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A Guide to Why the Trump-Republican Tax Plan is a Disgrace (for When you Confront Your Republican Uncle Bob During the Holidays)

Here are the 3 main Republican arguments in favor of the Republican tax plan, followed by the truth.

1. It will make American corporations competitive with foreign corporations, which are taxed at a lower rate.


(1) American corporations now pay an effective rate (after taking deductions and tax credits) that’s just about the same as most foreign based corporations pay.

(2) Most of these other countries also impose a “Value Added Tax” on top of the corporate tax.

(3) When we cut our corporate rate from 35% to 20%, other nations will cut their corporate rates in order to be competitive with us – so we gain nothing anyway.

(4) Most big American corporations who benefit most from the Republican tax plan aren’t even “American.” Over 35 percent of their shareholders are foreign (which means that by cutting corporate taxes we’re giving a big tax cut to those foreign shareholders). 20 percent of their employees are foreign, while many Americans work for foreign-based corporations.

(5) The “competitiveness” of America depends on American workers, not on “American” corporations. But this tax plan will make it harder to finance public investments in education, health, and infrastructure, on which the future competitiveness of American workers depends.

(6) American corporations already have more money than they know what to do with. Their profits are at record levels. They’re using them to buy back their shares of stock, and raise executive pay. That’s what they’ll do with the additional $1 trillion they’ll receive in this tax cut.


2. With the tax cut, big corporations and the rich will invest and create more jobs.


(1) Job creation doesn’t trickle down. After Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush cut taxes on the top, few jobs and little growth resulted. America cut taxes on corporations in 2004 in an attempt to get them to bring their profits home from abroad, and what happened? They didn’t invest. They just bought up more shares of their own stock, and increased executive pay.

(2) Companies expand and create jobs when there’s more demand for their goods and services. That demand comes from customers who have the money to buy what companies sell. Those customers are primarily the middle class and poor, who spend far more of their incomes than the rich. But this tax bill mostly benefits the rich.

(3) At a time when the richest 1 percent already have 40 percent of all the wealth in the country, it’s immoral to give them even more – especially when financed partly by 13 million low-income Americans who will lose their health coverage as a result of this tax plan (according to the Congressional Budget Office), and by subsequent cuts in safety-net programs necessitated by increasing the deficit by $1.5 trillion.


3. It will give small businesses an incentive to invest and create more jobs.


(1) At least 85 percent of small businesses earn so little they already pay the lowest corporate tax rate, which this plan doesn’t change.

(2) In fact, because the tax plan bestows much larger rewards on big businesses, they’ll have more ability to use predatory tactics to squeeze small firms and force them out of business.


Don’t let your Uncle Bob be fooled: Republicans are voting for this because their wealthy patrons demand it. Their tax plan will weaken our economy for years – reducing demand, widening inequality, and increasing the national debt by at least $1.5 trillion over the next decade. 

Shame on the greedy Republican backers who have engineered this. Shame on Trump and the Republicans who have lied to the public about its consequences.

some hc about Gladio’s hands

Me and some girls at Discord talke about Gladio’s hands and these are the results lol.

