future replica


PaDD replica paint/build commissions. Several were cast from screen used pieces. Most were painted with automotive Dupli-color spray paints, but a few colors were custom mixed and hand painted as the colors weren’t readily available!

The pinkish looking piece (Cardassian Module) is my favorite. Really nice casting with some pretty cool paint schemes.


NEW VIDEO: “Making Terrible Paper Mâché Heads” ft. Korey Kuhl - if you want me to check out your Tumblr, reblog this! Also this may be the funniest video I’ve made in a long time. ENJOY.



I have recently come across this treasure while cleaning out my closet.

I bought this Fun Ghoul vest off the MCR website when they were being sold for Danger Days. I believe I purchased it for $89.00, but with the shipping cost, it was around $100. If I were to sell this (most likely on eBay) I would probably set a buy it now price around $60, although I don’t know what the cost of shipping would be for this item. Or, if enough people are interested in it, I will let you guys battle it out and bid on it.

This vest has been tucked away in my closet since the day I got it in the mail, aside from the day I wore it to see My Chem. I promise I did not sweat in it enough to notice any smells or stains (ew). It is in original condition (the wrinkles you see on the back and collar were there when I received it in the mail).

The yellow and green fabrics are both 100% cotton, and the black collar and shoulder details are a faux leather (a little shiny in certain light). The zipper is sturdy, and the yellow patch on the left chest panel is sewn on well, so I don’t see it coming off any time soon.

It is a medium in mens. Normally I wear a mens medium or small when it comes to tshirts (from hot topic because that is where I buy all of my band shirts). The arm holes are wide and large enough that you can have full range of arm motion. The only part that was a little tighter on me was the bottom hem because it sits around the hips. Being a girl that is a little wider in the hip area made it a little difficult to zip the vest up and keep it that way without it wanting to rise toward my waist when moving around.

I have had this vest for years now, and I barely even look at it. I know any MCR fan that never got the chance to have one of these would love to have this since I am pretty sure they aren’t selling these anymore.

UPDATE: If I do sell this soon, the buyer will most likely receive a few extra items that I found that I had bought separately, however they are MCR items and they go with the vest.

Additional information regarding MCR, but not this piece of merchandise:

I also have the Special Addition Box Set that was sold on the MCR site as well that I may want to sell in the future. It includes a replica of Party Poison’s laser gun (hard, handpainted, plaster cast. Comes with display stand) and mask. The box set also includes a full color picture book that kind of goes along with the videos for Na Na Na and Sing, and a bead bracelet with various symbols on them. Message me if you would like me to make a post about the box set that includes photos.