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Lmao I have to ask if you've heard JonTron's interview with Destiny on YouTube holy shit this guy


ive had a number of asks like this on top of a posting backlog i want to get to.. i mean


OK so i went to check it out and:

this horsehit is 2 hours long…

i was gluing manga to a wall and cutting out lil jebs and gabs to hide on it while i listened to it because fuck (below is the cut out sheet i made lol)

so i had my email open to write notes for later and this is what i wrote, no fixes or anything:

destiny is wrong -> 14 mins -14:30

both dumb at 16 mins for the commies and nazis statement. destiny is compared to commies for noooo reason?? I dont think destiny is backed up by communists???? as a bizarre kneejerk TU QUO QUe when jon tron is thrown a guilt by association argument from destiny because of the neo nazi followers of his. destiny says nazism is a race ideology while communism is an economic thing, i cant wrap my miand  around thisis. he has no idea what hes talking about. jon tron dumb cant adequently adders it either

none of them are using gaslighting right

jon tron loves saying tribalism

at 18:40 desitiny is ignorant as fuck with regards to riots. because he hasnt heard about it, therefore it doesnt exist, which is is about one of the most frustrating fucking things about this shitty clusterfuck of a debate besides jon tron asserting random made up facts and imploring destiny to look it up. Jon tron laughs and references the boiling frog analogy fittingly.

Jon tron continues to bring in international examples while dentiny tries to reel it back to the USA and the USA alone. This is annoying on two fronts:

1. Jontron is merely refering to situations rather than go in depth, such as compare tibet to “displacing white perople” when what ttibet is experiencing is hardly comparable to american white flight since the chinese are engaging in conquest/imperialism/ethnic cleansing and the west just simply isnt replacing their own population enough on their own for their corporate overlords tastes, so immigration fills the economic growth hole for better or for worse in their super simplified concept of economy (see: economies stop growing when ethnic civil strife brings it to ruin). but destiny doesnt have a clue what happens outside of his boiases. ;et alone the country, to even call him out, howeever when destiny has the proper misinformation, he will assert things like how japan is dying off or worse off for its homogenity without backing up his argument as well. which is a sign of liberals generally being ignorant to world issues unless their favoured media makes it a big deal ie with japan needing immigration. It’s clear both jon tron and destiny are parroting shit in hilariously broken, scatter shot fasihion

destiny thinks america is the most diverse country in the world, which is fucking wrong. Both of these asshoelss are throwing out garbage statements that are flat wrong that benefit their respective close minded, unresearched biases. Niether of them know any better so they cant even properly dismantle eachother’s argument. Clearly jon tron, nor destiny showed up to the debate with notes or preparation, which is a given considering they are both hot headed gamer shithead youtuber Know-It-Alls becuase they heard something in passing before and just throw out the garbled memory of that soething in debate.

jon tron thinks white people are more libertarian?? for some reason? destiny throws out a garbled statement akin to that MY THING WAS MADE IN THIS COUNTRY WHICH HAD PARTS IN THAT COUNTRY DESIGNED BY THAT COUNTRY YADDA YADDA DIVERSITY IS AMAZING when all these components werent built by americans but by different nation states engaging with others/.

at 37 minutes jontron says rich blacks commit more crime than whites, with no source but smugly tells destiny to look it up, confounding the shit out of destiny and the chatroom becuase hes put the burden of researching a fact that doesnt exist on his opponent.

destiny has

at 42, destiny is called a virtue signaller by jon tron, who is running through a list of things he learned a week ago on a mr metokur video to call destiny, which is every bit as cringe and awful to watch as the australian mp who called another sitting member of government out for man splaining


desinty throws back a solid rebuttal that jontron side steps going “what im saying is…” and totally fuckign forgets what destiny even said 10 seconds later because jon tron is running through his recently learned, stupid diluted “”facts”” rather than listen and speak to any argument of destiny’s, especially in cases like this when destiny lands a solid question

at 45, destiny gussies globalization with how its great and necessary it is and how cutting off bringing in workers to make stuff in the usa (spoilers: jobs leave the USA, not come in) and trade would lower american standard of living since iiphones will be worth $3000 which is the most liberal, whitest fucking statement of argument because, while yes, iphones would get more expensive, but at least they arent being made in slave labour assembly plants where workers commit mass suicide in protest to their working conditions and that the west isnt pilfering the future leaders and skilled workers from these societies that need them most.

