future frock

so about that whole skant thing and men wearing dresses being completely acceptable in the future

may I present Julian Bashir going on a date with Garak wearing a beautiful teal blue dress with a fitted single shoulder top that leads down to a swishy, flowy, asymmetrical bottom that’s some sort of silk or something

with strappy low kitten heels

[EDIT: I think Julian would also look AMAZING in tall gladiator flat sandals too like holy whoa]

and gold toe polish


anonymous asked:

Don't you think you should make men's clothing so your portfolio isn't so bare? Or clothing for multiple sizes of women instead of just yourself? I worry that your applications won't look good if you don't have more variety!

I’ve gotten a few questions about this! Yes I do, but,

I live in the middle of nowhere. I seriously do not know /anyone/ within a thirty minute radius of me, much less someone who would be willing to sit through hours of fittings, photoshoots and most likely - uncomfortable undergarments. I’m also still annoyingly dependent on draping (I’m working on it!) and don’t have easy access to alternate sizes of dress forms. 

So variety in body shapes probably won’t be happening any time soon. However I will be spending a lot of time on menswear inspired things in the very near future. Tailored jackets, frock coats, pumpkin pants, tunics, trousers and doublets will ALL be featured in my portfolio.

My basic plan for this year was to just get better at sewing, construction, and finishing work. I wanted to build my portfolio along the way but I mostly wanted to improve my skills so I would have the confidence in my work to apply for things.

 I’m happy with that for now, 2015 will be more on filling in the gaps and improving at things I really suck at. The earliest I could apply for internships is Fall 2015 so I still have time!