Inspired by this post here


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  • Hoooooo boiiiiii Gladio’s hands  huh???
  • Okay okay where do I start?
  • The first thing you’d notice is that he has big hands. No surprise really, considering Gladio is what, 198cm tall???? Yeah, big hands
  • Upon closer inspection you can see that said hands are very dry and scarred.
  • The skin on the knuckles are red and patchy and look like a dirt ground that hasn’t seen rain in ages.
  • Turning his hand around and taking a look on his palm, you can see that the skin there has some popped blisters and… well, dead skin flakes.
  • Really, Gladio’s hands are very scarred and dry and that’s mostly because of all the training and swingin around his broadsword back and forth
  • Despite Iris persistency and always gifting him a pot of handcream for his birthday every single year, he never uses them.
  • Probably a very old bad habit from his teens, where back then Gladio though using hand cream was a girly thing and real men have scarred hands.
  • So yeah, hand cream and Gladio is simply a relationship that will never really happen
  • Hm
  • Probably bites his nails
  • When no one is looking
  • Oh oh his hands are always warm. Good for winter days because Big Guy does not wear gloves in winter and yet they are always warm. Use him to warm yours, he doesn’t mind really.
  • In comparison, you take great care of your hands, always using hand cream, cutting your finger nails regularly etc. etc.
  • Gladio loves your hands
  • Very much
  • He loves how tiny they look in his
  • He loves how he can hold both of your hands in only one of his
  • And how soft they feel against his rough skin
  • Makes him regret not taking care of his hands but he will never admit that
  • Absolutely a big fan of holding your hands
  • Intertwined
  • He will absent mindedly rub his thumb on your soft hand
  • Gladio also loves it when you wrap your finger around his pinky only
  • Just…. How can your hands be so tiny????????
  • Oh yeah his mind totally imagines something else wrapped around your finger
  • Is a sucky for pinky promises
  • Loves loves loves hooking his pinky with yours..
  • It’s a childish gesture, but how can he not do it when you have such tiny cute hands?????
  • On lazy days he likes to lounge on the couch with a good book and you resting against his chest. He’d then be reading and reach out for your hands, just playing with your finger, especially during plot twist parts.
  • In summer during nights where it’s just too warm ((and let’s face it, Gladio is a living human furnace bless and curse him)), you’d simply not want to cuddle up to him, but still be touching him somehow
  • So you two fall asleep holding hands
  • Sometimes when you tell Gladio to slap some hand cream on, he’d reply that you should do it for him
  • In which case just squeeze out half of the tube on his palm and ruuuun your hands all over his, applying the cream evenly over the surface
  • Hm what else
  • Oh yeah, Gladio can definitely swat your face away
  • He also loves gently cupping your face with into his two hands, and then squish your cheeks
  • Because soft cheeks
  • Gladio absolutely loves squishing the other two cheeks, if ya know what I mean.
  • And boobs. He loves squeezing your boobs I guess.
  • So yeah, in addition to having big rough hands, like Gladio himself, his hands likes to travel and explore a lot
  • Mostly you
  • You all the time.
  • Gladio swears that sometimes his hands have a will on their own, which would explain why sometimes when you guys go up the escalator one of his hand is suddenly resting on your butt cheek.
  • The best at giving massages
  • Also pretty skilled at painting your finger nails
  • Idk I just imagined him doing that for Iris because one is always struggling painting the other hand
  • Ugh honestly, Gladio is has a hard shell but he is such a big softy for you on the inside.
  • Oh yeah last thing, you should totally place your hands on his eight pack and slowly trail your finger down his shaved happy trail
  • Okay bye szynka out
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> i dont even get crushes. The world is cold. Love is a myth and we all inevitably die alone<p/><b></b> *pretty girl exists in my general area*<p/><b>Me:</b> the world is a beautiful place. Love is in the air and i am so gay<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
'What are the Odds?’ (Final)

Summary: After a summer of messing around, you were now ready for your first day as a NYPD officer. However, nothing could have prepared you for the surprise that was in store for you. Your team consists of all your summer one-night-stands. What are the odds? (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Series, based off of ‘Mamma Mia!’)

Author’s Note: I’m sad to say that this is the last part to WATO. I’ve had a lot of fun writing this series. Looking back at the past parts, I realized that I could’ve done a lot better. But you guys still enjoyed it. Still, I hope to do better with ‘Hot Guy’. Thanks for sticking by me the entire way! 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 2,133

Previous Part: Part Seven

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Ford is outfitting its employees with exoskeletons to reduce injury and fatigue.

STOP asking for more Firefly

STAHP. There is no other way to start this.  I loved Firefly and even more I adored Serenity.  I took the day off school and saw every screening of Serenity that day.  By the end of opening weekend I had seen the film seven times.  Total I ended up seeing that film about 12 times in theaters.  Even more in life.  Firefly was the shit.  Firefly was that thing I couldn’t love more for so long.  