destiny, true to his ignorance, thinks cheap shit is awesome because its made elsewhere, unaware that it’s only so cheap because people die and get crippled in hot, unregulated slave labour factorys making his shitty overpriced electronics

desinty is right though that the american identity goes beyond just being white, because american culture is informed by its various ethnic gorups and peoples, for example it’s black community that does a disproportionately great job of establishing culure, music, activism and art for america as a whole

jon tron again doubles back, shifts the subject to other shit and starts talking about balkanization upon facing a solid argument

at 48 i start to lose my fucking mind because they are talking at eachother and jontron accuses destiny of deflecting when it is jon tron doing all the deflecting. jon trons smug laughter is grating

jon tron has to rely on telephone game “MUH EUROPE” over and over because he cant acknowledge that america is exceptional in how it assimilates and functionas as a melting pot in a way that europe fucking cant, which is creating the situations jon tron fumbless at with greasy game controller fingers to conflate with the USA in the first place.

desinty then claims that germany’s economy is doing great because of taking in refugees, here again he is talking out of his rose tinted ass because not only is it too early to tell if they are mkaing germany money or not, but that the reality is that they are likely a net drain on the germany given other countries and historic precedent

at 50 mins destiny thinks anti-abortion is a white christian thing, further enshrinign his white, middle class, youtuber ignorance. i guess catholic latinx or muslims are pro-choice

at 1 hour desinty says “its ok to keep a country frfom progressing as much as it can in order to maintain a rcaial identity"destiny clarifies it as “stifling growth” which is exactly what jon tron was asserting, to which he goes yeah dude, japan etc and this fucking knob destiny asks jon tron why he came to america instead of japan then, thinking his strawman homerun is about to take off - until jon tron says he was born in amerca.. destiny goes “oh… well…  y-your parents/// ijjuhhhUHH FUCK IM NOT TALKING ABOUT JAPAN IM TALKING ABOUT TEH UNITED STATES!!! which is about the best backfire ive seen all debate long considering the smug setup for it destiny had. furhtemore, what the fuck does “progressing” entail?? Neve raxplained

which is funny because when it isnt a country desinty can use as an argument against jon tron, destiny shrieks IM TALKING ABOUT AMERICA to disguise his ignorance unless it befits him (japan)

soon after though, destiny catches jontron on his shit about slowing immigration down so they can “enter the gene pool”

jontron couldve articulated around this but jontron is a moron, so, he just stutters and gets walked all over

i want to stab jon tron. laughing nervously is anot a good cubstitute for a credible argument

destiny stinks, though he fucking is destroying jon tron because jon tron is regurgitating even more  regurgitated shit arguments gleaned from someone else than destiny, who at points is arguing from his own values.

i have stopped paying attention rea

“that is what im talkibg about” -jon tron, who cant articulate what the fuck hes trying to verbal diarrhea for himself

“my oral ulterior motive is to maximize economic growth, and to maximize the slice of the pie for everybody in the united states” -destiny

destiny’s disposition is clearly and decisively about maximizing economic growth, but it rests upon ignorant hopefulness that these immigrants will arrive and abandon their cultures and become “american"this simultaneously exposes destinys humanitarianism as self serving (so long as it leads to economic growht:) ) which is partly why the immigration model in countries like sweden have completely collapsed (jontron touches on sweden but clearly has no fucking clue besides MUH RIIOTS) beause they took on an ABSURD amount of migrants and immigrants thinking it will pay for itself and transform sweden into a post-ethnic nascent economic power like a jr. america, except what the swedes have done is import a shit ton of people to be a “humanitarian superpower” and threw the lot of them into commie block ghettos and stopped caring about them, assuming they would naturally become swedes, permitting the transformation of these immigrant slums and neighbourhoods into economic and cultural parallel societies that frequently are violent toward swedish authorities and outsiders visiting their area, hence the term “no go zones” where police are instantly attacked and services like ambulances require escort.

