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At first, when you tell Dean you’ve started birth control, he doesn’t really take much interest. That is, until he sees you crying. He immediately asks what’s wrong, and you spill your fears about the birth control affecting future conception. Dean knows he isn’t a doctor, but he reassures you that a simple medication couldn’t stop little Deans from running around.


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Sam immediately knew you were weary about something when you came into the room. You told him you and your doctor were thinking about birth control and that you wanted your boyfriend’s opinion. He was honored you asked him, but he tells you the option is up to you. You can’t help but smile. It seems as if you were worried about nothing.


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Even though Cas is an angel and you two didn’t have to worry about having an unexpected bun in the oven, you still decided to be put on birth control for other reasons. You were nervous to bring this up to your angelic boyfriend, who was at first confused by the idea. But, when you explained the benefits of you being on the medication, he immediately understood.

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when it is a little's period (for daddy's)

•care for her, let her know daddy cares about her in your special way. such as; offering the heating pad, talking to the “monster” in her tummy (cramp(s)), cradling her in your arms and giving her your undivided attention as needed. ((also, offer medication if she’s in extreme pain.))
•comfort her, rub her tummy during those 3-5 days of hell and baby her, we may not say it but we love when we’re babied at that time, it makes us feel infant-weak and as vulnerable as can be.
•help her, if she’s impatient with putting on her pad/tampon, guide her and calm her down, especially if she’s running late for work and trying to be a Big girl.
•soothe her, lull her to sleep during these awful, restless nights when it’s painful for her to sleep.
•let her hold you, don’t push her/shove her to the side. let her hold you and let her feel loved during this time, she feels useless because her body is hurting her and she feels lifeless because it’s extremely painful.
•let her know you’re there for her by coaching her through a contraction (cramps DO contract, hence the reason that pregnant women call theirs contractions as well) and working your hand into her stomach (gENTLY) and if she cries, let her, THAT SHIT IS PAINFUL and she needs to let it out.
•ways to help her through it if you’re this far and are clueless about how
-don’t be a dickhead, make time for her (especially LDRS)
-give tummy rubs/tummy time, let your little regress in your arms through the pain, but note she IS in pain and does not want for you to just shove her to the side if she’s in pain and you’re horny.
-let her have all the chocolate in the world, this is fUCKING MISERY okay? bend the “no sweets” rule right hERE.
-sing to her, even iF you suck at it, so she calms down during her episodes at night (honestly daddy does this for me and that helps so much) and let her never forget that her daddy DOES CARE (!!!!!!!!!!!)
-give her a bubble bath - run warm (not bOILING hOT) water for her, make her get undressed and wash her off as she plays with her toys (preferably? get in there, this is a GREAT bonding method that will also lead to more memories in the future.)
-remind her to take her birth control (if she’s an older little/already on it) (honestly just do it, do NOT let her miss a day)
-this one goes without saying ; but LOVE her.
make her feel loved, spoil her with maybe a new stuffie, cuddle her all the fucking time, give her baths, play with her, give her tummy time and times to regress, let her be a messy girl when she eats, the cravings are MONSTERS okay?
this … is your baby girl. these days come and go, but she will always stay.
be a good daddy and don’t be a dICKHEAD.

SOYLENT GREEN (1973). Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson star in director Richard Fleischer’s film of an overpopulated Earth.

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hi! im transmasc and my period gives me really bad dysphoria, but i'm not out and won't be going on t anytime in the near future. any tips for getting birth control for stopping my period or something like that? thanks!!

Lee says:

When you mean tips for getting birth control for stopping periods, I assume you mean convincing your parents to let you start it without coming out?

