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I’ll help get you there, but you need to be prepared upon arrival. The following is a brief introduction to your future home.
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You will require a unique cross-section of devices on Mars. They will serve many functions, but above all else they will have one core responsibility: preventing your death.

Encantadia what happened to you?

Credits to my bessies who gave me the idea to post this 😘

The many rant-worthy sh*ts of Encantadia 2016-2017:
These are my thoughts on Encantadia 2016-2017 so far and why I seem to be uninterested lately.

The Amihan-centric first season

-This is where all the shits began. Back in 2005, the story revolved around the four sisters who conquered their differences and saved Encantadia against Hagorn’s forces and became the most well-known and well-loved guardians of the four elemental gems. Now I’m not gonna be biased and say that the first season of the original trilogy didn’t have their own fair shares of Amihan-centricness, and it is unavoidable since Amihan was the queen the during the first season so a huge part of the story will be about her, BUT the original book DID NOT FORGET that there are other main characters in the show and they had the chance to tell everyone their story, each of the sang’gres were given the spotlight, they had their own struggles, and showed how they overcame it to become pillars of Encantadia. That was the very reason why the original sang’gres were loved and recognized equally and became such effective quartet of heroines. The biggest mistake this new version has ever committed was making Amihan the center of the story, and while it’s not bad to give Amihan’s character a lot of scenes since like I said, she was the queen in book one so naturally her character will be involved in so many things that happened in the first book, but they focused on Amihan’s story way too much to the point that it degraded the other main characters ESPECIALLY Alena, she turned into this useless, lovesick, self-centered sang’gre who’s always MIA, and who by the way contributed very little to the story’s progress (in general). Danaya was way too dependent on Amihan back then instead of Danaya being Amihan’s anchor and shoulder to lean on when she needed it the most, that role was given to Ybrahim when the YbraMihan love team rose to fame, and as much as I love YA, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Danaya’s character to be downgraded in such a way that she was remembered as Amihan’s sidekick. The team has been heavily implying that there are four main characters in the story, but for me, there was only one. I love Amihan, but Encantadia is not just about her story or the love story of Ybrahim and Amihan.

The inconsistent storyline, The Unforgivable Plot holes and Plot fillers

A. Lira, the so-called savior of Encantadia

-I remember before that Cassiopeia mentioned that Lira will become the savior of Encantadia and will become queen in 2005, Lira wasn’t the typical hero, but what made her “savior” is that she was the one who mended the broken relationship of the sang’gres, she was the one who made the sisters realize that family is more important than anything, she saved Encantadia by saving the sang’gres, she united all of them together (which also paved way for the gems to become one again) and faced their common enemy, Lira became queen but relinquished the throne in exchange of a peaceful life with Anthony in the mortal world. But it was forgotten in this new version, sure Lira became the sisters’ conscience at some point of the story, but her story especially in the first book told the viewers that she was an epic-fail sang’gre, the irony of her character was interesting, and while her failures were understandable except for those times when she was being ridiculously stupid or just plain stupid, the story this 2016 version never emphasized how she became Encantadia’s hero, Lira playing a pivotal role for Pirena and Alena’s character redemptions wasn’t heavily implied in the story, Pirena redeemed herself after choosing to kill Hagorn and succumbed to Ether’s curse as a consequence in order to save Mira. Alena solely redeemed herself by choosing to let go to heal herself from pain, it was more on the sisters’ choices to redeem themselves and although at some point Lira became their guide, this little heroine focused more on shipping her parents way too much than reaching out to her Ashtis or coming up with “mischievous” ideas to bring the four of them together was cut down to a handful of scenes. She seriously would have used her playful character to come up with something to make the sisters realize how much they still love each other despite of their dispute. Lira was like, “Ashti, come on team up with your sisters to fight the baddies” instead of making them realize or point out what was wrong which will eventually lead to Pirena and Alena’s self-realizations, like hello? Alena was alone most of the time and found comfort in Awoo, Lira’s persistence would have been more emphasized in that timeline. Lira is a very wise kid, she was the eye-opener to everyone, she think and act the way she did because of the many struggles she went through, but in this new version, she turned into a forever fan girl of her mom. She wasn’t even given the chance to step out of Amihan’s shadow. And in the end, it was Amihan and Kahlil who saved Encantadia and brought the evil Hathoria down, in contrast to the sisters fighting together with the Sapirians, mandirigmas, and other encantados who by the way would have joined the battle because of Lira’s efforts (remember in the original series? Lira was the one who convinced the other encantados like the barbaros and adjantaos to join them in the war against Hagorn), Lira’s weapon to save Encantadia was her heart, Lira was the symbol for unity, that  was the very reason why I loved her character as much as Amihan’s. In this series, Lira was a hard-core shipper of her parents and DanQuil, she clinged on her mother way too much, and forgot that she had an entire realm to save.

