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What we mean when we talk about autism acceptance

There are two fundamental ways of viewing disability in relation to society: the social model of disability and the medical model of disability. Supporters of the medical model of disability says “autistic people don’t fit into our society, so we must fix autistic people” while supporters of the social model of disability says “autistic people don’t fit into our society, so we must fix society.” People who advocate for autism acceptance support the social model of disability.

The two models of disability comes down to one basic question - do we need to change individual people so that they can fit into our current society, or do we need to change society so that it becomes inclusive of and available to the many neurodivergent and disabled people who are currently left on the sidelines? It’s not enough to be aware of autism if you still see autistic people as mistakes to be fixed, which is why we support autism acceptance instead of autism awareness. Most people in the western world are aware that autism exists - but what does it matter that we’re aware of the existence of autism if we don’t use that awareness to accept and include autistic people for who they are?

We object to the idea that autistic brains are “wrong” and “bad”. We object to the idea that having an autistic brain is inherently negative. We object to the idea that autistic brains should be fixed. We support neurodiversity - the idea that autism and other developmental disorders and neurodivergences aren’t mistakes, but that they are natural variations of human neurology which should be embraced and accepted and acknowledged for their unique contributions. Neurodiversity is the belief that neurodivergent brains don’t need to be fixed or corrected, but that they’re a natural and important part of human diversity.

We object to the idea that autism should be cured. Instead of focusing on fixing and curing individual autistic people, we should dedicate our money and our activism and our energy to changing society so that autistic people can get the support and accommodations they need to live happy, fulfilling lives as autistic people.

This April - April is autism awareness month - you should take a stand against the medical model of disability and its fear-mongering cure rhetoric. Take a stand against Autism Speaks and their “awareness” and their use of words such as “broken”, “dangerous”, “epidemic”, “tragic” and “missing.” Listen to autistic people instead of listening to the words of organizations whose goal is that we shouldn’t exist, that we shouldn’t be a part of the future. Listen to autistic people instead. We don’t want to be fixed. We don’t want to be cured. We want to be a part of the future. We want to be accommodated and accepted for who we are instead of being eradicated and changed. This April, spread the word of autism acceptance, neurodiversity and the social model of disability. This April, stand with autistic people. We need your support.

The future is a master’s degree. The future is changing the lives of children everywhere. The future is making the world a better place. The future is making a difference, no matter how many obstacles I encounter along the way. The future may be anything we make it out to be! Bring it 2017 💕


Bungou Stray Dogs S2 » (ep. 18) the strategy of conflict

“It’s true that if the Detective Agency defeats the Guild, you will slash the enemy’s strength without lifting a finger. If you’re lucky, the Detective Agency and the Guild may even take each other out.

A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 11

Marinette felt that she had every right to be nervous.

The night had already started out strange.  Instead of invading her bedroom and making a sizable dent in the leftover pastries from the bakery, like usual, all three heroes had tugged her out onto her balcony. There, they had laid out a soft blanket, and had an honest-to-kwami picnic basket sitting on it.

“We thought it might be nice to eat up here for tonight,” Vixen had said, her grin having just a little bit too much of a tinge of mischief for Marinette to really trust it.

“And we thought that we’d feed you for a change,” Chat added, yelping as he got distracted in the middle of lighting candles ranged all around the safety fence of her balcony and the match burned down and singed the tips of his claws.  Grumbling, he stepped on the match to make sure it was out while shaking out his hand to cool it.

“Besides, it’s a nice night out,” Queen Bee said, her wings open and occasionally buzzing in the breeze, although not long enough or hard enough to lift off.

Marinette was waiting for the shoe to drop while not being particularly sure that it had even been let go.

And things got even weirder from there.

Look, as heroes they had all quickly dispensed with personal space bubbles with each other.  When you were fighting an akuma, you couldn’t get nervous about picking up and throwing each other at the akuma touching each other in the middle of a fight where failure meant, at best, some shiny new bruises.  Marinette had gotten used to them flopping all over each other for movie nights.

