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don’t try and tell me lance isn’t the kind of person who has like 400 pictures of his loved ones in his wallet though 

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Time travel masterpost?

INSIDE THIS VERY LONG POST: Everything Headless has on time travel, including time travel theories, worldbuilding provisions, paradoxes and hypotheses, and other considerations (as brought to you by someone who knows absolutely nothing about science, physics, or time travel).

Let’s Do The Time Warp (Or Something)

Time travel is awesome.

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being a terrible student is bad for my life/future/self-esteem/education/wallet but its great for my chill n’ neurodivergent aesthetic and self deprecating text posts so who’s the real winner here 

WTF is with the Wallet?: Homestuck Upd8 theory.

The thing that frustrates me most about Homestuck is that stuff that was written 4 years ago that you could never remember suddenly becomes relevant again. Thus, I’m forced to go dig way back in the pages of the story to figure out what’s going on. 

Since I decided sleep was for chumps, I spent an hour and a half retracing the steps of the wallet. I’m probably forgetting steps in the timeline and missing parts of the weird cyclical  timey-wimey bullshit, but here’s what I rediscovered. 

First of all, what is in the wallet?

This stuff that belonged to Dad: 

Also, a totaled car.

(It might be relevant that there are no car keys. Maybe Jane’s Dad will have them. I have no idea).

So John puts all this crap in the wallet.

This include John’s computer.

So, who has the wallet?

Like I said, I could be forgetting stuff that happened in the convoluted time-loops, so I apologize for that. 

But I think either one of two characters has it (Or maybe they both have the same wallet at the same time, but the wallet is from different parts of the time-loop).

Here’s what John does with the wallet before he sees Grimdark! Rose. 

He gives it to WV, A.K.A., The Mayor. 

And with Liv Taylor and CC, they ride a Derse ship off Skaia.

Indecently, this proves detrimental because John left his dad’s laptop in the wallet, preventing Jade from warning John that Rose has gone Grimdark.

So this is where I get confused. I can’t remember where the ship is going, and I’m sorry. (Back to Derse I think????) I tried reading and reading to find out again but it’s 2:30 am so I gave up.


I did discover that someone else might have the wallet too.

Let’s look at another object in the game that has a stupid cyclical time stream also. 

The creepy f*ck named Lil Cal.

Jack takes him as a trophy for killing Dad and Mom. 

There is then a scene in which Godteir Aradia  observes future Bec Noir fighting past Aradia bots through a particular Aradia bot’s dream buble.

He throws Lil Cal at her.

Then Aradia bot and Lil Cal go back in time by being hit with a meteor through a gate into the past, thus killing the Aradia Bot. 

Past Aradia finds Lil Cal.

And for some reason,

She finds the wallet under his shirt. 

So it’s possible Aradia has the wallet as well, which is good, because she’s one of the few living characters left in the story.

I can’t remember how it got in his shirt. I don’t even know if we’ve been told yet. I assume this is “future” wallet, because the wallet John gave WV wasn’t dirty or bloody. (Maybe Bec Noir put it under his shirt and I just wasn’t paying attention because I’m sleep deprived.)

So how is the stuff int eh wallet supposed to help John and Terezzi?

I don’t think any of Dad’s stuff is. What my theory is that the weapons Jake and Grandma Jade put on Liv Taylor are in the wallet. 

The science wands, Daves sword (from the furture?) and Eridan’s rifle (remember that he threw it away once Kanaya made him the science wand?) are still unaccounted for, and I have been waiting for that to come back around.

Maybe when it passed from the Mayor to Lil Cal to Aradia someone or something put them in it? 

I welcome people to correct me. I just thought I’d at least start the digging to others don’t have to. Time for sleep. 

Go. Do. the words that haunt every fiber of my being. this is the year that i Go. this is the year that i Do. going more places i haven’t been before. doing more things that i want to do. things that scare my financial future and my wallet. places i’ve only daydreamed of going. things that i can tell my kids about one day. places i can wake up in and be the only person around. 

so many times we sit on the computer and daydream. then we complain. what would happen if we took that time to turn our day dreams into plans? those plans into experiences? that’s what i’m asking myself this year. that’s what i’m going to do. working full time and planning a wedding that’s less than 6 months away might make this plan difficult. but, if we let busyness and stress win, we become miserable. and i for one don’t want to be miserable. 

so, here’s to going and doing despite schedules and deadlines. here’s to being responsible while still being spontaneous and adventurous. here’s to the best of both worlds.