future of ford

Little homage to the classic X-Men cover. Saw a Rick and Morty version of this and wondered why no one had attempted one with Gravity Falls yet.

Will most likely make this a print eventually.

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…so i saw someone wanted a mabel montage

A sequel to this piece of garbage, in honor of it being nearly a year old already!

here’s an overprotective grunkles montage for your overprotective grunkle needs



If Dipper Hadn’t Saved Ford

Sorry about the quality. I only watched the episode this morning. 

Stancest week day 1: Teen Stans

Stan never ends up giving the sunflowers. He doesn’t want to interrupt anything, so he sneaks them back to his car. It can stay in the back seat for now, he thinks.

The next day, Ford wins first place in the school science fair.

waj13  asked:

Hi. Hopefully I'm not bother you with this, but what did you think of ford asking dipper to be his apprenticeship

Not bothering me a bit! I love questions like this!

I think that Ford had good intentions, but his perspective was warped by the way he was projecting himself onto Dipper. As he sees it, his own closeness to Stan did him more harm than good in the long run—it became “suffocating.” He blames Stan for much of what has gone wrong in his life—for the perpetual motion machine that broke, for thirty years of his life spent between dimensions. In a weird, irrational way, I bet he also blames Stan for not being there when he was having his mind and heart stolen by a dream demon.

In Ford’s mind, it would have been better to have ripped off that band-aid when he was much younger, so he offers Dipper a chance he himself would have loved as a child—West Coast Tech, but better. He’s so busy trying to, essentially, travel in time and prevent all the mistakes of his life from happening that he forgets that he’s not dealing with his younger self. Dipper is a different entity, and he’s not ready to be separated from Mabel.

If Dipper and Ford share a flaw, I think it’s their excessive anxiety to be grown-up—Ford, in old age, still has some of that urge. He wants to be head and shoulders above the rest of humanity, he wants to be the hero of destiny because the alternative is to be the freak who has six fingers for no reason. That’s why he heeded Bill Cipher’s flattery so easily—it was calculated, it told him what had he wanted to hear his whole life. There’s a great deal of that tendency in Dipper. He’s desperate to be taken seriously, and Ford represents the heights he strives for. In the end, though, he comes to the mature realization that Ford’s offer is just as much of a fantasy for him as the Lisa Frank landscape of Mabel’s prison bubble is for her. He can’t speed up time any more than Mabel can stop it; the adult world he aspires to might be his one day, but for now he has to go home to his parents. He has to be thirteen.


Board highlights from Dipper and Mabel vs The Future! 

I usually try not to let my GF work take over my personal blog but I can’t help it for this episode. It was by far my favorite script to work with and I put a lot of this thing called “heart” into it. Hope you guys had fun! :) :) :) ;)  (the ride’s only just started). 

The last frame didn’t make the final cut but I liked it enough to include it. Waving goodbye to Grunkle Stan after their talk. 

More to come! 

My half of the Solo-boyz art trade with the most excellent @savagelucy42 <3 Nothing quite like spending some quality time with vintage Han Solo whilst live streaming Celebrations! :-P Expect a very Star Warsy weekend guys #MoreLikeHanYoloAMIRITE

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