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Hello. I decided that I want to create a challenge for all the future polyglots here on tumblr. So choose a language and get read for it :)

1. Watch a youtube video in your language of choice
2. Read a book in your language of choice
3. Write a message to someone in your l.o.c
4. Make a list of 30 new words in l.o.c and learn the words.
5. Try to describe any image with your l.o.c
6. Watch a movie w/subtitles in your language of choice
7. Watch a movie in which your language of choice is used
8. Find a penpal from the country where your l.o.c is spoken and try not to use any other language.
9. Describe words - family, relationship, school, pet & dinner with your l.o.c
10. Write an essay (200w) in your l.o.c on the topic - Learning languages.

Feel free to tag people and make a post where you tag me so I can see your improvement :)

~ lena

Useless? Language is never useless!

I often hear and see from others that learning foreign languages is a big waste of time, but I challenge that all the time!

I work in the food industry right now, and I find on a regular basis that people come in and have issues ordering in English, or only one person in the group is able to do so. The ability to take orders directly from people makes everyone’s life easier, and has gotten me tips on more than one occasion. Now I just need to learn Hindi, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese! Those three language are seen a lot at my work.

Languages are never useless, and my paycheck has taken a recent increase as a reflection of that use!


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For all you feline-obsessed future polyglots, I’ve decided to compile a list of the word “cat” in a number of languages:
(pronunciation help is in square brackets)

European Languages
Albanian: mace
Basque: katu
Czech: kočka
Danish/Dutch: kat
Finnish: kissa
French: chat or chatte
German: katze
Greek: γάτα [gáta]
Icelandic: köttur
Latvian: kaķis
Macedonian: мαчка [machka]
Maltese: qattus
Romanian: pisică
Russian: кот or кошка
Welsh: cath
Yiddish: קאַץ [kats]

Asian Languages
Armenian: կատու [katu]
Azerbaijani: pişik
Bengali বিড়াল [birāla]
Chinese (Simplified): 猫 [māo]
Georgian: კატა [kata]
Kazakh: мысық [mısıq]
Korean: 고양이 [goyang-i]
Mongolian: муур [muur]
Thai: แมว [mæw]
Uzbek: mushuk
Japanese: 猫 [neko]
Vietnamese: con mèo

Middle-Eastern Languages
Arabic: قط [qat]
Hebrew: חתול [hatul]
Persian/Farsi: گربه [gorbeh]
Turkish: kedi

African Languages
Afrikaans: kat
Chichewa: mphaka
Sesotho: katse
Xhosa: ikati
Yoruba: nran

Austronesian Languages
Cebuano: iring
Filipino: pusa
Hawaiian: pōpoki
Indonesian: kucing
Malagasy: saka
Maori: ngeru

While I did double check these, please let me know if you find any errors, thanks!

anonymous asked:

Okay, so... I've made myself a goal to learn 5 languages by the time I am 25 (I am currently at the age of 18) and I already know Spanish (I've been learning it for 5.5 years), and I am planning on Croatian (my best friend is from Croatia, and she is willing to teach me). That's two languages down, and three to go! I was thinking about learning Russian, French, or German as my other three but the only other language curse my university offers is French... What do you think i should do? Merci!

Waow, that’s a great goal, good luck with reaching it!

I have to admit that I’m a big advocate of taking a language course if you have the opportunity. That’s how I’ve learned the languages I know and I think having a teacher answering your questions is a big help. That being said, it’s only my opinion and I know a lot of people managed to learn a language by themselves and I’ll be forever impressed because I know I can’t. 

So my advice would be to enroll for the French course your university offers. I promise, I’m not saying this because I’m French, or a teacher, or a French teacher :)

Re: the other two languages you want to learn, there are plenty of advice here on Tumblr and around the internet on how to learn a language on your own as well as tons of resources so if you have the motivation, why not give it a try? If working on your own seems too hard, maybe you can find a class in a language school or maybe your city offer classes or you can find someone to give you private lessons, maybe in exchange for you teaching them something else?

and if you’re not sure yet, you can always wait a little longer to start learning these two languages, your plate will already be full with Croatian and French!

Anyway, good luck with your endeavour and let me know how it goes. And of course, feel free to ask me questions if/when you start to learn French :)

What I love about learning another language

Getting to relive your childhood in another tongue, giving you a whole new perspective on children’s songs and your favorite movies. Even something as simple as the alphabet song is like, vaguely reminiscent of the past but so symbolic of the future it’s beautiful

here’s an executive summary of Fundamental Issues With Whedon As I’ve Encountered Him:

  • kind of proto-tvtropes (Turkey City Lexicon?) investment in the form of entertainment over its content, which leads to interesting TV and movies and comics and whatnot but also leads to “fixing” culture as he encounters it by removing things which tripped up drama or action out of basic concern for human dignity. this is my basic complaint about the “neither dystopia nor utopia” school of sci-fi he was part of for firefly - a certain class of ween who have little to nothing to fear from the present state continuing indefinitely are way more skeptical about either their position of social power being abolished or becoming more nakedly abusive than they will ever be about cowboys in the astrofuture
  • talks an unacceptably big game about transgressing genre norms while remaining profoundly and fundamentally conservative about them - a show about Empowered Women who face and are routinely overwhelmed by continuous sexual menace because it’s a horror show and that’s how horror works, a show about a Polyglot Frontier Future which is preposterously white because that’s how westerns work, etc. the result of this is him getting credit from people for being a progressive force in media he’s essentially reactionary in

like, fundamentally, if he were just a steven moffat type whose role in the culture was recognizably and obviously reactionary to everyone involved i would actually be less uncomfortable with him

do me a favor and no reblogs on this, i really don’t want to get into arguments over this shit