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I am participating in a competition called “the world Scholar’s cup”. My friends and I form a team of 3 members in which we have to debate, write essays, take an exam and do quiz together. Not only is it educational, but it is also a lot of fun! We discuss topics like moonshots, conspiracy theories, mythology, predicting the future, literature, art and music. Currently, I am writing a summary on my “predicting the future” notes 📝


Who are the ‘Scythians’?

Herodotus (484 - 425 BCE) first records of a race of horse-bound nomads that fiercely worship a war god and drink the blood of their enemies. He describes the confederacy of Iranian tribes that migrated from Central Asia to the region around the Black Sea in approximately the 9th or 8th century BCE, subduing underneath them (or destroying outright) a host of other peoples in that region. They were ruled by an aristocratic class known simply as the ‘Royal Scythians’.  Most notably in their history, they defeated Darius I of the Persians in the late 6th century BCE and they mastered the slave trade from their surrounding region to the civilizations of the west. These are the Scythians. So who are the ‘Scythians’?

Goths were Scythians, according to many Greco-Roman scholars, so were Huns, Alans, Sarmatians. In looking at the ancient texts, ‘Scythians’ could be interchanged with any of these groups, but not the other way around. A Hun was a Scythian but a Scythian was not a Hun. The Scythians (and ‘Scythians’) thus existed simultaneously as a distinct group of people with a defined culture and history of their own, and as a general classification. The Scythians can be thought of as the archetype for what a ‘Scythian’ was. What information passed down from Herodotus (who wrote during the time of the Scythians’ existence) to future Greco-Roman scholars was lacking enough that a different group of people with some similarities could easily be thought of as Scythians themselves. 

As a rule-of-thumb, ‘Scythians’ had these things in common: 

  • They came from the direction of Scythia, the region between Eastern Europe and the Black Sea which was named for the original Scythians.(This is the most important bullet!) 
  • They were typically nomadic or semi-nomadic. 
  • They invaded the Greek city-states or the Roman Empire. 
  • ‘Scythian’ society was largely based around horseback skills. 

The odd-man-out were the Goths, who were not strictly nomads (but agriculturalists) and whose military was predominantly infantry. Goths on a whole were, however, extremely mobile, migrating from Northern Europe to the Black Sea (where the Scythians used to be) then to the Danube where they at frequently raided into the Roman Empire. Goths also frequently fought against or served with the nomadic people (like Sarmatians and Huns) that lived in the same region. In this way, the Goths can easily get lost in the confusion of so many different peoples. 

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Romanced companions react to the sole survivor never coming back from the institute?

(To prevent this ask from being even longer, I will do Preston, Danse and Piper in a seperate post! Keep your eyes peeled!)

The teleporter fired up in a big, blue blast, and then there was silence. That was a good sign, right? It hadn’t exploded, it didn’t overload. As far as they knew, everything had gone according to plan. The only thing left now was to wait.

A day passed. But, of course, it wouldn’t be an in-and-out mission, it was gonna take more than a day. Everything was fine, probably.
That day turned into two days. Then three. Those three days stretched out across the Commonwealth, becoming weeks, becoming months. The teleporter was dead where it stood. 

Hancock: Those first, precious days, when hope was still an option, Hancock tried to relax. He willed himself to not count the minutes. Even if he could avoid the clocks, he couldn’t avoid the sun in the sky, which kept setting and rising every single day without bringing Sole back with it.
He needed something to keep him busy.
Chems were the answer, as they usually are. They made time pass quicker. So quick, in fact, that he barely noticed that four days became six, that became eight. Eventually, he only checked in with the teleporter once a day. Then he started the slow, lonely trek back to Goodneighbor.
When Sole returned, they would know where to find him. He had immortality on his side, after all, he could wait. However long it took, he would wait.
He stopped counting the days. It was no use. The knot in his stomach grew tighter, no matter how much he tried to ease it, and it finally caught up to him when a courier knocked on his bedroom door in the State House. The letter was addressed to him, from Sole’s people, and it was brutally short.
We don’t know what happened. At this point, we have to assume the worst.
He drank himself stupid that night, and the night after that. He could have handled Sole breaking up with him, or dying in battle by his side, or anything, really, other than this. Anything would be better than this slow uncertainty that became dread in his chest. He couldn’t accept it. He couldn’t just be okay with Sole dropping off the radar like this. Anything, holy shit, anything but this. This was torture. 
And it was going to last forever. What’s not to love about immortality?

