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A sticker declares the existence of flying saucers from the window of a car parked on property near Jamul, CA, October 15, 2000, purchased by the Unarius Academy of Science to serve as a future landing site for ‘space brothers’ from other planets. According to the academy, a spaceship carrying 1,000 alien scientists from the planet Myton will arrive on Earth in the year 2001, landing on a raised landform that was once part of an Atlantean continent in the Caribbean Sea. If humans are spritually ready, a total of 33 flying saucers from different planets will land in a towering stack near Jamul, CA to create an international university and introduce new technologies to save planet Earth from self-destruction.

Portrait of NGC 281 : Look through the cosmic cloud cataloged as NGC 281 and you might miss the stars of open cluster IC 1590. Still, formed within the nebula that clusters young, massive stars ultimately power the pervasive nebular glow. The eye-catching shapes looming in this portrait of NGC 281 are sculpted columns and dense dust globules seen in silhouette, eroded by intense, energetic winds and radiation from the hot cluster stars. If they survive long enough, the dusty structures could also be sites of future star formation. Playfully called the Pacman Nebula because of its overall shape, NGC 281 is about 10,000 light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia. This sharp composite image was made through narrow-band filters, combining emission from the nebulas hydrogen, sulfur, and oxygen atoms in green, red, and blue hues. It spans over 80 light-years at the estimated distance of NGC 281. via NASA


Miscellaneous Back to the Future (1985) promotional stills.

November 9th, 2016: Thoughts

Hey guys.
I’ve been running this blog for over a year now, and I realized that I never really introduced myself. My name is Logan, I’m a 19 year old International Relations and Earth Science double major at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.
I started this blog as a means to spread Bernie’s message - to amplify his voice and create a positive space for discourse in the primaries. When it became clear that Bernie wasn’t the Democratic nominee, I did a lot of thinking about the future of the site. In the end, I decided to shift focus towards generating support for Hillary Clinton; like Bernie, I saw that as the best means for fighting for progressive causes.
Some of my posts since then have been attacking Donald Trump and other conservative stalwarts, but I’ve done my best to remain positive whenever possible. For those choices, I’ve gotten a lot of hate messages over the past year. From Alt-Right blogs calling me every hateful slur under the sun, to progressive blogs accusing me of selling out. It’s certainly been a ride.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today, too.

I see fear, on my campus and newsfeed. I am scared. Half of my family are Muslim immigrants, and I fear for their safety. I hear hatred, and I am angry. I look at my friends that Donald Trump and Mike Pence have designated to be second class, and I feel a white hot anger deep in my gut. Beneath all that, I feel lost.

So this blog will continue. I will continue to spread progressive ideas and fight to make this country a better place for all who live here. I welcome you all to join me, and will do my best to keep this a site of positivity and inclusion.

Take your fear, your anger, and turn it into something good. Donate: to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, to any number of worthy causes who will keep fighting. And keep your head up. Do not give up, no matter what.

Have you ever wondered what’s going to happen when our generation dies out?

I mean… everything we are, for most of us, is spread out across various sites on here.

Are great-grandkids going to be able to look up photos from their grandparents’ first kegger party?

Will descendants be able to trace families trees back through Facebook connections?

Can your nude selfie from 2001 inspire people in the future with that body type? Will it become a vintage instagram/snapchat piece that will be sold at auction many decades after your death under ‘anonymous’… a conversation piece on some new-age technohipster’s wall?

Anthromorphic races of the future looking through old internet archives and mistakenly believing that Earth had known about them long in advance… and were open to the idea of interspecies offspring…

This generation being the turning point for many social issues, ancient blog rants are now published in textbooks as ‘proponents of freedom’… though the author’s true names are never known. Their blog titles are immortal…

Archaeologists of the future using social media sites and fandom sites to determine what kind of peoples we were, the millenials?


I have odd thoughts…

…but imagine, one day there will be millions of disembodied, unattached, stagnant FB profiles and blogs floating about the internet… the ones who updated them are gone (to fight in the eternal skeleton war), and their descendants, struggling to find unique usernames to use the interweb.

It will be the last thing left of many, a technological thumbprint that will slowly fade as new technology forces the old into an obsolete format; and then, everything that was will be left floating disembodied as degrading electronic ghosts in the atmosphere… picked up, maybe, by aliens trying to fine-tune their intergalactic GPSs on the way in, as nothing more than static and the faintest hum of ‘Mmm Whatcha Say’.

