Goldwash calls his music “existential funk”. As someone who happens to be drawn to the ideas behind existentialism, I find myself wondering whether my existence, when listening to the Los Angeles based future soul musician, is defined by his music. It certainly feels like the rest of the world fades away when I’m listening to “Ok, I Lied”. It feels, for a brief moment, that my only purpose in life is to lose myself in his sinuous winding, tangy quivering song. I transfix all my attention on his creamy cooing and snazzy textured electronica. In a parallel world, his “existential funk” could very well be called “future jazz”. “Ok, I Lied” is Goldwash’s latest single from his dazzling debut EP, LDR, out now on iTunes.

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♫A dancy mix to play video games to♫

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