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The blog is amazing, and I love all four of you! Can I ask - what do you do for your careers? Do you write or something?

Wow! Uh, well, for me (Raylee).. I don’t write professionally. I actually sell steel. I write for fun, and currently, I am the co-admin of an RP group here on tumblr, if you’re interested in writing with me.

I (Hilary) work at a university library! It’s pretty cool and I do write sometimes in my down time. I was an english major with a writing minor, so writing’s been a hobby for a while! I post the rare fanfic, work on original stories I never quite finish, and am attempting to start an actual legit blog.

Morgan here - I’m actually a 911 dispatcher!  But I did major in writing back in college, so who knows maybe I’ll hit gold some time in the future (I won’t put any money on that, thought).  I currently have quite a few fanfics that are nearly ready to post, and you can check out my ao3 account here!

I (Owl) work at a tech company, actually. I’m a product manager, which essentially means I plan new features and yell at developers. I’m pretty good at both of these things, if I do say so myself. I do write occasionally for my job, but most of my HP-related writing can be found on my personal blog.

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Your new Ml comic is going to have 5 chapters now, why?

Yes, my Miraculous Ladybug fan comic “Lady Marinette” is 5 chapters long. Why? Because that’s the end of the story that i’m telling? Lolol And because I have many other stories I want to tell! That doesn’t mean in the future I won’t tell other Miraculous Ladybug stories… we’ll just have to see ^^; 

I find it incredibly sad how some fans can get so greedy with awards to the point where they'd want to take away an award from a group who has worked so hard to get their first daesang 😧

To my future daughter,

I won’t hesitate to tell you that i am not always right, that i’ve done mistakes in my life but i want you to know that i learned, i learned a lot from everything. Life will always throw you challenges that will test your faith, your patience and your capabilty to handle on your own, but please don’t ever give up. You have to learn how to stand on your own without the help of other people. People will come in your life and eventually without any warn, they’ll leave and that’s okay. Never blame yourself for not making them stay, never beg for them not to leave, it is something that you shouldn’t do. It’s their choice, and you just have to let them leave and always open the door if ever they want to come back but don’t stop living your life. I know that the scars will imprint all over your body but those scars are different, it’s something that they can’t see, scars that reminds everyone that you’ve faced different battles. Please do not ever apologize for your existence, i don’t want you to waste your time apologizing to people who doesn’t like you. You are not a disappointment, you’re not a failure, you are God’s daughter, you are my princess, you exists and you matter. I want you to value the life that you have, never let anyone bring you down. You’re going to fall in love with someone who doesn’t care, to someone who can’t love you back, to someone who let the world meet you but never meant to be, to someone who will make you feel special but leave you behind, you’ll get hurt and get your heart broken but please don’t ever forget the meaning of love. Sweetheart, no matter what happens to your heart, try to not fear leaving it open. And finally, when you are weak, look at me, i’ll always be by your side guiding you to all your decision. Even if the world has turned its back on you, i want you to know that i won’t. I will never leave you. I will be your shelter, your source of strenght. I may not be the best but i will be your greatest mother. Please be strong, i am always here for you.

—  From your future mother
Movie 21 - Ending Song [English]

Your image overlaps cuddling couple.
And the passing wind* makes me think;
I remember the warmth of your hand even now…
Stop Stopping the time.

Yes, even in the future,
I won’t be able to forget your words…

When I want to meet you, I can not,
When I want to meet you, I can not,
This makes me hurt and lose my nerve.

Togetsukyou**, dyed in the Crimson Red,
Asking the sun that guides me,
I put my prayers to the flow of the river…
I’ve been thinking about you, 
I’ve been thinking about you, 
My heart is always next to you…

The ancient scenery didn’t change,
Even now it is reflected in my eyes;
Seasons change with passing colors,
Stock Do you remember this?

Hey, if one day ‘when’ will come,
Maybe we will be able to meet again…
When I want to meet you, I can not,
When I want to meet you, I can not,
And I’m yearning for it…

When water is glimmering with Crimson Red***
Connecting my thoughts with you,
I put my prayers to the flow of the river…
I’ve been thinking about you, 
I’ve been thinking about you,
I’m always searching for you…

When I am with you, any uneasiness
Disappears, no matter when it is;
If one day ‘when’ will come,
Will you hold me tenderly in your arms?

Even the Crimson Red Autumn leaves****
Are showing my burning feelings;
Rocking back and forth I’m singing…
I’ve been thinking about you, 
I’ve been thinking about you, 
Always, always, thinking about you…
Always, always, thinking about you…

* ironaki kaze - 'transparent/white wind’, which makes one lonely and nostalgic. 
** Togetsukyō Bridge, Kyoto
*** reference to Hyakun Isshu 17
**** Momiji

I had a huge idea, that I should draw the seven tarot card which Liss use to tell Paige her future. Probably I won’t be able to do this, because I’m lazy as hell. Anyway, here is THE DEVIL card with Nashira and some of her spirits. Can you find all of them? I can’t wait to read The song rising from @sshannonauthor.

Future Kids 2: 01 (drabble)

pairing: jungkookxreader
length: 588 words
genre: fluff
summary: a series of drabbles in which all the boys have kids
(a/n: hey. how ya doing? i brought it back. surprise)

jungkook | hoseok | seokjin | namjoon | taehyung | jimin | yoongi

Originally posted by kthmyg

Hearing the doorbell ring, you lifted your head up to see Jungkook rushing to the door. “Why are you in a hurry?” You ask, pulling yourself up into a sitting position. Laying down on the sofa was the only place you were able to get comfortable enough, to suffer the pain of a powerful baby boy kicking inside the womb.