This, though, was something else.  Queenie had never reached over and scritched behind Chat or Vixen’s ears before, and Marinette had to do a double take to make sure she was seeing it right.

Not just that.  Chat nudging his nose against Vixen and Queen Bee’s necks, and Vixen draping herself completely over all of their laps, tail twitching in satisfaction.  They were all being extra touchy-feely tonight.

She glanced suspiciously at her drink.  She was fairly sure that they wouldn’t have added anything extra, but…

“So, um… We all kind of wanted to talk with you.” Vixen spoke up once the food had been demolished (put any amount of food in front of four teen superheroes who burn ungodly amounts of calories fighting akuma and it doesn’t last long).

There’s that shoe.’ Marinette thought, setting her drink down. “Go ahead.”

“All of us talked to each other, and we decided that, well…” Chat nervously rubbed the back of his head with a hand.  “We decided that we all really like each other.  In that way.  So, we decided to try dating.”

Marinette took a second to process this.  Well, that certainly explained why they were all apparently feeling extra cuddly.  She was just opening her mouth to congratulate them when Queen Bee raised a hand.

“We’re not done.” The normally prickly heroine took a bracing breath.  “We also all agreed that we like you.”

“And we wanted to ask you if you want to date us,” Vixen finished.

Marinette’s jaw dropped, and her face flushed hot.  “I, buh… Chat, what about Ladybug?” She finally got out, latching onto the first thing that popped into her head.

The feline-themed hero grimaced.  “I’m not going to lie, I’m still attracted to her… but Ladybug has made it really clear that she’s not interested in me that way.  And I’m tired of being alone, and… I’m selfish, and I want to be happy,” He admitted lowly at the end, ears splayed to the side and looking down.

Marinette felt a flash of guilt, unaware of how she had been unintentionally hurting her Kitty. Still, her mind raced, and she blurted out “How would this even work?! I mean, you couldn’t exactly drag me along on dates while suited up.”

All three shuffled, and finally Vixen spoke up.  “I, at least, was… kind of hoping that I could tell you guys who I am.  Because I know you, outside of the suit, and-“

“Wait-wait-wait.” Chat broke in.  “You know Marinette outside the suit too?”

Vixen and Chat gaped at each other, and were only distracted by Queen Bee’s head dropping into her hands.


“I know Marinette, too.” Came the muffled reply.  “How much do you want to bet that whoever gave us these things planned that?”

Vixen blinked, then covered her mouth to try and hide her sudden giggles.  “Oh gods… you mean we probably all know each other outside the masks?”

“Anyways…” Marinette raised her voice a little to try and get the conversation back on track.  “One, it’s not safe for me to know your identities. And two, I already like someone.”

Vixen gave a small snort. “How long have you liked this person without doing anything about it?”

Marinette’s jaw dropped, and everyone missed Chat’s quiet ‘Seriously, who does she have a crush on?’ in the background as the girl crossed her arms and glared indignantly at Vixen.  “I’m working on it!”

“Well…” Queen Bee smirked, and Marinette felt a flash of apprehension.  It didn’t bode well for people when Queenie was smirking.  “How about this?  Since you’re not making any progress with that crush of yours, let us try and court you until you do.”

“It’s win-win for you,” Vixen added hurriedly when it looked like Marinette was about to shoot the idea down.  “You get incentive to finally confess to your crush, and you get attention from the three most attractive heroes in Paris, bar Ladybug herself.”  The fox heroine got up on all fours and crawled over, flopping down across Marinette’s lap and doing her best impression of puppy-dog eyes. “Give us a chance to convince you.”

Marinette hesitated, glancing at the other two.  Chat was doing his own pitiful kitten face, and even Queen Bee looked more earnest than she had ever seen her.

“… Fine.  But no revealing your identities, okay?  It’s too dangerous.”

