Of course my Buddy
This is SD!
The size is 0, you need to pay 1 gauge though, if there are 5 or more cards in the opponent’s drop zone you can draw once, if there are 15 cards or more then you can destroy one of your opponent’s monster I love this card(≧∇≦) 
I love Abygale ❤️


The Cartoon Cries of Calgary (feat. Carol-Anne Day & Lucas Gilbertson) - Kirblog 10/22/16

Welcome to Voiceoctover 2016 where I’m interviewing various voice acting veterans from the US and Canada to learn about the history of how they started and where they started! For our fourth installment, we cover the Canadian underdog that is Calgary!

I’m joined by TWO guests this time, Carol-Anne Day and Lucas Gilbertson, who you might recognize from the likes of the “Mega Man X” video games, the 1999 version of “Hunter X Hunter”, “Cardfight!! Vanguard”, “Future Card Buddyfight” and of course, the legendary Toonami gem that is, “G Gundam”. Carol-Anne and Lucas tell their stories of how they got their start as in teenagers in the budding VO business out in Calgary with Blue Water Studios, how they came to work on so many projects…and how they’ve gone on to forge their own path,  making their own opportunities by way of animation! This is a fun one and all three of us meshed on the same level of insanity, so I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Follow Carol & Lucas on social media and check out their YouTube channel “HermitSherpa”!

Future Card Buddyfight (フューチャーカード バディファイト) characters Tasuku Ryuenji and Jackknife Dragon dressed and ready for Trick-or-Treatin’ in Animage Magazine (Amazon US | JP). Illustrated by character designer Kazumi Ono (小野和美).


Halloween fun from Future Card Buddyfight (フューチャーカード バディファイト) in these posters illustrated by character designer Kazumi Ono (小野和美) for Prince Animage (Amazon Japan) and Animage Magazine (Amazon US | JP).