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Here they are finally !! I was never satisfied with the designs (Gozu was redrawn like 3 times) but thank you !! I’ll be drawing the rest of the requests soon so yall don’t worry about it !

(also i didn’t draw Tengan bc he doesn’t deserve a nice dress)


Better living through high technology
dustrial leggings,

  • 88% polyester 12% spandex performance wear fabric.
  • EcoPoly fiber is eco-friendly since it requires significantly less energy and water use during manufacturing.
  • Medium weight and sturdy, yet breathable, Compression fit. Thick elastic waistband finishing and cover stitched hems. 4-thread overlock stitch for durability and stretch.
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I love the whole Three Musketeer thing! I feel like the first time they are all at the GPF together they are going to get so much Musketeer swag :)

Viktor scanned through the trending tags on twitter:  #3musketeers #viktorismyfavmusketeer, #chrisismyfavmusketeer, #yuuriismyfavmusketeer, #musketeersGPF, #musketeerpodium

He really liked the last one,  He looked around.  “Yuuri!  Chris!  Selfie time!”

Yuuri shook his head, but was dragged along by Chris anyway.  “Embrace your sexiness, Yuuri! Pout for the camera.”


Viktor would agree with that.  Chris needed to stop trying to get Yuuri to do hot things.  It wasn’t fair.  He knew that it caused mayhem with Viktor’s heart and other parts of his anatomy!

Picture taken, Viktor set about to posting it on Instagram.  “New hastag.”  He smiled at the other two and flipped the phone toward them.


“Really?” Yuuri just lifted a brow.  “You don’t have low expectations do you?”

“Yuuri, are you saying that you can’t?”

Yuuri clenched his jaw.  “I can!”  He marched off.

Chris just shook his head and slung his arm around Viktor’s shoulder.  “You know, I think you get him all riled up like that because it turns you on.”

Viktor shugged and watched as Yuuri warmed up for practice not far off.  His ass really did look good.  “Well, you wouldn’t be wrong.”

Sketchy reference sheet of one of my new OCs, Yolette! I’ll probably work up a better one sometime. I plan to draw more of her and her friends in the future.

Thank you everyone who came to the stream! (*´▽`*)

Drabble #328

X: in-law

“Hi, Mummo! How’s things?”

“Hello, Simon dear. I’m fine, thank you. How was work?”

“Oh, marvellous! Just marvellous. The details are a bit hush-hush for now, but we’re planning something big for the hedgerows.”

“How exciting. Anyway, I wanted to ask if you’re free on Saturday? Martin is bringing his girlfriend over, and she wants to meet you and Caitlin.”

“Is that right? Well, I should think I can clear an hour or so, for little Marty. What’s she like, then, this new girl?”

“She’s lovely. Much more down-to-earth than you’d expect.”

“What, for a pilot?”

“For a princess.”


Do not stress over your past, it can’t be changed, it should also not be hidden. Focus on now, focus on your goals and plans, aspirations and dreams. Then, one day, you will be able to look at your past with pride that you’ve over come such a time, with grace and with dignity.

Pasts are Pasts, Nothing more Nothing less by Amy Kennedy


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One day Sabo meets the Whitebeard pirates. He tells them that ASLR stands for "Ace Sincerely Loves Riskua." Ace doesn't find out that Sabo's a windman until after he tries to set him on fire.

Actually, make that “Ace Secretly Loves Riskua”, Sabo tells them Ace had the S crossed out after he confessed. (Part 2)

Oh my god, oh my god. I burst out laughing when I read this, this is perfect.

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Weigh in was today! -4lbs this week! Total weight loss over the past two months is 17lbs 💪🏼

Tonight is meal prep night and then only 2 more weeks left in this semester 😱. Time to visit with my family so for now I leave you lovelies with a photo my husband took of me and my son this morning;;

suga; ceiling

Lying awake in bed, the heavy, sleeping body of Yoongi beside you is a comfort in itself as you wait patiently for your brain to stop thinking. Thoughts race endlessly in your mind as you feel the twitch of Yoongi’s leg against your own, feeling the cold touch of his skin and the contour of his knee on your thigh. The ceiling is where you focus, watching how the shadows dance in the symphony of light filtering in through the gap in the blinds; cars drive almost aimlessly through the streets as the clock ticks over midnight.

There are evenings when Yoongi sees the ceiling in a similar fashion, plastered to the bed on the comfort of his back as he falls deeper into his thoughts. Nowhere near short of worries, he thinks back to his past, and ahead to his future, wondering where you fit in the complex puzzle of life he’d already put together the moment he left high-school. Yoongi often loses sight of where he’s headed - what he wants to do -  especially considering the uncertainty of a public career with an ever present expiry date looming. Songs sit on his laptop, half finished, with not a single indication of how to finish them crossing his mind. 

He reaches out with his right hand, slowly yet surely, and finds your own in the sea of cotton sheets pooling at his waist. The warmth of your grip, although loose, is enough to calm his thoughts and lull him into a peaceful sleep.