“It’s a secret.” Jungkook was pushing massive box through the living room, you were glad you had wooden floors otherwise you weren’t sure how Jungkook would’ve gotten the box to the baby’s room.

“I’m not even going to ask.” You had been with Jungkook long enough to know when not to ask what he was doing because it mainly turned out to be nonsense anyway. “I’ll just play music to our baby.” You had been dragged into that rumour that if you played Mozart while your baby was in the womb they would come out smart. Although you could only stand listening to Mozart for so long, so it usually switched to the music charts within 5 minutes.

Jungkook disappeared from sight, as you put the headphones flat on your stomach playing Mozart. “You won’t be like appa will you?” You ask the growing baby inside of you, you also knew it was going to be boy which you were somewhat thankful for. You weren’t exactly sure how Jungkook would have handled having a daughter.

As an hour passed by the apartment had become weirdly quiet, if Jungkook was building something shouldn’t there at least be noise due to hammering. You had no clue about building things, you just followed the instructions and hoped for the best. Pulling yourself up from the sofa you walked down along the hallway to the baby’s room. You pushed the door open slightly seeing wood and screws laid out across the floor.

“Kookie? What on earth are you trying to build?” You question him as you make yourself known in the room, you carefully stepped over the screws into a clear spot and sat down.

“It’s meant to be a crib…” Looking up and down at the wooden disaster, you then looked to Jungkook. He was meant to be good at these things. Taking the instructions from his hands, you noticed one thing straight away.


He’d been reading them upside down.

A small snicker came from your mouth, he looked at you leaning his head to the side like he did when he got confused. “Just take it apart and then I’ll read them to you.” Jungkook nodded his head starting to unscrew one side of the crib.

After a tedious hour of telling Jungkook how to build the crib, you finally flopped onto your back. Sighing out of relief, “Next time kookie choose a less complicated crib.” You whisper. 

“Who said there was going to be a next time?” Jungkook asks, pulling himself over to lay beside you.

“Seriously!? We’ve had plenty of close calls Jungkook. There’s going to be a next time.” You chuckle to yourself, the amount of times you had to tell Jungkook to wear a condom before you were married was unbelievable.

“Our baby boy will be lucky to have you.” Jungkook turns to look at you smiling as he did, you also smile. Jungkook was the most sweetest father to be you had ever seen. “He’ll be lucky to have you as a father too.” Jungkook leans in to kiss you on the lips softly, afterwards he stroked your cheek lightly.

“We’ll be good parents.” He whispers.


I hate how the management always makes MoMusu perform Watashi no Nanni mo Wakacchanai in concerts but doesn’t bother to release it as a single. I swear, if they’re not going to release it as a single, they better release it in MoMusu’s future album!! I won’t even hear Zukki and Riho’s voices in that song anymore because they just continuously perform it on stage!!

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Your description of Yuuri and Victor's date under the cherry blossoms felt so much like canon! It was beautiful and I love reading your work. I check my email everyday for updates 😅😅😅

That’s really high praise, whoa!! I hope I keep bringing you moments like that in the future!

I probably won’t be updating in the next two weeks because of finals (or maybe I’ll write shorter things to relieve stress? It really depends.) But I’m glad you like my work so much! 

Thanks :)

Send me what you find memorable about my writing!

                          oh my dollar valentine results

ok first of all i want to thank u all?? i didn’t expect such a big turnout. if you’re not included in this list you either: a) submitted as yourself, not your muse; b) don’t have a teenager muse; or c) don’t have a teenager verse. 

i just want this to be a reminder that this event does not give you permission to break peoples’ rules, or force ships onto others. if another mun does not want to plot, or thread based on this, whatever! don’t bother them. it was literally all just based off a dumb survey.  it’s not a real muse matchmaker. :p

lastly, i know not everyone who wanted to participate got to! i’m so sorry for that. i realized that if i kept adding people after i’d already started summing everything it would make my life infinitely more difficult. if anyone wants to host a similar event in the future, i won’t hold it against you.

now, below the cut is your muse’s top 5 results, in order of how well the muses matched. your muse may be mentioned in multiple persons’ results.

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Why are you single you deserved to be loved

Everybody deserves to be loved, sugar.

if I’m not feeling you or feel that I can’t build a future with you, I won’t waste my time. Most importantly yours. Would b nice to have my first to be my last 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m not getting younger.

((Hay, I’m kinda alive not that is matters. Euh… so… Pirate!Sabo, a m!a in which I have not completed. Ima just… There was only 3 more, so >.> I have two asks for it, but… Ah, whatever. Sabo is normal again cause I am trash, so. Hay.

((Euh, activeness… I will do my best. I’m gettin’ busy, not really. More like stress of life and the future and making sure I won’t live in a box, so… Ya. I’ll do my best.

((forgot- @isuffer4thefandom I wrote a AU page on my main blog on this AU. So, if anyone wants to learn about the Pirate AU more, here you go. Here. If you have any questions on it, ask over there ya <.>

honestly these devices like chromecast make me nervous because you seem like they increase your freedom of access to media on the surface, but in reality it’s only to the media that’s allowed via the media services you’re allowed to stream from such as netflix

on the other hand, with a thunderbolt cable or a screensharing device, you can share anything you have stored on your computer.

like stuff like chromecast is convenient, but if old-fashioned devices such as the audio jack cable and so forth are rendered obsolete in the future, I won’t be very happy, because it actually means less access

does anybody get what i’m getting at?