Shows Tonight: July 26th

Tuesday, July 26th

Bomb the Music Industry! (record release show), The Sidekicks, unannounced secret guest (Fundraiser for Silent Barn)
Brooklyn, NY @ Future Babycastles (285 Kent Ave.)

Dead to Me, Off With Their Heads, Riverboat Gamblers
Newport, KY @ The Southgate House (24 E. 3rd St.)

Mansions, Fences
Seattle, WA @ Sonic Boom Records Ballard (2209 NW Market St.)

The Riot Before, Highlites, Single Female Lawyer
Dover, NH @ Slaughterhouse 5

Tin Armor, Andy Cook & the Wanderloons
Durham, NC @ Motorco Music Hall (723 Rigsbee Ave.)

It's Gonna be a Good and Greasy Evening.


One of the vivid memories and faithful rituals of my youth was that careful, swift action: blowing on the ridges of the inside of my Duck Hunt or Mario Brother’s video game. Even just a slight sprinkling of dust could freeze that holy grail, and destroy your planned T.G.I.F experience altogether. It was always a mechanical process for me: carefully set that piece of pizza or egg roll down on the table, wipe my hands, and ready myself for this quasi-surgical procedure.

Food and video games were the perfect marriage, up until I spilled Dr. Pepper on my Donkey Kong set. Devastating.

Tonight, grown gamers unite for the Future Babycastles Block Party-a full on arcade, brimming with unreleased video games, music, and food. If these gaming titles are any indication (Jesus vs. Dinosaurs), I plan on flying my nerdy freak flag as high as it can reach on this side of the East river. 

More importantly, there will be food. Indian food: chicken 65, jalebi’s, pakoora, and samosas, to name a few. New video games and dank delights, well, you my friend, you better get over there faster than you can say, “I’m addicted to video games so badly that I’m still living in my parent’s basement and am extremely undernourished due to lack of sun and exposure to the outside world.”

But really, this event will be great. The best part is, once you’ve gotten your dexterity fix, you can stroll next door to Monster Island at 8 p.m. and check out the Sabrepulse record launch party, featuring Vivian Girls

I’ll be in the corner with all the samosas. See you there. 

Future Babycastles Block Party: 285 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. Starts at 6 pm, rain or shine. For more info, check out their website right here



On Saturday, August 13, 2011 I attended a show at Future Babycastles which featured a diverse lineup.

I mainly went to see the man pictured above, Kool Keith (also known as Black Elvis, Dr. Octagon, Mr. Gerbick, Clean Man, Dr. Dooom and a host of other aliases). My friend and I realized that it was well over 10 years since we saw him live in downtown Manhattan (R.I.P. Wetlands) and it was well worth it. He performed a host of songs from his many albums (off the top of my head, “Blue Flowers”, “Girl Let Me Touch You There”, “Sex Style”, “Poppa Large,” “Earth People,” and “I Don’t Believe You”) and squeezed in a medley of others (“Halfsharkalligatorhalfman”, “Keep It Real”, “Clifton,” and “Wild and Crazy”).

I left after “I Don’t Believe You” because it was late (we’re talking 1:30AM here), raining and I had a really long day but I wished I stayed for the entire set since Kool Keith definitely didn’t disappoint. Hopefully I won’t have to wait as long to see him perform again.

Photos for this show (also featuring 9-11 Thesaurus, Miho Hatori’s New Optimism and Spanish Broads) are on Flickr, New York Magazine’s weekend slideshow and coming to Impose soon.