“how do you grow an economy if the populatio n is dying off” says destiny, unaware that people can reproduce and will do so the moment people die off enough for real estate prices to collapse from housing supply outpacing demand and wages to skyrocket and make living costs manageable to have enough children to make replacement rate. You know. Naturally rise and fall and rise again. as humanity has done naturally for fucking ever and has fared PRETTY WELL without having to drive the environment and civil stability into the shitter for the ponzi scheme INFINITE GROWTH meme. Destiny argues this yet has no fucking clue what he’s arguing for. fuck destiny, fuck this argument, fuck “economic growth” that means demand from immigration and globalization that makes 600 square foot apartments cost $750,000 and ramshackle crackhouses cost $2million in vancouver. wow, im really feeling the economic growth, fucker.

jon tron brings up the disproportionate violence of black youths, but when asked to explain that, jon tron backs out and laughs about how destiny asking jontron to clarify that point is just like those shows on CNN where people are trying to “TRAP YAH”

Yah, jon tron, it’s called backing up your argument

jon tron jesterly mentions crime rates being consistent across africa when destiny addresses the court systems in america, as if jon tron’s hints toward his earnest views on race were subtle enough

destiny asks jon tron to name 5 african countries


who cares

i am finding myself wishing i were arguing in place of eachotehr, because i see where they are both coming from but are too busy screwin g up their delivery to actually win a point over eachother

they are literally just talking at eachother and calling it a debate

Jon tron accuses destiny of bringing up irish and italians when its convenient

…as if jon tron doesnt bring up MUH YUROP and other whatevers when it’s convenient.

i hate this

they both suck t this. Jon tron has dug a hole through the earth and is now reaching escape velocity with his shovel and is soon to break earths orbit

jon tron brings up turks and iranians being able to assimilate into a culture than a romanian and hungarian would. If jon tron were knowledgeable to pursue this point, he couldve described how Kurds (an iranian people) and turks often fight and engage in conflict with each other in say, Germany to the dismay of germans who expected these groups to assimilate, forget their animosities from their homeland and become good forklift simulator playing germans.

i ahve wasted my hour

i like how i stopped keeping track of time on the video and just started ranting, rambling at the halfway point

I loved it for moments like this tho:


i feel jon tron is going through a PHILOSOPHICAL AND INFORMATIONAL BLOSSOMING which i guess is taking the red pill for some people. So he is on the same tier as a 16 year old who just discovered holohoax and bell curve graphs for the first time on a 4chan thread loaded with A. Wyatt Man drawings.

He will eventually (hopefully) research for himself these positions if only because he’s constantly being stomped and fighting people over these regurgitated opinions. Which means he is going to try and read up on them to better argue them. Which means he is going to have a hangover of sorts when he realizes what he’s done lol

we all……love to think………….”yeah this song is so amazing! this is the best song nct has ever released!” we said this with limitless. with my first and last. with all the other tracks… but ..really. we all know what is on top. i dont even have to say the name of the song. you fucking know what im talking about. it all started with it. it changed the game. it changed the music industry. it changed EVERYTHING. the 7th fucking sense. were all moving on with our lifes all happy and chill…..and then suddenly t7s starts playing and you just have to fucking lay back and LISTEN. thats all you can do. just take it in. each melody. each line. each synth. take it all in. you take a deep breath and you just think…fuck. how could i be this stupid. this BLIND. this will always be on top. this is THE song. its impossible for nct to ever top this. you rewatch each nct u teaser and it all still feels so fucking unreal. it makes you feel all tingly and amazing inside. its a song that makes you forget everything for a second. listening to that song is like watching a ghibli movie. you dont do it often, but everytime you do it, it cleanses your fucking soul. your entire BODY, from head to toe. its been a fucking year. a YEAR since this legendary hit got released. a year since the legends came around. a year since several kpop groups started to pack their bags. t7s is timeless. ill be 67 and still shaking my ass to it. my kids will listen to it. my future friends. my soulmate. my future co workers. ill not let anyone move on w their life without listening to something so incredible. no. dude NO. no one i know is gonna walk around so clueless and ignorant in their life. the 7th sense gave birth to the new era of kpop