Chat and Vixen whooped as they happily tackled Marinette to the blanket, hugging her tightly.  Queen Bee turned her nose up and scoffed, only to yelp when Vixen’s tail snaked up and around her waist to yank her into the hug pile.

Marinette wasn’t sure whether she was already regretting this.


The Bips Are In

Come lay in bed with me. Show me what it feels like to be loved by another person. Let me run my fingers through your hair, kiss up your neck and onto to your face. Let’s just cuddle until we fall asleep. 🙈💤

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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

Killian in the here and now

While I cannot say I love the “what from his past is going to bite Killian on the ass this episode?” thing the writers have going on, I do love watching him reconcile who he is becoming in this time and this world with the parts of him from another time and another world (and I’m not talking about the vengeful parts necessarily). 

I find that struggle of just the day-to-day changes and adjustments he has to make to fit a completely different lifestyle far more compelling than who he may have killed 50 years ago. The complexity I would love to see is that even though he generally adapts very well, there will be times he struggles, times he stumbles. Show how moving into a home, on land, makes him feel boxed in sometimes. Let us see him figuring out how to be a contributing member of this new society he belongs to outside of Emma. 

I don’t know. The closer we get to the end of the road for this series, the less I want to see flashbacks and the more I want to see of him working for his whole future—not just his and Emma’s together. He is an individual after all. Give me something new! 


Okay. This is not easy. Hardest 180 of my life.


The contrast between the beauty of the scene and the pain of it all just guts me.

First of all, I’m betting the Casablanca-esque visuals are no coincidence, and this whole sending-your-true-love-away-for-his-own-good thing has to be a nod to Rick and Ilsa. If anyone would appreciate the homage, it a truly ironic fashion, it would be Tony.

(I mean, the contrast between the first frame of them together on the tarmac, and the later one of Ziva watching Tony walk away? RIGHT IN THE FEELS.)

There’s so much going on– there’s a tension between them because they’re both trying to stick to the plan, but it’s obvious that part of them just wants to crash right back into each other. Tony’s a little more blatant about it (reminding her she can change her mind), but you can tell Ziva’s struggling too, because it was easy to say this was for the best when he was an ocean away and she hadn’t seen him in months, but it’s another when he’s standing in front of her pouring his heart out and everything comes rushing back at once.

Tony just floors me here, too, because again, in contrast to his earlier desperate last-ditch plea, he understands now that this is her choice, for better or for worse (HA!), and has fallen back into his default mode to defuse the situation. 

At the same time though, he’s not exactly letting her off the hook, in the sense that he admits this hurts. “Hardest 180 of my life” is, again, one of my favorite lines of the whole series (I keep repeating that in these two episodes), because it’s so him and so them. Because he may not say the word out loud like Ziva did, but that is definitely what he means. It pains him as much as it does her to walk away, but it’s what she says she wants, and even if they both know it’s a lie, he has to respect her wishes. Whatever has just happened here is profound and life-changing (in more ways than one HEYO), but for whatever reason, it’s not their time right now.

And the last shot of Ziva – Cote’s series-wrap – is just heartbreaking, again. Because she can’t help but grin at him as he waves her off from the plane, because he’s Tony, but as soon as he’s out of view, she breaks, because he’s Tony and now he’s gone and everything hurts. (I mean, if that isn’t Ziva, then I don’t know what is. Lighthearted one second, tragic the next.)

There’s so much to unpack about this episode and debate, but this scene? I love it. I mean, I hate it, because IT HURTS, but the scene itself is so tragically beautiful and so big and cinematic and on that level, I wholeheartedly appreciate it. Does it suck that this is the last we see of Ziva (and Tony)? Absolutely. Did Ziva deserve better in her exit? Absolutely. But the scene itself? I do love it, a lot. I wish it weren’t the end, but I wish a lot of things that don’t happen because we can’t have nice things, so I suppose I have to deal with it.

Anyway. It’s beautiful and terrible and everything in between.

