Friends, the future is here. Sure, we may not have teleportation or flying cars just yet, but the awesomeness of brunch has been reinvented as super awesome Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn, which should help distract us while scientists keep working on those matter transporters.

Brach’s Brunch Favorites Candy Corn is currently available via Amazon and will also be available for a limited time at Target stores. So feast while you can on the flavors of French Toast & Maple Syrup, Waffles & Strawberry, and Chocolate Chip Pancakes in high-tech candy corn form. Yum!/Yum?

[via Foodiggity]


Were you wondering what the brown goop in a spoon was that I got from Santa? It is super tasty Repashy Superfoods Grassland Grazer tortoise food! It comes in a delicious-smelling powder that you mix with water, put in the microwave, and ta-da! It turns into a gel for nomming!

Friend Waffles is always telling us about how delicious Repashy is. Thanks to Santa, I got to try it for the first time today! I was confused at first because it is not a pretty green or red color like all my other noms, but then I tried a bite…and it was delicious!! Too bad I was already half-full from all my Christmas chicory and dandelion greens. Mommy says there is lots more left in the bottle, so she promises there is lots of Repashy in my future!

Fixes for future BBOTT seasons

If there were a BBOTT2 (let’s hope not January), I think they really need to fix things up because this season a lot of gameplay was lost because America had more power than the HoH and everyone was forced to beg to America.

So here are some suggestions from me to fix future seasons:
Keep AM nom but automatically give them a pick for the veto comp
That way it gives more chances to the AM nom, it forces them to reveal alliance mates, which can add to strategy and rewards social players for having trusted allies. The AM nom and their pick will not be in the baggy for further veto picks.

HoH cannot be AM nom after the week they are HoH
We’ve seen so many HoH’s leave because they were AM nom this week but HoH last week. This should be a reward for being HoH.

AM nom & AM eviction vote should alternate
We have too much power, here’s one way to limit it.
AM nom = Week 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. AM eviction vote = Week 2, 4, 6, 8

4 Person Jury + America gets 3 winner picks
If there is money in the budget to sequester 4 people, I think they should for a small jury. There will be 7 votes to decide who the winner - 4 Jury members, and America votes for the winner and they get 3 votes added to them. That way Jury management still can help you win and America still gets to decide the winner in a way.

End the sleep schedule
The forced awake hours messed up a lot of people, you can see them sluggish and naps can fix that. Also, they already nap during the day, might as well get rid of the rule.

Have-Not America picks choices
If there is money in the budget, having America vote for food choices is an easy way to give America some more control with not too game changing an effect. Also, they did it in prior seasons, so it could happen.

More punishment comps
One of the best comps this season was the golf veto because it affected the game even after it was over and it was also entertaining to see the punishments.

(Note: some of these conflicts with one another)