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How to be good at interviews:

I’m having next Wednesday my first professional interview (eeeeek) so I decided to share the research I’m doing. I googled all of this and chose the information I found most important, and organized it. I truly hope it’s helpful for someone out there :)


  • always do your homework: learn about the organization, its ideas and story 
  • don’t necessarily memorize responses, but try to have a planned general strategy for answering common interview questions
  • practice in front of the mirror
  • be ready to briefly describe related experience
  • compare your qualifications to what the organization wants from you


  1. What’s your biggest weakness? Think of a genuine issue you have as well as ways you have managed to work with/around it.
  2. What’s your biggest strengths?” Stand out from the crowd and don’t be afraid to speak about your strengths in an authentic and compelling way. See if your strengths align with the company’s needs.
  3. Why do you want this job?”/ “Why should we hire you?” Stay focused on why your background makes you an ideal candidate and tell them how you are going to contribute to that department and that company. 
  4. Tell me about yourself.” Don’t tell them your life story, instead discuss what your interests are relating to the job and why your background makes you a great candidate.
  5. Why did you leave your last job/position/school?” Do not go into details about your dissatisfaction, tell them that while you valued the experience and education you received, you felt that the time had come to seek outo a new opportunity, expand your skills and knowledge, and to find a company with wich you could grow. Try to put a positive spin on things. Be honest if you were fired but don’t trash your previous boss.
  6. Where do you see yourself in five years?”  Be honest about what your greater aspirations are.

And much much much more (from your behaviour to work experiences, education, interests and motivation or problems and challeges you’ve faced previously), I would encourage you to try to write down some topics for each questions that work for you. Being prepared is everything.


  • sleep and eat well so you look rested and healthy on the big day
  • give yourself time to calm down/meditate/relax
  • don’t noodle around on your phone or electronic device while waiting - it may communicate boredom and frivolousness, maybe stick your notebook/notes

What to wear: normally it’s best to dress neutral, professionally/formal, not overly fashionable or trendy, and brightly colored clothing is bad. Make sure your clothes are neat and wrinkle free, and make sure your image is very clean and neat.

What to bring: if revelant, extra copies of your resume on quality paper, a notepad or professional binder and pen, information you might need to complete an application.


  • make eye contact
  • show courtesy to everyone during the interview, this means everyone from the reception staff to the interviewer herself
  • smile
  • have good posture
  • avoid fidgeting too much or playing with your hair/touching face
  • have a good handshake
  • don’t cross your arms over your chest
  • walk, act, talk with confidence
  • be comfortable and relaxed
  • choose the words you say
  • don’t place stuff on their desk
  • manage your reactions - facial and body expressions give clues on how you feel: project a positive image
  • show interest and enthusiasm
  • show warmth and personality - being personable is about getting the interviewer’s emotional side to like you and believe in you
  • don’t lie to make it seem like you know something you don’t. You probably won’t fool your interviewer, and admitting to not know something is much more impressive than lying
  • be honest
  • keep things simple and short, talk in 30-90 second chunks. Any less and you’re likely to seem unqualified; any more and your interviewer is likely to lose interest in what you’re saying

THINK OF QUESTIONS TO ASK: participating actively during the interview gives a good impression of your level of interest in the job. Most of times it is more adequeate to ask in the end of the interview.  But I feel like you really need to make sure your questions are adequate. Examples:

  • “What types of training opportunities do you offer?”
  • “What are the chances for professional growth in this job opportunity?”
  • “Is there anything else I can provide you with that would be helpful?”
  • ALWAYS ask the “ When can I expect to hear back from you about the position?” question if  the interviewer does not tell you

Good questions are open-ended, and thus cannot be answered with a “yes” or “no.” Better questions are behavioral: they ask how things are done or have happened in the past, because current and past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.


