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Figure Skater HC’s

Hi!! How do you think the RFA members would react if mc that figure skated as their sport?

Aww, this was actually really cute and fun to write :3 Enjoy, Anon~! ~Admin Lily

  • Well, when MC told Jaehee of her passion, she immediately became interested
  • She wasn’t surprised though
  • MC had a graceful step to her walk, so she could picture her participating in a sport like that
  • However, she was impressed when MC explained that she’d been skating ever since she was seven or eight years old
  • And what was even more impressive to her was that MC had won more than twenty competitions when she was younger
  • MC would smile longingly as she thought back, “I dreamed of becoming the best figure skater in the world, but that didn’t happen. I haven’t been on ice in a while.”
  • Jaehee would cheer her up: “Everyone has a chance! Including you! You shouldn’t give up.” such a princess I love her
  • MC gave her such a bright smile
  • Jaehee instantly lit up when she decided to ask MC to go skating
  • “I’d be able to see what you’re capable of!”
  • “Or, we could just have fun together,” MC giggled
  • Yeah, that’s sweet and all, but Jaehee was really interested to see her talent
  • MC seemed almost nervous when she grabbed her skates
  • Jaehee’s so clumsy on the ice it’s adorable
  • MC laughs and holds her hand the whole time
  • Finally, Jaehee takes a break and tells MC to show her some moves
  • MC hesitates but with some of Jaehee’s motivation, she finally started to skate with ease, doing a twirl here and there and even jumping, doing a spin, and sticking the landing
  • Jaehee whistles and applauds, making MC blush and people turn their heads
  • Afterwards, Jaehee nonstop tells her to start competing again
  • “You’re so talented! Go back to doing what you love!”
  • It takes a while, but MC finally agrees to do one competition, just to make Jaehee happy and have the chance to relive her childhood
  • Jaehee sounds like a 40-year-old soccer mom oml its great
  • She’s just so proud when MC skates, and, with Jaehee’s support and love, MC wins easily
  • MC’s just happy to relive her childhood with Jaehee
  • She plans on never forgetting the fun she had with Jaehee ever
  • Yoosung thinks MC’s the most amazing person ever like
  • Everything she does, she does with ease and it’s just so elegant she’s just perfect to him
  • He’s literally grinning when MC mentions being a figure skater
  • “Just a sport I do on the side.”
  • “Awesome!!! Can we go skating some time so you could teach me?”
  • “Uh…” MC’s notorious nervous chuckle “okay. I’m not that good, but I’ll teach you what I know.”
  • At the rink, Yoosung puts on his skates faster than MC does and sits eagerly
  • It’s so cute he’s just so excited I love that boy
  • MC tells him to take things slowly but he didn’t listen
  • He panics, loses his balance and falls on his butt
  • MC just laughs and he just blushes
  • He loves her laugh
  • MC would hold out her hand and slowly guide him around the rink
  • Its one of those cliché movie moments where the couple are holding hands while one struggles to skate but it’s still cute
  • He asks her what she can do
  • “Figure skating has the twirls and stuff, right? Do a flip or something!”
    “I can’t do a flip, Yoosung,” MC would giggle but she would let him go and go do a little trick
  • She does a large figure eight before kicking off and doing a couple spins with one foot pointed at her knee and her hands up above her head like a ballerina
  • She sticks the landing perfectly, ending the short performance with a pretty pose
  • Yoosung literally loses his balance when MC gives him a playful wink and falls again critical hit!
  • She laughs and helps him up, noticing his sparkling eyes as he said, awestruck, “that was so awesome!”
  • MC just blushes and smiles, “thanks…”
  • “I don’t think I can ever do something like that.”
    “You can do anything if you wanted to, Yoosung,” MC reassured with a sweet smile
  • For the next few hours, MC taught Yoosung to skate without falling and even taught him how to skate backwards. but only for a few seconds
  • He constantly reassured her that this won’t be the last time they go ice skating together
  • Early on before MC and Zen started dating, MC had told him about her figure skating team and competitions
  • And, ever since then he’s been interested
  • He’ll ask where her competitions are held and if there are any videos or pictures
  • He’s always wanted to see a competition in person, but he’s never had the chance to actually go due to his work
  • but, once he and MC started dating, he had made a vow that he would go to every competition, no matter what and he planned on keeping it
  • And MC thought it was adorable how excited he was to finally see her skate for the first time
  • “It’s not that big a deal, Zen, calm down,” MC would laugh, flattered
