future psychiatrist


hey i’m katie! i live in the US and i’m 16 even though people think i’m 23. future psychiatrist, current volunteer and animal-lover. shoot me a message, but no small talk :) i have ADD so stuff like “how are you?” gets boring. tell me about something funny thats happened to you or we can talk politics or bands or the meaning of life. i look forward to talking to youuuu💓
tumblr: purepassenger
kik: kaaatie12
insta: katie.malsch

Im very conflicted with what i want to do in the future..
possible careers:
-psychiatrist/therapist depending on how much school i want to go through
-physical therapist

And on the side i want to be able to play in an orchestra still even if its a community one (tbh i wish i could be in a better one but we’ll see how stuff is after college…)

Im taking the IB SEHS class next year so ill see how i like the thought of physical therapy?? Idk im just very conflicted…