  • shake hands with the interviewer - try to invest some feeling into the handshake and pleasantries, even if you think you bombed the interview
  • hold your head high and keep your cool
  • your emotions are probably teetering at the highest of highs or the lowest of lows, but try to stay measured
  • project a cool confidence, not cockiness, and walk out of the interview with your head held high


  • when you know in your heart and your gut that you bring to the table something just as valuable as a paycheck and maybe much more – your tremendous experience, intellect and instinct – you’ll carry yourself differently. You won’t trip over your words in an effort to please His Majesty or Her Highness, because you’ll see yourself and the interviewer as equals on a level playing field. 
  • you are valuable and unique. You have something very special in you and you deserve to be given a chance. good luck!
A little rambling on the workings of PR

I don’t usually post about things like this.  In my opinion, celebrity’s private lives and just that “private”, but there comes a point where a person gets tired of all the games…and especially of seeing people played.

 Do I think Sam/Cait are a couple?  I don’t know for sure, the only ones that do aren’t saying, but what I will say is that I think the two of them are a hell of a lot closer than normal co-stars.

 Do I think Sam/MM are a couple?   I don’t know that either, but I do know there’s something off about that relationship. I’m by way of being kind of an expert in body language and Sam is always too stiff and guarded in proximity to MM. Until I see Sam act and look at MM like he does Cait, then I’m far from convinced.

 Do I think there are PR games being played?   You better believe it!!  And I hate to tell you all this but the fans and even Sam are being played like a fiddle by a gal that doesn’t even know the proper attire for a birthday party.  

 So, what can we – as fans – do about it?

 Let me tell you a little story.  Once upon a time in the land of daytime TV there was a show called Days of Our Lives and a couple named EJ and Sami, dubbed with the portmanteau of “Ejami” by their fans.   Ejami had Sam/Cait level chemistry and the characters had danced around each other for 8 years, finally coming together in 2013.  Fans were happy and while Days was not the highest rated soap, it had the largest social media presence of all the soaps thanks to happy viewers who had and posted and tweeted and campaigned for years to get their couple together.    However, in 2014, their love story took a nose dive when EJ began a sexual relationship with a much younger girl to keep her from telling on Sami for murder.  At least that’s how it looked on the surface.

 The truth was, Days producer Ken Corday had concocted a rather devious plan.   In 2014, the Nielson ratings group began incorporating social medial statistics into their overall ratings and on January 13, 2014, Corday was scheduled to present these social media statistics to advertisers to help set the advertising rates for the upcoming year.   Days was already the highest rated soap in social media, but Corday was greedy, so on January 10, 2013, he had EJ fall into bed with a young blonde twit thinking that Ejami fans would react like always and blow up social media over the weekend with their displeasure, with making Days social media numbers even higher for the meeting on Monday.

 Thankfully though, this time the fanbase realized what Corday was up too and decided to take a different approach – they went silent.  From January 10, 2014 to January 13, 2014, Days of Our Lives went from being the highest rated soap on social media to not even ranking…something they have NEVER recovered from.    Simply from the actions or lack of actions by fans, Days slipped heavily in the overall ratings to the point of cancellation and in a last-ditch effort are now bringing back the two actors for an upcoming sweeps period to give fans what they should have given them in the first place!

 What’s my point in all this?   My point is that MM is taking PR lessons from Corday.   That picture she posted with the rainbow wasn’t some innocent thing, she KNEW using a rainbow would rile fans up.  You see in Hollywood, there’s one simple and very true rule “There’s no such thing as bad publicity!”  Every time you interact on MM’s Twitter or Instagram, whether to say yay or nay, whether you call her a saint or a slut -she benefits from it.  Every single time!   Don’t think social media is that important?   I have a friend that’s an actor – a relatively well-known soap opera actor at that -  who was just turned down for a role because his social media presence wasn’t that strong. No joke!

