future cabin

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Hi! Can you help me find a fic where it's Bellamy and Clark wandering the forest until they find a house and then Clarke gets pregnant??? And I think Octavia shows up towards the end?

The End Where We Begin

hmmmmmmmmmm I think I’m gonna take a weekend off tumblr. The tumblr community is exhausting, especially in this political climate, and I’m just gonna read some books and try to actually RELAX. Most of my time here is frustrating

I can’t wait for the day I can retire with my future husband in a cabin somewhere and be away from people haha

Camp Councilor Rivalry!

Another summer had finally arrived and all the employees at Camp Lilo were working extremely hard to clean up and get everything ready for their campers that would be coming that day.

Jackson, one of their camp councilors, was just resting against one of his future team’s cabins after cleaning it all out. He wore a blue collard shirt, kakis, and a whistle around his neck, the hot sun resting on his smooth skin and messy brunet locks.

Eyes scanning over the site, he saw the other camp councilor, Valerie, working on her own cabin. Jackson smirked and waltzed over to her, “May the best team win the final games this year, Val” he called, knowing his team had won 3 years in a row against hers.


I just heard the best words ever.

Today my boyfriend said, “someday we can have our own cabin in the mountains so we can go on trips there every once in a while.”

I shouldn’t be this excited…
But I am anyway.