(Also: does Ben Gurion Airport not have a terminal? With gates? And ramps? Cause I sure as hell haven’t boarded a transatlantic flight from the outdoor staircase, but maybe that’s just part of the old-school film charm…)

Also, again: THEY’RE SO PRETTY.

(I hate everything.)

This is the end, folks. 

(Or is it?)

It’s ok to cry (Reggie x reader)


A/N: Here you have another one as I promised! I hope you like it and as you know you can make requests and I’ll try to do them as soon as posiible. xx

Also it’s possible that you find some mistakes but I don’t know what’s with me today and I can’t concentrate, maybe anxiety, anyway I’m sorry in advanced.

My relationship with Reggie was one of the few things working properly in my life lately. Since my parents started their divorce process everything had begun to twist and it wasn’t that I felt bad because of that, but the problems that it was causing me.

My father appeared almost every day at home to pick up boxes with his belongings and every time that he came it meant that they would argue and they would try to involve me somehow, that’s why I would leave the house every time my father showed at home.

I felt anxiety taking over me every time I was alone, it was something normal spending hours spinning in my bed at night trying to sleep and that made me be really tired the next day, it was like living in a vicious circle.

Despite that everything changed when I was with my friends or Reggie, they were the best thing in my life and sometimes I felt like I didn’t deserve them. But not everything was as perfect as it sounded.

The truth was that my friends don’t think I should date Reggie, they just see him as the popular and mean jock that he seem to be when everyone is looking at him, but I know who he is behind that façade and I want my friends to see what I see in him. He even stopped bothering Jughead since we started dating.

For the rest of people in Riverdale High our relationship was like if Reggie had lost some kind of bet and that was the reason why he was dating me. They didn’t want to accept the fact that someone like me was dating someone like him and vice versa.

That morning while I was putting my books in the locker I heard someone leaning against the locker next to mine and when I closed it I saw Reggie with a big smile in his face.

“Hey sunshine” I greeted him barely standing on my tiptoes to kiss him, luckily for me I was tall, so I was able to kiss him every time I feel like it.

“Hey beautiful” we liked to use affectionate nicknames in a funny way, even though I was starting to think he truly liked them. “Did you sleep well last night?” he asked putting his arm in my shoulders and leading us down the hall.

“As usual, at least last night I just had one nightmare” I said it as if it was the most normal thing in the world, I felt really comfortable talking with him about my problems, he knew everything that was in my head and I liked to think that I knew what was happening in his even though he didn’t like to express his feelings towards the rest of the world “my mom wants to take me to therapy and put me on medication or something, maybe she’s right and I’m losing my mind”

“She’s right, you are crazy” I looked at him, frowning. I didn’t understand what he meant “in a funny way” he added laughing when he saw my face and kissing my forehead.

“You are so funny” I answered elbowing him carefully and taking his arm off my shoulders but keeping his hand in mine “I’ll see you later” I added trying to go to class, which was impossible because he didn’t let go of my hand.

He drew me to him until I was standing just a few inches away from him.

“Try not to miss me too much” he joked before kissing me and leaving to his class.

I was paralyzed in that spot until the bell rang and I came back to reality, turning around and getting in class.

We were supposed to have history but the teacher instead of giving us the lesson of that day decided to talk with us about our future and what we wanted to do, I didn’t like that subject so much. My parents wanted something for me totally different from what I wanted and at the same time I was terrified with the idea of me and Reggie breaking up if we get into universities too far away from the other.

I disconnected form the class and what the teacher was saying, everything around me turned into white noise and I just heard my own voice in my head, more distorted every time, it was being absorbed by its own echo.  

“(Y/N)?” I started to hear a voice calling me, but it sounded like it was far away. Little by little it sounded closer until I came back to me and I saw everyone staring, the teacher was the one saying my name “Are you ok?”

“Yeah… I just…” I blinked a few times, trying to focus everything around me, but it stayed blurred.