 Which brings me to ask if you’ve ever heard of a Q-score?   Quite simply a Q-score is a measurement of the familiarity and appeal of a brand, celebrity, company, or entertainment product.   Used to be, Q-scores were measured by a celebrity’s appearances on TV/film, talk shows and in entertainment magazines.  Nowadays, the score is figured almost solely from social medial statistics.  To put the score in perspective, right now Johnny Depp has the highest Q-score at 92. Trump’s Q-score is 98.  Sam and Cait’s Q-scores range from 38-42 which is a very respectable range for actors in their genre. The interesting thing is that this time last year, MM had a Q-score of 18, which has risen to over 30 as of today and why?  Because of Sam.   Here is a girl that has chased fame since she was 12 years old and she’s finally got her hands on something that can help her achieve that.  She’s going to continue to use him and us unless we do one thing.  

 Ignore her.

 Just like we did to Days of our Lives that fateful January.  Block little Miss M on every facet of social medial.  Don’t follow, don’t comment, pretend she doesn’t exist. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and MM has shown herself by her past behavior.  When she’s no longer getting any attention from being Sam’s perceived girlfriend, the truth will out and at the very least, she’ll stop posting those “in your face” pics of hers.            

 Sometimes the adage of “Ignore something and it will go away” just works.


Dr. Moses “Musa” Powell (1941-2005)- A martial arts master teacher and practitioner from New York. Moses Powell was a master student to , he was so skilled at Juijitsu that he developed his own style and system called Sanuces Ryu and he still ha students such as Anthony Muhammad teaching today. Moses was a teacher to the Nation of Islam, law enforcement, and even the FBI.

Ava DuVernay (Born 1972). I know most of you know Ava so I don’t need to do the whole bio. But I’ll say that I became aware of her work when she released a little documentary called “This is the Life” about a L.A. hip hop scene that produced some of my favorite MC’s. And imagine how stunned I was when I realized I’d been listening to Ava rhyme on Project Blowed and didnt even know it was her. This is the 3rd time I’ve drawn or painted Ava. Yes. Go watch her latest film “The 13th” about prison industrial complex and its relation to slavery.

Octavia Butler (1947-2006)- Octavia was in incredible mind. An incredible writer, and a predictor of future. My mom read her work and introduced me to her 15-20 years ago. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that I actually read and understood her work. In fact, she is the reason why I now love to read and share books with others. Her work in fantasy and science fiction has inspired so many with her talent for describing, telling, and bringing you in. I beg you, read her work and check out Octavia’s Brood-an anthology of writers inspired by her work.

Dawud Anyabwile (born 1965)- Illustrator and co-creator of the Brotherman Comics stories, I first became aware of his work as a teen, and later became rejuvenated by it as a young adult. I have written about this brother in magazines, and social forums because his outlook and approach to life, his views on Black family, and his stunning artistic abilities are a guiding light daily. Go support this living legend now by getting “Brotherman-Revelations” for your kids.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1915-1973)- A Rock and Roll pioneer, she was one of the architects of what today is now known as Rock in its many forms. She was a pioneer in her life, music, beliefs, and her relationships being a bi-sexual woman in her day. Her style was fierce, loud, and extremely soulful.

Oddisee (born 1985). Amir Mohamed is a Sudanese American musicians who both rhymes and produces instrumental music. The basis for his work is hip hop, but it expands to other genre’s such as Jazz, Soul, and house. I first became aware of the brother on a visit to DC back in 2008 and have been a fan of him and Diamond District since. His work is extremely skillful, well crafted and thought-out, and balanced with thought and care-free. I think many my age would agree that he is one of most talented to do it. On constant rotation. Support him now by seeing him perform or buying his new LP.

These are a few illustrations from last year that were commissioned by a Bay Area Tech company last year for Black History/Future month. There are more, but these were my favorite. If you would like to purchase a print of any one of these email me at info@robdontstop.com 8"x11" mixed media on paper.

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For not knowing what went down you called everything EXACTLY as it has happened. Almost word for word. What does that tell you? Patterns and staged for the maximum effectiveness of attention and to cause fighting among trolls and sock accounts. I've given myself a date and if things haven't turned the corner by then I am checking out of this freak show. Whether or not SC are together (think they are) this has gone into something extreme therapy specialists should check into. Ridiculous!!