  • “I just can’t wait to see your performance! I bet you look stunning on ice! Wait, who’s our partner?”
  • “It doesn’t matter, you’ll see him tomorrow. Before you get any ideas, he’s gay. Goodnight, handsome.”
  • Zen gets the best seat in the house, in a disguise of course to make sure the paparazzi doesn’t show up
  • He waits eagerly for MC and her partner, ready to cheer them on
  • And, his jaw couldn’t help but drop when the lights shined down on MC  and her beautiful and sparkling blue outfit
  • To top it all off, she wore a light pink rose that Zen had given her earlier in her hair
  • Throughout the performance, Zen was smiling brightly, his heart leaping with every leap MC took
  • She looked so gorgeous and graceful
  • He didn’t appreciate her partner possibly glancing at places he shouldn’t have though
  • Stop it Zen she’ll be fine :)
  • After the performance he literally stands up and applauds, cheering
  • He began drawing attention to himself that he probably shouldn’t have
  • Because the night ended with a swarm of fans and cameras because
  • of it
  • However, Zen couldn’t help but give MC a kiss in front of everyone, “you were wonderful, beautiful.”
  • It made everyone go crazy it was great
  • And MC couldn’t be happier with his arm around her
  • Power couple
  • Of course, Jumin’s MC is the best of the best at pretty much anything, including skating
  • If she can warm up Jumin’s cold dead heart, she can do anything
  • I’m kidding guys I promise I’m sorry
  • And, it’s not like Jumin didn’t know of her talents when he had learned her name
  • But, when MC explained the passion she felt when she was skating, Jumin couldn’t help but wonder
  • He offered to sponsor her in her next championship and see a performance of hers in person
  • “You skate well, right?”
  • MC accepts his offer, overjoyed and gives him a kiss, “I won’t let yiou down, I promise! Thank you, Jumin!”
  • He gets the best seat money can buy and he literally yawns at everyone’s performances
  • Until, MC appears
  • Jumin can’t help but widen his eyes and blush
  • MC wears a red and black dress that glimmers and sparkles
  • It’s impossible not to stare at her she’s stunning
  • MC notices him in the audience and gives him a wink, making him feel the urge to loosen his tie
  • It’s getting kinda hot in here
  • It’s an ice rink, Jumin
  • Suddenly, MC’s song comes on, and immediately Jumin just stares in awe at her gracefulness and spontaneity
  • She’s just amazing
  • The crowd cheers loudly every time she sticks a landing, and Jumin can’t help but smile brightly at her
  • She seemed to enjoy every minute of it and that made him so happy
  • He was also happy because it was a brilliant investment idea
  • What did you expect?
  • MC blows him a kiss at the end of her performance and he awkwardly catches it
  • After that, Jumin goes to every competition, learning each name of each move
  • It’s also tradition for him to bring her a bouquet of red roses for good luck
  • Once he looked MC up the first time he met her, he noticed that on her profile, she mentioned skating
  • He thought nothing of it, but someone had asked MC what she does for fun to which she replied, “Oh, I love to skate.”
  • “Oh, yeah, I remember that. You’re team is pretty good, right?”
  • “Yeah, I think we are! Hey, Mr. Defender? Maybe you and I should go skating sometime, huh? ;3″
  • O//////O
  • “I guess that would be alright…?”
  • “Really?” MC would ask, surprised, “Alright, it’s a date!”
  • Of course, Seven is nervous because 707 usually doesn’t have time for skating and dating
  • But, MC looks so cute with her pretty white skates on and beanie, “where are your skates? Let’s go?”
  • This boy has no balance at all he sits at a desk all day he wasn’t ready for this
  • MC laughed, but she had him put an arm over her shoulder as she said, “just try to slide and glide! Take it one step at a time! Copy me.”
  • He’s blushing it’s so cute but eventually he learns
  • MC pulls away unexpectedly, making him panic, “you let me go??!?!?”
  • MC chuckled evilly as she smirked, “I wanted to watch you struggle.”
  • “You are truly evil, Agent 60-AH!” Seven tried so hard
  • But, before he could break his face, MC grabbed his arm and helped him regain his balance
  • He looked at her as he let out a relieved sigh, “my hero~”
  • MC winked, and they skated for another two hours
  • They had so much fun, Seven enjoyed every moment of it.
  • “Would you like me to show you how to skate backwards next time?” MC offered, “I wouldn’t mind teaching you.”
  • “I wouldn’t mind learning! Where can I get one of those dresses you skaters wear? I want a red one. No! A mint one!”
  • MC let out a sigh as she teased, acting disappointed, “I’m sorry, Mr. Defender, but they don’t come in your size.”
  • “Oh, how disappointing!”
  • Lol future Christmas present from MC: a skating outfit