Firefly, as it turns out, has a lot of problems.  Especially if you are a hashtag woke person.  There are really great elements.  The actors live and breathe these characters and if they were to come back to them today those actors could likely embrace those rolls once again.  But like I said, there are a bunch of problems.  

Let’s go with the big one.  Firefly is a big universe about the idea of what if American and Chinese cultures merged.  If after all is said and done, the only cultures that survive moving out to space was American(Mostly white) and Chinese cultures.  So why is it that casual fans don’t know this.  Why is it that most people who know this only know it because someone told them, or because Joss mentioned it in the special features of Firefly’s original DVD set way back in 2003?  

It’s almost as if there is something missing.  Something Key.  Oh, I meant someone.  That someone being FUCKING CHINESE PEOPLE.  You don’t get to just call two characters who are white with white parents the last name Tam.  White Skin is not the mixture of other races.  

Actually, other than Book and Zoe, where are the other people of color?   This is a genuine problem because not only are all of the speaking roles in the show pretty much just white people, so are the background players.  It is really quite strange.  If it was just the core worlds, I’d maybe understand it because the Alliance would definitely support Eugenics, but it is quite the weird situation.  

If you didn’t realize that Book was the magical negro and that Zoe was a stereotypical violent Black Woman, time for you to go to your room and learn about looking at non-white characters in media works.  

I know that a lot of people Love Joss.  They love that he is this self-proclaimed feminist and he’s all about these great female characters.  But he doesn’t like to talk about race.  He doesn’t like to really talk about sexual orientation*.  He doesn’t really like to talk about Trans characters.  I’m not just talking about he as a person, but the works he produces.  And when he touches on any of these subjects, it’s the lightest of touches and it really isn’t a big exploration so much as the media equivalent of click bait.  

Again, look at Firefly.  That is a whole fuck ton of straight characters, and a Bi Sex worker.  Whose Bi-ness only comes up when they want a joke for a male character, and not development for Inara.  But, Inara is a great reason why I’m glad the show never kept going.  Fun Fact:  Joss originally wanted to do a story about a drug that Inara takes.  This drug would kill anyone that rapes the person who takes it.  They were going to have Inara kidnapped by Reavers and when she was found, they would all be dead because of this drug.  Yes, Joss wanted to have the Sex Worker in the future where Sex Workers are super respected gang raped.  He thought this was a progressive and edgey story.  Then again, he set up a future where Sex Workers are respected and everything is done to keep them out of danger, and has the “likable” main character Mal slut shame her at every chance, while he was totally willing to slut around with YoSaffBridge and Nandi.  Again “Progressive”.  

And isn’t it so progressive that they have white people pepper in Chinese into their dialogue only for most of that dialogue just to be nonsensical cursing?  Or very basic thank yous or calling someone sister.  So progressive.  

So everytime you ask for more Firefly you are asking for more of this shit.   Personally?  I want something knew that doesn’t have to live with that baggage.  If Joss really wants to make a scifi feminism show, he needs to learn about TransWomen and including more women of color as leads.  One is not good enough.  

With that said, one of my favorite fan theories is that Firefly, Blade Runner, Alien, and Predator all exist in the same amalgam universe.  


Just because I hate on the fandom and think the creator has a long way to go to get better, doesn’t mean I don’t still have some love for this very flawed work.  

Plenty of Work, Not Enough Pay

One of the most troubling unresolved issues in modern economics is the continued lack of wage increases even as unemployment has dropped to under 5%. This is a worldwide phenomenon and appears to be linked to a number of intertangled factors, like the decline of unions and collective bargaining, the rise of freelancing and outsourced work, immigration, and automation.

Peter Cooper and Jonathan Soble wrote a very solid exposition on this seemingly intractable problem, and its costs on society [emphasis mine]:

Peter Cooper, Jonathan Soble | Global Economy’s Stubborn Reality: Plenty of Work, Not Enough Pay

Why wages are not rising faster amounts to a central economic puzzle.

