future lucy


 "Because you make me believe in my self when no body else can help. Because                     you live my world has everything I need to survive. Because you live , I live.”

I wonder how Natsu would react to Rogue and Lucy dating? I feel like he’d be justifiably nervous about it given their future selves, but would ultimately approve because he knows the present Rogue shouldn’t be held accountable for himself from a hopefully averted future, so long as Lucy is happy in the relationship.
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Dear Younger Me,

What would the boys say, if they were to meet their younger selves?


Dear younger me, It must be scary knowing that a small kid like you will be the next king. But trust me when I tell you this, everything will be alright. You will meet wonderful people whom you’ll love and cherish and proudly call your best-est friends. They’ll stick with you through thick and thin, and though they will tease you from time to time, it is these moments that you will cherish the most. And please, spend more time with father. I know he must be busy right now, and you never get to see him. But even spending a few short minutes with him as his son will mean the world to him, and to you too. I don’t want you to live with any regrets, none at all.”


Dear younger me,  You’re probably feeling lonely and scared right now aren’t you little guy? I know how it feels, and trust me everything will get better. Life is a tough thing, and it is scary (it still scares me sometimes) But don’t run away from it. As you grow older, you will find yourself and where you belong. You will meet people who will accept you for who you are. They’ll accept you for your flaws, and your mistakes and they’ll make you feel like family–even if you are a little different. Do not be ashamed of who you are in your skin. You are so special in every single way. Ignore the negative comments and remember that you are strong. And I am so proud of you for making it this far. 


Dear younger me, Looking after the Prince is hard work, and I understand you must think he’s annoyed at your presence. But he is not annoyed at all, infact is he forever grateful that you are there for him. But even so, despite duty first, relax once in a while, you deserve a break. Do what ever makes you happy, whether that be cooking or baking, as long as it takes your mind off your duties even for a short while. And make most of the whats around you, and cherish the memories you make with your friends. They’ll be your light even in your darkest times.


Dear younger me, Being a shield to such a brat prince must be a pain in the ass huh? But don’t worry, as much of a brat he is right now, he will grow into a fine young prince (all thanks to you know you).Keep your head high, and take pride in your name as Amicitia, it is what father would want. And cherish the time you spend with your friends. Even if they drive you to the point where you want to fight, cherish those memories, it’s what makes them special.


New video of mines to celebrate 9k+ subs on youtube! I really liked this song so decided to make something with it and Future Lucy was perfect for this role