Finished my book cover design for my agent’s Christmas campaign centered  on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”  Even though they asked us to not all go for a ghost centered design, I just couldn’t help myself.   But at least I have them all on the back cover.  Besides they’re not that scary.

Dinomas Day 10: Dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous as the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future respectively.

I wanted to show the emergence of birds in the Mesozoic through Coelophysis, Archaeopteryx, and Confuciusornis.



Seriously though, this is one bizarre yet charming movie.

It’s basically an update on the classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, except instead of the protagonist being a money-grabby jerk, he’s a jerk who works for a TV channel (which is a pretty clever update). The ghosts, however, are the ones who steal the show. They are really funny, really quirky and really intimidating respectively, and their designs are so memorable!

The writing, the pacing, the tone, it’s all in check for a movie that balances cynicism and innocence really well. I wasn’t expecting a movie like this to carry on the spirit of the season so much, but it really does. Definitely give this one a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

And now, if you excuse me, I have to avoid a rift from happening between the present and the future. It seems not even time can get along with itself these days.

Christian Parents?

Hey just been reading out on these people with christian parents and I’m so sorry that you all have been going through this your whole life….I was lucky enough to live in a house where my mother didn’t give a single shit about me, my sexuality, my religion, what i watch. From what I remember her only rules were 1. Don’t be goth (no face piercings and black lipstick is what she assumes to be goth) 2. No ouija boards. cool. never had a big interest in them anyways. shit goes wrong too often.

Fast forward to a year ago. Got married. He told me when I met him that he’s christian. whatevs. wasn’t strict about it or anything and shit was all peachy. The no ouija board rule stayed intact but as I stated earlier, don’t really care. He’s just not comfy with the idea of summoning stuff into a home. I can live with that. 

now fast forward to now. fuck my life. We now live with his parents in Mississippi as we finish college. I’ll be living here for about 3-4 loooong years. God these are those parents I read about. His mom is the kind of person who has crosses all. over. the. house. She only listens to that crappy new age christian music on the radio. I’ve had my opinions dismissed due to the fact that I’m not a Christian. I’m now not allowed to watch Supernatural, FMA, Harry Potter, or anything that references demons or witchcraft or anything. They preach bible verses to me on a daily fucking basis and keep pestering me that I HAVE to convert. Ummmmmmmmmmm NoIDon’t. Also apparently if I don’t convert I’ll end up “brainwashing and tricking their future grandchildren”. My christmas present from them was a cross and a bible so I can “learn the truth”. God fucking forbid I’m now deeply interested in witchcraft and reeeeeally want to practice this but I’m almost certain I’ll get us kicked out of the house if I do this.. UUUUUUUUUUUUGH

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Mycroft Holmes hates Christmas. Sherlock Holmes isn’t very fond of it either. Unless there is a challenging case to solve, an interesting mystery to unriddle. Then it is Christmas for Sherlock …. regardless what time of the year.

And so it is indeed Christmas in S1 for Sherlock when he goes on the very first case together with his new flatmate John Watson.

It is also Christmas in S2. Thanks to @the-7-percent-solution and what she discovered about Mrs. Hudson’s new dress, we can be quite sure that ASIB took place after THOB (X). So, on this Christmas Jim is already on the loose. Irene sent her camera phone to Sherlock for save keeping and she lies ‘not’ in the morgue but is on the run (as far as we know). The flight of the dead is still in the process of planning (and the plane might come back in S4)   Oh, and John’s blog counter stopped ticking at 1895 ….