Some economists argue that the world is still grappling with the hangover from the worst downturn since the Great Depression. Once growth gains momentum, employers will be forced to pay more to fill jobs.

But other economists assert that the weak growth in wages is an indicator of a new economic order in which working people are at the mercy of their employers. Unions have lost clout. Companies are relying on temporary and part-time workers while deploying robots and other forms of automation in ways that allow them to produce more without paying extra to human beings. Globalization has intensified competitive pressures, connecting factories in Asia and Latin America to customers in Europe and North America.

“Generally, people have very little leverage to get a good deal from their bosses, individually and collectively,” says Lawrence Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute, a labor-oriented research organization in Washington. “People who have a decent job are happy just to hold on to what they have.”

The reasons for the stagnation gripping wages vary from country to country, but the trend is broad.

When labor markets tighten, wages are expected to rise. But in recent years, as unemployment has fallen below 5 percent in the United States, wages have not been increasing as fast as in the past. Economists debate the reasons; workers grapple with the consequences.

In the United States, the jobless rate fell to 4.2 percent in September, less than half the 10 percent seen during the worst of the Great Recession. Still, for the average American worker, wages had risen by only 2.9 percent over the previous year. That was an improvement compared with recent months, but a decade ago, when the unemployment rate was higher, wages were growing at a rate of better than 4 percent a year.

In Britain, the unemployment rate ticked down to 4.3 percent in August, its lowest level since 1975. Yet wages had grown only 2.1 percent in the past year. That was below the rate of inflation, meaning workers’ costs were rising faster than their pay.

In Japan, weak wage growth is both a symptom of an economy dogged by worries, and a force that could keep the future lean, depriving workers of spending power.

In Norway, as in Germany, modest pay raises are a result of coordination between labor unions and employers to keep costs low to bolster industry. That has put pressure on Italy, Spain and other European nations to keep wages low so as not to lose orders.

But the trend also reflects an influx of dubious companies staffed by immigrants who receive wages well below prevailing rates, undermining union power.

This is one of the defining problems of our economic system, and finding a path through to another sustainable world is critical. 

“The October inaugurated a new era in the history of mankind, those on the right say The homeland of the October opened the era of space exploration to the world!–Glory to October!’, c. 1960,  Soloviev

In all of Star Trek the character I empathize most strongly with is Reg Barclay. 

Sure, sure, autistic people always bring up Spock and Data as characters they resonate with. But I find that so drastically different from myself, especially since both characters claim not to have emotions (they’re both wrong but that’s neither here nor there) and I have approximately 10,000 feelings at any given time. Also both of them are perfect and have things like ‘healthy coping mechanisms’ and ‘social circles’.

But then there’s Reg. He hates it here. It doesn’t matter what location ‘here’ is, he does not want to be there unless it’s his private quarters, the video games, or his therapist’s office. He’s even iffy on two of those three as they still require him to occupy a physical location in his actual human body. Unfortunately he’s extraordinarily talented and he hates that too because being good at things often means you’re the only one capable of doing them. Most unfortunately of, all though, is that he desperately loves people and he’s constantly terrified he’ll screw everything up and say exactly the wrong thing. This is not a fear disconnected from reality. When he first joined the Enterprise a literal child nicknamed him Broccoli and everyone started calling him that behind his back. I am not speaking about a fortunate man.

The thing is, in spite of being a nervous wreck who sticks his foot in his mouth whenever he gets bold enough to open it, he’s fantastic. Reg doesn’t quit in spite of being discouraged by the universe at every turn. He’s tremendously kind, talented, and determined despite his almost comically bad luck and abominable social skills. Bravery comes about as naturally to him as eye contact (which he has never made in his life. I’m convinced he’s only so comfortable with Geordi because the visor means never having to look his CO in the eye). Even so, when he has to rise to a challenge he always does. When it came to bringing Voyager home his response to having the project cancelled was basically just, “Literally fight me. I don’t leave people behind.” while actively having a panic attack.