B. Cassiopeia’s incompetence
-This is probably one of the biggest plot holes in the entire show. That episode made the viewers believe that it was an accident, unintentional, blah, blah, blah. No, it was just Cassy’s stupidity. She knows and she’s fully aware that the Etherians are evil, being able to live during their reign, she had her own doubts about Avria’s peace-making act, she knew that Ether has been keeping a close eye on her, and yet she failed to grant protection to the island to prevent intruders from finding them. But what really frustrated me is the fact that she failed to realize that she just spread information to a fake Danaya, the sang’gres have a chance to win against the Kubur, they even would have figured out that monster’s weakness even without her, the youngsters have very limited skill and power, and if she sees them as saviors, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to save their lives first?

C. The epic fail adventures of the seven guardians
-They made us see how this whole set of new guardians thing unfold, yet this subplot ended so badly which is another factor why the show was brought down to it’s worst. They say it was major plot device, they wrote this story so badly for what? Give way to nonsense plot fillers like the finding Haliyah thing?

D. The promised “character developments” for Lira and Mira
-I’ve had enough grand comebacks, they promised character developments for Lira and Mira yet they killed their characters, if they were up to something for these two, I don’t think killing them was necessary, it’s bad enough that Amihan died in the show and the next generation of heroines perished as well. I did not see how Lira and Mira evolved from immature diwanis to being sang’gres, I wanted to see their transformation from being girls to women, I wanted their story to be just as great as the four sang’gres. I don’t know what the hell are they up to, but this season is more sang’gre-centric than a balance between the stories of the current and future guardians. Major plot device they say? I’d say it’s their lame way of getting people’s attention because the sarkosi plot did not work.

D. The golden hourglass theory
-How can Pirena not realize that if Avria kills Alena and Danaya she can just turn back time and kill the bitch after saving Lira and Mira? I don’t see the whole point of this, and I therefore conclude that this is an arc filler, bow!

E. The sarkosi plot
-Like I said this is probably the reason why they had to come up with a major plot device, because this subplot is the REAL EPIC FAIL in this story. Amihan was given the prize to create her own destiny which turned out to be a curse, now here’s the thing, if Ether is able to resurrect a thousand-year-old Etherian using her power and the brilyante, then why can’t Emre do the same? I know this plot was necessary for Kylie to leave the show without Amihan’s story being left hanging, but still, seriously? If Emre is the god of life, shouldn’t he have granted Amihan another shot at life without her going through some shit and be a sarkosi or “creating her own destiny?” And why did it take so long for that to happen? Then Arra would have had more time to improve, and if Amihan was given that extraordinary privilege, then why didn’t Emre allow her to go back when Amihan asked him back then? That plot hole is so obvious. And in addition to that, I’m just not buying the Ybriana romance because it seems rushed and not well thought of, even Ariana being motherly to Lira is just, no. Honestly this would have been an interesting subplot if they casted an actress who can play Ariana’s character a million times better than Arra.

F. The lame and unconvincing love triangle
-I just feel so bad for Ru and Joross, these gentlemen are really working hard to cover up the lacking which Arra’s supposed to provide. I’m sorry but I consider this more of a plot filler than a subplot.