Curie: She knew it wasn’t good for her mental health, but Curie couldn’t help but think about all the ways this could go wrong. That blue beam was going to rip Sole apart on an atomic level and put them together again in an undisclosed location, in the middle of what was, as far as she knew, the enemy’s headquarters. Even if it was successful, there was so much room for error.
She spends that evening sitting by the teleporter. She has both palms down, soft against the hard, cold metal, waiting for it to buzz to life again and bring her lover back. In the morning, someone brings her a blanket and a bite to eat. No one is saying anything.
She only leaves when she has to use the bathroom or find food. At least for that first day. The second day she lets herself go find a radio, and she returns to find that the teleporter is still silent, and Sole is still not there.
She listens to the classical music channel for a while. It’s easy to tune it out, to make time pass, but no matter how many hours she wastes sitting there, nothing happens. The others are looking at her, some with sympathy, some with shame. 
And Curie sits. Patient, loyal. She sits until she falls asleep, and wakes up to find nothing has changed. When someone finally works up the courage to tell her that it’s no use, she should go find something to do, it all catches up to her.
She cries.
So much could go wrong. Too many variables. The beam could have torn Sole apart. Sole could have made it to the Institute and been shot on sight. Sole could be sitting in some clean, white cell right now, being poked by scientists. Or they could be dead. Just… Dead. Dead like the teleporter. Dead, heavy, empty, like the way she feels right now. The way she is going to feel for the foreseeable future. 
Curie is a scholar at heart. If anything, she can at least say that she learned from the experience.
Life is temporary, love even more so. It was naive of her to think Sole would stay by her side forever.
Now she knows better.

Cait: She’s not patient. Never has been, never will be. When Sole is swallowed up by the blue, she stands there for a while. As if expecting them to return right then, just minutes after leaving. Once she realizes that it’s not happening (of course it’s not, these things take time, no need to worry), she starts working. Target practice. Building. Guard duty. Anything to take her mind off it, anything to make time pass. 
Oh, time passes, all right. A whole lot of it. She hounds the people who built that damn thing every single day, getting more anxious and aggressive each time. Nothing went wrong, right? Sole should be back by now, right? Then where the fuck are they? Sole would never just leave her like this, something is up. Why will no one help her?
They give her the bad news sometime later. “Sole is gone. We don’t know where, or what happened, but the chance of them coming back is shrinking by the second.” Cait hears that message, thinks about it for a second, and rejects it.
No way. No way in hell. If they want to sit on their asses and just say “Something happened, Sole disappeared” then they are welcome to it; she’s going on a mission. She’s going to find and bring back Sole if it’s the last fucking thing she does.
Turns out, it will be. It might be months, or years, or even decades before someone finally manages to put Cait in the ground, but when it happens, she at least goes with the knowledge that she never gave up. 

MacCready: It’s gonna be fine. He keeps telling himself that, over and over, with his ears still ringing from the sound the teleporter made.
It’s gonna be fine. It has to be. It has to be.
Sole is going to come back any time now, hand in hand with their lost son. Or they’re going to come back alone, and Mac will be there to support them.  It might take a while, he’s prepared for that, but… Sole is coming back.
They have to.
MacCready wouldn’t call himself religious. He doesn’t know if there’s a God with the big G but… Maybe he’s just hoping. Maybe that’s what faith is. Just hope. The way to sanctuary is paved with dead wives, husbands, sons and daughters, but the survivors make it thrive. He has seen the face of the Commonwealth change for the better because of these people, and it makes him think; if misery really is God’s way of testing his people, then it seems to be working.
Then again, “God’s tests” break a lot of people, too. Not everyone is a hero. He knows for a fact. He has experienced powerful, mind-blowing things, and thinks “that can’t be random. there has to be something big out there.” But then he spends the rest of his time wading through scum and blood, and he starts to falter. So the cycle starts over again.
If anything good can be said to have come of this ordeal, it’s that MacCready doesn’t wonder any more. He knows. No amount of praying could bring that teleporter back to life.
It’s almost funny how easy it is to give up. It’s almost like he had been expecting it all along; that one day, Sole would walk out the door and not come back. He switches from manic, desperate hope to acceptance in a matter of days. Of course, of fucking course Sole is gone, why would he think otherwise? It’s gonna be fine my ass. What is he, a child? Naive? Full of hope and faith? Get out of here. 
He does, by the way. No one knows where he goes. One morning his boots and rifle are gone, and MacCready with them. 