And it is Christmas in S3 when Magnusson is murdered and Sherlock gets arrested for it and is thrown into an isolated prison cell. He is waiting there to be sent to Eastern Europe on a mission that will prove fatal in about six months. Never to see John Watson again.  (but maybe that Christmas is not quite real if it’s in Sherlocks mind)

And finally - at least for now - the whole story of the abominable bride is settled around Christmas time.  TAB is Christmas too  (and this Christmas is definitely not real)   But … it’s the Christmas of  1895 ………

Looks like it is Christmas in every single episode of Sherlock BBC. Coincidence?  I wonder if this might be of any improtance. (Mycroft’s voice in my ear softly wispering 'the universe, the universe ….’). 

And by a closer look at the different Christmases …. well …. the first one is just Christmas because there are four very interesting suicide killings with poisoned pills. On the second Christmas a woman is lying dead in the morgue. Not Irene …. but someone with the missfortune of looking similar to her got killed because of that. On the third Christmas a man kills another one on full purpose and accepts willingly penalty and certain death afterwards. On the fourth Christmas two women are lying dead in the morgue. One murdered because again a doppelgänger was needed … the other committed suicide after killing her husband.

Wow …. the season of peace and merriment …. merry Christmas indeed!

Also on the Christmas trail is @tjlcisthenewsexy with some interesting thoughts about Christmas future, past and present and a lot of links to more stuff of that topic. (X)

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Has it ever been acknowledged how much of a miracle it was that The Muppet Christmas Carol wasn’t only good, but pretty darn great? I mean there was SO much going against it, like:

  • It was the first post-Jim Muppet Movie
  • The main character wasn’t a Muppet, but a human actor
  • The three spirits, arguably the most important part of the story, were played by unrecognizable Muppet characters
  • Kermit was now being performed by Rizzo’s performer
  • The former Muppet movie trope of having tons of celebrity cameos was done away with
  • Aside from the Muppets, the only major star was Michael Caine, who at the time was not considered a very child-friendly actor
  • How would Muppets fit in Dickensian times???

I guess it was just a Christmas miracle that it turned out so fantastic

Christmas Past, Present, and Future

This is a result of procrastinating a paper due tonight, and it fulfills @timepetalsprompts Ficlet Friday prompts of ‘Christmas hurt/comfort’ as well as ‘getting warm by the fire’.

Tentoo x Rose; ~2900 words

It’s their first Christmas together in their new universe, and Jackie finally talks some sense into Rose.


For her first Christmas in her new universe, Rose was more or less catatonic, at least on the inside. Outwardly, she put on a brave face and tried to celebrate with her Mum, Dad, and Mickey as best she could. She helped with the decorating, and baked cookies with her Mum, and pretended to be happy and grateful when her parents showered her and each other with love and gifts. But surrounded by all of the luxury that came with being a Tyler in this universe, Rose couldn’t help but feel more homesick than ever. She would have traded it all in a heartbeat to be back at the Powell Estate, back on the TARDIS, back with the Doctor.

Her second Christmas was a bit better, if only marginally. The new baby was fun to shop for and play with, even if he was too little to fully appreciate the holiday. As much as she hated and begrudged her life here, she couldn’t help but fall hopelessly in love with her little brother.

Her third Christmas seemed to pass in a blur, and she didn’t partake in much of the festivities. The Dimension Cannon was showing signs of life, and she and everyone at Torchwood spent many hours testing and tweaking the machine, sending various robots and drones through the Void to ensure it would be safe for a human to travel through. Rose did make a point to spend Christmas Day at the mansion, knowing (hoping) that she would soon be back in her proper universe.

Her fourth Christmas was similar to her first.

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Christmas Magic

So, not only is this post going to explain the significance of the Christmas Day I had yesterday, but it is also going to attempt to begin to formulate an answer lots of questions I have received along the lines of: 

… AKA, MY FUTURE. Here goes. 

Four the last four years in my home, Christmas Day has naturally been associated with depression and anxiety. It has been an extremely dark holiday to experience: the festivity of the season surrounds, and yet I haven’t been able to partake in any of it. In previous Christmas seasons, I have shut myself away, broken down on the way to visiting family (also failed to visit family and sat in the house alone), refused to eat, cancelled plans and cried endlessly. Christmas had become a season of discomfort and distress. So it is only understandable that this year I approached this season with some trepidation. As a person who on the one hand believes she has recovered, there is still part of me that always expects these feelings to come back, strike upon me like a bolt of lightning to remind me that I am infinitesimally smaller than my problems. However, this year I can finally say that I have experienced the kind of Christmas Day I always longed to. And it feels brilliant. 

