future new student


my 2017 set up in my bullet journal. As you can see my January is pretty jam packed, and the other months need a bit of fleshing out.

a useful page I haven’t done before is the exam dates page- I’m doing my final a level exams in May and June so planning these out ahead of time will help me space out my revision!

I’m getting a little ahead of myself but I just love my #bujo so much and I love planning out my weeks. I am in love with the color cloud grey with different shades of blue so I turned my days into cute little clouds. These don’t have the weather in yet but I have been drawing those in too because I’m a weather girl plus when I get out of bed I like to know how many layers to put on so I don’t freeze!

New Studyblr

Hey guys, I just created this blog hoping that it will get me motivated for school and studying. Please like/reblog/follow so I can follow you on my personal (kellyislame). For a while I’ll probably only reblog stuff until my school starts. Thank you!