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'Riverdale' Star Lili Reinhart on Bughead's 'Passionate' Future and Filming Intimate Scenes With Cole Sprouse
ET sat down exclusively with star Lili Reinhart during this week's after-show episode of 'Sweetwater Secrets,' and she revealed things will be getting "really romantic" in Bughead's relationship.

But when we pointed out that distance also makes the heart grow fonder, the 21-year-old actress was quick to agree. “Totally! It totally does and it definitely makes them appreciate one another more when they’re kind of being pulled apart by going to different schools,” she spilled. “So when they do get to see each other it is really romantic and passionate.”

  Riverdale is certainly taking their romantic scenes to a whole new level in season two! After that oh-so steamy Varchie shower scene in the season two premiere, we were curious to know how Reinhart feels as an actress when she has to film those more intimate moments with co-star Cole Sprouse.

“I feel like it’s very comfortable at this point. I mean, it’s The CW you’re not going to get too crazy. It’s just like kissing and hugging,” Reinhart said before adding that the Veronica and Archie shower scene was “definitely pretty spicy.”

“I think we’re all so comfortable with one another that it’s not even really a thing,” Reinhart said of her co-stars. “If we have a kissing scene, it’s fine. We don’t really think twice about it. When new characters have to kiss, it’s a little different and you’re like, ‘Oh, OK! What this?’”

“But it’s easy, we’re all friends,” the blonde beauty continued. “It would be more nerve-wracking if you had to make out with someone that you didn’t know. So if by chance we do end up having to kiss each other, it’s fine and it doesn’t feel weird.”

Plus, there’s no denying that Reinhart and Sprouse have some seriously sweet on-screen chemistry. “We get along quite well,” Reinhart said coyly. “We’re doing good.”


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Welcome to part II of the Fall Collaboration Project for @kpoptrashnetwork, GOT Halloween Party, with @kpopfanfictrash and @rude–jude

Part l: Poets and Parties by @kpopfanfictrash

Part lll: Coming Soon by @rude–jude

Word Count: 2.9k+

Warnings: Smut and a little angst

AU: Frat boy, friends with benefits, college student

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Millie - Greystripe
Bumblestripe - Ravenfire - Blossomfall - Briarlight

This is Grey’s (future) family from my au! Just a quick sketch ‘cause I’m still sick
changes made: Ravenfire (4th kit) black smoke, new character
Blossomfall - was tortoiseshell, now blue spotted tabby
Briarlight - was solid chocolate, now black tabby

I thiiiiink I made them genetically correct but idk haha someone can correct me but this is going to be their final descriptions 

*Namjoon and his future girlfriend in the middle of an ~ahem~ heated moment when suddenly–*

Namjoon’s future girlfriend: TAKE IT OFF NOWWW

Namjoon: Oh for the love of-

Namjoon’s future girlfriend: CAUSE YOU’RE A MASTER BABY WITH MY BRA

Namjoon: Babe we talked about this, you’ll ruin the mood

Namjoon’s future girlfriend: DIM THE LIGHTS DOWN BABY

Namjoon: Yep, there it goes. Mood effectively ruined.



…( I’m going to hell for this. )

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Cosmo's future lover should be named Wanda! XD♡

awww i didn’t know it was their english names!! can’t even remember the french ones damn this animated tv show is so old :-)

I’m like Kanye when I’m lookin everyway for job opportunities so lucrative implementing my creative writing so the future’s history books can write me in paragraphs talking about my influence on the new religion that don’t need no euphemism or any other suffixed -ism to shoot out of the prism because the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow can never match what it creates through its expenditure if god teaches you to spend it right

“Gorgeous” | Aman Thind

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I remember one of the first episodes Mon-El was introduced, my dad said: “That’s her future husband isn’t it? I mean, how can you NOT see that!” Lol.

my mom after watching 2x03: “she’s gonna fall for him, you can tell” LMAO THESE PARENTS

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Okay but sweet Justin and Alex kisses and discussing random things

Okay but you right, because they just lay there, someones head on the others arm/shoulder and they just talk. Half the time they’re not even sure what they’re talking about. They just stay there cuddled up together and talk about their lives, and their friends and what they want for their futures.

It’s the only real time Justin properly calms down and really opens up. Also the sensual hickies!!!! Nothing sexual, just slow kisses to the skin that leave behind a mark sometimes. It’s Justin literally just worshipping how perfectly delicate Alex is. There’s the little kisses too, in between the mumbled words, and probably ‘I love you’s before they even know they’ve said it

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron // Re-imagined

✿  Future: Dad Moves 

It’s been a while since my last upload. I’ve drawn up some sketches but lately have been doing other things and have not worked on art. Never fear though, that’s just how I flow, still have enthusiasm to draw more Jimmy/Cindy. 

