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Fairy Tail Pendants and Keychains for Sale!

Love Nalu and/or Gruvia? Is Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster or Juvia Lockser your favorite character? You can now show your love wherever you go with these sparkly resin gems that house the beloved FT mages! Choose from necklaces or keychains (ring or ball chain) to display your favs!

Check out my Etsy store for a full list of items/designs available. Every resin gem is one-of-a-kind!


Several kinds of styles are up for sale! Fire Dragon King Natsu! Celestial Princess Lucy! Ice Cube Gray! Water Lock Juvia! “Snowglobe” Gray! Rain Drop Juvia! Kissy face Nalu and Gruvia!

If these sell I’ll be making more, so please let me know you guys like these by purchasing them! I might even do Gajevy, Jerza, Gajeel, Levy, Erza and Jellal gems in the future, and also might venture into other fandoms (YOI gems anyone?! *-*) Please keep checking back for new additions!

Here I am wearing my own Juvia necklace so you can properly see how large they are:


Selected character designs from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, a 1999 fighter from Capcom. The game is based on the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga series, and this game is an update/extension to an earlier 1998 release from Capcom, simply titled JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. My version of MAME actually only works with the Heritage for the Future version, which is why I have this in 1999 instead of 1998. True to its name, JoJo not only has a bizarre adventure but a strange cast of characters, ranging from the flamboyant to the creepy to a dog smaller than Anita in the Darkstalker series.

Both versions of the game play similarly, but Heritage for the Future has additional characters, with a total higher than I could display here. I had trouble getting into the single-player version of the game. Make no mistake–it looks awesome on the CPS3 hardware, the character designs (as well as some graphical effects) are uniquely stylish, and the usage of the “Stand” spiritual aid system (which ties in to the JoJo storyline) adds a lot of variety to the combat. But the biggest draw of single player, the Story mode, pretty much demands that you be familiar with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure already to appreciate it, and I am not, so the actions of the characters–such as beating someone up to force them to escape from prison, or beating up a fellow teammate because they questioned your value to the group, or really, just beating anyone up for anything–usually went over my head.

Are these good games? Absolutely. They look great and play just as well. Having tried this out, I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about it in the competitive scene. But unless you’re already a fan of JoJo, some of the best artistic elements of the single player game (cutscenes and story) are likely to be wasted.

Ride (Part One)

Part One: I’ve Got A War In My Mind

Based very, very loosely on this song: Lana Del Rey-Ride 

Please, please let me know what you think of this one because I really would like to branch out into future ventures like this so please let me know if it’s something you like and if you’d like me to post the next parts.

Summary: AU in which reader is part of Brock Rumlow’s STRIKE bike gang and whilst she is officially Brock’s girl, her heart is resolutely owned by the long haired, blue eyed newest edition to the gang, Bucky Barnes. 

Warnings: Reader faces some violence at the hands of Brock Rumlow, it is not described, only alluded to but still be aware that it happens. Some edgy content related to life on the road.

Contains a plethora of characters from across Marvel: Jack Rollins (Captain America) Grant Ward  (Agents of Shield) Ajax and Angel Dust (Deadpool)

This part is heavy, but it gets better!

Words: c.2,787

The roar of engines, the warm desert dust, no certain place to lay your head down and the nomadic lifestyle you had fallen into were not what most people envisioned their life to be, and you would be lying if you said this was how you’d planned yours to be. But when Brock Rumlow had rolled into town on his motorcycle to find you cold and alone on the streets at 23 with no home and no family and offered you this lifestyle, offered you a place by his side, you’d accepted almost in a heartbeat and never looked back.

Climbing onto his bike and wrapping your arms around his torso had been the moment your life had truly begun. You were free, truly free and the rush of life on the road and the people you met on it flowed through your veins now in a way that told you you would never be able to give it up, even now, even after five years of living this way, even when you were beginning to tire of it a little.

Being the girlfriend of a biker gang’s leader was initially exhilarating and for the most part Brock was good to you, and you were so young, you’d fallen head over heels for him, you would have followed him anywhere, done anything he asked of you and on occasions had done just that. But he had a temper, a furious one, and it didn’t take long for it to show, usually it would be a poor idiot who spoke out of turn that would bear the brunt of Brock’s temper, but you would be lying if you said that there weren’t a good few occasions where you had been the outlet for that temper and aggression.

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su3su2u1All my HPMOR posts in chronological order.

Thanks! I think I can summarise most of your reaction as being a complaint that HPMOR is marketed as a story about science, but is actually about power.

Harry barely uses the scientific method, traditional or otherwise, and most of the rules of magic only exist in order for Harry to gain power over others.

The story ends with Harry gaining power over Hogwarts, magical Britain, and essentially the world. He can overcome death, manufacture unlimited quantities of gold or anything else, and he has collected the complete set of the strongest magical artefacts and an immortal hybrid unicorn/troll sidekick.

While that sounds like the typical outcome of a poorly-run D&D campaign, it’s worth noting that many aspects of the story are intended to reflect reality, and the focus on power is no exception.

The author (hi yudkowsky!) has found a large readership, and the conclusion of HPMOR explicitly asks for assistance with various future ventures and plots (!) that he would like to undertake. The success of HPMOR will contribute to these ventures, and it is likely that a greater focus on science in the story would have reduced its overall impact.

Admittedly, this is probably the first time someone has tried to take over the world by writing fan-fiction, at least if we overlook various religious texts.

I think it would be interesting to review HPMOR on consequentialist grounds, not just as a piece of literature. For example, it attracts more interest in MIRI. But it also contributes to the perception that primary output of MIRI is fan-fiction.


Closetrr, an instagram-based secondhand clothing, and item shop brought to you by me, retiredrager. Being as I recently lost my job, I emptied my remaining funds into this months rent, a future venture you’ll see in mid-April, I find destiny to be that I should be working for myself and I think it’s time to branch out into my interests. Ultimately making them my work, after talking about it for a longtime. Closetrr, as advertised, will be more than just clothing, and accessories. I also have a large collection of vinyl, and video games. I’m also an artist, and maybe, just maybe, if I gain enough traffic I may even be able sell my art through the service.

getting tired of all these people tryna act like zayn’s not doing anything music wise like, the kid released three songs since the album was out; WHO - Movie Soundtrack / CRUEL - Collab with Snakehips / YOU CAN’T HIDE - netflix series soundtrack. Dunno what these people are expecting of Zayn, he’s been wildly open in venturing to anything and not just music alone He’s an ARTIST. An artist who wants to explore not just in music, but also letting his creativity being out there and be shared to everyone. Better focus on your faves than be invested and so pressed about Zayn having a FASHION or ACTING (maybe in the future) venture. Zayn’s doing what he loves and seeing him happy in what he does is all that matters. 

As much as the hub has been fucking up recently i still find myself very sad. idk its like the end of a era. Maybe like saying goodbye to my childhood. i loved the creatures so fucking much for almost 5 yrs now.  But at the same time i am very happy for James and Aleks as they are and have always been my favorite creatures who brought me into the hub.

I guess on to  a bigger and better future for cow chop and James and Aleks. We will always have our memories and the good times  :(

Chip and Marshall, when Aleks got beaten by a water bottle, THE NOVAHD STREAMS, where is seamus and lets not forget Sly. I loved them all so much but I feel like it has been a downward spiral since 2014.

I can keep talking forever but lets just leave the past in the past and keep supporting James, Aleks, Aron and Joe in any future ventures. And for Dan and Jordan i hope that they succeed as well.