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I wish Floriana Lima the best for her future ventures. I guess in whatever she’s doing next, she’ll have more than more than 1.5 sentences of dialogue in scenes that are properly lit. I wish her projects, where her job is not to stand there and smile. Honestly, in season 2b, during most of her screentime, she could have been replaced by a rainbow covered lamp shade as far as I am concerned, and it would not have made a difference. If I were Floriana, I’d probably look for some other gig too. 

I feel bad for all the Sanvers fans. I mostly watched the show to see what’s next for Alex and Maggie, as the Kara/Supergirl storyline has been awful this season. Since season 2b, the entire Sanvers storyline has been just queer-baiting to the extreme. If the entire episode screen time for these two characters can be fully shown in 5-6 GIFs, then something is not right. The episode promotion for season 2b has been heavily Sanvers centric, and it has almost always been heavily disappointing. 

If I want to see proper wlw representation on a show with a female lead, and her smart and badass sister who discovers that she likes women and gets into a relationship with an awesome lesbian cop,  I can simply watch Wynonna Earp.  Hence, I know that it can be done better. It’s almost the same storyline, but the characters are treated with care and respect.  

However, now that she’s no longer a series regular, CW will make longer, well-lit scenes with character development for Sanvers. LOL. Who am I kidding?! CW you do you. Cut the lesbian screentime and wonder why the viewership has gone down. 

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Please don't tell me you have an actual wolfdog that you keep in your house? Maybe i'm missing some context here and I apologize if so but i'm concerned to say the least.

Well. I mean. You said not to tell you….? He has an enclosure but he is just a babe, so yeah, he’s living inside. He has a crate he sleeps in and everything. He’s being raised to hopefully be able to spend copious amounts of time inside, but if that’s not in the cards for him, then that’s fine.

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to put a tiny puppy outside in an enclosure just because the general “community” thinks that’s what’s best for him. I follow advice from his breeder, and other experts I trust. If you wanna come off anon and actually discuss him, I’d be happy to oblige 

“Stuff I hate, but everyone else likes”

In no chronological order what-so-ever:

1. Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto (Never had as an ex-Narutard, never will)

2. Steven Universe (the first season kept me away from it, never made sense at all)

3. Rick and Morty (Visuals figuratively makes me sick)

4. Venture Bros. (too boring)

5. Diabolik Lovers (…Need I say it? It’s more… assault, than romance; looks good as Drama CD, but terrible as an anime. What’s next?!)

6. Justin Bieber (BAD influence on teens and children alike, even when he first started out)

7. One Direction (Music is repetitive or all have the same meaning)

8 and 9. Jeff the Killer and Sonic the Hedgehog (Both are OP and not very believable for different reasons)

10. Yuno Gasai from Future Diary (Overrated and too crazy for me, even by the definition of Yandere)

If anyone wants to do this too, feel free to do so.

Ride (Part One)

Part One: I’ve Got A War In My Mind

Based very, very loosely on this song: Lana Del Rey-Ride 

Please, please let me know what you think of this one because I really would like to branch out into future ventures like this so please let me know if it’s something you like and if you’d like me to post the next parts.

Summary: AU in which reader is part of Brock Rumlow’s STRIKE bike gang and whilst she is officially Brock’s girl, her heart is resolutely owned by the long haired, blue eyed newest edition to the gang, Bucky Barnes. 

Warnings: Reader faces some violence at the hands of Brock Rumlow, it is not described, only alluded to but still be aware that it happens. Some edgy content related to life on the road.

Contains a plethora of characters from across Marvel: Jack Rollins (Captain America) Grant Ward  (Agents of Shield) Ajax and Angel Dust (Deadpool)

This part is heavy, but it gets better!

Words: c.2,787

The roar of engines, the warm desert dust, no certain place to lay your head down and the nomadic lifestyle you had fallen into were not what most people envisioned their life to be, and you would be lying if you said this was how you’d planned yours to be. But when Brock Rumlow had rolled into town on his motorcycle to find you cold and alone on the streets at 23 with no home and no family and offered you this lifestyle, offered you a place by his side, you’d accepted almost in a heartbeat and never looked back.

Climbing onto his bike and wrapping your arms around his torso had been the moment your life had truly begun. You were free, truly free and the rush of life on the road and the people you met on it flowed through your veins now in a way that told you you would never be able to give it up, even now, even after five years of living this way, even when you were beginning to tire of it a little.