G. The poor characterization of the supposedly interesting characters
-Ariana: I wanted to kill her so badly when she let Lira die. Just when she needed to be Amihan-mode the most. Kapal pa ng fez para umaligid kay Rama ‘king ina, there was neither guilt nor trauma in her, she never thought of apologizing to Ybrahim and admit her pagkukulang, in short punyeta.
-Muyak: disappointed that she didn’t even felt that urge or desire to seek justice for her beloved Lira whom she looked after eversince she was a baby, I liked her when she was a lambana, but now—I’m not so sure.
-Pao Pao: what have they ever done to his character? He was such a joy when he was a little boy, so brave and optimistic. When will he stop being a useless jerk?
-Avria: All baddie, but they never really narrated her story the way the original Avria’s story in the original Etheria was told, if it weren’t for Ms Eula’s acting, Avria would have been an epic fail.
-Alena in book 1: the queen of MIA
-Memfes: a major plot filler, I know Encantadia loves to make surprises, but some stories or characters doesn’t need a grand introduction, seriously just who the hell is he?
-Hagorn: they just turned him into an all out psycho, this would have been the perfect time to redeem his character and see his good side. But RaquiMin is returning so…

The Endless introduction of nuisance characters and their REALLY BAD choices of actors

Arra San Agustin (Ariana)- she will always be the A-lister among the worst cast members in the show, you don’t have to read my reviews about her to know the reasons why, just watch her scenes, and the narrative of her character. I encourage you to do it.

Jinri Park (Juvila)- Juvila is my fuckin’ favorite Heran what the hell?! And she was Amihan’s mortal heran enemy too. Why are they doing this to me?! Clearly Jinri Park is not fluent in Tagalog and speaking En-chan would have saved her face in the show, but Jinri is far from Conan Stevens who played Vish’ka (and he was awesome btw). She’s struggling even in En-Chan which another factor why she is ineffective as Juvila aside from her bad acting, because she’s supposed to sound fluent in that language, like Arra, she seems to be reading the script. Learn from Solenn girl!

Lance Serrano (Memfes)- he’s good at acrobatics, he’s cute, that’s all.

Valeen Montenegro (Haliyah)- not complaining her performance but her character is clearly introduced just for the sake of it, most useless character ever.

There are so many other things I can add but these are all I think that are necessary to point out, hopefully Mine-a’s return will redeem the show, because at this point of time, I’m so done with the usual “soap writing.” The twists are clearly shocking and unexpected, but what came after the twists were truly disappointing, introducing of new characters and re-introducing old characters especially pivotal ones should be given to REAL actors not some “raw talents” who’s raw talent I don’t actually see. We are no longer in July 2016 when the show is just starting, we are on the near-end of the saga and this is Encantadia, I don’t settle for less when it comes to this show. I expected so much in this season but they took everything I have rooted for and gave me some really uncool storyline and torture me with some lame performances. Everything is just disappointing, where’s Kylie when the show needs her the most?

P.S. I want Lira and Mira back too.

Now hear this.

The future of precision listening devices could be bat ears. IBM Faculty Award winner Prof. Rolf Müller and his Virginia Tech team have recreated a bat’s ability to hear. Their device can isolate sounds, like voices in a crowded room, then translate them into ultrasonic pulses and back again, so all you hear is the voice you wanted to listen to. Inside IoT devices, hearing aids and microphones, this tech could help us hear more the signal, and less of the noise.