So as some of you may know, I have a very elaborate headcanon about Jack and Bitty’s future kids and their lives, etc, etc. It’s all very cute and there’s only a little bit of angst.

But Shitty and Lardo.

Shitty and Lardo didn’t expect to have kids. It’s not that they didn’t want them; it’s more that they didn’t need them. They’re perfectly happy playing the role of cool aunt and uncle to everyone else’s kids. They’re living in Boston; Shitty’s a full-time Human Rights lawyer, part-time sports lawyer (for select clients only); and Lardo is running a gallery. All of their friends have already had their kids and they’re in their mid-30s. At this point they just don’t see it happening, and that’s cool. They’re not expecting kids, the kids just come to them. 

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Japanese company replaces office workers with artificial intelligence
Insurance firm Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is making 34 employees redundant and replacing them with IBM’s Watson Explorer AI
By Justin McCurry

Justin McCurry in Tokyo Thursday 5 January 2017 09.57 GMT Last modified on Thursday 5 January 2017 17.16 GMT View more sharing options Shares 10k A future in which human workers are replaced by machines is about to become a reality at an insurance firm in Japan, where more than 30 employees are being laid off and replaced with an artificial intelligence system that can calculate payouts to policyholders.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> i dont even get crushes. The world is cold. Love is a myth and we all inevitably die alone<p/><b></b> *pretty girl exists in my general area*<p/><b>Me:</b> the world is a beautiful place. Love is in the air and i am so gay<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
  • Classmate 1: It's a business's right to refuse service from gay people. As I'd assume a gay baker could refuse making a cake that says 'God hates fags.' Christians shouldn't be forced to bake a cake for people like that, it's their right. It's not pick and choose, you know?
  • Me: *sighs* Discrimination is not a right.
  • Classmate 1: I never said it was!
  • Another classmate 1: OH, I bet you wouldn't be saying that to a MUSLIM BAKER!
  • Another classmate 2: They could go somewhere else without FORCING a Christian to violate their rights!
Who “coolie women” were—and who we, their descendants, are—is at its heart a story about the demand for women’s bodies, for labor, for sexual gratification, and for procreation. (This, too, was work: their wombs were factories for future workers.) The ongoing violence against women in the Caribbean challenges now, as it did then, popular narratives of the region as a getaway. It is an escape only for some.
—  Gaiutra Bahadur, Postcards From Empire (DISSENT Magazine Spring 2015)

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Rumor is, and you can correct me if I'm wrong. You, James Moriarty met Sebastian Moran in a strip club? Now I would think maybe in one but at the bar, but they had other intentions with it I think.

No no no wrong

“Jim ‘found’ him practically in the gutter. Sebastian had a complicated life until then and got into a lot of trouble, so when Jim offered him a future as a co-worker, Jim had to invest a lot of time into making Sebby into who he is now and working up to his potential”

They sure visited strip clubs together though. A great place to meet impressionable new clients.

