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if you ever have twins DON’T insists on having them in the same class. I know it seems cute and it was fun when I was little but now I am constantly being compared to my sister who has way better grades than me and the pressure on me is surreal. Not to mention that I literally share my whole social life with her it’s unhealthy and we never do anything without each-other. There has not been a day in my 17 year existence that I didnt see her. Even at sleepovers we were AlWAYS together. Don’t get me wrong; I am lucky and grateful to have someone like her but this really fucked me up because I can’t deal with being alone.

Friday Round-Up: Parenting Advice in 15 Words or Less

You spoke up and now we’re sharing.

Here’s what you said was the best advice you have ever received or could offer, in 15 words or less:

robot-mama: “Kids are resilient. You don’t have to be the perfect parent, just good enough." 

stasiapepper: ”Smell your babies head every chance you get.“ momlyfe:  "You know your child best. Better than well-intentioned old ladies. Even better than the internet.” bumblemama: “Say yes to all help!” and “Your kid(s) think you’re doing amazing. Don’t argue!” Nicole:  "It’s okay to apologize to your child.“ mrstu: "Sleep every chance you get because you never know when you’ll be up all night.” thestanford6: “All the sleepless nights when they are infants are way easier than the teenage years!” Here are some other submissions with advice so good that they warranted inclusion (even if they went over 15 words):mrstu: “Put anything you cannot replace or want to keep forever in a box at the back of your closet until your kid is much older. And sleep every chance you get because you never know when you’ll be up all night.” parenthacks: “The most important skill I’ve developed as a parent is the ability to listen. Not just with my ears, but with my gut and my heart.” annismezelsm: "Every baby is different. All he needs is love, and a little direction. The rest comes with time.” stasiapepper: “Do what feels right. If you get stuck ask. Take advice with a grain of salt."  Thank you to all who participated and thank to to all of our readers who have supported this blog from the very beginning and to all of our new readers. We look forward to hearing from more of you in the future!