future cabin

Concept: We’re staying in a log cabin. It’s a perfect spring day; not too hot nor too cold. I’ve just made us some tea and we’re sitting on the front porch together looking out at the lake. The water is still and it reflects the blue sky and the many trees all around us. Everything is quiet. Everything is peaceful, and my heart feels as warm as the cup of tea in my hands.

Drabble #328

X: in-law

“Hi, Mummo! How’s things?”

“Hello, Simon dear. I’m fine, thank you. How was work?”

“Oh, marvellous! Just marvellous. The details are a bit hush-hush for now, but we’re planning something big for the hedgerows.”

“How exciting. Anyway, I wanted to ask if you’re free on Saturday? Martin is bringing his girlfriend over, and she wants to meet you and Caitlin.”

“Is that right? Well, I should think I can clear an hour or so, for little Marty. What’s she like, then, this new girl?”

“She’s lovely. Much more down-to-earth than you’d expect.”

“What, for a pilot?”

“For a princess.”


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Ok i think ive heard of it but what is nanowrimo? 😖😖😖i feel stupid asking im sorry

Hey there, friend! Don’t feel stupid ♥️😙👍 Many of my writer friends don’t know what NaNo is, even if they’ve been writing for years!

National Novel Writing Month is an event run by a non-profit organization, held throughout the month of November. Writers are challenged to write 50,000 words (the minimum word count for a technical “novel”) within 30 days — at a rate of 1,667 words per day. You enter your daily word count on NaNoWriMo.org, where they show you and your writing friends your stats. At the end of the month, you can copy-paste your novel into their Official Word Counter to validate your win and access their prize shop (for like T-shirts and stuff).

There’s also Camp NaNoWriMo, which takes place earlier in the year — this year, April and July. It’s more flexible with the word count (I usually do 30K) and you’re sorted into cabins, with other writers to chat with and encourage you. This is a good option for first-time NaNoers, if you’re ever interested!

I may be taking part in camp this April, so look out for a post in the future with my cabin information. I’m gonna need some fellow campers to help me get started on my project! Thanks again for your question, love ♥️

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Chapter 1/6 - Inosculation - Weconqueratdawn - Hannibal (TV) | Archive of Our Own
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lololol, this is the fic that wouldn’t be written - I swear, it missed its turn about three or four times, and even then it got interrupted by my Radiance submission :) thank you to @wraithsonwingsposts for beta <3

Sequel to Waiting for Winter and tags are for the entire fic

Second chapter will be posted on Sunday, and the rest every Sunday after that

Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Hannibal/Will
Tags: Post-fall, cabin fic, pining, eventual RST, withholding!Will, domestic, amnesia, angst and feels, declarations of love, first time, rough sex, outdoor sex
Summary: Now fully recovered, Hannibal and Will continue to hide out in Will’s cabin. As winter passes, they start to plan for their escape. But Hannibal is still waiting for Will to make his final choices, and is growing increasingly impatient.


Hannibal was looking forward to spring with an enthusiasm he had not experienced since childhood. The winter had been a harsh one, slowing the metabolic rate of his and Will’s existence into partial hibernation. Quiet survival was their focus - keeping warm and fed, preparing for a journey ahead which neither of them spoke of. Throughout the long dark evenings, the future beyond the cabin and the forest surrounding it had rarely been alluded to. But it waited for them, just over the horizon of winter’s passing.

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You're getting married????? Holy crap, CONGRATS!!!!!! I'm so happy for you, Hans. It's great to see you reach such a great place in your life where you're comfortable with yourself and happy with your relationships and writing beautifully. All of the very best wishes for the future.

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Friend, I Cannot Believe it Myself??  

I hope you don’t mind if I answer you publicly because I sort of wanted to give some background to why I stopped providing content and more or less dropped off tumblr last year.

I had a string of bad relationships in my late twenties, and was single for two years or so. I’d tried to date off and on but it turns out queer dating is really hard even in super queer cities - and even harder if you are incredibly depressed, which I was. My sense of self-worth during this time was so low that I literally didn’t tell anyone when I had what seemed like a stroke. My best friends found out that I was hospitalized because of a selfie I put up on social media.

I didn’t want to Die Alone in New York City, so I thought an external solution (moving back to California) would solve my internal problems. And then a weird thing happened: I had to tell friends that I’d been unhappy, and terrified of dying alone, and that I had felt isolated, and unmoored, and miserable. And my friends understood, and were there for me, and told me exactly how much my presence in their lives meant to them. And I realized that I’d actually been pretty damn successful at building a solid support network in a city that’s notoriously hostile to things like that. And that my trust issues and depression had blinded me to the point of giving up on a life I’d worked very, very hard to have, and all the good things I’d managed to grow inside of that life.

And then I met @morethanfaqs. And I really, really liked them. And they really, really seemed to like me back. And I couldn’t fucking believe I’d met this amazing, hilarious, warm, kind, ambitious, hard-working human whose #relationshipgoals lined up eerily perfectly with mine - just when I was about to leave New York, possibly forever.  OF FUCKING COURSE THAT WOULD BE HOW THAT HAPPENED.

But I’d been practicing this whole emotional vulnerability thing over the last few months and told them that I really, really liked them, and asked if they wanted to just … see how it went. And I invited them to meet my friends, and come to my going away party, and even come with me to the airport - where we sat for more than an hour at the terminal bar discussing what we were going to name our children, and our future dogs that we’d buy when we bought our future cute little cabin in upstate New York. Yeah, I’m serious, and y’all are welcome for the gayest sentence you’ll read today.

I’m so glad I did it. The time in between those horrible cocktails at the airport and now has had some seriously rough spots, but I’m so glad I took a chance on them, and they took a chance on me. I’m glad that I was in a good enough space - and liked myself enough - to start asking for the help I needed. 

So, like, this post is partially to embarass my partner (they don’t come on tumblr too much anymore but their sibling does!!), partially to explain my disappearance from fandom, and partially just to gush, because, idk, I’m just really happy :).

Things I’ve Ruined

Summary: When Zachariah sends Dean five years into the future to show him the end of the world, he finds that your hearts on the long list of things he’s ruined. (Episode 5.04: The End)

Relationship: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Angst Out the Wazoo, Mentions of Cheating, Mentions of Alcoholism, Blood and Injury, Happy Ending

Words: 3.7K

Dean crept out of the cabin his future self had trapped him in, with no plan and what he thought were no expectations. He just wanted to see everything. He wanted to know what was happening. Zachariah hadn’t sent him five years into the apocalyptic future just to sit locked up between wooden walls. And though he wouldn’t admit it, he was scared.

“Hey, Dean. You got a second?” Dean turned towards the voice, seeing Chuck’s smaller form walking up to him. Chuck was alive. That was good.

Dean didn’t know what to do. Pretend to be himself from the future? “No. Yes. Uh… I-I guess. Hi, Chuck.” Smooth.

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