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[ Okay, I can say absolutely for sure that these panels are the ones of the most important in the entire manga for me. ]

I mean, just look at Sebastian`s eyebrow curved in anxiety and sympathy.The demon is worried about his master. And it doesn`t look like the worry about a future delicious meal. It looks like the worry about…the close one, I guess?

Maybe that was the first time when Sebastian really regret he couldn’t tell a lie.

And I`m not crying, you are :_)

Lately I’ve been craving a significant other. Not because I need someone to complete me, I’m whole on my own, but it’d be nice to have a companion. Someone who’s there for you no matter what. You spend your time making one another laugh. Sharing stories of your past and talking about your future. Cooking one another meals that may or may not be awful but you eat it any way because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. I just crave someone that I can put my time and energy into and receive the same back. To be able to cuddle up together at the end of the night and talk about our day. To wake up next to them and just enjoy their sleepy presence. Just having someone that wants to go on any and every adventure in life with you.

A bottle of red made with data.
Finding the perfect wine used to mean going to a good wine store, discussing your future meal with a sales person and trying to remember the wine the next time you buy. Now all you have to do is go to a website, like that of Bordeaux-based fine wine merchant Millesima. With data, they can help any customer, anywhere in the world, select the right bottle, for the right meal, the right climate, time of year, you name it. Plus you don’t have to soak off the label to remember the name and vintage when you want to buy it again. Explore more stories →


REQUEST: stalker!patrick. so maybe he’s obsessed with the new girl in derry, creeps her out heaps, he notices she’s becoming close/flirty with a boy (maybe henry lol but thats up to you) and hes PISSED, because she is HIS property, so one day she’s walking home and he follows her, the parents arent home, NSFW content begins to boil~~ i will give you my entire life if its a super long story, this massive patrick fanfic shortage is destroying me, i love u btw, thanks for blessing us w/ ur writing.

A/N: pls don’t slut shame y/n for wanting a lil’ makeout here and there, girls are allowed to want those things too without being called sluts !!!! let your little hearts enjoy making out as much as the next boy does !!!!

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How to Eat Paleo as a single person on about $5/day

This is super off topic for this blog, but…

I did this for about a year in college. Last night at the LGBTQ center we were talking about healthy eating and I mentioned it, and was challenged to bring in a shopping list/meal plan detailing what I had done.

What I consider Paleo: I lived on my own version of paleo, which I called “Functional Paleo.” I defined this as “no grain, no dairy, no legumes, no refined carbs, and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives.” It is not organic, the meat is not free range, and I did not use coconut or other substitute flours for anything (except when cooking for my parents or special occasions). I bought very few things that had multiple ingredients, but didn’t concern myself too much with small amounts of soy or sugar (like in the tuna, stewed tomatoes, or condiments).

My other caveat is that I had (and continue to have) an Aldi near me. All prices cited are Aldi prices as they exist today (though prices can be similar at other value food stores like Marc’s and Save a Lot). You can actually do paleo significantly cheaper than this if you have to, but this level provided enough variety for me to not flip my kitchen table on a regular basis. This is what I did personally.

***Items listed are “Per Week” unless otherwise specified***


  • Eggs- 2 dozen, about $1 (Aldi eggs cost anywhere from 20c to $1.29/dozen, usually on the lower end of that with a limit of six dozen per costomer. I used 50c/dozen here as a good average)
  • Meat- 2lbs of either chicken breast, stew meat, or chorizo, about $8 (get the middle-range (Never Any! brand) chicken, its the same price as the low range if you factor in that the low range has 15% broth in it by weight, which will cook out anyway).
  • Tuna: 2 cans, packed in water, about $1.40


  • Sale veggie- 2 pkg, about $3 total
  • Cauliflower- 1 large, 1.79
  • Broccoli- 1 bag, 1.50
  • Stewed tomatoes- 2 cans, $1 total
  • 3lb Onions- $1.50 (every other week)
  • 3lb Sweet potatoes- $2
  • 10lb Russet potatoes- $3 (once per month)


  • Sale fruit- 2 or 3 pkg, about $4 total
  • Canister Prunes or Raisins- $3 
  • Frozen fruit of choice- $2


  • Whole raw almonds- 1pkg, $5


  • Dark Chocolate- 1 large bar, $1.50
  • Tea- 100 tea bags, $2 (once in a blue moon)
  • Instant Coffee- 120 cups worth, $3 (once in a blue moon)
  • Olive or sunflower seed oil- $3 (once per month or so)
  • Salt- one large canister iodized or box kosher, $2 (literally once per lifetime)
  • Condiments (I excepted these from paleo rules for my own sanity) mayo, ketchup, pickles, mustard, etc…- $1-$2 per item (once in a blue moon)
  • Dried spices- $1 each (get a good blend for about $2-$3 at Wal Mart or collect them separately and make lots of your own $1/spice) (once in a blue moon)
  • Vinegar of choice- $3 (once per month or longer, depending on how much you like vinegar)
  • Bouillon cubes- $2.50 (once in a blue moon)

