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My father wasn’t a good person. This I painfully know. But…he was all I had.

Maybe I can warm up to Akechi someday, but I think I need some time first…

Jack Sparrow Reminders

– Friendly Reminder that Jack Sparrow does not wear eyeliner. It’s kohl. It keeps his eyes from sunburning. It’s an African / Southeast Asian / Mediterranean thing.

– Friendly Reminder that Jack Sparrow was not mad that Elizabeth burned the rum because he’s lol-an-alcoholic. He specifically mentions three things: food, shade, rum. The three things that are likely to kill them: hunger, exposure, dehydration. You die in three days without water. Of course Jack is fucking pissed.

– Friendly Reminder that Jack Sparrow referred to James Norrington as The Help during Dead Man’s Chest. Friendly Reminder that this is not a new development in how Jack treats his crew. Friendly Reminder that Jack made Norrington swab the deck with his own wig.

– Friendly Reminder that, while Hector Barbossa was his First Mate, Jack Sparrow once threw a bowl of soup at him and broke his nose. Friendly Reminder that, while his nose was still broken, Jack Sparrow then made fun of Barbossa for being Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea.

– Friendly Reminder that Jack Sparrow went to London to save Mr. Gibbs from being killed. Friendly Reminder that Jack then left London without Gibbs. Friendly Reminder that Jack doesn’t feel bad about this.

– Friendly Reminder that Jack Sparrow didn’t know for sure that Teague was his father until he was in his 20s.

– Friendly Reminder that Jack Sparrow’s grandmama often took care of him as a kid. Friendly Reminder that she gave him thrashings so bad, he was nearly beaten to death three times. Friendly Reminder that said grandmother locked Jack in the brig of her ship when he was eight

– Friendly Reminder that Jack Sparrow joined the EITC for a few years. Friendly Reminder that Jack worked directly under Cutler Beckett. Friendly Reminder that Beckett made Jack transport slaves despite Jack’s express wishes otherwise.

– Friendly Reminder that Jack Sparrow set free nearly 200 slaves. Friendly Reminder that Beckett branded Jack a pirate for setting those slaves free.

- Friendly Reminder that when Jack Sparrow saw the Wicked Wench for the first time, he stood on the docks for two hours just staring at her. Friendly Reminder that when Jack was branded a pirate, Beckett burned the Wench.

– Friendly Reminder that Jack made a deal with Davy Jones to have the Wench raised back up. Friendly Reminder that the Wicked Wench was then renamed the Black Pearl.



Adidas has teamed up with Parley for the Oceans — a movement aimed at eliminating the plastic waste that ends up in our seas — to create a new 3D-printed sneaker concept. The design consists of an upper made from “ocean plastic content” and a 3D-printed midsole made from recycled polyester and fishing nets. 

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HC: If merformers are legit in this au, I think it's cool if merpeople are still the stuff of legends. Like even merformers think they're just myths. It follows through the paradigm that all living things came from the sea. Merpeople came after Merformers, until the former evolved and lived on land. But there are remnants of the past, swimming the currents of the darkest corners of the sea, or so the legends say (lol sorry 4 gettin ahead of mself)

Actually they way I see it is that merformers are indeed that universe’s version of merpeople.  As in, people generally grasp the concept of them but hardly anyone actually believes them.  They are fae, plain and simple.  They only ever show themselves to people they deem worthy and believe in them, but even that is pretty rare, especially for the ocean dwellers.  (Optimus and his pod are a special case because Optimus genuinely believes that the Lost Light crew is doing good work and need protection.  But even then, it’s only the one vessel that knows about them.)   It mostly depends on the type.

Since lake merformers tend to live in very quiet areas with only a select few people around, they’re far more likely to make themselves known than say, a beach merformer near Miami.  People in those close knit communities usually have a long history in dealing with fae, spanning back generations, so the merformers trust and guard them.  (Think the Loch Ness monster without all the tourism and hype)

River mers operate in a very similar way, but they mostly expect people to leave them offerings and believe in them without ever actually seeing one.  (They’re a peculiar lot and don’t like to be bothered.)  They are said to be able to predict the future though, so if you’re brave and lucky enough, (and have an appropriate offering) you may be able to find one and ask it a question (though you may not always like what you hear…)

The mers living in mangrove swamps are more mischievous when it comes to humans.  They can hide anywhere they choose, making them nearly impossible to find when they don’t want to be, but are not above messing with some of the locals.  At their best, they’re playful pranksters who follow after boats and help guide wayward humans. At they’re worst… well, let’s just say there have been numerous accounts of people going into the swamps and never coming out.  (It helps to bring them an offering if you plan on traveling through.  Always best to get on a fae’s good side.)

Imagine your OTP in a dystopian society where every major decision is made for you – your career, where you live… and who you marry and how many kids you’ll have. Your OTP is assigned to each other to start a family. Do they already know each other? Are they at all interested in having a family? How do they get to know each other at first? (If an OT3, how do they adjust to having multiple partners, and in the case of a MFM OTP, how do they decide who gets to sire the first child?)

TMNT’s future... Hopefully not.

Last night I thought WAY too much about it how TMNT will be in the future, thanks to Nickelodeon. That corporation is for kids only and their audience / shows are meant to 6 years old kids or so. Trust me that thought has give me creeps! Here’s example what my mind created last night;

Leonardo sitting on the floor holding a picture in his hands before lifting it up to watchers. “Can you say what animal is in this picture?” *waits few seconds while kids at home scream their answers* You are very good! It is a dog! Now let’s go see what others are doing. *goes to Mikey, Don and Raph*”

Don: “*is looking for something*”

Leo: “What is going on?”