See how they did it →

Ghost Stories (2000) Quotes Starter List
  • “But that’s not the problem. She’s playing video games with the TV off!“ 
  • "OK, I’m sorry. When are you gonna need another dramatic plot point until you decide to whip out that damn ghost book!?”
  • “Now remember kids, just say no… to everything.”
  • “Why don’t you go bomb an abortion clinic or something?" 
  • "When this bitch kicks, I’m movin’ to Vegas.”
  • “This is what I get for skipping PE class… and my Liquid Paper habit…”
  • “Oh, [Name], let’s sing! Jesus loves me- COME ON, YOU KNOW THE WORDS!”
  • “The internet was a blessing from the Lord Jesus”
  • “So, if there’s one gy and four hookers, how many years in prison?”
  • “Holy pre-Parkinson’s Michael J. Fox Christopher Lloyd Back To The Future plot ripoff device! Where’s my Delorean?”
  • “My B.S. Detector’s goin’ DING! I can read. Not well, but I can read! And THOSE! LETTERS! ARE! BACKWARDS!”
  • "And in the movies, this would be the part where I foolishly trust you not to kill me. …And stick my hand in the cage!”
  • “Deadbeat dads are not cool!”
  • “I come from a long line of quasi-lesbian ghost killers! I’m not afraid of your ugly draggy ass!”
  • “Hey, wait a minute…why didn’t you guys bring me any candy? Or flowers? Are you even my friends?? Get out.”
  • “The number you have dialed is no longer in service. HEY! Maybe if they’d pay their fucking phone bill, you could call again!" 
  • "Sure it might be blue now, but soon it will be redder than Republican Texas.”
  • “Holy crack addicts, it hit the gym!”
  • “God, you are the ugliest fucking kids I’ve ever had the misfortune of ever laying my eyes on.”
  • “What are you talking about? Oh my goodness, do I need to get back on my medications? Tell me, are my eyes red?”
  • “You know what I hear? I hear the sound of you shutting the fuck up!”
  • “[Name]? Aint no [Name] living here, so what?. Get your crack head ass head into some rehab, I aint got time for this bull…”
  • "I used a ouija board once to contact a dead hooker I saw on the news”
  • “Verizon…Like Jesus, it never stops working for you.” 
  • “Wake up! Satan is trying to kill us!”
  • “Lord, reveal your salvation, since I am your favorite among these heathens”
  • "There’s nothing to be afraid of [Name]. Monsters only get evil people like republicans, and we’re not old enough to vote!”
  • “Lord forgive me for that satanic ritual!”
  • “Nothing great about it, it’s just like living next to Charlie Sheen”
  • “What does ‘bootylicious’ mean?”
  • “Nice to know a new dealer, yo.”
  • “So I’m nailing this midget when my mom walks in…”
  • “Toss me a coupla pairs of those painties and we’re even”
  • “But are lights and the phone strangely and suddenly going out never a good sign?”
  • “Listen! you flashed me! Remember that!”
  • “Due to the number of people bored last Sunday, next Sunday will be canceled”
  • “Get back in here or you’ll get your head chopped off!”
  • “Open your books and turn to page whatever!”
  • “The real problem is that demon that’s pulling a Linda Blair with my cat. I don’t suppose you know any exorcists, or Al Sharpton?”
  • “ I’m still poor and flat-chested.”

The Google Glass of Helmets Wins at SXSW 

SXSW’s sixth annual accelerator pitch event wrapped up on Sunday with over 500 companies applied, 18 finalists and 6 winners. Taking home the big win in the Wearables category this year was the Google Glass for motorcyclists, the Skully Helmet.

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can someone please explain to me why barry takes the random doohickey that future barry gives him despite the fact that neither he nor future barry knows what the fuck it is, the person who invented it can’t be found nor does she invent it for another 4 years and there’s no guarantee that it’ll actually work

yet he leaves behind the device that future cisco invented that barry saw firsthand actually fucking works and would probably be a ginormous help to team flash to deal with savitar, killer frost and any other meta-humans they may encounter because IT CAN LITERALLY DISRUPT THE POWERS OF META-HUMANS and like seriously why is this child so dumb oh my god

Augmented and Virtual Reality Market Worth $1.06 Billion by 2018

A new report on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) shows that this space is expected to grow over 15% from 2013 to 2018 reaching over $1 billion dollars by 2018. And this is just for dedicated AR/VR systems.

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Adrien didn’t return Marinette’s lucky bracelet did he?? What if he kept it and maybe it was an accident at first but every time he tries to return it something gets in the way or he forgets but notices he starts keeping it with him always and it’s just a thing now like every once in a while he’ll take it out and marvel at it and likes to think that it balances out his bad luck in battle and Marinette is constantly in the back of his mind now


“That night, I had a dream. It felt so real, even though I knew it couldn’t be or wasn’t yet. I dreamt of a magical future filled with wondrous devices where everything you could ever want would be available in one amazing place.

And there was happiness there. But then, I saw farther still years, decades into the future. I saw a handsome older man, his back still straight, visited by his children and grandchildren, people of accomplishment, of contentment.

But then I saw chaos… the fracture of peace and enlightenment. And I worried that the future I’d seen - magical and filled with light - might never come to pass.”

Fargo, 02x10 - “Palindrome“

anonymous asked:

3.19 meta prompt 1: I think maybe Cisco already knows, or could figure it out with the right trigger (like watching Cindy stop Wally). Its a safe assumption that he and Caitlin both know indepth how speedsters run. If you know the parts of a machine you can figure out where to push/poke/break to slow it down/stop it. Next question would be when did future!cisco build that device? Was it years ago or did he get the idea after 'feeling' Barry? (related to prompt 2? shift focus to sensory powers?)

