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RFA+V+SAERAN: Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?

A/N: Here guys, I wrote this MONTHS ago (like right before we made the blog. It’s kinda like a part 2 to the one I wrote about who’s a doodler or a writer) And I figured i could give y’all something to read <3 ~Admin 404


               -Pretty sure I’ve already established that this guy is a DOODLER

               -He’d doodle anything and everything

               -Stars, MC and himself, animals

               -Tries his hardest to professionally draw his LOLOL character

               -He’s the type to write out his characters stats on said piece of paper

               -  Kind of like Dungeons and Dragons

               -No inch of the paper is left blank

               -It makes no difference to him if the doodles overlap, they’re all beautiful in his eyes!!

               - Yoosung, sweetie, we can’t hang this up in a museum I’m sorry


               -Are you kidding

               -Rewriting your lines is the best way to memorize them!

               -Some of the lines are written multiple times in a row

               -Others, you can’T EVEN READ THEM


               -They’re written up, down, side-ways, diagonal (how do you read this, I’d get a headache)

               -“Babe, can you help me with this? Just read it and tell me if I’ve gotten it right!”

               -Uh, yeah, okay sure um lmao

               -You’re turning the paper around in circles to read the lines



               -Poor baby is so over worked, she’d probably be so confused over a blank piece of paper

               -“This…. is blank?? Shouldn’t there be reports printed on this so I can proofread?? What is hAPPENING”

               -Honestly just stares at the paper for a while before it finally clicks

               -“Hey, I don’t have to work on this, this is GREAT why don’t I have MORE blank pages of paper????”

               - Uses it as scratch paper to test if her pens are working

               -Doodles little angry emoticons every time she thinks about Jumin and his stupid projects

               -Really has no other use for this blank piece of paper

               -Doesn’t want to use it for work but also just….doesn’t…know…what to do

               -Yet, every time she comes across one in a folder, she brightens up a little


               -“This… is blank. This should not be blank. Who compiled this folder? Did they mean to leave a blank page at the end? Why is it-” JUMIN P L E A S E

               -No more files to look through? No more reports?

               -Welp, this blank page is now filled with more information on the project he was working on at the time

               -Hand writes notes on the paper and keeps it with the file

               - Why can’t you…I dunno… do something fun with it

               - Dammit Jumin

               -If he isn’t using the paper for notes, he’s using it to keep track of his future project ideas

               - “Cat hotels, cat wine, cat cat cat cat

               -Makes sure he finds this piece of paper is as organized and pretty as he finds Elizabeth the Third MC



               -Seriously what else is he gonna do with his spare time

               -If he’s (surprisingly) not drawing memes on said piece of paper, he’ll write on it


               -“Saeyoung you keep handing me this paper but I have no idea what it says”

               -“Figure it out :^)”

               -He likes to see how frustrated you get when you spend hours trying to figure it out on your own

               -You’d just Google it but he shut off the WiFi

               -He’s decided that he’ll write cute little messages in binary every time he finds a blank piece from now on

               -“This better not be a meme in binary, Saeyoung.” “MC! I would NEVER!”

               - Okay but this dork actually writes such sweet things to you, and can’t wait until you actually figure it out


               -“??? MC? Why are you handing me a blank piece of paper?”

               -Will probably be confused as well, but will quickly think of something to do

               -If you’re sitting with him, he’ll ask you to play silly little games with him!!

               -Tic-tac-toe! Dots and boxes! Pictionary!

               -Loves to mess with you when you play

               -“MC, look out the window, do you see that bird? Isn’t it beautiful? What are you talking about? I’ve had this many boxes before you turned around”

               - Always smiles and laughs, giving himself away

               -If you aren’t around to play, he’ll probably write cute messages for you to find around the house


               -“Saeran! Here! Draw your feelings on this piece of paper!!!”

               - Saeyoung, that’s a bad idea…

               -He’ll accept the paper, but waits until his brother leaves the room

               -Doesn’t draw on it, but scribbles words onto it that he hides from you

               -He calls Saeyoung back into the room as he folds the paper into an airplane

               -Aims for his “Idiot Brother’s” face

               -Leaves the room in disgust when Saeyoung starts to pout and fake cry

               - Y'all know the paper just had a big “Fuck You” written on it

               -You can’t even deny it

Peter maximoff x reader

You and Peter were best friends for years. You were there through all the tough times. He was there for you too. This turned into love as you both reached 16. Neither of you had to ask each other out. It just happened.

You were having a movie night with Peter at your house. You leaned in and hugged his body. Resting your head on his chest. He hugged you back and smiled. This wasn’t anything new. That’s when you looked up at him and we’re met by his lips on yours. You gladly kissed back. From that day you both were an item.

Years went by and suddenly you 20 and Peter was 21. It was coming up on you to your 5 year anniversary and Peter enter to do something special. Just for you. He loved you with all his heart. He was meeting you for dinner at 8:00. It was now 7:56. That’s when the idea came into his head. You were waiting at the restaurant for him.

He sped up beside you and you looked at your clock. “8:01, your late” she said with a smile. He chuckled and kissed you on the lips. The rest of the night was normal. A nice dinner. The whole ‘happy anniversary, I love you’ stuff. Which was fine apart from it was the same every year. “I love you [Y/N]” peter said as you looked up from your thoughts. “And that’s why I was late tonight. I was thinking about you and I knew that we were meant to be together” he said as he reached his pocket and went to one knee.

“Baby I love you…and I don’t want to risk losing you” he spoke softly before pulling out the ring. You gasped and covered your mouth. Everyone was now watching you both as you started crying. “Will you marry me?” He asked and you answered “Yes….of course” you then hugged him tightly. Everyone clapped for the two of you. Peter slowly put the ring on your finger you whispered “you better not have been late because you stole this”. He laughed then “only the best for you. No stealing” he promised


SimCity 4 - OST

00:00 Rush Hour
05:27 By the Bay
11:33 The Humble Brothers - Terrain
17:11 Re-Development
22:21 The New Hood
27:39 Bohemian Street Jam
33:20 Shape Shifter
40:56 Kirk Casey - Night Owl
46:18 Without Form
52:50 Marc Russo - Street Sweeper
57:52 Robi Krauker - Transit Angst
1:02:36 Kent Jolly - Zone System
1:06:11 The Humble Brothers - Epicentre