Being the girlfriend of a biker gang’s leader was initially exhilarating and for the most part Brock was good to you, and you were so young, you’d fallen head over heels for him, you would have followed him anywhere, done anything he asked of you and on occasions had done just that. But he had a temper, a furious one, and it didn’t take long for it to show, usually it would be a poor idiot who spoke out of turn that would bear the brunt of Brock’s temper, but you would be lying if you said that there weren’t a good few occasions where you had been the outlet for that temper and aggression.

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Selected character designs from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, a 1999 fighter from Capcom. The game is based on the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga series, and this game is an update/extension to an earlier 1998 release from Capcom, simply titled JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. My version of MAME actually only works with the Heritage for the Future version, which is why I have this in 1999 instead of 1998. True to its name, JoJo not only has a bizarre adventure but a strange cast of characters, ranging from the flamboyant to the creepy to a dog smaller than Anita in the Darkstalker series.

Both versions of the game play similarly, but Heritage for the Future has additional characters, with a total higher than I could display here. I had trouble getting into the single-player version of the game. Make no mistake–it looks awesome on the CPS3 hardware, the character designs (as well as some graphical effects) are uniquely stylish, and the usage of the “Stand” spiritual aid system (which ties in to the JoJo storyline) adds a lot of variety to the combat. But the biggest draw of single player, the Story mode, pretty much demands that you be familiar with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure already to appreciate it, and I am not, so the actions of the characters–such as beating someone up to force them to escape from prison, or beating up a fellow teammate because they questioned your value to the group, or really, just beating anyone up for anything–usually went over my head.

Are these good games? Absolutely. They look great and play just as well. Having tried this out, I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about it in the competitive scene. But unless you’re already a fan of JoJo, some of the best artistic elements of the single player game (cutscenes and story) are likely to be wasted.

Theme of Rubber Soul
Yuko Takehara, Setsuo Yamamoto
Theme of Rubber Soul

Called Robber Soul in the American version of the game and in the Viz Media Translation, but what’s weird is that Steely Dan is somehow censored to Rubber Soul.

A good number of his animations and attacks are copies of Kakyoin’s, but all of his own moves are based moment-for-moment like his Coconut Backbreaker

Ironically, they share the same voice actor in this game

Name: Kelsey 


Where: UK

Everybody else has this long list of hobbies and in comparison I seem quite boring. I can barely play the guitar, I have an unused ukulele and I was surprisingly on the netball team when I was in high school for 5 years. I go through phases where I listen to music non-stop and then weeks where I listen to nothing at all; The arctic monkeys, Hozier, Alabama Shakes, Catfish and the bottlemen as of recent too. But I don’t really have favourite artists, just favourite songs. I adore the violin so if you play it my heart will melt.

I love Gordon Ramsey so much it physically hurts me and rubbish British reality TV  like Geordie Shore. I’m a massive fan of History and since i started college, Psychology- my future career venturing towards a clinical psychologist- literally chat to me about these things all day.

I don’t really have a perfect pen pal in mind, just no discrimination towards anyone of course.

p.s. the house coat in the first picture is ugly, I know, but it keeps me warms so ;)

I check tumblr more than my email.

Tumblr: kelseyb,, kelseyb.tumblr.com

Email: Bayliss.kelsey  @yahoo.co.uk

Fairy Tail Pendants and Keychains for Sale!

Love Nalu and/or Gruvia? Is Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster or Juvia Lockser your favorite character? You can now show your love wherever you go with these sparkly resin gems that house the beloved FT mages! Choose from necklaces or keychains (ring or ball chain) to display your favs!

Check out my Etsy store for a full list of items/designs available. Every resin gem is one-of-a-kind!


Several kinds of styles are up for sale! Fire Dragon King Natsu! Celestial Princess Lucy! Ice Cube Gray! Water Lock Juvia! “Snowglobe” Gray! Rain Drop Juvia! Kissy face Nalu and Gruvia!

If these sell I’ll be making more, so please let me know you guys like these by purchasing them! I might even do Gajevy, Jerza, Gajeel, Levy, Erza and Jellal gems in the future, and also might venture into other fandoms (YOI gems anyone?! *-*) Please keep checking back for new additions!

Here I am wearing my own Juvia necklace so you can properly see how large they are:

Theme of N'doul
Yuko Takehara, Setsuo Yamamoto
Theme of N'doul

N'doul was originally planned to be playable in Heritage for the Future, but was scrapped late in development. You can find portraits used for things like Character Select and such for him in the game’s files.

His colors are weirdly dull compared to every other character, but that might just be a design choice. This theme is probably the calmest of all those representing characters.