Mikey: “Don lost his screwdriver - “ Raph: “And we can’t find it.”

Leo: “Oh no! That’s horrible! We need to help Don to find it! Will you help us too? *waits few seconds* Great! Let’s go!”

Boys are looking for screwdriver when Mikey brings an item to Don.

Mikey: “I found your screwdriver, Donnie!”

Don: “That’s a hammer, Mikey.”

Leo: “*stands in front of the shelf* Where it could be…? Can you find it? *waits few seconds while the screwdriver shines on the shelf* You found it! You are so very good! Now let’s take this back to Don.”

Don: “*takes screwdriver from Leo and smiles to watchers* Thank you all so much! Now I can go back to work!”

Leo: “Now Don is happy and we all are happy too! You did very good job today. We can’t wait to see you again and go to new adventures with you! See you later! *waves happily with huge smile with everyone*”

…. …. …. That.is.horrible.if.it.goes.there. I can see that all happening in my head like an episode!! And I dislike it so much! *shivers a lot*

An Opportunity

I have a project which is to be announced at the moment but I thought I would try to include my fans of my writing a bit more.  All I would require is a combination of three things:

  • A friendly character from The Witcher series
  • A foe or enemy (such as something you’d see from the game’s bestiary)
  • A location (e.g. Novigrad, Velen…)

You may leave me some feedback if you wish.  Post a comment or direct message me.  Perhaps sometime in the future, on a future project, you may see your suggestion pop up somewhere in a chapter!  Have a good day and watch out for a new chapter on Monday. :)

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For me, one of the most important things is not that YoI did in itself, but how it proved that it was possible to push the bar and be (extremely) economically successful while doing so, so that hopefully other animes/mangas and games in the future might find the courage to do the same. Push the bar. A little bit further each time. Towards an LGBT friendly future.

Yes I very much agree on that. It’s still a big step forward to show that you can make an anime popular while still portraying a very deep bond between two male characters without it being treated as a joke within the series or being just random fanservice to get more female fans. I remember a tweet by a Japanese fan saying that her husband watched YOI with her and by the end of the series he was also supporting Yuuri & Victor’s relationship even though it’s not like he’s pro-LGBT by default. And someone else said similar things about their 70 years old parents.

In a way, if keeping their relationship vague helped more people become comfortable with it (people that normally would not be very comfortable with m/m relationships), then we might say that it was the right choice. It might be seen as “too tame” or “cowardly” from a Western point of view, but it’s probably the best approach to the average conservative Japanese viewer that normally wouldn’t even go close to anything LGBT let alone appreciate it.

P.S.: Of course I have no idea whether the creators even took this into consideration or it was just a coincidence.. The latter is not so unlikely, but then again we only have Kubo’s point of view and not Yamamoto’s, so it’s hard to judge..


Chapter 1 - maybe? I’m trying this out, I saw a post a little while ago from @jackburtonsays asking about Loki fics where the OC is strong and doesn’t take Loki’s shit. But he’s still Loki, so he’s still a shit. And they slowly become friends, because Loki is a persistent fuck… and the romance/smut takes a while. Anyhoo… I was intrigued and wanted to give it a try. Let me know what you guys think, and if this is something you would like to keep reading! :)

As always, let me know if you want on/off my tag list :) 

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if barba and carisi turned into animals

I had a interesting game today in FT13th… I got caught in a rivalry between 2 guys.
So I befriended this guy and today him and his friend were trying to kill each other and my friend got me involved. So I just stayed away from them.
Jason appears and kills the other guy and leaves my friend alive. He then watches my friend walk towards me and kills him to. I then ran away thinking that Jason was going to kill me.
So I hid in a house and as soon as he knocked the door down he stared at me for a good 2 minutes and walked away. I was so terrified.
About 6 minutes later my friends rival comes back as Tommy Jarvis bent on killing me. So I set off a flare gun to warn others he was crazy. And guess who shows up to help me. JASON! I literally stood there shocked as he grabbed the guy. The guy was them pleading Jason to kill me and escaped without his gun as Jason chased him down. I thanked Jason and left to fix a car.
After a while I finally found the last piece of the car and accidentally stepped on a bear trap set by a player. And no health spray. So I started to walk away almost dead as the rival shows up again with a weapon. I run to the nearest house and Jason spawns again. But instead of letting him kill the rival I ask him to finish me off because I couldn’t outrun either of them. I then thanked him for defending me from the crazy rivalry that went on and got killed by a bear hug.
He was the nicest Jason I have met in a game and that actually protected people. I might send him a request if I see him again on the game.

can we talk about

a certain someone’s appearance at the end of spiderman homecoming? i know i’m not the only one who gasped in delight!

When people get male cats as pets, I always stress the importance of adding canned food to the diet.

Because when you call me about your cat not having passed urine in 3+ days, no one is going to be happy about it. Your cat is miserable because he is unable to urinate. You are not going to be happy when I show you the estimate for everything we have to do. I am not going to be happy that you waited this long and that I now have to monitor your cat for 2+ days while he’s miserable on IV fluids and catheterized.

Canned food is good for cats. Try it.