“It’d be better if you go to the nursery room, Betty would you mind?” before she could say anything she was next to me, helping me to get on my feet and intertwining her arm with mine while we exited the class.

I felt even more dizzy standing on my feet, so I asked Betty to stop just for a second to calm my breathing.

“What’s happening (Y/N)? You look paler than usual” she asked with worry in her voice.

“I’m fine, I promise, I just need a moment, that’s all” I answered with difficulties, even though it was getting harder to breathe and I think Betty noticed.

“We have to get to the nursery room” she said taking me by the arm and leading me to our destination where the first thing they made me do were to lay in the stretcher.

The nurse didn’t say what was happening to me, she just asked Betty to leave the room and wait outside and then she told me to breathe at the rhythm she was going to tell me.

I had to inhale while she counted to five and then exhale while she did the same backwards.

I did as I was told a few times until suddenly I started to feel better, I was able to focus the tings around me and I didn’t feel breathless anymore. The only thing that didn’t left me was the sensation of something heavy on my chest.

The nurse left me to take some rest before she talked to me. When I lifted my body from the stretcher it was second period.

“What you have suffered is an anxiety attack; luckily you’ve arrived here before you fainted, have you suffer a anxiety attack before?” I tried to remember if I’ve ever felt this bad and I couldn’t think of something like this.

“Not that I remember” I answered with a tired voice.

“You should go to your doctor and do whatever they think is the right thing to do, but I recommend you to go home and take some rest, this attacks take all your energy”

“Ok, thank you” I got down the stretcher and went out the door, thinking Betty was outside waiting for me, but instead of her I found Reggie “What are you doing here?” I tried to sound better than with the nurse, but I don’t know if I did it well.

“I went to take you to your next class and Veronica told me what happened, so I came and I told Betty she could get back to class, are you ok?” he asked clearly worried.

“I’m fine, I promise” I said putting one hand in my chest and lifting the other like if I was being judged or something. “It looks like I’ve suffered an anxiety attack” then I realized something I haven’t noticed before, he has his eyes red and I could see how sad he looked, something was wrong, but I waited until we get to my house to ask what was wrong.

My mom was at work so we were alone, no one would disturb us. We went to my room and lay in my bed. I leaned my head on his chest and I enclosed his waist with my arm, intertwining my legs with his.

He putted his arm around my shoulders and the other one on the arm I had in his waist, caressing my skin.

“You should sleep and get some rest” he said kissing the top of my head.

“I’m not tired” I answered turning my head in his direction, leaning my chin on his chest to look at him in the eye “But I have something to ask you” I stopped for a second but he didn’t say anything “Why have you been crying?”

“I haven’t been crying” he answered immediately, which made obvious he was lying,

“Reg, I know you more than you think, I can see how sad you look even though you try to hide it and your eyes were red when you picked me up from the nursery room. It’s ok to cry. I just want you to know that you can tell me if you want” I didn’t want to force him to tell me if he didn’t want to but I needed he to feel safe with me, like I felt with him.

“It’s Jason” I unwrapped my legs from his and sat on the bed with my legs crossed, not leaving his hand for a second and paying close attention to what he was about to tell me “I thought that it was ok at first, but I don’t know, it looks like no one really cares about what happened to him, they just care for stupid family wars and they forget about Jason being dead” I could see tears forming in his eyes and I squeeze his hand.

“Do you know what’s the good part?” he looked confused, when someone dies there’s nothing good about it “He had you as a friend, someone who really realizes what the world has lost and I’m sure that Jason knew how much you appreciated your friendship” I made him smile a little and he brought my hand to his lips to leave a kiss there “You know you can tell me anything”

I lay again next to him and I caressed his cheek with my hand, looking from his eyes to his lips consecutively. I put my hand on his neck, still caressing his jaw with my thumb and I shortened the distance between us to kiss him, slow and carefully.

We kissed until we had to break to take some air and what I did was hug him, putting my arms around his neck and feeling how he put his head in the space between my head and my shoulder and how he put his arms around my waist to bring me closer to him.

