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Here is the full set of all the fantasy bnha charas

I screamed when I saw the fantasy ed of the second season from bnha and just couldn’t stop myself from drawing them. BECAUSE I JUST LOVE ALL THE AUs AHHHH even the matrial arts one like hnnnng yess.

Also thanks to @mojoromo for suggesting the animal sticks hahaha


Set of Tyler the Creator themed stickers in honor of the release of Scum Fuck / Flower Boy. Follow me on instagram to purchase a pack. 

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thnx for coming to the stream, here’s everyones fave dimension-to-dimension jumper fam\squad

this is actually my first time drawing Rick and Morty uwu

anonymous asked:

I was chatting with my friend and all of a sudden we started using Ango's disgusted face (in your latest bsd comic) as a reaction because... it conveys the emotion. With this revelation, senren, I totally recommend you to make LINE sticker set using the faces you've drawn. psst Anesan's face must be included pssst

am I doing this right


etsyfindoftheday 5 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 3.31.17

feminist paraphernalia by littlewomangoods

find your woman power paraphernalia at littlewomangoods on @etsy — stickers, pins, and prints for the empowered feminist!

Hey guys, I made a sticker !

And on complete accident too.