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Hideki Naganuma… what a man.

Once one of SEGA’s most interesting musicians, Hideki Naganuma contributed to the soundtracks of Jet Set Radio, its sequel Jet Set Radio Future, their spiritual threequel Ollie King, the DS Sonic the Hedgehog debut Sonic Rush, the JSR-inspired anime Air Gear (under the alias of Skankfunk), and lots more under his resume.

The common assumption regarding Hideki’s sampling-based composition style is that he samples content from other songs, TV shows, film, radio skits, archival sound clips from the internet, and the like. However, this could not be further from correct.

Hideki’s work contains samples taken from sample packs SEGA and other producers provide him with during the music development stage. Most of the time, Hideki is not aware of the very, very origins (if not being the sample pack he lifted from) of these voices (and instruments, if applicable).

This post exists to gather information regarding every sample Naganuma has used in his music, where he pulled the samples from and a link to each sample individually, where you can hear it for yourself in its original form, not Naganuma’s edited version (if any editing has been done).

So far, this post contains all of Naganuma’s samples that I know of from Jet Set RadioJet Set Radio FutureOllie King and Sonic Rush. I do also plan to note down the samples he has used in Air Gear in the future, and maybe even work such as LUV CAN SAV U and Get It 2 Win It if this post still remains popular after the above is all documented.

If there is a broken link anywhere in the post, please, do not hesitate to notify me so I can fix it. I want as many people to be able to witness these finds as possible.

Found a sample and think it’s where Naganuma took the sample from? Just send the sample over and give the sample library and sample name and I’ll add it to the list if it turns out to indeed be correct. Thanks in advance for your contributation!

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