He’s a weird garbage nerd and I love him. The only thing he ever did that I will hold against him for even one second is that he named his cat Neelix. No one should do that to a cat.

So as some of you may know, I have a very elaborate headcanon about Jack and Bitty’s future kids and their lives, etc, etc. It’s all very cute and there’s only a little bit of angst.

But Shitty and Lardo.

Shitty and Lardo didn’t expect to have kids. It’s not that they didn’t want them; it’s more that they didn’t need them. They’re perfectly happy playing the role of cool aunt and uncle to everyone else’s kids. They’re living in Boston; Shitty’s a full-time Human Rights lawyer, part-time sports lawyer (for select clients only); and Lardo is running a gallery. All of their friends have already had their kids and they’re in their mid-30s. At this point they just don’t see it happening, and that’s cool. They’re not expecting kids, the kids just come to them. 

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dinobuttz  asked:

Lmao I have to ask if you've heard JonTron's interview with Destiny on YouTube holy shit this guy


ive had a number of asks like this on top of a posting backlog i want to get to.. i mean


OK so i went to check it out and:

this horsehit is 2 hours long…

i was gluing manga to a wall and cutting out lil jebs and gabs to hide on it while i listened to it because fuck (below is the cut out sheet i made lol)

so i had my email open to write notes for later and this is what i wrote, no fixes or anything:

destiny is wrong -> 14 mins -14:30

both dumb at 16 mins for the commies and nazis statement. destiny is compared to commies for noooo reason?? I dont think destiny is backed up by communists???? as a bizarre kneejerk TU QUO QUe when jon tron is thrown a guilt by association argument from destiny because of the neo nazi followers of his. destiny says nazism is a race ideology while communism is an economic thing, i cant wrap my miand  around thisis. he has no idea what hes talking about. jon tron dumb cant adequently adders it either

none of them are using gaslighting right

jon tron loves saying tribalism

at 18:40 desitiny is ignorant as fuck with regards to riots. because he hasnt heard about it, therefore it doesnt exist, which is is about one of the most frustrating fucking things about this shitty clusterfuck of a debate besides jon tron asserting random made up facts and imploring destiny to look it up. Jon tron laughs and references the boiling frog analogy fittingly.

Jon tron continues to bring in international examples while dentiny tries to reel it back to the USA and the USA alone. This is annoying on two fronts:

1. Jontron is merely refering to situations rather than go in depth, such as compare tibet to “displacing white perople” when what ttibet is experiencing is hardly comparable to american white flight since the chinese are engaging in conquest/imperialism/ethnic cleansing and the west just simply isnt replacing their own population enough on their own for their corporate overlords tastes, so immigration fills the economic growth hole for better or for worse in their super simplified concept of economy (see: economies stop growing when ethnic civil strife brings it to ruin). but destiny doesnt have a clue what happens outside of his boiases. ;et alone the country, to even call him out, howeever when destiny has the proper misinformation, he will assert things like how japan is dying off or worse off for its homogenity without backing up his argument as well. which is a sign of liberals generally being ignorant to world issues unless their favoured media makes it a big deal ie with japan needing immigration. It’s clear both jon tron and destiny are parroting shit in hilariously broken, scatter shot fasihion

destiny thinks america is the most diverse country in the world, which is fucking wrong. Both of these asshoelss are throwing out garbage statements that are flat wrong that benefit their respective close minded, unresearched biases. Niether of them know any better so they cant even properly dismantle eachother’s argument. Clearly jon tron, nor destiny showed up to the debate with notes or preparation, which is a given considering they are both hot headed gamer shithead youtuber Know-It-Alls becuase they heard something in passing before and just throw out the garbled memory of that soething in debate.

jon tron thinks white people are more libertarian?? for some reason? destiny throws out a garbled statement akin to that MY THING WAS MADE IN THIS COUNTRY WHICH HAD PARTS IN THAT COUNTRY DESIGNED BY THAT COUNTRY YADDA YADDA DIVERSITY IS AMAZING when all these components werent built by americans but by different nation states engaging with others/.