Coffee, comfy clothes, quiet, llama socks, and my book. I’ve been so tired this week that I wasn’t exactly thrilled to have woken up at 6am…but oh well. Might as well make the most of it. I do love a quiet house in the mornings…except The Boo Boos is purring like a freight train…but he’s cute so I’ll allow it. 😊

Found out this morning that my favorite college professor (who is also one of my favorite humans) who had the most tremendous impact on my life and who I credit to an extremely large degree for my general life direction and attitude was diagnosed with lung cancer. I do not have many personal heroes–I admire many people, but I’m quite reluctant to use the term personal hero for most people. But, this woman is incredible. She is the best professor, and the world NEEDS her (especially now) to stay in the classroom and keep shaping our future social workers.

ughdean askedokay you’re probably drowning in promps but i saw this and immediately thought of you: ‘I saw you trying to hit the “door close” button in the elevator but I made it in and then I pushed every single button to make you later for work, but now we’re stuck in this fucking elevator as it stops at every single floor and I don’t know what to say other than “you started it!”’

Author’s note: Elevators are my weakness, don’t look at me. 

What a perfect day to get stuck in traffic and run late. Naturally, shit like that just had to happen when having a promising job interview. Dean Winchester panted as he half ran into the building, checking the small piece of paper in his hand. Floor twenty-one. That’s where he was supposed to meet Mister Adler.

Pure relief made him choke out a short laugh when he crossed the crowded entrance hall to find that the elevator was still waiting on him, doors wide open in invitation. There was only one person already in said elevator; a dark haired guy in a rumpled suit, wearing a wrinkled blue tie and carrying a black briefcase. Dean flashed the guy a smile, without words asking him to wait one more second. Almost there. Dean took a final sprint, when the guy suddenly eyed him slyly, then quickly pushed a button. The doors started closing, and Dean cursed out loud as he ran past some of his possible future co-workers.

“Awesome, guess it’s asshole day.” He grumbled under his breath. “We’ll see about that, buddy.”

Dean ignored the weird looks that he was getting when he all but jumped to close the final distance, putting his foot between the doors, causing them to open again. The guy with the messy dark hair appeared to be slightly terrified when Dean slipped inside the elevator, which suited Dean just fine. Served him right; that’s what you got for being a doucheb- holy shit.

Those eyes. From up close they were blue like summer skies, and they were obviously checking out Dean. Not to mention the lips. The face. The hair. The cheekbones. The everything. This dark-haired douchebag was hotter than anyone had a right to be.

Lucky for Dean, his brain chose that moment to have a heartfelt conversation with his dick, clearly communicating; we don’t like this guy, and the fact that he’s aesthetically pleasing shouldn’t make a difference, we want revenge. Dean smirked as he glanced at the display, already coming up with a plan. The blue-eyed asshole was going to floor twenty-one as well. Perfect. Dean acted on an impulse, reaching out and at once pushing every single button available.

“What on earth is it you think you’re doing?” A surprisingly deep, low voice demanded. “I’m already late for my meeting.”

The pretentious asshat was glowering at Dean as he complained, and the phrase ‘if looks could kill’ crossed Dean’s mind. Good.

“Oh… Sorry about that, let’s just say that my hand slipped, just like yours slipped when you pressed that button to close the doors on me.” Dean retorted with a cocky grin, staring Mr. Asshole down. “Besides, you don’t really look like you’re in a hurry anyway, so it’s all good, huh?”

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After giving birth

Who here was taught that a woman bleeds after giving birth?

Who was told that the bleeding could last anywhere from two to SIX fucking weeks?!

Why are we not taught these kinds of facts in school? Is it a fear that we would never let men touch us if we knew such truths, thus cutting off the supply of future workers?

Keep us breeding by keeping us ignorant - is that the plan?

Here’s what happens when the bees die

These photos, from Huffington Post, show farmers in China hand pollinating their pear trees because of the absence of bees to pollinate the pear blossoms. This is what happens in our chemical world. As DuPont told us in commercial ads decades ago, “Better living through chemistry…….”

Is this our future? Where will the workers come from? Not from Mexico, because Trump’s wall will keep the farm workers from Mexico away. What will they be paid? Sustainable hourly wage, or something less, a lot less?