That’s one of my favorite things about KillerFlashVibe: Barry involuntarily surrounded himself with the two most dangerous metahumans for a speedster.  Vibe can turn off his connection to the Speed Force; Killer Frost can stop him dead in his tracks.  You make a wonderful point, nonnie: watch-and-learn.  Cisco has Cindy on his radar now and certainly could have taken note of how she turned off Wally’s Speed.  The odds shift farther from Barry’s favor: Caitlin and Cisco can both take him down, as can Cisco and Cindy.  Heck, Wally and Jesse could, too, given how fast they are.

I feel like Cisco’s ability to read Barry’s Speed took about two years to refine enough that he could consciously, willfully turn off his connection to the Speed Force.  He has to be careful – I don’t think Future Barry knows Cisco can do this – and he experiments very, very lightly.  He feels bad – slowing Barry down leads Barry to thinking something is wrong with him – but he knows how valuable a skill it is in a world where speedsters often prove to be the biggest threats.

So, by early 2019, I’d say Cisco knows how to turn off Barry’s connection to the Speed Force on command, completely, with in less than three seconds between ideation, impulse (the waves he fires), and takedown.


Happy Back to Future Day Everyone!  Now where’s my damn jetpack hoverboard?

The biggest surprise here is that it’s Nicola of all people who – in these two scenes a couple of minutes apart in 302 – makes the only explicit references to time machines in general and Back to the Future in particular in TTOI.

Of course, Malcolm theorizes about time travel and the awesomeness of the future in Spinners and Losers, but his general pop culture science fiction knowledge seems to be stuck somewhere between the first Star Wars movie and the end of Blake’s 7.

Mind you, he is being uncharacteristically quiet in the top five set of gifs when the subject of time machines comes up.

Almost as if he’s hiding something…

Edited to add SUPER late in the day, Malcolm s4 Biff moment:

Time Travel as a past and future plot device in WTNV

Like everyone else who listened, my first reaction to the latest episode was “ow, my heart.” Then, I started thinking about what the arc could possibly be for this season. Is it possible that the key is time travel? And how does time work in Night Vale anyway?

Well, as Carlos discovered in his first year in Night Vale, it doesn’t. 

Which makes the question - how does time NOT work in Night Vale.

1. Personal experience of time

Characters in Night Vale age at different rates, and their memories about it are fuzzy. Cecil is apparently over a hundred years old (as of [Best of?], and he is deeply uncomfortable whenever Earl Harlan brings up the fact that they can’t remember how old they are. However, old woman Josie was shown to age normally. Earl was nineteen for decades, and then became middle aged. Jackie Fierro has been nineteen for who knows how long. Lee Marvin has always just turned 30. The University of What it is suggests that Carlos’s timeline could be funny too. 

The main way this could be used is in revealing memories. Cecil’s past is, I think, likely to be revealed slowly, not as a major plot arc. However, I think we will definitely be hearing more about how relative ages affect people in Night Vale. 

The whole town also has a personal experience different from the outside world. Places that exist don’t, places that don’t exist do. The 30s were a time of prosperity in Night Vale and a time of depression outside. However, there is evidence enough that our world does exist, somehow. 

2. Communication and knowledge, past and present

In History Week, Cecil reports on the future history of the town as though it is fact. He states that as of 2052, there will have been no mayor in Night Vale for 30 years. Which means that in 2022, 7 years away, something happens. 

Dana’s experience in the Dog Park was another example of this. She and Cecil could never seem to communicate at the same point in time. Also, when she was in  desert, she saw herself in the future as someone important (presumably she saw herself as mayor). Her family also saw her, and she remembered the incident and interacted with herself (so that won’t cause some horrible world ending paradox). 

The Museum of Forbidden Technologies also has multiple time travel machines, some not invented yet. Time travel was legalized in the time period of the show. (I point out these machines because the first episode of the season was a successful heist. And because that would be awesome) 

Of course, the use of a time travel plot will depend on one key question…

3. Closed Loops vs Alternate Timelines

Most time travel falls into these two categories. Today, we seemed to get an example of a closed loop story. Cecil told Kevin about the rebellion. Kevin sent Daniel. But we already knew about Daniel, and it appears that nothing was changed. Thus, the past was always changed, and no alterations happened. While this can be fun, it does mean that you can’t change what you know happened, just show how it happened and help make it happen. (Think Time Turners in Harry Potter).

