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Yo buddies, here are my samples for @tsumire0301​, @jearwork​ and mine Lazuli Family zine “Lapis and Peridot: wife and wife family life”!

Only my samples are in english but the whole anthology zine it’s in chinese!, this is thanks to them /// i really appreciate their support and patience.

This is my very first doujin btw (yes, zine/anthology/doujin… Comic), and it was an adventure making it wwww

It’s a Taiwan Exclusive fanzine ;o for now

About this amazing cover, actually we worked all together to make it possible✨

Sketch: Me
Lineart: Tsumi 
Background + Color: Jear

btw, fun fact:Turquoise could be harsh asshole to peri but she’s all sweet to Lapis, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about her peri mom, she care about her as much as lapis mom.

Surrender - Chapter Seven Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Thank you, of course, to @koreasalamigarbage for the help keeping this chapter clean and lowering the stress of actually posting it. 

I hope this story isn’t moving too slow for people. It was never meant to be an action packed adventure lol.

Anyway, enough from me, I hope you enjoy :)

i know tumblr already is like
dont watch Villainous its the onceler all over again avoid it at all costs
but honestly please ignore toxic tumblr culture and support the fuck out of that show
we so rarely see mexican animated shows and this is a really cool thing for cartoon network
sure the show is hot topic bait but it seems to have a lot of potential and im so tired of grown ass adults making fun of children and teens for “over liking” something
give it a chance and support mexico originals like this


Miscellaneous Back to the Future (1985) promotional stills.

the wilderness (3-part series) by ceserabeau

[9202w | Mature/Explicit]

When Stiles pictured Derek’s return to Beacon Hills, he never imagined this: late night in the cereal aisle at the grocery store, Stiles in sweatpants and a shirt long overdue a wash, glancing left from the Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms to find Derek Hale, four feet away, pulling a box of muesli off the shelf.

Rec’d by @notvirginawoolf!

Note: I love fics where Derek comes back to Beacon Hills after a few years have passed, and how effortless and natural their relationship is once they’ve each found some balance amongst the supernatural craziness. This was a joy to read from start to finish!

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i’m scared to death of light and silence

A/N: Symmetra/Sombra fic written for @grimtriggers here on tumblr. Super NSFW, mostly about Sombra submitting completely and entirely to the shaper of her universe.

Also Available on AO3.

Corporate espionage was a very pretty turn of phrase. It sounded almost innocent, benign, like accidentally spilling too much gossip around the water cooler. It did not sound like a controlled explosion on the other side of the Vishkar complex, drawing all security personnel. It didn’t sound like Satya using a pass that did not belong to her to gain access to a room she wasn’t supposed to be in, stealing information she swore to protect, in order to give it to a woman that had a verifiable kill count.

Never too far away, Sombra hovered over her every move, murmuring instructions when she could get close enough.

“Cutting it a little close, bella.”

The blue core in the center of Satya’s left palm lit up, flickering purple. Static traveled up the length of her forearm, a tremble where she was normally steady as a surgeon.

She balled her hand into a fist. “I will be fine.” Satya had the unnerving ability to look right through her, even when Sombra had her cloaking device activated. “You should be more concerned about your own route of escape, if this goes awry.”

Keep reading

Breathe a Little Easier by Scavenger

[3492w | Teen]

Five years ago, he would never have imagined life being this easy, this good.

Note: This is a beautiful future fic sure to give you all the warm fuzzies! It explores the development of Derek’s feelings for Stiles, punctuated by echoes of things Stiles has said to him over the years. (Jsyk, the first few paragraphs have mistakenly been posted twice!)

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purrsun  asked:

do you have any recs for lesbian books that could possibly fit under historical fiction?