All Work and No Play


To say Roman was excited to help out on Tough Enough was an understatement. Even the drive there was a party to the man. He was ready to meet the recruits and quite possibly his future co-workers. He was no longer a rookie, but a teacher. That fact brought great pride to him. Even if it was just one episode, he worked his ass off and this was ultimate respect to be chosen to train others. 

But the training wasn’t the only thing he was excited to do. His lovely wonderful girlfriend happened to be a judge on the show, meaning he got to see her. They hadn’t gotten to see each other lately, what with him feuding with Bray, helping Dean and Paige being in Florida for the show. Sexually frustrated didn’t even cover it and the excitement only seemed to make it worse.

He arrived not to soon after. He stepped out of his car and made his way over to the center. He was told to get there early so he could get his instructions on what to do and help set up the rings, but he knew Paige was there as well. He could feel it. And it made him walk even faster.

i make people so mad with the truth
  • co-worker: jay you always talkin about self-reliance, separatism, and militancy but do you have any realistic things we can do to improve our situation?
  • me: iight listen, let's pretend that we can snap our fingers and all these students we service going to jail are college and work ready. let's pretend that instead of saying fuck an education, their passionate about learning. let's pretend that instead of saying fuck a job, their passionate about contributing to this thing y'all call a society.
  • co-worker: ok
  • me: will this new population of superstars be able to find jobs?
  • co-worker: probably not, there are barely any for well-qualified people of color now.
  • me: will this government gain or lose money by losing a population of soon to be incarcerated youth?
  • co-worker: lose it.
  • me: and how much money do you think it would require to produce the neighborhood schools these students would need to be these superstars instead of future inmates?
  • co-worker: billions
  • me: and how much money are they currently making off of the brainwashing cultural institutions they have designed to prevent our students from caring about their educations or themselves generally?
  • co-worker: billions
  • me: so what you just said is that this country has a financial incentive to enslave our people, a hesitancy to educate them because of the financial burden they will incur, and a simultaneous stream of profit coming in from structures meant to brainwash them.
  • me: so how are you going to realistically convince people gettin rich off of slavery to forfeit that profit and take on the expense of paying for their former slaves to completely overthrow the very thing that made and continues to make these people rich?
  • co-worker:

I’m honestly laughing at the pro-Brexit touters and the shit they are coming out with. “This is our Independence Day”, “Britain is Great again!!!1”. What the fuck are these people celebrating. Well done, you’ve blocked the free movement of not only those who come to the uk to work in the jobs you’re too stuck up your own arse to do, not only those who are your doctors, nurses, lawyers, but you have also blocked the movement of YOUR OWN PEOPLE.

Why are you celebrating when within minutes of the first Leave vote coming in, the pound dropped. When the day we leave the EU, the pound drops to its lowest in 30 years??

Why are you applauding when King Back-Peddler, Dickhead Nigel Fucktarge openly admitted that one of their key policies for leaving the EU was a LIE??

Why are you happy that the cost of living is going to rise? Why do you feel so good about the possibility of thousands of families not being able to afford food? About the cost of already high petrol soaring?

Why why WHY was the choice of the future of this country ultimately decided by those who will likely not live long enough to even witness the long term repercussions of this, but those who’s futures were on the line, 16/17 year old who DID NOT want to leave, have been cast aside.

HOW can anyone be happy now that the future of our human/workers/etc rights rests SOLELY in the hands of a Conservative government. How can you celebrate that David Cameron is leaving, only for him to be replaced by a xenophobic, racist counterpart.

We live in a country of selfish people. We live in a country that does not care about its young people, that is so scared of migration they will willingly crash the economy to get what they want. A country where xenophobia and racism is being normalised every day.

But I bet all you fuckers will care when you’re on your shitty holiday to Maga and your 200 pack of Lambert and Butler isn’t 5 quid anymore.
You’ll be the first to complain when you can’t afford your weekly shopping bill.
When this country goes back into a recession we barely scraped our way out of.

But it’s okay coz u got dem immigrants out, right?