future place of work

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Fated, a Modern Royals AU.
Part One of a new series, we’re bigger than we ever dreamed.

It should have been Brandon. Charming, witty, intelligent, quick tempered and rash Brandon. Brandon was who received all the training, sitting in on their father’s meetings and learning to rule directly from the King in the North, Rickard VII. 

A single car crash changed all of that. The driver had a heart attack at the wheel, barreling into a barricade and crash landing into a ravine.

OKAY I think a few people asked on this so, mostly for my own sake, I drew up a really rough layout of Toriel and Frisk’s house as used in DOFP

And in doing so I realized that my previous methods of “winging it” and “playing it by ear” did not work out super great since there’s some layout things that are out of sync with each other, but this was just the best I could figure out based on what I had previously. SO, future updates I’ll use this as my layout reference.


well i ran out of things to upload and to present

but i’m planning to do more OC doodles later

afterwards, hopefully after my current college semester is done, it’s clean up time and for me to take a BIG break from Swapdoodle

i have:

  • 3DS games to play
  • look for a fucking part-time job during my college break
  • driving practice
  • Drawing Tablet practice (i can’t doodle on Swapdoodle forever yk :\)
  • sprite work to do
  • write ideas for my future project
  • Discord
  • study on how commission work on places like dA and Tumblr (and not Patreon, eugh)
  • etc.

for me to upload some new art, i need to pile up first so i don’t keep myself inactive forever


Me too, Spider-Man. Me too.

Nintendo says it’s fixed the Switch’s Joy-Con connectivity issues
Nintendo has finally admitted to connectivity issues with the Switch’s left Joy-Con controller, but it says that a fix is in place to make sure all future units are working properly. “A manufacturing variation has resulted in wireless interference with a small number of the left Joy-Con,” a Nintendo of America spokesperson said in a statement. The statement comes after CNET’s Sean Hollister published an investigation into the issue, suggesting that Nintendo had implemented a fix in new units. Read more
Foraging, the act of looking for food, helps us to map the world around us, to give it meaning. If you know that in the park on a certain corner breakfast beckons in the form of damson jam then you start to care about that place in a different way. I believe wholly that an awareness of our landscape is important. It is our best conservation tool, it builds community and defines where we live, and perhaps it could be the starting point for deciding how the place we live in will work in the future.
—  Alys Fowler, ’The Thrifty Forager
was at the occult section of my local bookstore

youngin’ teen of 14-ish: *looks through books on anything llewelyn and celtic looking with bright colored covers and witchycraft teeny bopper things and angel blah oracle card deck whatevs.

me: *inner cringe and gasp the horror oh my someone help the poor child.someone take her to the kiddy book section before she destroys her life on this blasphemy and burns in the hellfires of regret.

youngin’ teen of 14-ish: *suddenly see’s crowley’s illustrated goetia, simon’s necronomicon and robert wang’s qabalistic tarot reads back of books giggles and takes the books and walks away.

me: *well that escalated quite quickly in the most positive of ways. slay girl sllllaaaaaayyy

Is this how the future will work?
You run into each other somewhere
(a place you showed him)
and you see him walk in and sit down with someone but you don’t say a thing because you’re holding your breath.
You know it’s him because her laugh is too loud and no one has hair like his.
You’ll say hi on your way out, he didn’t even see you
(too caught up in her)

You’re wearing his hat that makes your forehead itch but smells like him.
It’s awkward.

But she can name them everywhere else and all the places they aren’t.

This IS how the future will work.

He will look through you after three seconds because you’re both out of context. He will ask how you are but you’ll lie when you answer.
Not tell him all the panicky thoughts going through your brain or that you saw him the second he sat down right behind you
(you heard her voice first)

I’m being dramatic but I want to be able to run into you at whatever point in my life and have your kids know my name, and know when you look at me we still know each other like we do now.

—  you are my best friend and I love you.