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So I started a new PETER MAXIMOFF SMUT!!! Okay so, basically Peter blindfolds the reader and plays around with his speed. Should I post or…. I don’t know you guys like tell me what you think!

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Vibrations *SMUT*

Peter Maximoff X Reader PART 1 ————————-
You were laying on your bed watching tv. Then all of a sudden you were naked, with hand cuffs, and a blindfold on.

“What the hell Peter!”


He put a finger to your lips and he stared walking around the bed. You felt a small touch hover over your nose. His touch lingered downward. You swallowed hard. He placed a little kiss in the valley of your breasts. His hands came over top your breasts. You jolted back and forth trying to gain some friction. He slammed his vibrating hands onto your breast and pinched your nipples. His hands slid down to your hips. Then his touch disappeared. You desperately whined from the loss of contact. Your eyes shot open. Peter was on his knees touching in between your thighs gently, you could feel the vibrations. He chuckled to himself as your squirmed around whining.

“Awe, don’t worry babe I’ll do something.”

You pulled against your restraints that were holding your hands together. He brought his face closer to you wet centre and blew cold air. You squirmed around more and more. He licked a long vibrating strip upward and sucked on your clit. You started moaning and moving around. He pulled your hips straight down and stopped your movements.


Your climax hit your hard and fast, he didn’t stop until you’d road out your orgasm. You heard him stand up. He pulled off his shirt, pants, and underwear quickly. He put his goggles over his eyes and licked across your stomach. You moved around. He climbed onto the bed and pushed his chest against yours. You moaned, he kissed and nipped at your neck. You felt his shaft press your centre. All of a sudden he pushed in rough and hard. His pace went 0 to 1000 fast. His hips became a blur. Both of you were yelling and moaning loudly. Your climaxes were building and building. You began clenching your walls making Peter want to climax before you. But, he wasn’t having it. He started whispering foul things into your ear and bit and sucked on your neck. You orgasm had you seeing stars and your vision went white….


“Had an excellent meal at Thaliak’s Embrace! @laurenlovecraft-ffxiv was a great server! I had Landtrap Salad, Miq’abob Trio, and Rolanberry Cheesecake. Had some delicious spiced cider and mint lassi as well. I had some time to finalize my notes from the day in my journal inbetween eating. It was such a pretty place and I will definitely return in the future!”

Ruri’s diary day 4