Thanks Noonie, I still don’t know what’s happening/happened or gone down. I’m not big on SM this is about it for me. But if you tell me I was right with my guess then it’s the same shit different day. She is pretty predictable, past behavior is usually a good predictor of future behavior. 

 I know S/C are together, I have absolutely no doubt there. And it can be a bit of a freak show around here at times, but ya gotta have some faith Noonie. It may not happen in the next week or month or year but this will come back and bite TPTB and MM in the ass. I am a strong believer in karma. We all just gotta hang in there, the truth always comes out one way or another. It’s sorta like corruption in the government or police, some where a long the line there will be a whistleblower and TBH I wouldn’t mind being around to watch what’s coming to the guilty.   

Each day the sun rises and sets. The moon pulls the tides. Our hearts beat. Our loved ones love us back. And we share our inhales and exhales with the great organism that is our tiny planet.
But, as you watch the sun rise again tomorrow morning, think to yourself: past performance is not a predictor of future results. And then force a smile, drink another cup of coffee, and try not to look down as you walk across the soil that will eventually fill your lifeless lungs and repurpose your corpse.
—  Welcome to Night Vale - Episode 24
How To Recognize An Abusive Caregiver: A Guide By a Little Survivor

More often than not, our caregivers love us unconditionally, and would do anything within their power to protect us from harm, but sometimes a little falls into the hands of someone who is genuinely unworthy of their love and devotion. Abusers masquerading as caregivers are all too common in the CG/l community. Abuse comes in many forms. You can be abused emotionally, physically, sexually, financially,and psychologically. While the threat of physical violence is terrifying, the emotional and psychological effects of every kind of abuse are long-lasting and can lead to anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideation. The key to avoiding these things is to know what to look for.

First, if someone has a history of abusing other people, they will likely tell you. Listen to how they talk about their former partners. If there seems to be a disproportionate number of “crazy exes” in their history, that’s a red flag. Abusers often project, making others responsible for their feelings and actions, and vilifying their victims. Always remember that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

How to Spot an Abuser:

Although every case is different, there are a lot of characteristics that most abusers share. An abuser might be:

  • Emotionally intense and codependent
  • Charming, well liked, talented and charismatic
  • Unreasonably possessive or jealous
  • Explosive, constantly irritable, or prone to wild mood swings
  • Judgmental, inflexible, and hypercritical.

Physical Abuse:

Physical abuse is often a cycle. There is the trigger, something that sets your partner off, the escalation, often a verbal argument - or in most cases verbal beratement of the victim by the abuser - that leads up to the attack, the attack itself, and then after the attack there is sometimes what’s called the “honeymoon period,” where the abuser will often shower the victim with affection and gifts, begging for forgiveness. After the honeymoon period, there is a period of calm, where both parties usually pretend that the attack never happened or that everything is okay, until the next time the abuser is triggered. 

Physical abuse includes but is not limited to:

  • Punching, shoving, slapping, kicking, pulling your hair, biting, choking or otherwise striking you, including with an object.
  • Threatening you with or using a weapon on you.
  • Stranding you in strange places.
  • Breaking your things or things in your home. (Example: Smashing your tablet, breaking dishes, punching walls, etc.)
  • Forcing you to drink alcohol or take drugs against your will.

Sexual Abuse:

Sexual abuse is a hairy, nasty beast that shreds through all parts of your life. Sexual abuse is not always forcible or violent, and in most cases is present in the form of sexual coercion, or bullying you into consenting to acts you otherwise would not consent to. It also includes reproductive coercion, which could be impregnating you without your consent or knowledge, even if you have consented to sex, forcing you to take birth control or terminate a pregnancy, or even leading you to believe that they themselves are on birth control and tricking you into impregnating them. 

Sexual abusers will often:

  • Guilt you into agreeing to sex, claiming “blue balls” or the like.
  • Get you drunk with the intent to have sex with you after you are too drunk to consent.
  • Purposefully give you an STI.
  • Film you without your consent.
  • Show you pornographic material against your will.
  • Control the way you dress, non-consensual “bimbofication.”