Assuming you’re starting with an utterly bare cabinet and you buy all of the “once in a blue moon” and “once per month” items on your first trip (including condiments and spices), your initial investment will probably be about $50-60. After that first week, assuming you keep to the intervals outlined here, it should average a little less than $35

Meal Prep Tips:

  • Boil most of the eggs, leave a couple for if you like fried eggs occasionally or want to make banana-egg pancakes. You can easily take boiled eggs in a lunchbox or eat them with prunes or raisins for a quick breakfast.
  • The prunes/raisins and almonds were and still are my go-to easy breakfast.
  • Grate the cauliflower- steam it with salt, oil and spices as a side later or mix it with the crumbled chorizo for a 1-bowl meal
  • Cook the sweet potatoes and regular potatoes ahead of time. There are lots of ways to do this and they are all delicious. They are also easy to pack in a lunch box.
  • Hard veggies like carrots, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and broccoli are AMAZING when tossed in olive oil, salt, and spices and roasted or broiled.
  • Cook and pull the chicken (easiest in a pressure cooker but you can also boil the crap out of it too). Makes it super versatile. You can make like 10 different things with it and they will all feel different. No more plain chicken boob for you!
  • Stew with the stew meat, any veggies (including onions and potatoes) and spices will give you many easy future meals and can be made with just about anything you’ve got (throw the stewed tomatoes in this too).
  • Tuna salad (with oil and vinegar and spices if you’re really feeling paleo or mayo, onions and pickles if you’re me) and leftover roasted veggies make a great lunch.

anonymous asked:

Dogs are omnivores (sorry to burst your bubble)

Nope. Dogs are opportunistic carnivores, not omnivores.

In the fifteen thousand years it’s now believed dogs have lived beside humans, they’ve evolved. So, too, have humans. We’ve shifted from that Paleolithic, hunter-gatherer diet to one that reflects an agrarian condition.

In the case of dogs, we’ve found a few genes that reflect this adaptation. So, too, have we found genes that indicate a neurologic adaptation to cohabitation with humans. But just a few genes’ difference is regarded as an adaptive shift to a condition. These alone can’t possibly alter the entire digestive evolution of a species.

Indeed, dogs still have plenty of traits that are 100 percent carnivorous:

  • Dogs’ teeth are adapted to a carnivorous diet (for tearing muscle and crunching bone to extract marrow).
  • Many of their innate behaviors are carnivorous in nature. Consider digging, for example. Like wolves, dogsdig to hide parts of meals for future ingestion.
  • Dogs, like many large mammalian carnivores, are metabolically able to survive for long periods of time between meals.
  • Dogs have a lot of flexibility in metabolic pathways to help make up for a feast-or-famine lifestyle and a wide range of possible prey.

The result of these findings, argues Dr. Hendriks, is that the dog is undeniably a true carnivore. The dog just happens to have an adaptive metabolism as a result of living with humans for millennia.


Knowing that dogs are optimized for eating meat can make it easier to recognize better dog foods.

Even though dogs do demonstrate a notable omnivorous capacity, we believe it’s important to give preference to meat-based products. That’s because…

Whether you believe they’re carnivores or omnivores, dog’s possess an undeniable carnivorous bias

Meat-based dog foods are closer to a dog’s natural ancestral diet. They’re more like the real thing.


Dogs ARE very adaptable, but just because they can survive on an omnivorous diet does not mean it is the best diet for them. The assumption that dogs are natural omnivores remains to be proven, whereas the truth about dogs being natural carnivores is very well-supported by the evidence available to us.


The Ball-Tailed Cat is a Fearsome Critter that often gets confused with the Dingmaul and the Silver Cat. The Critter is said to reside in specific counties within Oregon and Pennsylvania. It is a naturally aggressive creature that has learned to hunt in the trees. The Cat is about as big as a wildcat but with a large ball a the near-end of its tail. Using this ball to hunt, the Critter leaps out of tree it hides in and jumps upon its unsuspecting prey - when landing on the future meal, the Cat will pound it into the ground with its tail. It is also used during mating season to attract females by rattling against dead logs. 


Inukag Oneshot

Summary: Inuyasha and Kagome had a weekly routine. They would go somewhere good to have breakfast and spend their day on a private not-a-date. But what if one of them wanted it to be a date?

This is a gift for my precious baby Zoe @vividxdreaming a girl full of light and love.