This is another older Jindy moment; The Jimster inherited his dad’s dorky “moves,” and on Cindy… they actually work.

Art by me, ArtistUnknown2017. | Color Version

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Did. You. See. Roger’s. Latest. Instagram/Facebook. Post??? I swear I half expect some sort of “announcement” in the near future! It’s like these two are captaining their own ship!!! Do they know they’re doing this? Are they doing it on purpose or is it just coming out (pun intended) naturally? It’s TOO MUCH!!! I hope they never stop!

Ahhhhh just went and looked when I saw your message!

It’s just… I can’t even begin… I’m just so…

I don’t even know where to start.

He is just so… PROUD, ya know?

And I’m so proud of THEM. *happy tear*

Honestly, sometimes I wonder how Rafa stands the guy he’s so ExtraTM lol whereas Rafa’s always just been quietly loyal ya know?

But I think it’s just Roger being Roger tbh tho. He’s a fucken sook lmao. Roger’s said on a couple of occasions now that he’s finally come to appreciate Rafa’s place in his career and life (or words to that effect,) and I think he’s come to that realisation having been sidelined for 6 months. Like he said, he didn’t quite know how to relate to other injured players (read: Rafa) before then and now I think it’s really dawned on him in a big way. And also maybe that he… might have, you know… missed him a little bit? <3

I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t kinda land in his lap at the Laver Cup press event in NY last year (judging by that beautiful picture of Roger’s heart-eyes,) and then really sunk in again when they went to the Academy like, ‘omg this person actually means a lot to me…’


Ngl I’ve been harbouring this guilty fantasy of seeing Rafa teach Roger’s daughters how to fish (cos he sho’ as hell ain’t gonna do it lmao) and then Roger posting it all over IG lmao cos like I said, he’s a sook lmao.

Either it’s all of the above or Roger just realising that being sweet as pie to Rafa has helped his chances in their matches, which is fair because it’s something that worked for Rafa plenty good for 10+ years XD


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What about Beetle boy with a future s/o who is use to seeing ghosts and is not impressed whatsoever with him. They just go "eh, I've seen worse/better"

That would frustrate him so much!!
He’d try all of the tricks he knows to at least get SOMETHING outta you,, but nope. You broke the boy,, he’s having a crisis now,,

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Fav fic is Speed Dating. ⏲🐎👗

Aww thank you nonnie! I’m glad you like it! I hope you stick around because I do have plans for it’s future. I’m just not sure exactly when.

Overwatch’s storytelling weakness- too many heroes.

With Tf2 making a big resurgence again, I’m compelled to express my concerns about how Overwatch’s storytelling will fare in the future-

Sure, Tf2’s had the 9-year advantage on Overwatch, but since they only have 9 classes, those 9 classes have all gotten amazingly memorable moments (though it took Medic a weirdly long time for that), interesting families and backstories (though Spy and Pyro obviously can’t have too much of that) and great interactions all around in the 10 years of its life.

However with Overwatch, the game currently stands at 25 or so heroes, and with the main story focus being mainly about Overwatch vs Talon, there’s still some characters who haven’t even interacted with any Overwatch or Talon agents at all, let alone being or fighting them. And with more heroes on the horizon (maybe even literally) there’s still some who have gotten neither an animated short nor a comic yet. I love the diversity in its heroes, though they should probably stop once the’ve covered every main geographic region and added a new defense and support character at least.

Heck, the reason people make all those “Mei is pure evil” jokes isn’t just because of her playstyle- it’s because she’s the only hero (to my knowledge) with zero reason to kill in her backstory- she’s not an Overwatch or Talon agent, not a soldier or revolutionary or criminal or private security force- you can’t even say she’s killing for peace enforcement purposes like you could exaggerate with Zenyatta (which is also still a stretch)- she’s just a scientist who wants to key in the climate data she has to stabilise the environment.

On top of that, a lesson which should be learnt from various superhero movies and anime is that the wackier your concept, the funnier it needs to be at times to make sure you don’t have weirdos in absurd outfits trying to be edgy in scenarios you don’t care about. Maybe it’s Valve, but their comedic writing in not just Tf2, but many of their games is still superb- while Overwatch has funny moments, but mostly relegated to the Junkrat short and fanworks, while most other dialogue is just pop culture references in voice lines. Heck, Tf2, as paradoxical as the RED vs BLU thing is, is at least self aware of the pointlessness of a bunch of eccentric d*psh*ts fighting over the same plots of land over and over.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that while introducing more heroes to Overwatch is definitely something I love gameplay-wise, the dilution it brings to the storytelling and worldbuilding aspect of the game can potentially be pretty harmful as time goes on.