Financial abuse:

Financial abuse occurs when one partner controls the spending habits of the other, steals from them, controls their money altogether, moves into their home and does not contribute in any way to the household, does not allow them to have a job, or withholds money necessary for things like food or prescriptions. Ruining someone’s credit history by taking cards out in their name or stealing their cards and using them is also financial abuse.

Emotional abuse:

Emotional abuse is especially nasty because often neither party has any idea that abuse is going on. Emotional abuse is sometimes neither party’s fault, either. Emotional abuse is, unfortunately, pervasive among those with mental illness. Unlike with the other forms of abuse, where the abuser is very aware that what they are doing is wrong, emotionally abusive partners are sometimes worth working with. Emotionally abusive behaviors can be identified with the help of a therapist, and changes can then be made.

Emotional abuse includes but is not limited to:

  • Name calling
  • Screaming
  • Sexual neglect
  • Blaming everything on you, refusing to take responsibility for their actions or feelings
  • Isolating you from friends and/or family
  • Guilting you
  • Intentionally ignoring you or excluding you
  • Embarrassing you on purpose
  • Constantly criticizing you
  • Cheating on you/breaking the rules of your relationship
  • Withdrawing affection
  • Extreme moodiness, irritability, making you feel like you have to “walk on eggshells.”
  • Flirting or other provocative behaviors with other people, with the intent to make you jealous
  • Constant use of sarcasm or unkind tone of voice
  • Calling or texting you constantly while you’re not with them
  • Mean jokes, teasing
  • Refusing to communicate with you
  • Threatening suicide if you leave.
  • Gaslighting - THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM. Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that leads to the abused questioning their own sanity. If your partner legitimately upsets you, and then tells you that you’re being silly, irrational, or stupid, that is gaslighting.

It is always important to remember that abuse is absolutely not your fault, no matter what the abuser says. They may try to convince you that no one else will love you or that you’re not worthy of better treatment, but neither of those things is true. You didn’t make them this way, and abusers seldom change without therapy. Sometimes, the abrupt wake-up call of a partner leaving for these reasons will be what they need to get help, but your number one priority should be your own mental health. Sometimes leaving is the only option.

Stay safe, beautiful littles!

Thoughts on Episode 81 - After 3327:

  • Cecil is so, so inconsiderate of his interns unless they seem to achieve a level of success similar to Dana’s
  • “Past performance is not a predictor of future results” is a phrase that crops up an awful lot
  • Nick Teller’s invisible ship is a reference to The Philadelphia Experiment! Nice!
  • Nikola Tesla was alleged to have worked on The Philadelphia Experiment, or at least his discoveries allowed it to be possible after his death
  • Nick Teller sounds an awful like Nikola Tesla

Call me crazy, but I’ve been counting objects. I don’t write meta, but I wanted to chip in with my two cents. The best predictor for future behaviour is past behaviour, so these are my predictions for what to expect from season 4.

Now, I know very little about cinematography, so if there are rules about how to count these things, I have probably broken them. I’ve simply put down every time someone mentions, touches or in any way interacts with an object on screen. I have also included objects that are ignored by the characters but are prominent on screen because of the way they are filmed. If two people in the same scene interacts with the same object, I have noted it twice.

These visualisations show which objects appear in which episode. I also have statistics on the characters, so I am planning to make more visualisations if you like these.

When I started this meta-adventure, I had help from


Thanks a lot for helping me get started!

Edit: I’ve just checked TAB and my numbers are off on several measurements. Gngh! I’m looking into it and will get back to you!