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felis  natal  a todos  e muito  incesto  (com os primos /prima logiko) nese  final  de  ano pra voses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nao sei quando vo postar ta xauxua

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New York City, Lower East Side. 1930′s.

The future site of Knickerbocker Village. The now defunct Hamilton St. (Lung Block) is on the left and Monroe St. is on the right. The rear of the new St. Joseph’s Church and its twin steeples can be seen on the right. The skyscrapers in the background are (left to right), the Cities Services Building (most recently the AIG building and 70 Pine St.), the Bank of Manhattan Trust Building (40 Wall St. - now a Trump Building), and the Singer building, located at the corner of Broadway and Liberty St., which was sadly demolished in 1968.

a vision of one possible future where this site takes off and rpl becomes a Thing beyond this tumblr circle just caused me to begin spasming, so goodnight

Charlotte: Theories (after ep.6)

Most of them are not mine. I just collected them and added some comments.

1. Time Travel

In OP we see many words which represent superpowers (collapse, telepathy and… time leap). What if someone has gained this ability and used it already? A person from future who know about events in ep 6 and wanted to prevent them from happening?

But who is she? And this guy?

Take a look at the OP again. In a split of second, five mysterious characters appear…

Looks interesting, right?

Hah, it’s only getting better.

What if they are…our main cast from the future?

Even main site of the anime changed:

“A collapsing world was the fate he saw.” 

There’s no way there won’t be time travel in this show.

2. Another theory is about this guy in the middle: 

Instead of this forgotten family member it can be also Yuu. Why?

Yuu somehow became blind and have to use a cane there.

Remember when Nao said that one of ZHIEND members is blind…?

Honestly, I have no idea how to connect those clues… It doesn’t make sense to me now, but we will see…

Another noteworthy things:

Who’s that?? Yuu? Is this a river? Are those scars? Where is he? There are reflections of buildings in the water.

And the most mysterious one, the promoting poster on the right:

Kinda creppy, right?

I think Jun Maeda has prepared many surprises for us…

What do you think about it? Tell me your thoughts!

i hope one day facebook becomes a digital ancient relic to the point where anthropologists from the future visit the site to find out what we as a species were like

and the first post they come across is “Hey everybody, welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy the experience of simply cybersex blast off into cybersex Joe Biden.“

embergeist  asked:

Good evening Monsieur, I welcome you to the hell that is Tumblr. I've recently discovered your appearance on a few social platforms, and was quite delighted to finally be able to submit questions! I hope you find your future visits to this site... well, entertaining at the very least. Alright, now if I may ditch the formalities, can I ask if you recognize my profile picture? If not... and if so, I'm sorry! XD

Dear Embergeist,

Yes indeed. It appears to be a picture of me being accosted by a mysterious fellow who is strangely excited to take a selfie with me…

What a bizarre instance that was.

to any future fathers on this site please take your young boy into the city to see a marching band

Everything started as an Ode To Sleep, we wanted to show we were able to stay awake, realizing Holding On To You was the key, igniting the pain, thinking twice about life, no matter if it was Friday or Sunday, that helped with the Migraine in our heads, deciding if we were able to buy a House of Gold in order to left this town and turn our future upside down, siting in silence, forced to deal with what we feel, reviving the sound of our stolen Car Radio, the night was falling with gravity, our friend was  leaving again, the one that is named “hope”, exhausted of never being what we like of calling ourselves Semi-Automatic, we lived on, and we took the chance to show the Screen of our chest, standing in front of you, singing to the sky, trying to be so cool, determining we couldn’t take them on our own,  we heard them coming down the hall, we were on The Run And Go, we drove away, headlights called our name, You said we were not alone, but we were petrified, we pretended to Fake You Out all we wanted because we were so afraid of what you had to say, your words were like guns, that didn’t let us to sleep, having Guns for Hands made us recognize the idea of look out of the window for hope, together turning our guns into a fist, but how could we understand that? We knew where you stand,  we just wanted to say hello, feeling your breath, feeling our death, we waited in the Trees, cause at the end it didn’t matter if we could die, we took pride of what is sure to die, as a Truce with ourselves.

All this thinking leaded me to the conclusion that not only this was the key for keep living, but I needed Vessel to project what I was feeling. Thanks for all the symbolic elements you give to me through your music and lyrics. So I can use them to keep going in life and search my purpose.