We   are   all   broken,   that’s   how   the   light   gets   in.

Me when I get a boyfriend, probably...
  • My boyfriend: Babe
  • Me: *keeps reading*
  • My boyfriend: Baaabe
  • Me: *keeps reading*
  • My boyfriend: Babe-
  • Me: I heard you the first time.
  • My boyfriend: Then why didn't you answer?
  • Me: *sighs* Do you see what I have in my hands?
  • My boyfriend: Yes, it's a book.
  • Me: Which means?
  • My boyfriend: That you're reading?
  • Me: Exactly, so what is it that you're not getting?
  • My boyfriend: But, babe-
  • Me: No! I'm in the zone! Don't disturb me when I'm in the zone!
  • My boyfriend: *shakes his head at me lovingly, probably, hopefully'
All I Want....

All I want is a boyfriend who is:



Likes to cuddle

Doesn’t mind staying in the house every other weekend to watch crappy movies and eat take out

Who would be up for random road trips or camping trips

Knows what he wants in life

Who is protective of me… But not like that possessive protective because that’s not cute lol

Someone who understands that money doesn’t impress me, as long as he knows that I care for him and he cares for me, we have no worries…

Is that asking to much ????