  • You could say you have a heavy flow and starting birth control will make it lighter
  • It can help with anemia because you aren’t losing any iron through your period blood if you don’t get your period
  • You could say your friend/s have done it and it helped them
  • To stop period related cramping and pain
  • You could say you have gross period side-effects (like diarrhea and more farting) for the week of your period
  • It can make your periods more regular (or make it so you can control when it happens so you’re not caught off guard)
  • Helps with PMSing so you don’t have to deal with any of that
  • It’s more convenient and you don’t have to remember to change your pad/tampon
  • If you’re disabled, it can help save spoons and effort and make your week easier
  • You may not be able to change your pads regularly if you’re disabled (I can’t) and that’s kinda unsanitary and the pads can break so stopping your period can help with that type of stress
  • Save money on pads/tampons
  • Save time having to use pads/tampons and keep visiting the bathroom during class
  • It can help with migraines if you get headaches or migraines near your period
  • It can help with PCOS, PMDD, and endometriosis if you have any of those conditions
  • It can lower your risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer (but increase your risk of breast cancer but if you’re trans you might be hoping for a mastectomy anyway)
  • If you swim, it’s better to not have your period (And it’s inconvenient for athletes in general
  • It can help regulate your mood (especially if you’re mentally ill and find mood fluctuations around your period hard to handle)
  • Why have a period when you can not have one? There are no positive things about having a period because the whole thing is just gross and awful and inconvenient, at least in this mod’s opinion. 
  • It’s pretty safe and many people do it, and if your doctor prescribes it and monitors you then there’s not a big risk in it

Followers, any other reasons why it’s a good idea to get birth control to stop your period?

Tough Love Pt 11

Hello my loves!!!! whoo hooooo here part 11 Enjoy .. I know I did writing it ;)

Warning: Bound to put you in the feels  @sparklemichele @readsalot73 @ariwolff14 @jaihardy @pathybo

Hair inspo:

When I woke up I was alone. Just as I expected. Looking around the room I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I looked awful. I slung myself back down in the bed and tossed the covers over my entire body.  The only thing I wanted to do was sleep the day away. I needed a break from real life. I had just fallen back to sleep when I heard the bathroom door open. I didn’t move and through a tiny opening in the covers I watched Eric come out of the bathroom in his towel. I took everything in about him. I was drinking him into my soul. When his towel dropped I couldn’t help myself and I gasped biting my lip.

“You know, you really do have an amazing backside” I said pulling off the covers.  He looked over his shoulder and smirked. “So I’ve been told”.   “Ugh nothing but a common whore I see” I wiggled my eyebrows.  He turned around and I was rewarded with a full frontal view, which was ruined when he put his hands on his hips.  “Oh god, stop” I laughed.  He walked over to the dresser and put on some clothes. “Come on Dya, we’re going to be late” he said turning back around as he zipped up his pants.  “I’m not going” I declared, throwing the covers back over my head. “You can get up on your own or I can make you” I heard him say from under the covers. “My body hurts and I’m exhausted. Tell my father I’ve fallen ill.” I mumbled. Eric snatched the covers off the bed. “Sorry Sir, I Tongue-fucked your daughters pussy so hard she can hardly walk so she won’t be joining us” He smirked. “On second thought, I’m awake” I said jumping out of bed. I watched Eric laugh while I rushed around the room to find something to wear. When I got dressed Eric frowned. “You look like a bum with white hair” he walked up to me and grabbed my face. “Beautiful” he stared at me but I felt like he was staring inside my soul. “That’s it I’m changing” I squirmed in his hand. “We don’t have time for you to change lets go” he pulled me out of the bedroom and out of the front door.

On the way to my father’s office I pulled my long hair into a ponytail. He stopped me outside the door and planted a long and deep kiss on my stunned lips. When the doors slid open. He stepped forward and I followed behind him.  “Eric, it’s good to see you” My father smiled and Eric nodded his head.

 “Aadya. You look well” he addressed me. “Father” I frowned. I was still cross with him from our last meeting. I had been perfectly fine with only seeing him once a month and now I’d seen him twice in one week. “Why have you called us here?” I pressed, eager to get this conversation over with.  “I wish to invite you both to mine and Madalia’s engagement dinner” he said. I blanched at his statement “I have to work” I said plainly. “I haven’t even told you when it will be!” My father said. “We would be honored to attend” Eric said in a stern voice. I looked up at him my eyes aflame. “You might be honored but I have prior engagements no matter what day it is. I have no desire to attend your frivolous attempt to replace my mother” I turned on my heels. “Aadya.. I would never try to replace your mother” he said in a soft voice. “You already have” I said closing the door behind me.  

