future growing

you’ve grown haven’t you? physically but most importantly spiritually and mentally i hope. it would disappoint me greatly if you haven’t because i am trying to teach you to stop clutching the river’s bed and either go with the flow or swim against it. only dead things are stagnant and i know we’ve definitely left that in the past along with all our other bad habits. i really hope you’re doing well because i’m here working in hopes that when we do meet i won’t cause you shame. i know you’re busy seeing about your business over there and i have stuff to deal with here but i thought i’d let you know that i was thinking about you. not obsessing or worrying over you, just genuinely wishing in my hearts of hearts that you’re keeping safe, finiding peace and learning to be brave. our eventual encounter excites me more than scares me some days and i really am anticipating it,though not rushing it because i want us to meet when we’re both ready. both doing our best and prepared to only grow stronger even if it means building with the stones that are thrown our way. much love from the past.
—  a message to my future self

Not everyone is going to see your worth and potential. Even when you see their’s, and even when you pour time and energy into being the absolute best you can be, there will still be people who look past you or take you for granted. Whether you’ve dealt with this romantically, with friends, your job, or even in ministry, this hurts. However, God is faithful in providing us with Biblically rooted hope for this hurt:

In Samuel 16:1-13, even though God wanted David to be appointed as a king by Samuel, David was nowhere close to being Samuel’s first choice. Samuel was certain that one of David’s brothers was the one God wanted. However, God stepped in, and in a final turn of events, David, who was not even in consideration for being chosen as king, was brought in to his father Jesse’s house and was appointed as king over everyone else.

Had it not been for the Lord, David would have never gotten that position. Even though Samuel eventually saw David was the one who God wanted to be appointed as King, God was the One who anointed Him and made it possible.

Remember this when it comes to romantic relationships, friendships, work opportunities, ministry opportunities, and anything else you desire to have. God never forgets to give you what was meant for you. You may be overlooked by man, but you will never be overlooked by Him. So keep on doing what you do for Him, knowing that He is always faithful in honoring those who do, regardless of how long it takes for others to see your worth.

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

Haru Okumura rocks.  I expected a generic soft moe character, but she’s pragmatic as hell and also took me to see Saw.


Happy Jisung Day!  Maknae of NCT Dream, NCT and SMRookies who is the “smallest” but one of the tallest and continuing growing! Beautiful shy smile and talented dancer, who warms our hearts and gives us the hope we can achieve our dreams even at a young age as long as we are passionate and hardworking! You are our hope! 
Happy Birthday Park Jisung! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I think my love is too intense.. I require raw passion and basically your soul tbh. I expect honestly and loyalty as a default. I’m highly ambitious and I’m driven by grinding and building so we can achieve a financially free future together. I love growing with someone, helping each other become better people. I live for spontaneous shit, goofy jokes and over the top romance. I just wanna build an empire with someone whilst being in the most sincerest deepest form of love and devotion.
For some, going to work and coming home - curling up in front of the TV is enough. For me that’s great, but I still prefer the unconventional life - where we might not see each other every day because we are building but when we do, we create life long memories and just embrace. I know it seems like a lot to ask but it isn’t impossible.