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(1) DUDE OK IDK IF YOU'VE BEEN KEEPING UP WITH TVXQ SHIT BC U HAVE A LIFE UNLIKE ME BUT yunho released a solo album, changmin 1) got a ridiculous fake moustache in his drama, 2) broken (yunho's) rice wreath record for dramas, 3) sang bolero with kyu and chen @smtown japan, 4) passed the military police exam and is enlisting by the end of the year AND BOTH OF THEM WON'T STOP TALKING ABOUT EACH OTHER WHILE DOING SEPARATE ACTIVITIES "I'm lonely without changmin" "I feel empty without hyung"

What kills me is… Changmin’s just so fucking committed to Yunho?? I mean. To TVXW. He’s willingly sacrificing two years of his life for Yunho. …for TQQX. He deliberately took a super difficult exam with an acceptance rate of 5% so he could TIME HIS SERVICE WITH YUNHO’S. …with TXBCX’S.

Listen, I just wanna know how premeditated this was. Did Yunho lumber out of bed one morning and circle a potential date on the calendar, thinking he was alone in his apartment, and Changmin just skulked by once the sun dipped behind a cloud, and under the cloak of darkness, pressed his thumb to the number and vowed, “Your kind will never defeat me.”

Or did he legitimately think he could do four years without hyung, whatever, time is relative and men are born and die alone, and then his first solo thing happened and he was like no, nope, the EXO children are touching me, I now have no buffer it seems, I can’t do this, time out, time out.

Or did he shuffle into their old Tokyo bathroom one night, sleepy and annoyed, and see a whole mess of improperly-squeezed toothpaste and a gross wet floor and go, wow, yeah, can’t wait to not have to deal with this shit, and was then instantly gripped with unrelenting panic, standing in soggy socks and staring at Yunho’s stupid toothbrush and thinking, well fuck.

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WTNV: Three Years Later

Friendly reminder:

The anniversary episodes may as well be named
“Something Awful Happens To Carlos.”

Year One: Bleeding out in a bowling alley while his not-boyfriend breaks down in tears on-air

Year Two: Trapped in a desert hellscape as the universe essentially tells him he does not belong in Night Vale.

Year Three: Not looking good. (And that was BEFORE Kevin showed up…)

Then again, “Past performance is not a predictor of future results.“
*crosses fingers*
*crawls under desk*

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I recently told my parents that I didn't want to be an artist an I wanted to be a scientist of some sort and they were supportive. However now I don't know what steps to take to help me get there, (I'm a freshman in highschool) any advice...?

So you want to be a scientist or STEM professional? Here’s my general advice for high school students interested in STEM:

Note: This is mostly aimed at US students because that’s my experience. I really don’t know how international programs work, so there’s that.

You have a ton of time to figure things out, so don’t stress about it too much right now, but there are some steps that you can start taking in high school to get you on track. 

1: Take as many high level math and science classes as you can stomach or as are offered by your high school. Take math through calculus, and take AP calc and stats if they are offered (calc is more important than stats but that can be a nice one to get out of the way with AP credit). Take bio, chemistry, and physics, and take at least one of them AP if available depending on your interests. I think AP chemistry gives you the most bang for your buck if you pass the test, because you get out of a full year of college chemistry classes, whereas bio and physics generally only get you one semester of credit. Take the other courses at the highest level you can manage if you aren’t taking them AP (for example my high school had regular and honors level science classes).

2: Don’t neglect your other classes. Take art or music classes, and work your hardest in your lit and history classes as well as in your science and math classes. This will make you a more well rounded thinker, which is a good thing in science, give your brain a much needed break from the technical stuff for a while, give you a creative outlet, and make you a better college applicant (although this is not the main objective).

3: That being said, don’t neglect your mental health and well being for the sake of getting good grades. If you need to not take all AP classes for the sake of your own mental health, drop those classes as fast as you can. Grades aren’t everything and high school success is not necessarily a predictor of future success. There are other roads to get where you want to be. Do your best the learn the coping skills you need around homework and studying now, because you’ll need them in college and beyond, and least getting a handle on how you work and process information in high school will make the transition into college a lot easier. Learn time management now because it’s a lot harder to learn once you get to college.

