Mars Hunky Hero, Takosuke

X-UB02/0005 RRR 火星のイケメンヒーロー タコ助 Mars Hunky Hero, Takosuke
“本気のタコ助はもっとスゴいんだぞ!(Takosuke when he’s serious is so much cooler!)”
Size 2 / Hero World / Superhero / 4000 Power / 2 Criticals / 3000 Defense
■ 【Call Cost】 [Pay 2 gauge]
■ 【Act】 “Martian Hunky Beam” Pay 1 gauge. If you pay it, declare monster or spell, look at all cards n your opponent’s hand, and if there’s a card of the declared type in your opponent’s hand, you gain life+1, and if there’s 2 or more cards of the declared type, draw 1 card. You can only use “Martian Hunky Beam” once per turn.
『Double Attack』 『Ride』 〔Pay 2 gauge〕

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This Week on Future Card Buddyfight DDD:

Bushiroad probably: “Are you one of those suckers watching more than one card game anime at once? Do you happen to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V? Aren’t you glad that Zarc mini-arc is over?

Well, we’re gonna make you relive it by having Kyoya become one with his Buddy, so get comfortable.” 



Full cards and skills were released for the Forever Kyoya Supply Set! (Releases 2017.7.7 in Japan. No English release date yet.) All cards feature the members of Disaster in Dungeon World form! The cards are all promos included in the supply set that has sleeves, deck box, etc.



since buddyfight takes place in 2030 and tasuku is 13 years old, that means today, may 5 2017, is the exact date that tasuku was born!

so i had to draw something extra special!!! 

i love tasuku so much… may your days be filled with happiness and love, sweet child