- Meggan Roxanne

To my future daughter,                                                                                                              
 I’m sorry for all the hurt the world will inflict on you.
I wish I could protect you,
But I can’t.                                                                                                                           
Instead, I will teach you what my mother failed to teach me.                                                                                                                                   
  i. You are more than your body.
The world will tell you, you are nothing but lips and curves.
Only thigh gaps and soft brown waves of hair.
They are wrong, baby.
There are universes in your eyelashes,
Worlds caved into your ribs.
You are entirely too big for your body, for this world.
Your world is held together by skin and bones, but you are more than the stitching at your seams.
You are wonder.
And grace.
And beauty, all in one.                                                                                                                           
  ii. The world is at your service.
Never let anyone tell you you cannot be anything you want.
Honey, you might not be able to be everything,
But you sure hell can be something.
Be an astronaut, if you want to see what the world is like away from all the noise.
Be a doctor, if you want to know what its like to hold a beating heart in your hand.
Be a teacher, if you want to see true wonder in those around you.
Be all of it or none of it.
The world will be what you make it.
And you can make it how you want.                                                                                                              
 iii. Please don’t resent me for when I try to protect you
I wish my mother had taught me to thicken my skin,
To hold my breath around bullies
And not let them see me bleed.
I wish I’d been taught tough love.
I walked down hallways with a hood of slurs covering me, tears burning acid on my cheeks.
Instead, I was taught unconditional love, which is great but it won’t help.
Not when it really matters.
It won’t prevent the scratches you draw across your arms when times get tough.
The blood drawn will heal with kisses, slowly, but they will still bleed.                                                                                                              
 iv. Befriend the outsider.
Because, my darling, we are all the outsiders, some are just outsiders together.
The girl with the pink hair has a story behind her eyes as well as her tattoos.
Take time to listen to it.
It might shift your world a little bit.
The boy with the acne always running, running, running.
He might be running from more than his problems.
Maybe his mind, maybe the love he doesn’t know how to show.
He might let you run with him, if you ask.                                                                                                              
 v. They’re going to leave you, whoever they are.
A friend, a lover, a companion.
They will say they won’t - but they will.
And that’s okay.
Your heart will wither when the door slams on his way out.
Tears stream down your face when another message remains unanswered.
That’s okay too. It will all be okay.
Not at first, but eventually.
Because we are all on our own journey and maybe yours don’t intersect anymore.
Life is big and messy but sometimes it’s not big enough for all of us.                                                                                                                           
So, do it all.
Be tall with short hair.
Short with purple hair.
Loud with a small voice. 
Small with a big heart.
Be anything you want, baby.
Be it all.                                                                                                                           
Because this world is yours.
And what anyone else says doesn’t matter.
And you are made, grown and built to conquer it.
—  To My Future Daughter (For The Road)
The quickest way to happiness? Learning to be selfless
Ask more questions, talk about yourself less
Watch the sun set with best friends from a rooftop
Go to festivals, camp, fall in love and dance
You’re only young once, my loved one, this is your chance
Take risks, cause life moves so fast.
—  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
YOI Hunger Games AU

surprisingly does not exist yet (considering this fandom’s thirst for angst lol) but here are some things to consider:

  • Yuuri being reaped from the district where it’s basically a death sentence. (Alternatively; he volunteers in place of Yuuko, determined to have his future godchildren grow up with both their parents).
  • Despite his abysmal chances of survival and low self-esteem, Yuuri pushes himself to learn as much as he can. He needs to return home.
  • Victor being from one of the Career districts. He’s been handpicked from the academy and is gifted in combat, even though it’s not something he enjoys. The idea of killing other kids and teenagers leaves him uneasy. He’s never known warmth or affection.
  • Though Yuuri is unassuming, he is kind, smart and driven. Victor notices him as someone to look out for. On the flip side, Yuuri is starstruck by Victor, who is talented and eye-catching in all universes. They have an uneasy unspoken truce, having short conversations interwoven through training.
  • Yuuri tries out an alliance with Phichit & Co, but is quickly separated from them. Victor is the type to strike out on his own. Both boys are hunted by the Career pack; Victor for being a high-profile threat and Yuuri for inadvertently causing the death of two careers. Since they are both alone, they band together.
  • Despite everything, Yuuri feels very safe around Victor. Being around Victor makes him believe in himself. He tells Victor about his family, his likes and his hobbies. He wants to win but acknowledges that his odds of making it to the end are low, so he wants to try and help Victor while he can.
  • They grow closer and more desperate as they scramble to survive, taking turns being reckless and protecting each other. They become very dependent on each other, but can’t bring themselves to care, because it’s one of the only things keeping them sane.
  • Victor has never met anyone like Yuuri, who laughs without malice, who never lets go, who is the only one who’s ever cared about Victor the person. He feels like Yuuri is the only person he can spill himself into, who never makes him feel like he’s not enough. He knows that eventually either he has to die, or he has to kill Yuuri. But he knows in his heart he’s already made his choice.
  • They find Phichit’s body. Yuuri has an anxiety attack and is inconsolable for hours. Victor holds him in his arms as he sleeps, and wonders how Yuuri would take his death when the time comes to it.
  • They kiss. It’s simultaneously the best and worst moment of Victor’s life.
  • When there are three tributes left, Victor insists on finding the last tribute before they run out of strength and supplies. Neither say anything about what they will do if they succeed in killing her, despite the fact that it’s the heaviest thing on their mind.
  • Then there are only two tributes left.

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Whenever I feel sad I think of all those little kids that read Rick Riordan’s books and are able to find themselves in those characters and I think of all those little kids that will grow up with this amazing range of diversity in their favorite book characters, in their heroes, and I feel a little more hope for the future.