important Anne Boleyn reminders

  • Henry VIII would have ‘divorced’ Catherine of Aragon regardless of if he had met Anne Boleyn or not. In 1524 he and Catherine ceased to have sexual relations; in 1525 he began building his illegitimate son as a rival heir; in 1526 he began courting Anne Boleyn and in 1527 he and Anne agreed to marry.
  • Although Anne was a leader mostly in the Church/religion-sphere, which seems quite irrelevant in the modern world, her achievements are still strongly connected to modern society in that, through supporting the translation of the English Bible, free education and a reformed Church, she was essentially fighting for a very universal right which was more freedom of opinion for the English people. This was actually monumental considering the few Englishmen who could read did not understand Latin, and thus did not understand the Bible and were dependent wholly on what they were told about it, as they could not form their own opinions about something they could not understand. 
  • Important note that women weren’t supposed to have their own opinions in the 1500s, let alone voice these opinions to their king.
  • Rather than follow traditional, conservative English fashion, Anne Boleyn was a leader in spreading French trends and in that sense represented the hugely important 'wear what you feel comfortable in’ concept of feminism.
  • Elizabeth is known for her solid reign because of her wisdom in choosing advisers, all of whom were connected through their Cambridge origins, and so, essentially, their tie to Mathew Parker, who had a huge hand in raising Elizabeth. Parker was Anne Boleyn’s chaplain and it was her final request, days before her arrest and execution, that he raise Elizabeth in the new faith. This connection shaped Elizabeth’s entire upbringing and character, and thus, her reign, so that busts the myth that Anne Boleyn had no hand in her daughter’s greatness.
  • Anne offered patronage to many less fortunate future Protestant scholars to study on the continent, interceded to save the lives of several Protestants who had been charged with heresy, and by the end of her three year reign, had given about 14000 pounds toward charitable causes.
  • She was known to lend her books to her ladies-in-waiting.
  • She initially tried very hard to have a friendly relationship with her stepdaughter Mary, but when Mary refused to so much as acknowledge her position as Queen, the abuses she subsequently suffered were largely called on by her father, Henry VIII, although Anne is mostly held accountable as the stereotypical 'evil stepmother’.
  • Reminder that, at her trial, Anne Boleyn was not even at the listed places at the listed times in which the many bizarre adulterous encounters with not one but five men supposedly took place. The listed actions were highly contrary to Anne’s character given most sources. A keen politician from the start, she was highly aware of what was at stake if she were caught.
  • oh and reminder that who even gives a fuck if she did commit adultery, like Henry VIII was faithful to her so fuck your sexist double standards
  • reminder that the fact that she dared call her husband the king out for his infidelities indicates huge self-respect and bravery rare even in modern women let alone a 16th century woman with everything at stake
  • oh the awkward moment where most people in the 21st century still regard a mother who got her head cut off on fabricated charges a 'whore’ who 'got what she deserved’. who the fuck deserves to get their head cut off?? its not like she fucking killed someone
  • 'she got what she deserved for being overly-ambitious’ highly doubt this would be said about a man since even today men are encouraged to be ambitious and women are encouraged to get married. This is so commonly said and it is honestly so fucked up, like that woman going for the CEO position deserved to get shot?? A woman deserves to be executed because she’s ambitious?? fuck that shit, and reminder that Anne didn’t force Henry to do anything.
  • the even more awkward moment where people in the 21st century are still using the word whore
  • 478 years later I’m so done with your shit patriarchy
Someone please give me a PR2017 “Bella and the Bulldogs” AU

Jason still cripples himself after the prank, Kimberly ends up as the new quarterback after being ostracized from the cheerleading squad. He and her become friends bonding over football and screwing up in life.