This time it would be me the one who would protect him from his problems and worries and no the other way around.

“I’m supposed to take care of you after that anxiety attack” he mumbled trying to sound happier.

“Being in the same room as you are makes anxiety disappear, so technically you are taking care of me” I answered caressing his hair, feeling him getting comfier in the embrace.

A few minutes passed by, enjoying the silent and all the caress and kisses I was giving him from time to time. I thought he had fallen asleep because he had stopped caressing my back and kissing my shoulder, but suddenly he spoke.

“I love you (Y/N)” my heart skipped a beat, it was the first time one of us had said those words and I hadn’t thought it before, I wasn’t conscious that all this time we have been together no one of us had said it and now him, the one who didn’t like to express his feelings, was telling me that.

“And I love you Reggie” I answered a hundred percent sure of what I was saying, I didn’t need to think about it because I knew I felt it, every time I saw him in the halls or every time he came to my house to take me on a date to Pop’s I knew it, he made me feel that I was capable of doing whatever I wanted to do and every time he looked me with his eyes full of pride he simply made me love him more and more and I wanted to make him feel all of that and more, so hearing those words was like the confirmation that I was doing it the right way.

What a beautiful day to remember that Salarians are just as varied of a culture as any other race in Mass Effect and that there are exceptions to every rule, and that all possibilities for expansion on the Salarian people should be accepted.

A wonderful day to remember that Salarians are described as usually having a low sex drive, but this does not apply to every single one of the billions of Salarians alive. Salarians are varied and can live their lives however they damn well please, and while one may have a low sex drive, another could have a high sex drive because everyone is different. This also means that just because a Salarian has a low sex drive, they can still be in a romantic relationship b/c, you know, asexuality is a thing. (Saying that all Salarians are against being in romantic relationships is like saying that all humans are ARE in romantic relationships, they are just as varied as any other race)

And it’s also a lovely day to keep in mind that there are canon cases of Salarians being in romantic relationships. So there is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting and hoping for a Salarian romance in a future Mass Effect game, and there is nothing wrong with headcanoning your own Salarian OC as being in a romantic/sexual relationship, b/c it is absolutely possible and it’s your gaming experience so wish and dream to your hearts content. <3


Okay, so I have several posts about THIS SCENE, but this part had to have its own set because LOOK. AT. THEM.

Ziva is attempting to be all-business, even though as soon as they get there it’s obvious she’s already been crying, or on the verge of it, from the tears on her face. (Which may be more Cote de Pablo’s real-life emotions at the time than Ziva’s but I’ll take it.) She’s somber and serious and determined to follow through, despite everything that happened. 

Because she’s doing this for him, and while Gibbs might not exactly be the ideal role model, he’s the closest thing to a father she’s had for years, and if there’s anyone whose approval she’d seek, it’s his. Rightly or wrongly, the little girl who dreamed of traveling the world and dancing and having a family still seeks out her father’s reassurance, and in the absence of the one of her birth, she relies on the one of her choosing. 

Anyway, I’m off track.

This is so them because even though both of their hearts are breaking (of their own doing) and they’re trying to pretend that nothing is wrong, Tony falls back to his usual defense mechanism (mockery) and Ziva can’t help but laugh, because at the end of the day, he is still him and she is still her and this is what they do. It’s just so tragic, because they should work, this should work, but it doesn’t and it won’t for all the wrong reasons.

So for such a dark episode, it’s a little bit of levity, and I’m glad that we got at least one brief instance of seeing that wit and repartee one last time, because this is what their relationship was. Yes, there was irritation and confrontation and hurt, but there was also playfulness and affection and laughter, and it’s important that they showed that in the midst of all the tragedy around them.

Or, maybe I just really like seeing them smile. 

Ugh, you can just see in both of them, but especially in Ziva, how much they love each other, and why this is all wrong wrong wrong.

Also: they’re so pretty.

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Fans!

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