Yup! You can find them on the General Fiction page of the site, for future reference: https://lgbtqreads.com/general-fiction/

Or Romance:

Which you can find here: https://lgbtqreads.com/romanceadult/

    And there are a few YA as well:

    Which you can always find here: https://lgbtqreads.com/young-adult/

    Portrait of NGC 281 : Look through the cosmic cloud cataloged as NGC 281 and you might miss the stars of open cluster IC 1590. Still, formed within the nebula that clusters young, massive stars ultimately power the pervasive nebular glow. The eye-catching shapes looming in this portrait of NGC 281 are sculpted columns and dense dust globules seen in silhouette, eroded by intense, energetic winds and radiation from the hot cluster stars. If they survive long enough, the dusty structures could also be sites of future star formation. Playfully called the Pacman Nebula because of its overall shape, NGC 281 is about 10,000 light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia. This sharp composite image was made through narrow-band filters, combining emission from the nebulas hydrogen, sulfur, and oxygen atoms in green, red, and blue hues. It spans over 80 light-years at the estimated distance of NGC 281. via NASA


    Day 4: On a date by starkology (jawnwatson)

    [501w | General]

    Stiles and Derek try to go on a date.

    Note: Being honest, I clicked on this one not expecting much and was even half-ready to close it again. By the end, I had a smile on my face and felt like I’d curled up in front of a fire with a snuggly blanket and hot chocolate. I’m still smiling now as I type up this post to queue!

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    Time for a change, part 1

    Pairing: Kirk x Reader

    Word Count: 1417

    Warnings: Mild language

    A/N: You, a science officer, are on your way to your new assignment.  What happens when you meet the crew of the Enterprise as they escort you to your ship? What happens when you meet their almost too handsome captain?  

    The view from upper deck of the science station was one of the few things that calmed you recently. You would sneak away when you could and enjoy the view of the binary blue stars of the Relos System.  The chaos that had become the norm on the station had turned into more than you could take.  Originally, you and your team had been sent to research the vegetation growth in low atmospheric conditions of planets in systems with blue giant stars.   Relos III had been perfect for the science station and the research would aid in terraforming previously uninhabitable planets.  Now was different.  There were multiple demands from Star Fleet and now neighboring worlds for more data. There never seemed to be enough for any of them and certainly not fast enough for their liking.

    The commander running the station felt the demands first and then it started to trickle down to the rest of you.  Longer hours, less assistance until finally it had gotten to the point that few people were still speaking outside of the work environment.  The stress you were under was affecting you more than you let on to anyone.  Especially your family.  Your messages home started growing fewer and fewer, as the months passed.  However, you hoped, now, that would change.  You had just submitted a request, to Star Fleet Command and Commander Brox, for transfer to another facility.  It was the only true solution for you.  That or quit Star Fleet all together.  However, that was not really an option.  You did not want to leave Star Fleet.  All you could do now was wait. Brox would come find you, once she read the request.  It was a conversation you were not looking forward to but it was necessary.

    For now, you would sit and enjoy the view before the chaos came to find you again.

    It took several hours but Brox did find you.  She demanded to know why you wanted to leave the station and the project.  It took a while but you explained.  Explained every bit of stress and pressure you all had been under.  How you were losing sleep and could not remember the last time you had any fun or enjoyment.  You were beginning to hate everything about being a science officer.  Your emotions were running high by the time you finished.

    “[Y/N], stop.  I didn’t know you were feeling this bad.  I wish… well doesn’t matter what I wish now.  I approved the transfer.  I hate to see you go.  But you have to do what you need to.  You are a great scientist.  Don’t let this place change that in your mind.”  With a long sigh, she left you standing there in shock.  It had not been the fight as you thought it would.  The tightness in your chest eased slightly.  Now you waited to receive your new assignment from Star Fleet.

    It was a few days before that message came in.  You were to report to York Town to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Gracen Lok.  It was a science vessel tasked with scouting and arrangement of sites for future research stations and outposts.  You would be taken to York Town by the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they had been nearest to the station, finishing a mission.  The ship was to arrive the next day so there was little time to pack your belongings.  After being on the station for three years, you realized you really hadn’t collected too many things.  You were able to pack your uniforms, personal clothing, and the few keepsakes you could not live without, into two bags.

    The Enterprise came within hailing distance, sending a message that you were to be on the transporter in ten minutes.  You said your goodbyes to those who you had become closest and felt the tingling of the transporter as you were finally on your way. The transporter room came quickly into view as your boots planted firmly on the pad.  “Well that is a feeling I did not miss.”  Rolling your shoulders and shivering at the odd sensation of the transporter.

