future husband alert


newsflash watsky is the cutest person


oh god i love toby’s old vlogs. 

Tonight I met my future husband.

You wanna know how I know? Because at a Benefit Concert he sang Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit.

Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit.

This is the second time I’ve seen him perform (the first time I fell in love with his voice) but this time I actually spoke to him and HE TOUCHED MY HAND.

This boy made of perfection is perfect. Now all I need is for him to know who I am…Hmmm…

I really don’t like the word hot. Hot shouldn’t be used to describe people you know. Hot essentially means, “I find that person sexually attractive, I don’t care about their intelligence, personality or morals.”

However, it makes me happy that you changed the word hot to pretty yourself without me mentioning anything until after you said it.

But then again, if your friends called me hot, then you must have been showing me off to them since I’m pretty sure none of them know who I am except for like Michael, and it’s been years since he’s seen me. Oh well, we’ll just be each others’ backup senior ball dates for now, but you make it seem pretty definite that you want me to go to yours and I definitely wouldn’t mind being you being mine.

Shit, it’s strange how life works out. I wonder if you remember saying that we should try again later all those years ago.

I wonder how many people are going to read this and actually know who I’m talking about, hahaha! My close friends are just totally gonna call me creepy.