I could hear Eric’s footsteps behind me. “Aadya STOP!” he called, catching up to me he snatched my arm and spun me around. “Don’t!” I snatched my arm out of his grip. “You’re behaving like a young girl!” He yelled.  “NO, you don’t get a say in my behavior when it comes to my father! He just met that woman and now they’re engaged! I will not be a part of it, I WONT!” I was so worked up that my face felt hot. “This isn’t about you or me; it’s about the happiness of your father! How can you be so selfish?” I turned away from him and stormed down the hallway. “Yeah run the fuck off!  THAT’S WHAT YOUR GOOD AT!” I stopped and turned around. Running at Eric I smashed my fist into his stomach. “IM GOOD AT A LOT OF THINGS!” he was on me in one second. Rushing me I ended up on my ass. When his fist came down I rolled out of the way quickly but I was stuck in between his legs. “I Fucking Hate You” I huffed.  He stood up and pulled me up with him. “We are going to your father’s dinner! You will stop being a Bitch!” he said pointing a finger at me. “Get your damn finger out of my face!” I warned him. Nothing bothered me more than being pointed at in an argument. “Or what!” he challenged.  I grabbed Eric’s finger and yanked it down so hard I heard it pop out of place. I watched him drop to his knees as I held on to his finger. As he screamed I stood over him “I told you to get your finger out of my face” I yanked on his finger one more time and then dropped his hand.

He took a deep breath and popped his finger back into place and I watched his hand go from tan to purple. When he stood up he looked furious and I took a step back. He stepped up to me and flexed his fingers.  “No woman has ever brought me to my knees” he reached under my ass and lifted me in his arms. My shirt was over my head along with his before we even reached the elevator. Eric pressed the stop button and looked at me “There’s cameras in here are you scared?”  I looked up at the corner of the elevator and then back at Eric shaking my head no.  He backed me up in to the cold elevator wall. From the moment he shoved his cock into me, his eyes never left mine. It was the most intense thing I had ever experienced, a challenge if you will. I wrapped my arms around him and my black polished finger slipped into his mouth as he used one arm to brace us against the wall. “Fuck me harder Eric” I begged. A sinister glint appeared in his eyes as he slowed down and thrust with so much force I was forced to break the connection. I leaned my head back up against the wall. I could feel myself coming with no warning. The wave started from the tip of my toes and made every hair on my skin stand. I felt Eric come shortly after I started to. Pulling me back from the elevator wall he set me on my feet and he caught me right as my legs gave out. After he fixed himself he turned to press the go button and up into his arms I went Bridal style.

Eric had to attend to the initiates so we both went our separate ways when the doors opened.  I was grinning to myself when I thought about the show security surveying team just got and I was sure it would be saved. I decided to take a trip to the infirmary. I needed to get another shot for my Birth control. When I walked in they saw me straight away. “Hello Aadya, what can we do for you today” a perky young dauntless asked. “I just need my monthly shot for Birth control” I said sternly. “Right this way” she pulled back a curtain. “I just need to draw some blood” she pulled out a syringe and drew blood from my right arm. Slipping away she placed the blood into the analyzer. A machine on the left started humming and then a slip of blue paper slipped out a slot on the front. She pulled the slip and her eyes got big and then she smiled.

“It looks like we will have to put a hold on your Birth Control shots Aadya” she came close.  “Is everything alright?” I asked calmly “Everything is fine. You’re in perfect health as always” she paused. ‘But…” I prompted. “You are pregnant” she said and I swear her words echoed around that small room.  My world stopped. I felt like I was under a thousand pounds of bricks. I placed my hand to my chest and the nurse was by my side in an instant. “Is it too late to terminate?” I asked. “No. If you are sure I can present you with a pill that will terminate the cell right away” Her eyes were kind but sad. “I want it and I don’t want anyone to know” I said barely above a whisper.  After I left the infirmary I felt like I was walking in slow motion. The pregnancy was terminated almost instantly. I had her run my blood work to check. The selfish part of my brain wanted to keep this all to myself but I knew if I didn’t tell Eric it would drive me crazy. I despised lying so much that growing up my father swore I should have been in Candor.  When I got to the apartment Eric was waiting for me.

“I brought you something” He said holding out a black small box. “You may want to hold on to that” I frowned. I was pretty sure that he wouldn’t want to give me anything except a concussion when he found out what I had done today.  “What’s wrong?” his eyes searched mine.  “We need to be careful when it comes to intimacy” I said in a stern voice. I knew that I had to maintain my composure during this entire conversation because of the sensitivity of the subject.  He made it very clear about his future plans for us. “Meaning? You are on Birth control right?” he frowned.  “I am but, the gaps between the shots were too long and we conceived a child Eric” I paused as the shock crossed his face. “And then I had it terminated” the word rang out into the air like the first war cry in a battle.  “WHY? AND WHY DIDN’T YOU CONSULT WITH ME FIRST?” his voice was deep and sent chills down my spine.  “Why on earth would I. we are not in any union and it is my body” I said plainly. “GOD DAMNIT YOU ARE THE MOST SELFISH PERSON I KNOW! HOW COULD THINK I DID NOT HAVE A FUCKING SAY AADYA!?” Eric’s face was red and his hands were balled tightly by his side.  “What would you have had me do? Certainly you did not expect me to have a child born out of wedlock. I have a faction to run I don’t have time for children!” I shouted. “Listen to what you’re saying! Every sentence starts with “I” instead of WE and I am fucking tired of it!” he yelled. “THEN LEAVE!” I shouted back.

