future corvette

Red and Jackie HeadCanon: The Corvette

Years after the ‘70s, the gang and Kitty saved up and bought Red a very special birthday present: His corvette!

The corvette he’d always dreamed of getting when he came back from the war. The corvette he got in ‘78 for a few months and treasured/babied in those few months. The same corvette that Red sold when he thought he and Kitty were having another baby.

The plan had been to get Red a brand-new corvette but Jackie was the one who insisted on getting him the car he’d previously owned and even tracked down the man Red had sold it to years ago.

Red had been surprised and moved by the gift. He didn’t cry but he smiled the biggest smile any of the kids had ever seen, it had actually scared poor Fez.

Red spent his retirement enjoying his time with his wife and corvette taking road trips across the country. He took good care the car and any time it was having problems, Jackie would spend the day with him in the garage working on it. The car helped make some very happy memories for Red in his last years.

When Red died, in his will, he left his pride and joy of his corvette to the person he knew would love it and take care of it the way he did, the one person he trusted with it. His favorite: Jackie

*pretend it‘s blue and a corvette I’ve had this headcanon since first seeing this part in the movie trailer.