    “Lieutenant [Y/L/N], I am Commander Spock. Follow me; I will escort you to the medbay.  It is necessary for you to undergo medical inspection before you are brought to your assigned quarters.  Verification that you have not brought communicable pathogens on board from the station will be transmitted to Star Fleet Medical and entered into your medical records.”  The stern looking Vulcan stood before you.  You took a step down off the pad towards him.

    “Yes sir, I understand.” He turned quickly and you moved to keep up with him.  “I appreciate the ride back to York Town.”  The man did not look to you as he spoke.

    “No appreciation is necessary.  The Enterprise was given the order to assist in your transportation to the Gracen Lok.” So much for small talk.  You felt out of your element now.  Normally you could talk to anyone but you did not think that could happen with Commander Spock.  So you closed your mouth and looked around as you walked down the corridors.

    The medbay was up two decks and down a corridor from where you had arrived.  Something you would try to remember when you were spending the few days on board.  As the two of you entered there was a flurry of activity happening with patients and medical personal.  You weren’t sure what was going on but it looked like a bad day to be in medbay. Commander Spock stopped one of the passing nursing informing her of your need to be examined.  She nodded taking your arm and showing you into one of the empty exam rooms.  “I don’t know how long it will be, probably a while.  Seems everyone today has done something stupid and ended up here.  But I will let one of the docs know you need to be seen.”  Smiling she left the room.  You looked around a moment before setting your bags down on the floor.  Your hand ran over the biobed a moment before you hopped up to sit.

    It felt like forever before someone finally arrived.  A dark headed man with his face down reading information on a PADD entered the room.  “Lieutenant [Y/N] [Y/L/N]?”

    You nodded stretching out your arms.  “Yes sir.” He looked up, taking in your appearance.

    “I’m Doctor McCoy.  I am going to check you over, make sure you didn’t pick up anything on that station and send you on your way.  Too many patients here who actually need assistance.”  The shortness of his answer did not phase you.  It was something you had grown accustomed to with cranky scientists.

    “Whatever you need to do, Doctor McCoy.  I don’t want to be here any more than you want me to.”  He stopped and gave you half a smile.  It was a handsome look on him.

    “Sorry, as you can tell it’s been hell here today.  Let me scan you then draw some blood.  As long as those are clear you can get going.”  You nodded and let him go about his job.  He asked all the normal medical questions you had answer a million times before.  As he finished drawing your blood, a man strolled into the room calling out to the doctor.

    “Bones, we have got to get you out of here today.  I have already had three people complain about your grumpiness. Come on man you…” The man stopped quickly when he realized there was someone else in the room.  “Well, hello.  I’m Captain James Kirk.  You must be the scientist we picked up on Relos.  Welcome to the Enterprise.”  His blue eyes danced with the smile that lit up his face.

    Doctor McCoy shook his head, pushing Captain Kirk out of the room.  “Oh no not today.  Let me examine the poor girl before you go and try to seduce her.”

    “I’m not going to seduce her… I’m just going to introduce myself as a good captain should.”  A pink tinge appeared on your cheeks as you sat motionless on the biobed.  Captain Kirk entered the room once more extending his hand.  “Jim Kirk.  Please allow me to amends for this crotchety doctor, have dinner with me tonight.  It’s the least I could do.”  You shook his hand, the heat from his skin traveling up your arm and landing somewhere in your chest, causing your heart to beat wildly. Those eyes, that smile, you knew it. You were gone.  Damn it.

    Part 2

    A sticker declares the existence of flying saucers from the window of a car parked on property near Jamul, CA, October 15, 2000, purchased by the Unarius Academy of Science to serve as a future landing site for ‘space brothers’ from other planets. According to the academy, a spaceship carrying 1,000 alien scientists from the planet Myton will arrive on Earth in the year 2001, landing on a raised landform that was once part of an Atlantean continent in the Caribbean Sea. If humans are spritually ready, a total of 33 flying saucers from different planets will land in a towering stack near Jamul, CA to create an international university and introduce new technologies to save planet Earth from self-destruction.

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