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Sensory Heaven™

I really wanna start a business that’s basically a stim toy library. You pay a small fee for a membership ( because how else would it make enough money to stay in business?) and it allows you to test out different stim toys! You can check them out like you would a library book, and if you like the toy enough, you can purchase it! If not, just return it! Not only that, but the environment would be by autistics, for autistics. Different rooms for different sensory needs: a room with dim lights, a room with some scented candles burning, a room with soft instrumental music playing, and each room would also have books (which could also be checked out or bought)! The books and stim toys could be donated by people, that way the prices could be super low and affordable! And on top of all that, it could have a café that sells autism/ neurodivergent pride themed goodies (cookies with rainbow infinity frosting, cupcakes with red frosting, coffee/tea [ because warm drinks could add to the cozy aesthetic])! There could also be informational pamphlets that could properly educate people about autism! There would be little nooks for reading, stimming, or just chilling out, complete with fun sensory chairs like fluffy beanbags and video rockers! The overall environment would be calm, peaceful, and accepting! You want to sit and rock? Go for it! That’s 100% normal here! The name of the library would be something like Sensory Heaven™, and omg I’m stimming excitedly just thinking about it! It’s too late to change my major this semester, but !!! I might change my major next semester to business so I can learn how to go about opening up this library!

A peek at Team Avatar Alumni! (It might be hard to see, but their hair is gray and their wrinkles are more evident close-up.)

Mako - about to turn 50 years old. Chief of Police of Republic City and Deputy Director of the United Republic Secret Service (agents that protect high-profile politicians). He is about to celebrate 32 years in the police force. Mako divorced his first wife at age 31 and buried himself in his work to cope. At age 35, he was assigned to manage the security detail of the Fire Nation Representative to the Global Assembly (A UN-like organization created by Avatar Korra), and the representative just so happened to be the Fire Nation’s Princess. She made his job difficult in that she kept escaping to explore the city without bodyguards, tried to tease him, etc. Eventually, his irritation towards her turned into affection, and they fell in love and eloped. For many years he has faced occasional pressure to resign from his position due to his very political, high-profile marriage, but close ties between the Fire Nation and United Republic have made it a non-issue for the most part. He is still something of a workaholic, and his relationship with his teenage daughter (from his first marriage) is strained.

Bolin - 48 years old. Filmmaker, television director, advertising director for Future Industries, entrepreneur, self-proclaimed “super secret agent”, former police officer, former soldier in Kuvira’s Army, former mover star, former pro-bending star. Bolin married Opal when they were both in their mid-twenties, and they had four children. Half of the family are airbenders, and the other half are earthbenders, so Bolin and Opal decided to rotate their homes between Zaofu, Republic City, and the Air Temples. Opal is a teacher at the Air Temples and also does international humanitarian work, and Bolin is currently “in between projects” - meaning he hit a writer’s block in his latest film and is taking a long vacation to the dismay of his assistants and producers. His oldest daughter is an ambitious metalbender hoping to study architecture in university, his outgoing twin boys include an airbender and an earthbender, and his youngest daughter is a shy airbender.

Asami Sato - About to turn 50 years old. CEO of Future Industries, the world’s second largest technology / industry company. She has focused much more on global development and poverty reduction in the last few years, making her one of the most famous philanthropists and businesswomen in the world… still trying to decide if she and Korra adopted kids, and if so how many. Thoughts?

It is important to view knowledge as sort of a semantic tree - make sure you understand the fundamental principles, ie the trunk and big branches, before you get into the leaves/details. Otherwise there is nothing for them to hang on to.
—  Elon Musk



Hurry Up And Buy
(produced by Scooby Davinci)

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Following your dreams cannot just be a feeling; it must be a commitment. You cannot only work towards them when things are straight forward, but also when it seems almost impossible to keep going.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
In 10 years

Ill be so financially independent that I will be able to have face/neck and hand tattoos. I won’t hire squares or posers when I have my business, genuine holistic hotties only. I’ll have dreads down to my perky ass cheeks colored every color of the damn rainbow. I’ll escape my insanely successful gallery/salon/wellness center go to my mountain loft, eat a ten strip and create art on my long weekends. I’ll be able to afford the latest and greatest vitamins, super foods and filtering system for my house. I’ll have a community garden. I’ll go to schools (if I’m not laughed at and judged for my appearance) and preach self love to all the kids of the future. I’ll host art classes at my gallery/studio, as well as hooping and yoga classes. I want to teach my community (whenever I end up) about wellness. Spiritually mentally and physically. Fuck the cookie cutter life. It’s not for me. I was put here to help others and I’ll do anything to look back at 97 and not have one single regret.


Work Smart Show daily blog.

This morning after using the watercooler and making polite conversation with a workmate, I was walking back to my desk with one phrase, they had used, stuck in my head. “Living for the weekend” and I will point out that today is a Monday. I couldn’t stop thinking about this; ”Living for the weekend” at 7.30 am on a Monday morning. I wasn’t living for the weekend, I was thinking about my workload and meetings for that day. It really made me wonder if was I too interested and obsessed with work but after some contemplation I don’t think this is the case. I thoroughly enjoy my weekends and time outside of work and indeed I am looking forward to the weekend but I am not “living for” it. I live in and for the moment with the knowledge that my actions now are laying the path for my future, whether that be this weekend or years later. My actions now will lay the path for a promotion, a good reference for another job and will provide me with the skills to take on greater projects later. In the same way they will lay the foundations for friendships that I have and will develop as well as the person that I will be in the coming years. I’m aware that this could all sound very conceited and self-important but only if you are on the other side of it. I really appreciate Anthony O’Neal’s tagline: “It’s that serious. It is my life and, to me, it is that serious.” The people that I appreciate most in life almost exclusively have this view; that their, my and your life is all that serious. Thinking about your own, and other peoples, lives as though “it is that serious”, rather than just living for the weekend, will change your immediate actions and in turn change your future.