However, there is plenty of proof that the other big type of time travel, alternate timelines, can also exist. Stories normally deal with these in one of two ways. The first is the alternate universe, where some divergent event caused a split. There are theories that Desert Bluffs is an alternative of Night Vale. (Think of the Star Trek episode where Spock has a goatee.) 

An example of alternate universes running into each other is Nulgorsk. In one version, the city was destroyed, and Night Vale was about to be destroyed too. In the other, nothing happened. Only Simone Rigadeau remembered both versions.

The other way it is used is creating an alternate timeline. Go to the past, change something, and when you go back, you are in a different future than the one you left, with you being the only one who remembers the change (Think Back to the Future). The Traveler experienced this type of time travel. He claimed he had saved Night Vale before and would again, and that he couldn’t return to his future as he knew it.

If I had it my way, this last one would be what I would want to do. Cecil says there is no use thinking about what could have been, but it is possible to change it. Steal a time machine, or have Carlos make one. A lot of people want to save Kevin. I want to go one step further.

It’s possible. All the methods are there to find out what they need to know and change it.

Let’s save Desert Bluffs. 

anonymous asked:

Do you feel like your ideas about the past could be made incorrect by some future laplace demon device?


i think a laplace demon device is probably not something we can plausibly construct within the confines of reality though

which is the whole point

Ghost Stories Starters

❝ My BS detector is going DING! ❞

❝ You sure are talking about my butt a lot lately. ❞

❝ Holy crack addicts, it hit the gym! ❞

❝ You sounded like mom. I didn’t know you did impressions. ❞

❝ Holy pre-Parkinson’s Michael J Fox Christopher Lloyd Back To The Future plot ripoff device! where’s my Delorean? ❞

❝ Do you have any books written by black people? ❞

❝ These pajamas are gay. ❞

❝ I hope to god you’re adopted. ❞

❝ When this bitch kicks, I’m moving to Vegas. ❞

❝ I don’t care about your cat, he’s probably dead. ❞

❝ Who knew Jews could run so fast? ❞

❝ The V on my sweater stands for “Very Big Deal” but that’s beside the point. ❞

❝ Violins. Oh no. ❞

❝ What’s haps on the craps with the snaps? ❞

❝ You see ___ , the boy bunny has a thing called a penis. And he puts that in the girl bunny’s vagina. The girl bunny then starts acting like she owns that penis! ❞

❝ Deadbeat dads are not cool! ❞

❝ I know that you’re gay. ❞

❝ God can you go bomb an abortion clinic or something? ❞

❝ Don’t forget what I told you about pre-marital sex. ❞

❝ I’m not giving you a reach around. ❞

❝ Now that is some really nice animation! ❞

❝ Lunchtime BJ? I’m in, dude! ❞

❝ Run! She’s a ghost AND a bitch! ❞

❝ Time to go home, load up that bong, and watch Pokemon! ❞

❝ I’ll suck you off for a Scooby-Snack! ❞

lunenn  asked:

hi! space and born again for the episode ask thing

  • space: did you want to be an astronaut as a kid?
    No! I hate flying and going fast plus I’m rubbish at maths and science stuff so I’d be the worst astronaut in history. But I’d love to do the zero gravity thing. That would be awesome.
  • born again: if you were to be reincarnated, where and how would you like to live your next life?
    Hmmm…maybe an indoor cat living in a luxury apartment with a city view, or if I can be an inanimate object I’d like to be David Duchovny’s next guitar so he could strum me for hours…or Gillian Anderson’s future mobile device so she could press my buttons and talk to me all day.

That night, I had a dream. It felt so real, even though I knew it couldn’t be or wasn’t yet. I dreamt of a magical future filled with wondrous devices where everything you could ever want would be available in one amazing place. And there was happiness there. But then, I saw farther still– years, decades into the future. I saw a handsome older man, his back still straight, visited by his children and grandchildren. People of accomplishment, of contentment.

But then… I saw chaos. The fracture of peace and enlightenment. And I worried that the future I’d seen, magical and filled with light, might never come to pass.