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i think it’s so cool that marvel is releasing their first ever movie in the marvel cinematic universe, black panther (2018) dir. ryan coogler! it’s so interesting that they waited until now to finally make a movie, but i can’t wait to see how these comics will translate on screen : ) ) ) )

Amelia (Part 1 of 3)


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: You technically met Amy first.

Note: Untitled Garbage Mystery Fic is no longer Untitled or a Mystery!

Okay, so this was initially gonna be a small thing and then it kinda got away from me so it’s a slightly less small thing? I basically needed to write something that wasn’t academic for once in my life and then this happened (with a great deal of help from @fragmentofmymind who is the greatest and listens to me every time I hit a metaphorical writing speed bump)

It’s far from the best thing I’ve ever written but I’ve had fun in this universe so far (and hope you do too). Thanks for being patient with me, my dudes. I LOVE YOU LOTS.

Word Count: 11,336 (shout out to slow burn lmao)

There’s a quiet power in wielding a camera, a strength in the ability to either capture the world in its purest truth or manipulate it into something brand new. You had learned this at a young age, stealing your grandmother’s Polaroid camera and discovering how different the image you could create would look in different types of light and more or less motion, even if you didn’t fully understand why it worked the way that it did.

It became a part of you, filling your heart with a curiosity for telling stories through images. The photo you caught of your mother as she laughed quietly to herself in the kitchen, a snapshot of your best friend right at the moment she caught you taking it, a poorly framed photo you accidentally took of yourself while trying to change the roll of film.

It was all magical to you, and it never really stopped feeling like you’d tricked the universe into allowing such beauty to exist every time you snapped a one-of-a-kind photograph.

A camera is built out of complicated technology. The mechanics of focus and aperture, f-stops and shutter speed were more than science and math to you–they were your doorway into a new world, the look of which you got to decide.

Your hands felt most comfortable when stabilizing a camera, your eye most at home behind a viewfinder, your fingers their most graceful as you pulled focus to a new subject–

“Are you even listening to me?”

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joshgroban: How can I possibly express all the feelings from the afternoon of July 2, my last show in @greatcometbway? Just endless love and gratitude for this cast and crew, to the fans of Comet, past present and future, to @rchavkin and @davemalloymy theater parents…“restraining tears of tenderness, tears of joy which choke me”. That was the night in a nutshell. After the show, which took everything in my power to get through with my head swimming in thoughts, my dear friend @thelucassteele gave such a moving speech. This whole cast has inspired me and I’m honored to call them my friends. @deneebenton, my Natasha for life. Just the best. After the show I took everyone on a cruise around the Hudson. Just hugs and happiness. I’ll never forget it. Thank you all for giving me this experience. I hope to return to Broadway soon.


chris fleming is brutal

so this is the last weekend for our current show and last night we had our best audience ever (including some theatre friends I haven’t seen in a while, so that was awesome)

I continue to get tons of compliments on my completely self-indulgent sound design for this show, which tells me two things: I should continue to do whatever the hell I want, at least as it relates to sound design, because people love it; and even though it is pretty firmly in the 80s and 90s for the most part, I have fantastic taste in music. 

get ready to not be listened to, directors!


deneebenton: Not gonna lie, I felt like a QUEEN last night. Nominated along side legends with the two legends of my life by my side. Thank you to artists who made this look possible on this incredibly special night of my first time being Nominated at @thetonyawards for the role of a lifetime.
And to my @greatcometbway cast and creative team, you guys have changed my life and are the glorious future of American theater. The world is blessed to have you.
Dress/shoes: @oscardelarenta (😱)
Hair: @vernonfrancois
Face: @itsmatin
Styling: @erinwalshnyc #voguebestdressed
Earrings: from my amazing parents