To future business ventures

The small bell above the door rang gently three times as the top of the door hit it. Kerrwynn stepped through and pulled back his hood to expose his sun kissed skin and a rarely seen playful smile pulling at his lips. The bell chimed again as the door latched closed and Kerr stepped up to the counter. Three soft knocks on the glass case and the Sin'Dorei male came out to greet him from the back room.

“Mr. Azure'Eish. I see you got my letter. This wasn’t easy to have made but I hope it is what you were seeking.” The shopkeeper disappeared into the back room and came back a moment later holding a wrapped parcel that took up the majority of his torso. He set the item down and gave a polite nod to Kerrwynn, allowing him to unveil his purchase.

Originally posted by killtheinsidegifs

The tip or nib as it was was delicately cast in gold to resemble that of a birds beak. The eyes flanking the stem were each a vibrant ruby. The gold of the nib continued back taking the shape of a bird of prey. On each side slightly behind the eyes were delicate tufts of feathers inlaid into the gold to resemble wings, but to also act as a cushion for long hours of use. At the tail of the bird a long plume extended. It may have been a bit obnoxious but the length was important to him. While he held the body the tip of the plume could tickle his chin. It was perfect. Kerrwynn looked at the shop keep and grinned triumphantly. “ It is gorgeous, is it -everything- I wanted?”

The shop-keep nodded and retrieved a small ink pot and pad of paper. He set the items before Kerr and let him test the quill. The nib allowed the ink to flow at such a perfect rate it was effortless to transcribe thought into written word. Kerrwynn decided to see if this was precisely what he paid to have crafted. He whispered the command spell word and his eyes grew in amazement.

The white plumage of the quill now was set aflame. He felt no heat in his hands but the light from the plume illuminated the room even more. He dipped the nib into the ink pot again and as the ink absorbed into the paper a small tail of flame followed behind the nib devouring the ink, leaving no trace anything had ever been written there.

Kerrwynn placed the still ignited quill onto the crystal base he had requested and the light from the flames reflected from each surface and cast dancing lights all over the room. Once again he uttered the command word and the quill resumed it’s more innocuous form. Kerr’s eyes lifted to the shop keep. “ How do I reveal the message?”

Originally posted by sulfur

The man behind the counter retrieved a book of matches from his vest pocket and lit one. Letting the flame grow as the smell of sulfur rested between them. He dropped the match onto the paper and Kerrwynn’s previously written words were once again visible and vibrant. When the match died off, so did the missive he had scribed.

Kerr was still grinning from ear to ear. “ This is absolutely perfect, thank you. Deliver it immediately to Aranya Ver'Sarn. She can be inquired about at the Sunspire Port.” Kerr retrieved the quill and ink pot. Taking a new sheet of paper he uttered the command word and wrote a quick missive to her.




Kerr replaced the quill and commanded the flames to cease. “ Show her everything you’ve shown me.” Kerr turned on his heel and flipped his hood back up before making the door bell ring twice more. 


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Hi! Now that pd101 is over (I'm still ugly crying) are you going to follow wanna one? If you are, on this blog? I think I'm really gonna miss you (ik this sounds weird 😅)...? Can followers of this blog follow you elsewhere...? FBJSJSJSJA I just became a big fan of yours along the way following up on your posts and loving the recaps and was wondering if (I can't function and English rn so the next part is gonna sound sappy) our followers could follow your ....(?????) journey???? AHHH

I am going to follow Wanna One on this blog, yes! I’d been on the fence when I thought Jisung wouldn’t make it, but every single one of my secret faves miraculously made the group, so I’m invested. I’ll also keep updating on the eliminated trainees in their future ventures as much as possible. 

May I just say thank you?? I’m so flattered and surprised at your kind words!! I’m grateful you enjoyed my recaps and the blog so much, it’s been amazing interacting with everyone on here as well. I’ll keep this blog going as much as possible (maybe join whatever Wanna One networks spring up over the next 18 months), so I’ll be honoured to be able to talk to you guys if you ever need to. 

I do have a personal blog, but I don’t want to give it out on here since it’s a lot more tailored to me irl. Maybe sometime on PM or something! 

You’re so sweet, I <3 you, my anonnie!

Theme of Anubis Polnareff
Yuko Takehara, Setsuo Yamamoto
Theme of Anubis Polnareff

Black Polnareff is what he’s really called because I guess putting “Black” in a character’s name means they’re possessed, and there are other examples.

He and Chaka share the same Child-forms, which is the kid that picked up the broken tip of the sword.