4: Get involved in STEM in some capacity now if possible. Does your school have a science club? Do you have a GO FIRST robotics team? Does your local college have science and engineering summer camps? Find things that interest you and do them, not because of how they’ll look on your college application but because getting involved is the best way to figure out if you like something and really want to do it. Get out of the classroom and explore science in a real world capacity. Find something that captivates you and learn as much about it as you can. Get a telescope or a microscope or a robotics set. Learn a programming language. Read some non fiction books about the history of science or your favorite scientist. Watch NOVA and Cosmos and Star Trek.

5: Don’t do things because you think it will help you get into college. It’s less important that you do ten million activities that you don’t really care about and more important that you focus on the things you do care about. Find something that you are passionate about at pursue it as far as you can, because that will make you a better student, a better scientist, and a more interesting person.

6: Remember that it’s okay if you don’t like something you think you need to be a scientist. You don’t have to love math, and it’s okay if you don’t get As in all your science classes or if you fail AP tests or whatever. You don’t have to be the best high school student to go into STEM. You don’t even have to be great at math. There are multiple paths to getting where you want to be, and not being on the main one is okay.

tl;dr: If you’re interested in science, take calculus, chemistry, and physics, and then go out and find something about science to be passionate about and go do that.

Brain structure, function predict future memory performance in children, adolescents

Assessing structural and functional changes in the brain may predict future memory performance in healthy children and adolescents, according to a study appearing January 29 in The Journal of Neuroscience. The findings shed new light on cognitive development and suggest MRI and other tools may one day help identify children at risk for developmental challenges earlier than current testing methods allow.

Working memory capacity — the ability to hold onto information for a short period of time — is one of the strongest predictors of future achievements in math and reading. While previous studies showed that MRI could predict current working memory performance in children, scientists were unsure if MRI could predict their future cognitive capacity.

In the current study, Henrik Ullman, Rita Almeida, PhD, and Torkel Klingberg, MD, PhD, at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden evaluated the cognitive abilities of a group of healthy children and adolescents and measured each child’s brain structure and function using MRI. Based on the MRI data collected during this initial testing, the researchers found they could predict the children’s working memory performance two years later, a prediction that was not possible using the cognitive tests.

“Our results suggest that future cognitive development can be predicted from anatomical and functional information offered by MRI above and beyond that currently achieved by cognitive tests,” said Ullman, the lead author of the study. “This has wide implications for understanding the neural mechanisms of cognitive development.”

The scientists recruited 62 children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 20 years to the lab, where they completed working memory and reasoning tests. They also received multiple MRI scans to assess brain structure and changes in brain activity as they performed a working memory task. Two years later, the group returned to the lab to perform the same cognitive tests.

Using a statistical model, the researchers evaluated whether MRI data obtained during the initial tests correlated with the children’s working memory performance during the follow-up visit. They found that while brain activity in the frontal cortex correlated with children’s working memory at the time of the initial tests, activity in the basal ganglia and thalamus predicted how well children scored on the working memory tests two years later.

“This study is another contribution to the growing body of neuroimaging research that yields insights into unraveling present and predicting future cognitive capacity in development,” said Judy Illes, PhD, a neuroethicist at the University of British Columbia. “However, the appreciation of this important new knowledge is simpler than its application to everyday life. How a child performs today and tomorrow relies on multiple positive and negative life events that cannot be assessed by today’s technology alone.”

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Okay, you've probably answered this question before but I'm not too sure. Did you like LOK book 2 over all? I personally really liked it. I thought the ending was pretty great too.

No, LOK has not been entertaining for me at all. Book 2 had its moments. I liked individual characters and scenes. But the direction the series is going in and the way Bryke write plot arcs now just isn’t my cup of tea. 

I really love that quote from the movie Side Effects which was “past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour.” That to me sums up my attitude towards LOK now. I don’t really trust it get better. Its been 26 episodes now and I’m not enjoying it.

I will keep up with it. I do enjoy running this blog and chatting with you guys, but following LOK and investing time into the series won’t be top of my agenda.