Trini takes Kim’s place in the squad in an effort to actually be remembered by people.

Billy runs the scoreboard and audio/visual spectacle, plus Kimberly’s assistant personal coach.

Zack is the mascot. He’s cool and he has all manner of favours and useful things from overhearing things because people rarely care about him off the field. He and Trini bond because the other cheerleaders are super shallow.

Please give me Kimberly running straight into a goalpost after Trini does a midair somersault and she can see how short her under-skirt short shorts are.

The two awkwardly flirting, and Zack cheering them on in the background while still in costume.

Kimberly being just fine and bonding with her otherwise all male team, who are future college athlete scholars and football fans who treat girls like they do their mothers and sisters–with care, love, and respect

Just heard from the last positions out of state, and it looks like we are staying in Delaware for the foreseeable future! Right now the plan is to finish up and defend my dissertation in the next few months and hold onto the graduation paperwork until a job comes through. I’m waiting to hear if I can teach at UD, but I’m also applying to some local/remote work positions.

For those not in academia, you should know that this is fairly normal. To get THE job before you actually finish, the first year you apply to things, is very very difficult. This is pretty par for the course, and I knew it going in. Oftentimes the search process can take 2-3 years before you find something. A permanent position can take even longer to find!

My first year on the job market went super well! Interviews at 6 different institutions, short-listed for a tenure track position and a post doc. I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful scholars/future collaborators, and I’ve learned a lot about the kind of linguist I am and want to be! Now to finish up this full draft of the dissertation and get those publication numbers up for the next year of applications.

future scholars of kirkwall devote their entire careers to trying to figure out the identity of the “dark-eyed woman” mentioned in Varric Tethras’s sonnets

“a dwarf with no formal education couldn’t ACTUALLY have written Tethras’ work,” some scholars argue. however, they’re largely dismissed as conspiracy theorists (especially the sect who hold fast to their notion of Enchanter Orsino being the secret author.)

others point to the beautiful and witty young wife of a local merchant, but then fragments are unearthed from an early edition suggesting that the dark-eyed woman might have been human. fifty-six scholars are arrested in a tavern brawl. none lose tenure.

the accepted parameters, however, are this:

-according to sonnets 130, 147, and 190 to 195, she was probably a mercenary- or a Grey Warden- or at the very least a camp follower. this last has some credence because

-she was described as a “roaming wanderer never set at rest.”

-her eyes were “storm-dark” but that, too, is a point of contention. they might have been grey or blue.

and the one thing every scholar, except the ones trying to make a name for themselves, will agree on:

the dark-eyed woman who gave birth to modern poetry died young and alone, and the world’s greatest poet would never forget the way she smiled.


For the next month or so, instead of Mondays being Diagram Day, they will be Dissertation Day! As I prepare my dissertation “Issues in the Rebinding of Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts: Facing the Future, Conserving the Past, and Creating Useable Objects for Today” for presentation at the International Conference for Books, Publishing, and Libraries in October, I’ll be posting summaries and expositions of portions of it for your reading pleasure.

Solving the Mystery of MS 19

The downside of long-lived institutions such as the University of Edinburgh Library is that some details and information doesn’t get passed down through successive generations of librarians and keepers. Edinburgh MS 19 is a fairly recent example of this. MS 19 is a French Bible Historial, completed sometime between 1314 and 1315, and apparently rebound sometime in the past 25 years. Luckily, the person or firm doing the rebinding retained the late 18th or 19th century University binding, but unluckily, they left no sign of who they were or why the rebinding was carried out!

