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A Voicemail
  • A Voicemail

Contains: Russian! This audio is entirely in Russian!

Yuri and Otabek have to split because of their training, so they have to rely on social media to keep in contact. However, time zones are a bitch, so Yuri leaves behind a voicemail for him. 

A/N: This was so fucking hard to do you have no idea. xD I had to do this a sentence at a time and edit it all together. But, I LOVE the way it turned out! I would love to do more like this in the future (Russian speakers please tell me how accurate I am in my translation). Translation below the cut! Also, REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! However, if you want to buy a commission, look here for info! Thank you for listening!

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Things that people should know about me before interacting with me:

Today I was asking my teacher when the test was going to be but interrupted myself mid sentence to tell the boy behind me to “get your fucking hand off my shoulder or I’m going to punch you” and then finished my sentence.


Will likely post more from the Further Future 02 event I covered for 24 hours this past weekend just because it was visually intriguing and I made some interesting images along the way. 

For many new to this event, this is how they describe it:

A new kind of music and lifestyle festival. From 12pm on Friday April 29 through sunset on Sunday May 1, 2016, they gather at the Moapa River Indian Reservation near Las Vegas, Nevada, for a weekend filled with incredible music, visionary speakers, inspirational art and human connection. I also heard it referred to as “the Burning Man for the 1%” so take it for what it’s worth.

There are parts of our daily lives that we just take for granted as being normal, but science proves us wrong. One of the best ways to look at this is language. We’ve previously discussed on the podcast how languages with future tenses (like English) make us really bad at planning for the future. We just think the future is some imaginary place that we’ll always to go later. That’s why we’re great at fun things like procrastinating, drinking and smoking.

Chinese, on the other hand, doesn’t have tenses at all, so native speakers find themselves naturally better at planning for the time ahead. For Chinese speakers, the future isn’t some magical fairy island that will always come tomorrow-the structure of the language just makes the consequences of life more immediate in their brains.

These little cultural differences literally affect how we perceive the world. In languages with more words for the color green, for example, speakers can actually see more shades of green than us. What is a superpower to us is completely mundane to them because they’ve just had that language and ability their whole life.

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien is joined by Cracked executive editor Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) to outline some of the scientific ways our brains trick us with this phenomenon– how our sense perception, something we assume is uniform across all humanity, actually changes depending on what culture we’re brought up in.

How Your Brain Warps Everything You See & Hear

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