at 37 minutes jontron says rich blacks commit more crime than whites, with no source but smugly tells destiny to look it up, confounding the shit out of destiny and the chatroom becuase hes put the burden of researching a fact that doesnt exist on his opponent.

destiny has

at 42, destiny is called a virtue signaller by jon tron, who is running through a list of things he learned a week ago on a mr metokur video to call destiny, which is every bit as cringe and awful to watch as the australian mp who called another sitting member of government out for man splaining


desinty throws back a solid rebuttal that jontron side steps going “what im saying is…” and totally fuckign forgets what destiny even said 10 seconds later because jon tron is running through his recently learned, stupid diluted “”facts”” rather than listen and speak to any argument of destiny’s, especially in cases like this when destiny lands a solid question

at 45, destiny gussies globalization with how its great and necessary it is and how cutting off bringing in workers to make stuff in the usa (spoilers: jobs leave the USA, not come in) and trade would lower american standard of living since iiphones will be worth $3000 which is the most liberal, whitest fucking statement of argument because, while yes, iphones would get more expensive, but at least they arent being made in slave labour assembly plants where workers commit mass suicide in protest to their working conditions and that the west isnt pilfering the future leaders and skilled workers from these societies that need them most.

destiny, true to his ignorance, thinks cheap shit is awesome because its made elsewhere, unaware that it’s only so cheap because people die and get crippled in hot, unregulated slave labour factorys making his shitty overpriced electronics

desinty is right though that the american identity goes beyond just being white, because american culture is informed by its various ethnic gorups and peoples, for example it’s black community that does a disproportionately great job of establishing culure, music, activism and art for america as a whole

jon tron again doubles back, shifts the subject to other shit and starts talking about balkanization upon facing a solid argument

at 48 i start to lose my fucking mind because they are talking at eachother and jontron accuses destiny of deflecting when it is jon tron doing all the deflecting. jon trons smug laughter is grating

jon tron has to rely on telephone game “MUH EUROPE” over and over because he cant acknowledge that america is exceptional in how it assimilates and functionas as a melting pot in a way that europe fucking cant, which is creating the situations jon tron fumbless at with greasy game controller fingers to conflate with the USA in the first place.

desinty then claims that germany’s economy is doing great because of taking in refugees, here again he is talking out of his rose tinted ass because not only is it too early to tell if they are mkaing germany money or not, but that the reality is that they are likely a net drain on the germany given other countries and historic precedent

at 50 mins destiny thinks anti-abortion is a white christian thing, further enshrinign his white, middle class, youtuber ignorance. i guess catholic latinx or muslims are pro-choice

at 1 hour desinty says “its ok to keep a country frfom progressing as much as it can in order to maintain a rcaial identity"destiny clarifies it as “stifling growth” which is exactly what jon tron was asserting, to which he goes yeah dude, japan etc and this fucking knob destiny asks jon tron why he came to america instead of japan then, thinking his strawman homerun is about to take off - until jon tron says he was born in amerca.. destiny goes “oh… well…  y-your parents/// ijjuhhhUHH FUCK IM NOT TALKING ABOUT JAPAN IM TALKING ABOUT TEH UNITED STATES!!! which is about the best backfire ive seen all debate long considering the smug setup for it destiny had. furhtemore, what the fuck does “progressing” entail?? Neve raxplained

which is funny because when it isnt a country desinty can use as an argument against jon tron, destiny shrieks IM TALKING ABOUT AMERICA to disguise his ignorance unless it befits him (japan)

soon after though, destiny catches jontron on his shit about slowing immigration down so they can “enter the gene pool”

jontron couldve articulated around this but jontron is a moron, so, he just stutters and gets walked all over

i want to stab jon tron. laughing nervously is anot a good cubstitute for a credible argument

destiny stinks, though he fucking is destroying jon tron because jon tron is regurgitating even more  regurgitated shit arguments gleaned from someone else than destiny, who at points is arguing from his own values.

