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A peek at Team Avatar Alumni! (It might be hard to see, but their hair is gray and their wrinkles are more evident close-up.)

Mako - about to turn 50 years old. Chief of Police of Republic City and Deputy Director of the United Republic Secret Service (agents that protect high-profile politicians). He is about to celebrate 32 years in the police force. Mako divorced his first wife at age 31 and buried himself in his work to cope. At age 35, he was assigned to manage the security detail of the Fire Nation Representative to the Global Assembly (A UN-like organization created by Avatar Korra), and the representative just so happened to be the Fire Nation’s Princess. She made his job difficult in that she kept escaping to explore the city without bodyguards, tried to tease him, etc. Eventually, his irritation towards her turned into affection, and they fell in love and eloped. For many years he has faced occasional pressure to resign from his position due to his very political, high-profile marriage, but close ties between the Fire Nation and United Republic have made it a non-issue for the most part. He is still something of a workaholic, and his relationship with his teenage daughter (from his first marriage) is strained.

Bolin - 48 years old. Filmmaker, television director, advertising director for Future Industries, entrepreneur, self-proclaimed “super secret agent”, former police officer, former soldier in Kuvira’s Army, former mover star, former pro-bending star. Bolin married Opal when they were both in their mid-twenties, and they had four children. Half of the family are airbenders, and the other half are earthbenders, so Bolin and Opal decided to rotate their homes between Zaofu, Republic City, and the Air Temples. Opal is a teacher at the Air Temples and also does international humanitarian work, and Bolin is currently “in between projects” - meaning he hit a writer’s block in his latest film and is taking a long vacation to the dismay of his assistants and producers. His oldest daughter is an ambitious metalbender hoping to study architecture in university, his outgoing twin boys include an airbender and an earthbender, and his youngest daughter is a shy airbender.

Asami Sato - About to turn 50 years old. CEO of Future Industries, the world’s second largest technology / industry company. She has focused much more on global development and poverty reduction in the last few years, making her one of the most famous philanthropists and businesswomen in the world… still trying to decide if she and Korra adopted kids, and if so how many. Thoughts?


It is important to view knowledge as sort of a semantic tree - make sure you understand the fundamental principles, ie the trunk and big branches, before you get into the leaves/details. Otherwise there is nothing for them to hang on to.
—  Elon Musk
Hidden at plain sight

A little bit late, but here’s Day 2 of JuminV week, I used the Realization prompt this time. (Because my ass wanted a tiny bit of confused Jumin so here ya’ll go).

I hope you guys like it! And once again I would like to thank @juminvweek​ for creating this amazing event. :3


“Remind me again… When did you realize you had feelings for me?” His lover asked, and that got him thinking.

It must have been around high school.

Actually, it was in high school. And if he was calculating correctly, that happened around a certain party.

Oh, he remembered that day as well as his name.

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Everyone has the capability to become successful. It’s about rising above those who tell you that you can’t, even if that person is yourself.
—  Danny Postawa

SE MoodboardsDepartment of Business, Commerce, and Politics.

“For all of the future entrepreneurs, CEOs, and politicians, there is the Department of Business, Commerce, and Politics. Students in this department are fierce, confident, ambitious, and focused. They aim high and settle for nothing but the best. If you love to lead and dream of changing the world, then this specialization is for you.”

10 Things You Should Start Doing Today To Motivate Yourself For Success

Ten things successful people do to motivate themselves:

1) Stay focused on the big picture.

2) Create small, bite-sized goals.

3) Brainstorm your ideas and write them down.

4) Have an accountability buddy.

5) Visualize the future and go make it happen.

5 more things you should do to movitate yourself for success.