 Eric stomped up to me in two strides and grabbed me by my shoulders. I winced from the pain.  “When are you going to get it through your brain that you belong to me” he snatched my chin like always. “I did not want to treat you this way but now I have to” Eric released me and reached into his pocket pulling out the black box from before, he placed it in my hand. “Open it. Now” not wanting to anger him even more I did as he demanded.  Inside the box was a beautiful black pendant. It sparkled like a thousand suns and I gasped. “It’s beautiful” Eric stepped forward and motioned for me to turn around. I lifted my ponytail so he could put it on.  After he finished he lifted his hand to my neck roughly. “You will go to your room. From this moment forward we are not equal. You will obey me.  You status as Faction Leader will not be compromised in public. Am I in any way unclear?” he asked and I nodded my head no.  He released me again and I went straight to the bedroom. He closed the door behind me.  I walked over to my bed and lay down.  Looking up at the ceiling I started to think about everything I had done to get where I was today, but where was I? I was locked in my own room by a man whom wanted more than anything to be my companion. Or was I trapped here by my own resistance to let my guard down? Had I lost my will to fight? Was I even still me? How long would I let this last? Rolling on to my stomach, I realized that everything Eric had said about me was true. I had always been selfish, even when I was a young child. Four and I would fight every single day over my refusal to share anything. I felt very confused. Pulling the covers over my head while fully dressed I could feel the former parts of myself slip away. Everyone wanted different things from me. I have never felt more alone in my life..

Thanks, Birth Control!

So, you are sexually active and you don’t want it to result in a pregnancy. Thank goodness you don’t have to put crocodile dung in your vagina (ick!), drink mercury (poison!) or pennyroyal (toxic!), or wear an amputated weasel foot round your neck (pretty!).  You won’t be expected to coat your penis with alum (ouch!), push a sea sponge soaked in brandy or olive oil over your cervix (messy!), or put paper smeared with ginger water and tied with a string into your uterus (yikes!).  Believe it or not, these were all mostly unsuccessful, even dangerous things that people did to prevent pregnancy before modern birth control methods were invented.  

Thanks to science and the commitment of many activists over the past century, we now have a HUGE array of contraceptive methods to help us plan whether or when we want to have kids.  We are SO glad, too.  No more worrying or fretting or messing with animal poop!  

 It doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, or demisexual. You owe a lot to birth control. Can you imagine what the world would be like if a pregnancy happened every time sperm got into the vagina? We already share the planet with 7.4 billion people.  Plus, unintended pregnancy can derail people’s plans and futures.  Thanks birth control!  We appreciate you!  

If you only have vaginal intercourse once, you have easy options like condoms and the sponge (both over-the-counter with no age requirement) to help you prevent a pregnancy. Condoms even greatly reduce the risk of getting or giving a sexually transmitted infection. Thanks, birth control!  That’s awesome! 

If you want continuing protection, you have the pill (extremely effective if you take one pill every day at the same time of day), the shot (it last’s 3 months), and the ring or patch (one worn inside, and one worn outside).  In fact, some methods, such as implants and intrauterine contraception, are almost foolproof. Brilliant! Thanks, birth control!

Take advantage of birth control if it can help you to take control of your life and manage your own body and sexuality.  That’s what it’s for.

 Today and heck, on every day, say, “Thank’s, birth control!”  You can even join along as we dance in celebration of one of the greatest inventions in history:

Birth control, we love, appreciate, and value you!  Thanks!

I’ll be honest im really hoping a couple of the Duggar’ s kids are gay. Itll be a little funny Just wanna watch their whole system kinda blow up. I mean they do have 22 kids statistically there has to be atleast 2 or 3 playing for the other team. I’ll be waiting :)

Call me crazy, but Bernie Sanders, imo, is a stronger Feminist than Hilary

Tbh, because she’s bought by the banks & big money, if say, a bank told her to Ban Abortions or take women’s rights away, I’m pretty damn sure she would.

