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Aches and Pains

my love ghriahim had a rough day so I wrote some ghiralink to help her not be cranky!! This is some serious indulgence omg but you know what we deserve it so. I hope you like it cutie pie feel better <33

Words: 1984
Characters: ghiralink af
Summary: Link gets hurt like a dumbbutt and Ghirahim has to help him out a bit, but Link gets sleepy aaaand. well. contains some fluff and makin’ out

Link shook his already-drying hair out as he stepped out of the opening of the great tree. A tell-tale flash of orange-yellow in his periphery told him Ghirahim had relocated somewhere in its branches, and he headed along the wood that acted as a smooth walkway winding up the trunk. He climbed all the way to the top, standing on the small outcropping that overlooked the waterfalls in the distance. He put his hands on his hips, admiring the view and taking a couple breaths from the exertion of the climb, taking another step to peer over the straight drop. He heard a small sound, and assumed it was Ghirahim, turning calmly – but the flock of Keese that had reared back with red eyes startled him. Before he could defend himself, they knocked into him with all their might, throwing him off his footing and sending him slipping off the tree and toward the unforgiving ground below.

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