future of meat

This newborn calf, still wet with amniotic fluid and already tagged for slaughter, was taken away from his mother at birth and and will spend the rest of his short life in the cramped confines of a veal crate. Yet another innocent victim of the dairy industry.

Just look at the life you have sentenced this poor creature too. Stop doing it I’m begging you, find it in your heart to make sacrifices for him. 

I hope Vegans are wrong!

I hope we are not killing our planet.
I hope the rainforests have not been 80% destroyed.
I hope animals are not sentient.
I hope animals don’t suffer mentally and physically!
I hope we are not running out of fresh water.
I hope GMO’s are not destroying the future crops.
I hope meat does not cause cancer and heart disease.
I hope 80% of large fish have not gone extinct forever. .
I hope that the big pharma really cares about the welfare of people.
I hope that the media is not brainwashing our children.
I hope that McDonald’s cares about the happiness of our children.
I hope the children are not starving from feeding animals their grains.
I hope global warming is not related to animal agriculture.
I hope the drug-resistant bacteria is not being created because of antibiotic abuse to animals.
I hope that 150 species do not go extinct daily because of man’s lust for meat.
I hope some how the planet is thriving.
I hope vegans are so wrong.
I really hope so!

There may be a time in the future when all meat is grown in labs, and that may be exactly what ends the awful abuses of the meat industry.

However, I’d like to say right now that if that’s really what it takes, that’s absolutely pathetic from a moral standpoint. I mean, can we as a species honestly not stop torturing and slaughtering billions of beings until our precious tastebuds are taken care of?



Are you ready for man-made meat?

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