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Eragon sentence starters
  • “Books are my friends, my companions. They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life.” 
  • “That’s why I’m teaching you and not the other way around.”
  • “People have an annoying habit of remembering things they shouldn’t.”
  • “Life is pain…anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something”
  • “My heart died a while back. “
  • “To have a child is the greatest honor and responsibility that can be bestowed upon any living being. “
  • It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.
  • “Respect the past; you never know how it may affect you.”
  • “The greatest enemy is one that has nothing to lose.”
  • “Keep in mind that many people have died for their beliefs; it’s actually quite common. “
  • “No hunter of the sky should end his days as prey. Better to die on the wing than pinned to the ground. “
  • “Do not dwell on what once was, but rather look forward and ponder how you can make the future brighter”
  • "Always the scholar, aren’t you?”
  • “I refuse to repent, and I won’t plague myself over what is done and past”
  • “Do you think I enjoy this? “
  • "Anyway, I’m not going to stay behind while some stripling gets to run around with a dragon.”
  • “Defend yourself!”
  • “May the coming years bring you great happiness.”
  • “ Why are you here? ”

flaviamarquesart  asked:

Hi! In a recent post you said that Daniel Handler had to change the entire plot of TPP because he realized that a sentence of TBB created a plothole. I never heard about this before and now I'm very curious about it (TPP is one of my favorite books from the series) do you happen to know more about this?

This is a reference to an interview Daniel Handler made with Salon in 2006. It’s gone from the Interwebs ever since, but thankfully 667 Dark Avenue transcribed it for posterity (Link):

Q: Did you start off with an outline? How did you file your notes?
A: Randomly, on scraps of paper. The nice thing about having a narrator with ambiguity and unreliability is that it’s not as crucial to be exact. But it’s not really that complicated either.
Q: Did you catch moments in the series where you actually did make mistakes?
A: Not really mistakes, but things that make something else more complicated. There was a sentence in “The Bad Beginning” that I really regretted for about a year. It made kind of a mess of things. I had to change a huge part of the plan all because of this one sentence – and not a sentence probably anyone would have noticed, but I would have known.
Q: And what sentence would that be?
A: I’ll say that, for a while, the Baudelaires were going to return to Count Olaf’s in the 12th book. They were going to find some stuff there. But there’s a sentence in “The Bad Beginning” when they’re locked inside a room and it says, “Klaus goes through all of Count Olaf’s papers.” [/li][li] It was a really stupid thing to say. They couldn’t go back and find something that would have been under their noses all the time. It just really annoyed me.
Q: And future scholars rejoice!
A:This transcribed interview will be a major addition to the literature
[Daniel Handler’s interview with Salon, Oct. 28, 2006 - (Source)]

667 Dark Avenue also managed to gather a few more details:

19. You’ve said you had to change your plan because of the line from The Bad Beginning, “Klaus read through Count Olaf’s papers and books.” What would have happened differently if you had never written this line, and what were the Baudelaires going to find? - Dante
Early research indicated that the Baudelaires had stopped at Count Olaf’s home on the way to the island, and discovered there, rather than beneath the roots of the apple tree, certain materials described in The End.   Further investigation, including the sentence you cited, made it clear that this was most certainly not what could have happened.

[Daniel Handler’s interview with 667 Dark Avenue, July 13 2007 - (Source)]

anonymous asked:

What is the matching amount SCAD gives for Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholar? Thanks

SCAD may recognize and award funds similar to your state scholarship resources. You must provide proof of state scholarship eligibility to the admission department once you’ve applied.

When you asked me to find somebody for you
I gave you names of girls that I knew
Beautiful ones with olive skin and sly smiles
Dark eyes that matched their hair
And smelled of musk and whispered mysteries in
Your ears

Ones with bright blonde hair that made everyone’s head turn
Like the type of girls you see in the magazines
Red dresses and heels higher than their confidence
And laughter that exploded
And voices that sounded melodic and inviting

Ones that had bright futures and were scholars
That could calculate numbers that I don’t dare to touch
I introduced you girls that liked your favorite sports team
and had things in common with you
That I didn’t
And ones that could offer you things
That I couldn’t

When you asked me to find someone for you
I told you I have tried them all
Jokingly admitting you were too picky
You need to keep your options open
And asked what you looked for in a girl

And you said:
“Someone who dances around the kitchen
to her favorite songs
And highlights the pages of her favorite books
Who eats a bowl of cereal every night before she goes to sleep

Someone who laughs obnoxiously and loudly
Who gets excited about little things
And cares a little too much about what people think about her
Who underestimates herself at the wrong times and was blind enough to think
Someone else was better for me than her.”