i have stopped paying attention rea

“that is what im talkibg about” -jon tron, who cant articulate what the fuck hes trying to verbal diarrhea for himself

“my oral ulterior motive is to maximize economic growth, and to maximize the slice of the pie for everybody in the united states” -destiny

destiny’s disposition is clearly and decisively about maximizing economic growth, but it rests upon ignorant hopefulness that these immigrants will arrive and abandon their cultures and become “american"this simultaneously exposes destinys humanitarianism as self serving (so long as it leads to economic growht:) ) which is partly why the immigration model in countries like sweden have completely collapsed (jontron touches on sweden but clearly has no fucking clue besides MUH RIIOTS) beause they took on an ABSURD amount of migrants and immigrants thinking it will pay for itself and transform sweden into a post-ethnic nascent economic power like a jr. america, except what the swedes have done is import a shit ton of people to be a “humanitarian superpower” and threw the lot of them into commie block ghettos and stopped caring about them, assuming they would naturally become swedes, permitting the transformation of these immigrant slums and neighbourhoods into economic and cultural parallel societies that frequently are violent toward swedish authorities and outsiders visiting their area, hence the term “no go zones” where police are instantly attacked and services like ambulances require escort.

“how do you grow an economy if the populatio n is dying off” says destiny, unaware that people can reproduce and will do so the moment people die off enough for real estate prices to collapse from housing supply outpacing demand and wages to skyrocket and make living costs manageable to have enough children to make replacement rate. You know. Naturally rise and fall and rise again. as humanity has done naturally for fucking ever and has fared PRETTY WELL without having to drive the environment and civil stability into the shitter for the ponzi scheme INFINITE GROWTH meme. Destiny argues this yet has no fucking clue what he’s arguing for. fuck destiny, fuck this argument, fuck “economic growth” that means demand from immigration and globalization that makes 600 square foot apartments cost $750,000 and ramshackle crackhouses cost $2million in vancouver. wow, im really feeling the economic growth, fucker.

jon tron brings up the disproportionate violence of black youths, but when asked to explain that, jon tron backs out and laughs about how destiny asking jontron to clarify that point is just like those shows on CNN where people are trying to “TRAP YAH”

Yah, jon tron, it’s called backing up your argument

jon tron jesterly mentions crime rates being consistent across africa when destiny addresses the court systems in america, as if jon tron’s hints toward his earnest views on race were subtle enough

destiny asks jon tron to name 5 african countries


who cares

i am finding myself wishing i were arguing in place of eachotehr, because i see where they are both coming from but are too busy screwin g up their delivery to actually win a point over eachother

they are literally just talking at eachother and calling it a debate

Jon tron accuses destiny of bringing up irish and italians when its convenient

…as if jon tron doesnt bring up MUH YUROP and other whatevers when it’s convenient.

i hate this

they both suck t this. Jon tron has dug a hole through the earth and is now reaching escape velocity with his shovel and is soon to break earths orbit

jon tron brings up turks and iranians being able to assimilate into a culture than a romanian and hungarian would. If jon tron were knowledgeable to pursue this point, he couldve described how Kurds (an iranian people) and turks often fight and engage in conflict with each other in say, Germany to the dismay of germans who expected these groups to assimilate, forget their animosities from their homeland and become good forklift simulator playing germans.

i ahve wasted my hour

i like how i stopped keeping track of time on the video and just started ranting, rambling at the halfway point

I loved it for moments like this tho:


i feel jon tron is going through a PHILOSOPHICAL AND INFORMATIONAL BLOSSOMING which i guess is taking the red pill for some people. So he is on the same tier as a 16 year old who just discovered holohoax and bell curve graphs for the first time on a 4chan thread loaded with A. Wyatt Man drawings.

