…
Sorry, not really up for writing a full thing