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The other day, I went to have dinner with Aoi-kun and Soma-kun!
Yes! That’s right! The 3 from Buddy Radio SSS went♪
It was delicious!
It was fun!
*I’m reporting it since we went♪
#バディファイト #バディラジ

*Morishii always says things like “let’s go have food” or “let’s visit here together” and then “once we’ve been, we’ll report it” 😂

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【Delivery Start】『30th FINAL Animate Ongakukan Special Event』
Limited time archive distribution of the event held on June 17th! #蒼井翔太 #柊南 #堀江一眞


This Week on Future Card Buddyfight DDD:

Bushiroad probably: “Are you one of those suckers watching more than one card game anime at once? Do you happen to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V? Aren’t you glad that Zarc mini-arc is over?

Well, we’re gonna make you relive it by having Kyoya become one with his Buddy, so get comfortable.”