He will eventually (hopefully) research for himself these positions if only because he’s constantly being stomped and fighting people over these regurgitated opinions. Which means he is going to try and read up on them to better argue them. Which means he is going to have a hangover of sorts when he realizes what he’s done lol

we all……love to think………….”yeah this song is so amazing! this is the best song nct has ever released!” we said this with limitless. with my first and last. with all the other tracks… but ..really. we all know what is on top. i dont even have to say the name of the song. you fucking know what im talking about. it all started with it. it changed the game. it changed the music industry. it changed EVERYTHING. the 7th fucking sense. were all moving on with our lifes all happy and chill…..and then suddenly t7s starts playing and you just have to fucking lay back and LISTEN. thats all you can do. just take it in. each melody. each line. each synth. take it all in. you take a deep breath and you just think…fuck. how could i be this stupid. this BLIND. this will always be on top. this is THE song. its impossible for nct to ever top this. you rewatch each nct u teaser and it all still feels so fucking unreal. it makes you feel all tingly and amazing inside. its a song that makes you forget everything for a second. listening to that song is like watching a ghibli movie. you dont do it often, but everytime you do it, it cleanses your fucking soul. your entire BODY, from head to toe. its been a fucking year. a YEAR since this legendary hit got released. a year since the legends came around. a year since several kpop groups started to pack their bags. t7s is timeless. ill be 67 and still shaking my ass to it. my kids will listen to it. my future friends. my soulmate. my future co workers. ill not let anyone move on w their life without listening to something so incredible. no. dude NO. no one i know is gonna walk around so clueless and ignorant in their life. the 7th sense gave birth to the new era of kpop

The survey for my project

So, I am working on a thing for the uni, and if you have time, I would really appreciate it if you fill this short survey about the libraries. As a future library worker, my goal is to know what the modern people think of the libraries, and to know if there is a way we can improve libraries to make them easier and more interesting to use.

It will take you 5 minutes or less!
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the survey


        ❝ It’s not – sabotaging it. ❞

Brings her drink back down, averting her eyes despite the DEFENSE, brows knit like the assertion’s – ridiculous.    – not to mention the main point:

       ❝ – and there aren’t other people, because we’re not…TOGETHER. We both k n o w that. He can… ❞ Shrugs her shoulders, mumbling into the neck of the bottle when she tilts it.  ❝ …sleep with anyone he wants, too. ❞

“ MMMHMM. right. vale, necesito como tres shots de TEQUILA para bregar con esta MIERDA,” and all she has is a cheap bottle of corona and a whittling plate of mozzarella sticks to get back. hands’ quickly up to flag down the nearest waiter. stays up to halt conversation. 

     “ OK, hastings. do you know HOW people come to date?”

Who “coolie women” were—and who we, their descendants, are—is at its heart a story about the demand for women’s bodies, for labor, for sexual gratification, and for procreation. (This, too, was work: their wombs were factories for future workers.) The ongoing violence against women in the Caribbean challenges now, as it did then, popular narratives of the region as a getaway. It is an escape only for some.
—  Gaiutra Bahadur, Postcards From Empire (DISSENT Magazine Spring 2015)
Japanese company replaces office workers with artificial intelligence
Insurance firm Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is making 34 employees redundant and replacing them with IBM’s Watson Explorer AI
By Justin McCurry

Justin McCurry in Tokyo Thursday 5 January 2017 09.57 GMT Last modified on Thursday 5 January 2017 17.16 GMT View more sharing options Shares 10k A future in which human workers are replaced by machines is about to become a reality at an insurance firm in Japan, where more than 30 employees are being laid off and replaced with an artificial intelligence system that can calculate payouts to policyholders.

anonymous asked:

(5/5) I don't want to bother you any longer so one last thing: who is behind the pr? Themselves? Netflix? Their agents? Their publishers? All of the above? It can't be everything b/c again that's too complicated. if it was Netflix it would only include Netflix events, if it is their publisher it would include her book events and so on. Sorry for my long message but I hope you post it and I can't wait for your answer.

Everything, including my answer, is under the read more link.  It’s a long one, guys, because my anon sent a multi-part message.

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