I love you babe!!!

Also on ff.net and Ao3 if you prefer. 

Inuyasha walked through the streets on his way to Kagome’s home as he did every weekend for the last six months.

Waking up and having a real reason to get out of bed, shower and dress. Taking a shower in the morning when he normally wouldn’t  spoke volumes about how much he enjoyed spending time with his wench.

He made a face as he crossed the street. She wasn’t exactly HIS wench, Kagome was HIS friend. Maybe she was the only friend that he made plans with every week, without asking. It was the only permanent appointment he had, every Sunday early morning. Which for Kagome it meant every Sunday at noon.

The door of her apartment was in front of him, a cute lilac door, the only one that was not the custom dark brown on that floor, and he suspected, the only one of the building. He rang the bell knowing a half ready woman would open the door because it was still half hour to noon.

The door opened and soon after a petite woman poked her head out with a big smile on her face.

“You are here! Welcome to my kingdom,” she declared holding the door open for him to enter.

“Humbled to be allowed here…” he kept the joke going.

She batted her hand dismissively, “As you should be!” Her voice lost the dramatic tone before she continued. “I’m almost ready, just getting dressed and make up!”

“You don’t need make up, Kagome! We’re only going to have breakfast!” He complained but the girl was already in her way to her room.

Before entering her room she turned to him with a pouty face, “but I want to look pretty…” and she closed the door behind her without looking back.

‘For you’ remained unsaid on her part, just as his answer ‘you are always pretty’ was not brought into the conversation.

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Shiro's relationship with food

I recently read a post about Shiro’s body type, and in a reply it was brought up that it’s likely that he didn’t get a lot of nutrition, or just generally not a lot of food, in the Galra prisons.

So I was thinking about what that would mean for him and his relationship with food.

tldr: Shiro hoards food in his room, and doesn’t know when to eat, and is protective of his plate

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Artist Sets Futuristic Dinner Party In World Reshaped By Rising Seas
How will our diets shift as climate change causes sea-level rise and coastal flooding? Photographer Allie Wist attempts to answer that with pictures of an imagined "post-sea-level-rise dinner party."

A glimpse of your future meals - I hope you like the taste of rocks.

Found You

Originally posted by subcas


Summary: The reader and Cas are reunited after being apart for a long time….

Request: Hey! Loving your writing so far :D I was wondering if you could do a Cas x reader where they’ve been apart for a long time and are finally reunited? Thank you :)

Pairing: Castiel x reader, Friend!Dean x reader, Friend!Sam x reader

Word Count: 995

Warnings: fluff, angst, language, violence, decapitations 

A/N: Sorry it took so long! I’m not used to writing for Cas. I usually write Dean lol 

(Y/N) never expected herself to be running from an angel, especially Castiel, but it happened. After a bad hunt, she left without a trace. She took precautions to make sure Sam and Dean couldn’t track her down. She was lucky Cas was out of his angel mojo. A few months went by and she thought she could relax until one of the biggest hunts of her life. One vampire turned into a nest of them. She had her machete in hand and a gun to distract the suckers, but nothing seemed to work. She had just gotten used to hunting alone, but after this, she didn’t think she was ever going to get used to it again. (Y/N) felt like she had failed at many things. For one, the hunt, but mostly failing to be a friend to the boys and her light in life, Castiel. She thought a lot about Cas the longer she was with the vampires. Every time they tortured her, she thought back to the first time Cas had saved her. Blood dripped from the open wound on her stomach as she tied to a chair that was in the middle of the room. She stared at the ground a few feet below her. Most of the nest was out hunting for food while others stayed back to make sure she remained in the abandoned mansion. This is it, (Y/N) thought. I’m going to die here. It hurt to sigh, but surely enough, she did. She closed her eyes softly and took a deep breath. Castiel, if you can hear me, I’m sorry. She slowly opened her eyes and looked towards a vampire that were at the entrance of the room she was in. She coughed, tasting blood. This was a suicide mission. What the vamps didn’t know was that she worked her way out of her restraints.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do a scenario where the reader is Sebastian's s/o and also like a mother figure to Ciel. Something cute and fluffy :) Thank you!

That is too cute to pass up. Ciel would never admit to seeing anyone as a mother figure though he’d secretly appreciate it. A kid always needs a mom.