Not that the festive season has been void of disappointments … it didn’t necessarily start out well. Two days before Christmas, I was rejected from a grad scheme I had applied to last term. I wasted an entire day and a bit of studying/uni work just to apply, which has now been for nothing. It threw me (I confess I’ve never experienced an outright rejection before), and I began panicking about what was going to be the ‘next step’ after university. For the past year I have been telling myself that all I wanted to do was get a job in London. But lately I’ve been reconsidering. 

Being in third year results in the question ‘what are you going to do when you graduate?’ spreading around a Cambridge college like wildfire, and I have felt that I needed a ‘plan’ as to my next steps in order to answer it sufficiently. But there’s one thing that bugs me, and it’s this: I haven’t even finished the first thing I wanted to do in order to consider my life a success yet … I haven’t graduated from Cambridge with a grade that I know I worked my hardest to get. I thought that coming to this university was going to be the biggest achievement of my life, and it stands as that at this moment in time. However lately I have been feeling forced to look beyond, when I think that planning these ‘next steps’ could effect the work I’m doing now. I have heard from friends who have graduated that the key to getting a job asap is to apply to lots and lots of these kind of schemes/programmes in the next few weeks … but how many more days of study do I really want to sacrifice for something I don’t even know I have a chance of getting?

I guess I’m just scared about having less focus towards my uni work the more I strive to get a grad job…and if I don’t succeed in getting a job then I feel like I’ll be kicking myself come graduation day if I feel disappointed in my mark. And yet I know that if I don’t have any plans lined up, then I will be so unhappy once i graduate with no job, no money, no idea what to do next. It will be a dead end. In a perfect world, I could juggle things such as applications, interviews and university work (there are many who can, and do), but it’s taken quite a lot of time to realise that that’s not me (cue Skepta). I don’t think I am capable of juggling these things while staying sane. As we all know, I think I think too much about things. 

Ultimately, I know that in the distant future I want to return to university to do a postgrad, and even eventually a doctorate. That would be #ultimategoals. I’d love to be an academic, but I don’t think I’m ready to do this yet. I’d love to do journalism, or editorial work … but the sector in the UK at this moment in time is notoriously difficult to get into. And I’m quite a self-doubter. 

So … where does all of this fit into my Christmas? My mother. 

Yesterday, my mum - who has talked with me for the last few days/months about ‘the future’ - told me my Christmas present. She has put money into a savings account, to be added to and used by me. But she wants me to use it for one thing, and one thing only: to go to Australia on a working visa after I graduate, to both visit my family over there & to travel on my own afterwards for one year. I cried. 

We were going to move to Australia when I was 5 to join my family out there - we went for a month and I adored it as a young child. But my mum didn’t want to separate me from my dad, so she held off. I have cousins my age there, and one of them became like a sister to me over the years, even though we have been miles apart. She moved to Edinburgh for 1 year a few years ago, and I went to visit - I miss her so much now she has gone back. My mum has always known that doing the ‘Australia for a year’ thing was always something I wanted to do. And I’ve always wanted to travel alone, but my mental illness in the past has been debilitating - my mini ‘gap year’ between architecture and english was spent in either a doctors or counsellor’s office, and it has now become a void space in the span of my life. 

She said that it doesn’t need to be as soon as I graduate - I can still apply for any grad jobs I see that I think I would really love. However’s there’s now the financial backing for an alternative plan, one that may be scary for me to embark on as somebody who is super organised & has to work to a ‘proper’ structure. There’s now a chance for me to go and experience something that I know, out of all the questions such as ‘what do you want to do?’ ‘where do you want to go?’, has always been a certain answer. I’ve always wanted to see my family in Australia again, to work there for a year, to travel around. Each one of my family members in the UK has done the same thing at some point in their lives, so perhaps it may be time for me to do the same. It may give me time to think about what I want to do next, or where I want to go with my life next. I can’t believe my mother has done this for me.

So, when it comes to any questions people have about what I’m going to do after uni: at the moment, I’m applying for any grad jobs I think I may really enjoy. But if this doesn’t work, then I will get a summer job at home and in late 2016 I will be flying to Australia. 

Christmas has been wonderful.

- Sarah