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10 Smart Rings Inventions You Must Have in 2017

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ok enneagram side of tumblr, this is a tag for you (i hope people actually see it)

here are some meme-ish half statements. complete them with an enneatype.

phew. ok, i’ll start.

i look like a: 7 (edit: after some thought- I look like a 4, so emo and such)

i talk like a: 5

the authorities think i’m a: 8

my family thinks i’m a: 8

my friends think i’m a: 4

strangers thinks i’m a: 2

my classmates/co-workers think i’m a: 3

i wish i was a: 9

i’m actually a: 7

tagging people i kind of know: @aviesaurum @ender-kun @mbtiguy @lophiusdragon @mag-ne-ti-c @chrysalisofrust-blog @12shotsofgin @future-gadgets-lab and anyone who wants to chip in pieces of their souls at me i luv people


7 Cool Inventions You Can Buy Now On Amazon


Top 10 Amazing Inventions You NEED To See


I will be at OTAKON.  This is what I’m wearing

Friday: 20th Century Boys FRIEND shirt (scary hand with an eye in it)

Saturday (first half): I’m going to be the most accurate BROCK you’ve ever seen, you’ll most likely see in a group with pals dressed as Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, and Ash

Saturday (second half): once we change out of costumes (cause we ain’t wearin’ that shit all day) I’ll be wearing a Lester’s Possum park shirt

Sunday: Future Gadget Laboratory

As always, if you see me, feel free to say hi, don’t be shy.


A camera which shows what you’ll become in 10 years time

Ah, Innolife will be a rockstar!

Now let’s see about Sapuri…

Bone and glasses???


10 Awesome Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon UNDER $30

The World’s First Smart Electric Skates

These cool and innovative electric roller skates propel a wearer at up to 12 mph! Two sets of step-in footplates secure most types of footwear with strap bindings similar to those on snowboard boots, accommodating small and large feet. Supporting riders up to 250 lbs., each skate’s twin 6”-diam. wheels has a 55-watt motor integrated into its fiber-reinforced nylon frame. Tilting forward on the toes accelerates while tilting back on the heel gently brakes. The footplates also pivot down to put your foot in contact with the ground for walking or going upstairs. Each skate has a removable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 1 ½ hours of continuous power (up to a 6-mile/45 min. range), ideal for travel across a school campus, to a local cafe, or while roaming a neighborhood festival!

Available for purchase on Amazon