Within the walls of the Phantomhive manor all was still, so much so that not even a mouse stirred. The windows shook within their frames as the wind and snow came down with more and more aggression. Winter had the ability to render even the most rambunctious of people still which was basically the entire manor’s staff save for four, Sebastian, Tanaka, Snake and you. Tanaka and Snake were busy keeping warm with blankets and a cup of tea while you and Sebastian were with the Young Master. Busy as bee even in this unpleasant weather and his current state of health. A mere cold, something that with proper care and warm clothing would let up in a few days though that didn’t seem to ease your mind, especially with Ciel’s history with asthma. You see, Sebastian was no longer the only demon in the manor, you were one too. A demon who has had their fill of their contract and was seeking a new source of entertainment. You and Sebastian were no strangers to one another and an extra pair of reliable hands were always needed around the estate, especially with a certain trio running amuck. So that was how you ended up playing house as a maid for a thirteen year old boy who was too cute for his own good.

What Sebastian found most peculiar about you was your way of being with Humans. How you understood and mingled with them willingly, easily. Compared to most Demons who remained aloof and for the most part unaware of the Human culture, you perfectly blended in. Your knowledge on Humans rivaled Sebastian’s but what you had over him was a better understanding of Human emotion. You were never a fighter though you definitely could hold your own. Your time could be better spent making contracts for food and lounging about. Earning a meal was much more satisfying. Add all these together and you were just a softer person than Sebastian. Perhaps that is what lured each of you to one another, your slight differences and love of cats. Yes, the sure fire way into the butler’s personal life was through his love of felines. Perfect match, no?

Currently both of you stood beside the young lord, you serving up the afternoon tea while he and Sebastian went over case files. The room was quiet save for the occasional howling from the wind, shifting of paper and a hard to miss sneeze. Gesundheit ! This persisting cough and sneeze brought a crease of worry upon your face. “Young Master, I think it best if you were to rest a bit.”

He scoffed… or at least attempted to. What took the scoffs place was a small coughing fit. “I am fine. Besides I cannot afford to waste time in resting when there is plenty of work to do.” Always the workaholic but the Queen’s guard dog didn’t have much of a choice. Pleasing the Queen and keeping her country safe came first. “Do not waste your time worrying over me.” But that was exactly what was happening, you were worrying about him and it wasn’t a waste of time. It was time well spent.

“It is not a waste of time.” You snapped. The boy could be such a hard head sometimes and that caused you to take drastic measures. Carefully you took the papers from Sebastian and Ciel’s hands and set them aside. Compared to the butler’s quizzical look the young lord was bloody bewildered to say the least. “If your condition worsens what then? You are resting and do not fight me on this Sebastian.” The butler held his hands up in surrender while he showed nothing but amusement, the oh so famous sly grin in place. He wasn’t going to stop you and in fact he agreed that Ciel needed rest. Wouldn’t want a future meal suddenly passing do to a measly Human sickness. That would be such a shame.

“Ciel, you are going to rest and have no say in this!” The teen opened his mouth to protest but was cut off by your words which turned soft, voice light and soothing. You leaned over a tad to be at eye level with his sitting form and cupped his cheek. “Please stop being so stubborn. At least for today. If it reassures you that work gets done then I will stay and lend Sebastian a hand.” A small smile now graced your visage. Your looks, contrary to what you were, could be described as angelic. Motherly. Your actions caught the young lord off guard though this wasn’t the first time you’d demonstrated such tenderness towards him. The bright blush that burned across his cheeks was a clear sign of embarrassment. A win. At that you pulled him into a one armed embrace causing his face to burn even further from chin to the tips of his ears.

“F-Fine!” His arms flailed as a means of self defense but he ultimately failed, your embrace over his once again wheezing form was tight. “Just let go of me. Jeez, all of you worry for no reason.” A balled hand went hurriedly towards his mouth to cover a cough. It seems his cold was really starting to affect him, at this you sighed and released him; opting to rub his back instead. He said nothing because he knew he had lost as he slide out of his seat and towards the door. This battle was won by you. The bluenette didn’t make it far before you took him into your arms once more. This time a full hug, gentle yet firm. “Gack! Is this really necessary?” He demanded.

“Everything I do is necessary.” You set him down and he was finally able to leave. With a hand on his hip he spoke.

“I will rest only for a moment.” That said he walked out and towards his bedroom, leaving you and Sebastian alone. Little did he know he would end up resting the entire day.

“That boy is terribly stubborn.”

“You seem to have no issues dealing with that,” The black clad butler responded. His hands now sifting through files that still needed to be a look. “He is as red as a tomato whenever you have him within arms. Very motherly of you.”

“I know, is he not the most precious child ever~?”

I hope you enjoyed ~!

we’ve been happily busy getting our next issue together, but it does leave us without a lot of time to get regular meals in. 😣🍽 (pretty funny, seeing as we’re making a food publication 😅)

my favorite way to work with this is to make one huge lunch at the beginning of the week, then split up the leftover components for future meals. 💪 this was a hearty veggie bowl, turned into enough beans, rice, corn, and veggies for another few lunches. 😋