But Bernie wouldn’t. I believe he’d stand up for women’s rights.

Would of been nice if he were a woman? Of course! However that’s not how it turned out, BUT he is at least the most trustworthy Feminist running for office! ✊🏻🔥

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Is birth control haram? What if I don't want kids during the beginning of my marriage can my future husband and I agree to me taking birth control before our wedding so that it works by then?

Please correct me if I’m wrong or if there’s a difference of opinion, but I’ve always heard that birth control is halal. As long as your husband is aware (ie you can’t take it secretly without his knowledge) and it’s not permanent (such as getting a hysterectomy) then all the other methods of birth control are halal

If I’m trans and using birth control, will I be able to take testosterone in the future?

Someone asked us:

Okay so I’m trans, and I was wondering if I get on birth control, will I still be able to get testosterone later in life?

Taking birth control now won’t have any impact on whether you can take testosterone in the future. Many trans men use birth control. If you want a non-hormonal option, the most effective one is the ParaGard IUD. You can talk about all of your birth control options in an LGBTQ-friendly environment at your nearest Planned Parenthood health center.

-Julia at Planned Parenthood


Author: @slytherinfromtheseam

Rating: M (because c’mon – how can you have Everlark without the M)

A/N: My first drabble! Eeeek, Excited! Please find me on AO3 and FFN under SlytherinFromtheSeam.

I haven’t heard from him in almost two months. I’m not exactly sure where he is. He wouldn’t, or couldn’t, tell me where he was going when he left. I’m really not even sure if he knew where he was going.

It’s nights like tonight that I worry the most. The house is eerily quiet. So, I’m awake at 3am, lying in our bed. When this happens, I try to replay my favorite moments over and over to try and get back to sleep. I flip through the pictures on my phone, one of us at Prim’s wedding to Rory. Peeta looked so goddamn handsome in his tuxedo. Then, after he took me against the door of the coat room, we snuck back out to the reception like nothing happened. Another one of us at the cabin by the lake, when we would stay up late and wake up early and take naps throughout the day. We loved being up there, laying in the hammock on the porch during the hottest parts of the day. Swimming in the lake at sunset, making love during the middle of the night on the boat dock.

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A Promising New Birth Control Device Is Specifically Meant To Help Low-Income Women
Womens eNews: Liletta, a Low-Cost IUD, Hailed as Game Changer A new FDA-approved intrauterine device (IUD) known as Liletta has the potential to become the gold star of birth control. While IUDs

“The cost of buying, inserting and caring for an IUD can cost upwards of $1000. With Liletta, many clinics nationwide are selling the device to low-income patients for just $50. That dramatically lower cost has big, promising implications for a future where more women have access to birth control and the opportunity to prevent unplanned pregnancies.”


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[I am disturbed at how the writers wrote Kassidy Yates becoming pregnant. How they had written was that the birth control failed, which in and of itself is not the real issue. The thing I took issue with is that she AND Sisko had to take 24th century birth control in order for the birth control to actually work. As a woman watching the show, I am deeply disturbed that future birth control was represented in such a way that makes it codependent instead of independent.]

Birth control pills.

Alright, so I noticed that “birth control” was in the trending topics, and the lot of the people that follow me know that I don’t post about these kinds of things at all, but here goes.

Hi, my name is Angelia. I am 18 years old and I am from and live in Canada.

Hi, my name is Angelia. I have been taking birth control pills since I was 16.

Hi, my name is Angelia and I have [P]oly [C]stic [O]vary [S]yndrome.

I found out that I have PCOS when I was 16 years old.

Imagine, a 16 year old being told that the reason her periods are so irregular is because she has cysts on her ovaries.

Imagine, a 16 year old being told that she might not be able to have her own children.

Imagine, a 16 year old running out of school in the middle of class because the only thing she could think about what something no one could give her an answer for.

Imagine, a 16 year old sobbing uncontrollably in her mom’s office because she has a higher risk of being infertile.

My doctor prescribed me lo-estrogen birth control pills to help my erratic periods and to help increase my chance of having my own children someday.

I don’t take birth control pills to prevent becoming pregnant.

I take birth control pills to help me become pregnant in the future.